Suhani Si Ek Ladki 8th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 8th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani and Sambhav arguing. Sambhav says don’t test my patience, my men are outside your house. She says once you get caught, nothing will happen, you are lying. He says this time I m very angry and will kill everyone. Sambhav asks Suhani to cover her face fast. She agrees to him. Inspector comes and asks them did they see this man somewhere. Sambhav lies that he is talking this wife to hospital.

Pandit asks about Soumya’s husband. Rags says her husband died. Pandit asks for Soumya’s father. Pankaj says I m her father, I always loved Soumya as my daughter. Lata says Pankaj is right, if Suhani was here, even she would have said the same. Pandit does the rituals and asks Pankaj to do the final rites of Soumya.

Pandit asks them to say anything if they

want to say for the final time. Pratima promises Soumya that she will take care of Krishna till her last breath, she will not let sorrow shadow fall on Krishna. Pankaj also promises to give best life to Krishna. Pankaj lights the funeral.

Suhani feels nausea. Sambhav asks her to stop this drama. He asks auto driver to stop. He asks Suhani to go fast and come back. Suhani goes to public toilet. Sambhav says she is very clever and can fool anyone if she does not come back, then kill her family. Someone wearing burqa comes back and sits. Sambhav says its good you came back, else I was coming now. They leave. Suhani hides and sees the auto leaving. She runs.

Sambhav says you saved yourself and your family, you know what I can do. He sees some other woman and asks her to get down. He says I will kill you, why did you do this. She says you are a murderer, don’t do this, a woman gave me gold bangles and asked me to wear the burqa, forgive me, I m toilet cleaner and she said people do anything for money, and should just know the value. Sambhav shouts Suhani….

Suhani tries to ask someone for phone. People on the road do not help her. She cries. Sambhav comes there and shoots in air. Suhani turns and sees him. Sambhav says if anyone comes between us, he will lose life. Everyone run away. Suhani asks someone to help her. Sambhav says I will not leave you Suhani, stop, else I will shoot. She runs on the road. She collides with Yuvraaj. Suhani and Yuvraaj get shocked seeing each other. He holds her and hugs her. She cries. He asks her not to cry.

Sambhav asks what happened to him. He aims gun at them. Yuvraaj gives phone to Suhani. She calls police. Sambhav asks her to throw phone. Yuvraaj asks her to call police. Sambhav says I will call police, if Yuvraaj dies, everything will be over. She says fine, I won’t call police, you keep gun down. He says you are not in position to threaten me. She calls him a big coward, as he raised hand on a woman and threatened to kill a little kid, I will show what is real love, he is standing infront of death because of me, you have to decide now, you have to die or keep the gun down. Sambhav says okay, you also keep phone down. Sambhav bends to keep gun down and shoots Yuvraaj’s leg. Suhani shouts Yuvraaj and holds him. Sambhav laughs. Suhani asks Yuvraaj to open eyes and cries. She hugs him and cries. Sambhav takes Suhani away. Yuvraaj sees Suhani shouting.

Its night, Everyone is upset for Soumya’s death. The lights go. Yuvani asks Dadi why did light go. Dadi says its fine, maybe because storm came outside. Pankaj asks kids not to be scared and gets candle. Krishna asks Pratima not to leave hope, everything will be fine. Pratima says we will pray for Yuvraaj and Suhani to win and come back. Dadi prays for Yuvraaj and thinks Yuvraaj did not do any mistake, don’t punish him, punish Suhani, its her mistake.

Suhani pushes Sambhav and beats him with a wooden stick. He picks a stone and throws on her. She faints. Sambhav removes his shirt.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Dadi still blaming suhani’s. Will she ever learn!

  2. this is just pure madness

  3. Tejaswi Atmuri

    Does sambhav shoot yuvraj’s leg ??? Willn’t yuvraj die ??

  4. This serial has gotten worse. I regret watching this show…

  5. I think the leap episodes starts Monday.

  6. I don’t know the rumours r true or false dat yuvraj will sacrifice his life 4 suhani… if this happens really writers r showing suhani as a unlucky person 4 the family…. nd really I don’t like the new lead karan…. nd if sahil is not der n suhani as a widow… don’t know but people will have headache after seeing this nonsense

  7. What nonsense are they showing. They are showing such violence and the funniest part being the whole thing doesn’t make any sense. Sambhav is like a mad dog….just kill him and end the track. The very sight if that moron makes the audience feel sick.

  8. Hoping yuvraj saves Suhani before sambhav does anything with her. Not right showing these scenes when children could be watching. If anyone should change it should be dadi and her way of thinking, even after everything that’s happened, she’s still blames Suhani.

  9. Guys i think sambhav is bluffing suhani is not been molest by him.why they create such a crap.cvs r out of mind.plsssss unite yuvani atleast after leap.if sahil quits no one is going to watch new cast can do well as yuvani.sahil n rajshri r heart of ssel.for all of us their love story is ssel.plsss unite yuvani asap.sahil plssss dont quit.u n rajshri r best onscreen jodi forever.kill sambhav n devil dadi.she never change her mind.i think becoz of ďadi n rags yuvani will again seprate.n their kids bring them together after will be so nice sahil n rajshri.girls what u say reply me

  10. Y should suhani has to be punished.. it’s all happening bcoz of tat dadi. So she only has to be punished.. I hope nothing I’ll happen to yuvraj.. with out sahil show won’t be interesting.. suhani & yuvraj have to reunite.. pls sahil don’t go from show..

  11. Pls yuvraj don’t go leaving de show…we I’ll miss u..

  12. Pls save suhani from tat murderer sambhav.. don’t allow him to touch suhani god.. it’s better kill him…

  13. I think suhani will have to fight her own battle

  14. Rubbish soap

  15. what are the directors doing? if Suhani gets molested by Sambhav what really are they portraying when they were living together he never try to do anything without her consent,now they are showing she will get molest by that ugly creep,come on you can do better than that and who will Krishna become evil for?dadi? rags? lata?etc understand if she is out to get dadi and rags hope its not Suhani,when you come to think of it all the serials are the same after a time people will get fed up with looking at the same nonsense over and over this is just my opinion elaborate anyone

  16. wat d hell gng on.. cvs dont hv anysence? how dambv change his dress lik yuvi n fraction of sec… will he prepared fr all… dumbv want to molested her y he wait fr this much tim.. ? i think he create misunderstndng btwn yuvani but yuvi dont leave suhani. v cant digist d fact of suh being dumbv wife… now this cheap… dumbv ki saath dadi ko mardalo… how she blame suh.. id dadi not bring barbie bh..its not happening. bcz of barbie sajan came.. krishna gauri died..yuvani separated.. b*****y dadi nd writters show som logic n in ur soap. phele ssel itna pyari tha.. suh yuvi understanding make fans love them not their anytim romance! thy love each othr by heart… not lik dumbv. wen dumbv came pyar ki matlap change hogi..disgusting pls anyone complaint abt ssel to star plus fr this cheap scene, marriage nd indian ki image also down thy show doc police all get money warlt thy do.. indian culture geting worse.. we respect elders but thy do cheap..

  17. I serial mein hamesha se evil jeethe hai.pehle barbie jeetha phir soumya ab sambhav.u r right xxy they r showing likee se bhi right yhm sure suhani will be molested by sambhav and she will kill hima also and will go away from her children and she will think yuvraj mar gaya ab wo apni bacho se kya boloonga.yuvraj ke character end math karo.koi naya charming actor like mishkant ko lekhar aavo.thabi sahil will learn.what he lost.

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