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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 8th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Krishna looking for Suhani, and realizing she went to Lata. Yuvaan comes and asks what happened. He asks her to take selfie with him and she runs. He says wherever you go, I will catch you. He catches her and they fall. He takes pic. Dadi comes and sees them. Dadi scolds Krishna. Krishna says sorry. Yuvaan says I was just…. Dadi says I don’t like all this in my house, its enough. She goes.

Suhani says I don’t understand Saiyyam is right or wrong, he is Sambhav’s son, if you were in my place, you would have done same. Yuvraaj says yes. Detective tells Saiyyam that he got no info about Suhani’s husband, I got a call when I went there. He gives Kumar’s pic and certificates. Saiyyam checks and says you said he is not a music teacher. Detective says

this is private school, now its confirmed. He goes. Saiyyam tears the certificates angrily.

Yuvani comes there and sees Yuvraaj’s pic torn. She asks what happened. He says this is Kumar. She asks why are you taking tension. He says I helped you once, I did not tell anyone when you got drunk. She says you helped me as you are my step brother, you want me to get spoiled, my real brother would have…. He says he would have complaint and became hero, I did not let you get trapped. She says you want a favor. He says yes.

Yuvraaj says Saiyyam left spy after us, he is Sambhav’s son, its good Lata told me, Suhani we have collided with him outside. FB shows how Yuvraaj found that detective with Suhani and his pic. He asks who are you. The man says I m private detective, Saiyyam doubts you are not Kumar, and want to know what is your and his mum’s relation. Yuvraaj says go and tell him what I tell him, I will give you double money, else I will get you arrested. The man agrees. FB ends.

Suhani says is Saiyyam doing this as we did not accept him and raise him. Lata says its not about accepting, person becomes what he wants. She tells about Kauravas and Pandavas. Yuvraaj says Sambhav chose that life, we did not make him villain, its not Suhani’s mistake. Lata gets a call and gets shocked. She says Yuvani got kidnapped. Suhani and Yuvraaj get shocked. They rush home and are worried. Yuvani comes home laughing and talking on phone. Suhani asks where were you. Dadi asks are you fine and hugs her. Dadi says we heard you got kidnapped. Yuvani says I was in parlor. Suhani says who did this cheap joke. Dadi says who else can do this except your son.

She says I got to know everything, Suhani and Saiyyam always do drama. Saiyyam comes and says yes, I did this, its my birthday, I wanted to cut cake with my mum, if I said this, she would have not come, so I had to do this. Yuvani asks him not to use her name in this. Saiyyam asks Suhani will she cut cake with him. Suhani says you did this to get my attention right, understand well, you will never get my love and attention, I really think did I give birth to a child like you, its better to be childless. He holds her and takes her to cut the cake.

He says I m so bad, apply cake on my face. She asks him t leave her. Yuvraaj gets angry and shouts on Saiyyam asking him to get away. Suhani cries and scolds Saiyyam. She slaps Saiyyam and says this is your birthday gift, you deserve this, you don’t know how to treat and behave with women, you can’t be my son. She cries and leaves. Dadi says Suhani and her son are doing this drama. Yuvraaj says please don’t say this. Yuvani says how can you talk like this with my Dadi. Dadi calms down Yuvani.

Suhani tells Bhavna that even Sambhav used to force me for everything, see how Saiyyam was feeding me cake by force. She cries and says I always regretted a child became orphan because of me, his blood has that devil thing, he is like his father. Yuvraaj hears her and shuts the door. He pacifies and hugs Suhani.

Saiyyam recalls the slap and cries, saying she should have killed me in childhood, she thinks I m black stain of her life, see how I stain her life with blackness now, I will not go, Suhani has to pay price to leave me. He gets Yuvraaj’s wallet on the floor and picks it. A pic falls. He picks the pic and gets shocked seeing Yuvraaj and Suhani’s mariage pic in it. He says it means Suhani was married to master ji…..

Dadi says Yuvraaj I want to talk to you, I know our thinking are different for Suhani, you would have not gone to jail for Sambhav’s murder blame and Saiyyam would have not come here to trouble us. Saiyyam stands as Yuvraaj and heard everything.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Oh grt, same precap as when Suhani was talking to sambhav thinking it’s yuvraj. Why don’t the writers bring out the truth about yuvraj. I think saiyyam will bring it out somehow now.

  2. Today’s episode was good…… Fabulous acting done by suhani n saiyyam….. Saiyyam deserve slap for hurting his mother for so many days….. N the way saiyyam was crying like kid.. was cute …. Today yuvaan was looking handsome n Krishna as sweet heart… Yuvani is like the soumya… She too comes in other people words n start thinking…. I like saiyyam n yuvani sis n brother bond…. N yuvan Krishna Jodi….. Dadi is back ….. The way she was telling jaisi maa vaisa beta…. N now saiyyam will take revenge from suhani n yuvraj…. Now yuvani Krishna n yuvani must know about yuvraj

  3. excellent epi once again everybody were fabulous yey again yuvaraj suhani hug

  4. Excellent episode …. Kind of felt bad for Saiyam , when Suhani slaped him I felt so bad , she says he is like Sambhav but I feel like her actions make him like Sambhav … Like the Yuvaan-Krishna scenes … & when Saiyam sat on the and cried and remembered the bad moments felt almost wanna cry(Cuz I do the same thing).. And he spoke what everyone was saying that why did she give birth to him if she didn’t want him..

  5. I think Suhani should be a little softer towards Saiyam.

    1. Satie singh Jee

      true Saiyyam rocks

  6. I feel that Suhani needs to shower love on Saiyyam and change him. I dont know whom to blame but it is not Saiyyam’s fault that he became evil.

    1. Rana & poppy, it isn’t saiyyam that he is evil. Saiyyam doesn’t know the truth. All he knows that suahni abandoned him.
      I am sick of people saying things like saiyyam need to control his anger. He has the right to be angry.
      I am so disappointed with Yuvraj, I had hoped that he well united mother and son. Now all I see Yuvraj is pouring petrol into the fire.
      Yuvraj such hypocrite, when it came to soumay he made sure that yuvani was the Princess. while Krishna had to take the back sits.
      Now yuvraj knows that saiyyam is suhani son. Yuvraj want saiyyam out of the pictures.
      In the past some people said that Yuvraj is mental abuse Suhani. Now I think that were right, because look what is he doing now. Suhani realised that saiyyam is upset because she abandoned him. Yuvraj is keeping on repeating that saiyyam is evil.
      Because yuvraj is keeping saying this, suhani is hating saiyyam more.
      I wish now yuvraj the character is dead now and never came back!
      those people that said that Yuvraj pure love is Dadi. Is absolutely RIGHT.

      1. I Meant to say I agree with rana and poppy. Also it isn’t saiyyam faults that he is evil.

      2. I agree with you Krishna.
        I am finding it horrible to watch.
        I don’t understand why Yuvraj is doing this. Instead telling suhani, maybe you are right. Let’s try and find out.
        To me it also feel like he is poisoning suhani mind against her son.
        What I don’t like hearing is abortion. I don’t want to judge, but for me, baby is innocent.
        I believe if children have good up bringing, then they well turn out to be good.
        We don’t know who took saiyyam, someone told him some truth and some lie.
        If I was suhani friend, I well tell her to get her act together. The boy wants you to feed him by your hand. You as his mother should feed him by your hand. Because at the end of the day saiyyam came looking for you.
        I would have told yuvraj not to come between mother and son. Because saiyyam came from suhani, he has right over his mother like yuvani and yuvaan.
        No matter what any of the birla family or suhani family say.
        Saiyyam mother is suhani.

    2. Satie singh Jee

      He is not evil he just needs love and affection from his mom

      1. Yes satie you are right, saiyyam need love from suhani. After all suhani gave birth to him.

  7. This is a good episode, it showed how the real devil is at work. When suhani said that saiyyam is upset, because she abandoning him.
    Yuvraj put poison in suhani mind by saying, it saiyyam choice, he is just like his father. Yuvraj doesn’t want someone else kid there, that suhani had. He is not that type, after all he is a birla.

    Then suhani stupid mother agreed.

    I hope saiyyam destroys that birla family, even his mother. Then I hope he walk out. it is suhani fault. She understood that this is reason why saiyyam is upset. But as always she is dancing to yuvraj tune.
    I have don’t feel sorry for suhani. I would have understood if she had an abortion, because she couldn’t cope with having a rapist child.
    Not many women in India can get an abortion, because they don’t have the money. Or. Because the family find out that it is a boy.

    The character suhani was not in that predicament. If she was then everyone would have support her.

    So really it is un realities.

    1. Ur woo right. In the premo Dadi was having a word with Yarraj. I think she was saying Suhani is being a horrible mum and he should not suporrt her hater 2 Saiyyam.

  8. Great episode I like the way Suhani slap Saiyyam he should have some manners .

  9. So now saiyyam will use yuvraj n suhani against her kids

  10. Satie singh Jee

    Saiyyam rocks; Suhani as to pay for what she has done to Saiyyam so face the consequences ‘Mom’

  11. the episode is getting bored now. i left seeing it, once upon a time it was my favourite serial

  12. Both suhani and saiyyam r right…..once d truth comes out everything will b set…but i think suhani should not listen to yuvraj or whoever …she should think practically …she should realize that no child is born evil…and saiyyam should realize that every mom has feelings for her child and loves d baby at any cost whatever d situation is

  13. Bhargavi i agree with u.both r right at their places.why cvs dragging this track too much.once suhani has to tell her children yuvraj truth.and should tell saiyyam about sambhav evil behaviovr n make him to understsnd her situation at time of his birth.dont know why yuvraj is saying saiyyam is bad to suhani while he should convince suhani to change her attitude towards saiyyam.showing too much negitvity in ssel

    1. Thank u?…therz always negativity in ssel..jis din dadi marjayegi uss din suhani ko uss vamp se chutkara milegi

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