Suhani Si Ek Ladki 8th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 8th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Krishna packing Soumya’s clothes to throw it. His dad tries to stop him. Someone comes to meet him and he says you…. Yuvraaj jigs and thinks about Suhani’s words. Sharad comes and asks him what is he thinking. Suhani pacifies Soumya and asks her to take rest, and decide later on. She says you are not burden on me, you are my buddy. Soumya hugs her and cries. She says she can’t forget her favor all her life. Pratima talks to Krishna’s dad. He says I m ashamed that it happened when I was not here. Krishna defends himself and says it was Soumya’s mistake. Pratima says she is your wife, you can’t talk about her in this way, its not right.

She asks him to talk in private. His dad says yes, sure, talk to him. Yuvraaj tells Sharad that I did not tell Krishna

to slap Soumya or misbehave. Sharad says but you wanted to show Soumya that Krishna is not suitable for her. Yuvraaj asks when did I do this. Sharad says you have showed Soumya everything you did for Suhani, what was all that. Yuvraaj says Krishna is illiterate. Sharad says your show off is responsible for this. Yuvraaj says I don’t agree. Sharad says Soumya has to go leaving this house. He asks her to think about his marriage and relation.

Krishna asks Pratima what should I think. Pratima asks him not to kick out Soumya from his life, she married you leaving everyone and today she is alone. Krishna says no, she has Suhani, who threatened me to send jail. Pratima says yes, what if anyone slaps Rakhi, think what do you want, I m sure you also love Soumya, it will be good if you come Birla House tomorrow and send Soumya back, and show her that you are suitable for her and you can keep her happy. She says whatever I told you, think about it, I will wait for you tomorrow, come and take your wife.

Suhani says she won’t let Soumya go and cries. Soumya sleeps and Suhani leaves the room. She sees Yuvraaj. She says she can’t see Soumya in such state. He asks what did you think. She says I don’t know, but Soumya should get her share of happiness, I will do anything to keep her happy.

Its morning, Menka tells Rags shall we make a movie worth crores. Rags jokes on her. They sit for breakfast. The door bell rings. Pratima waits for Krishna, but Ramesh says it’s a laundry man. Soumya comes and greets Dadi. Dadi asks her to sit beside Yuvraaj. Soumya sits and Sharad and Pratima worry. Yuvraaj says its Suhani’s place, she sits beside me. Suhani comes and says so what, Soumya will sit today. Dadi says yes, if you can make stranger sit, why not Soumya. Sharad makes Soumya leave the chair and makes Suhani sit beside Yuvraaj.

Suhani serves paratha to Soumya and says sorry Dadi, I made it as Soumya came. Soumya says she eats salad and cornflakes. Dadi smiles and asks Suhani to have parathas and gain weight, I know Soumya is health conscious like me. She asks Pratima to pass it. They all start eating food. Dadi taunts Suhani and compares her with snoopi. Suhani says sorry Dadi, its paratha and can’t eat with fork. Yuvraaj smiles. Suhani says she is going for some work to get few items. Ramesh give her the list. Suhani says I will come in one hour. Dadi says yes, take your own time. Suhani leaves.

Krishna comes to Birla house. Sharad is shocked seeing Krishna. Pratima runs to talk to him. Krishna says she came to talk to his wife and asks where is Soumya. Rags and Dadi tackle her. Krishna says its our personal matter. Pratima says I think Soumya should go with her husband. Dadi says Soumya will not go from here. She scolds Krishna for ill treating Soumya. Krishna says I came to take her. Dadi says why, to beat her again. He asks where is Soumya. Dadi asks him to leave. He asks what will you do. Yuvraaj says shut up Krishna. Soumya walks to him. Yuvraaj says how dare you talk to my Dadi like this. Krishna says just the way you all got Soumya here.

Krishna asks Soumya to come with him now. He holds her hand and Soumya asks him to leave her hand, as she won’t go with him. Krishna says you have to come. Yuvraaj says talk with manners. Krishna says you will teach me now, and drags Soumya against her wish. Soumya bumps into table and falls. Krishna tries to make her stand. She says leave my hand, its hurting. Yuvraaj says stop Krishna and holds Soumya’s hand. Soumya cries and looks at Yuvraaj. Pratima is shocked. Dadi, Menka and Rags smile. Krishna gets angry. Yuvraaj pulls Soumya towards him. He says I will see how will you take Soumya in my presence. Dadi gets glad. Sharad worries.

Yuvraaj makes Soumya stand behind and comes in front of her to protect her. Rags and Menka support Soumya. Krishna says move Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj says low tone. Krishna says I came to take Soumya, why are you hurt. Suhani comes home. Krishna says I forgot, i know why you want to stop Soumya here. Soumya says stop it Krishna, I m here by my wish, this is my decision. She says as you have raised hand on me, if Suhani did not come that day, you would have killed me, I will not go with you. Suhani walks on the stairs. Dadi hugs Soumya and asks Krishna to leave. Krishna asks Soumya did she change heart seeing the big house. He says yes, its right, big house, big people and how can you such thing in my house. He says you even have your old….. Pratima slaps him. Suhani comes in and looks on shocked. Pratima says I said be quiet. Krishna gets angry.

Suhani asks Pratima why did she call Krishna and why did she slap him. Dadi says yes, even I want to know why Pratima called him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Stupid episode.. mr. Producer change the script. If it.’s going this way this serial will be get bored. I dont think people will watch if it is the same thing every time.

  2. i hate this seriol rubbish Suhani does no how to act. her time should at 12. o clock at night . Not at 6.30 pm

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