Suhani Si Ek Ladki 8th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 8th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saurabh coming in between to block the photo. He says Suhani, I m glad seeing you after long time. Suhani goes with Soumya. Saurabh removes the photo. Sharad and Saurabh pull Menka’s leg. Sharad says Yuvaan is Yuvraaj’s son, Yuvraaj is Dadi’s fav. Saurabh says Yuvaan will get all property. Menka hears this and says I won’t let this happen. Suhani acts like Big B and entertains the kids. Soumya asks the kids to see. Suhani asks Soumya did she not tell the girls about Big B.

Menka and Rags have a talk. Menka says Suhani has come back, we won’t have any respect, I want your help. Rags asks why shall I respect you. Menka says whenever Suhani comes, our everything gets ruined. Dadi tells Rags that Menka is right.

Suhani tells the kids about the great

man Big B and writes the film’s dialogues. Yuvaan also tells Big B’s dialogues. Soumya laughs. Yuvani says I like Ranveer Singh, he is the best. She goes. Krishna says show me, I will learn. Soumya says Yuvani will come back, she is moody like her dad.

Dadi says Yuvaan should get most property share, as he is my grandson. Menka says but we have stayed with you always, Suhani left you with her son, why are you loving her. Dadi says I don’t like Suhani, I love Yuvaan, he is my Yuvraaj’s son, he will get his right. I m worried that Suhani will know about Yuvraaj and Soumya, else she will take her son and leave. Dadi goes. Menka and Rags plan to tell Suhani about Soumya and Yuvraaj’s marriage. Rags asks Menka to do as she says. Menka agrees.

Suhani says my daughter does not know who is Big B. Soumya laughs and asks her not to do this drama. Pratima says Suhani is really crying. Suhani hugs Pratima and gets sad. Suhani asks Soumya about Yuvaan’s fav food. Dadi comes and asks Suhani not to make any false relation with Yuvani. She asks her not to create any problems for Yuvani and goes. Suhani says Dadi is saying right, I will go from here, it does not mean I can’t spend time with my daughter today.

Suhani goes to Yuvani. Yuvani asks who is Big B. Sharad tells her about Big B. She says Ranveer Singh is best, he is my fav. He says there was a time when…. Suhani stops Sharad from saying. She says everyone has own choice, its fine. The kids leave. Dadi asks Suhani not to do this. Suhani says I don’t know whether I will be here tomorrow or not, I got time to spend with my daughter, I will spend time. Sharad and Saurabh sign and play music. They sing Sochna kya jo bhi hoga dekha jayega…….. Rags and Menka get Yuvraaj and Soumya’s pic.

Suhani and everyone dance. Snoopi gets the pic. Dadi says whenever Suhani comes here, the things change here. Rags tells Dadi that this time Suhani will not stay here. Suhani gets pic from Snoopi and see Yuvani’s first birthday pic. Rags and Menka get shocked. Suhani says she is looking lovely. Rags says who changed this pic, no Menka, we will not lose so soon, everyone is behaving with Suhani like before, I won’t let her be here. She calls someone and says you have to come today. She thinks to end Suhani and Soumya’s friendship.

Everyone sit for dinner. Sharad and Suhani join them. Menka says I want to tell everything to Suhani. Rags asks her to relax and wait. Suhani recalls her old days. Saurabh makes Sharad sit. Suhani serves dish to Yuvani. Yuvani dislikes the dish. Suhani says its fine, have something else. Yuvani says I don’t like curd. Menka jokes that Yuvani does not like it as its white, she can have black daal. Suhani reacts and says you can have the black daal if you want. She asks Yuvani what does she like to eat. Dadi asks Suhani not to try to understand Yuvani’s choice, you are guest here, take care of Yuvaan, we all will take care of Yuvani.

Soumya asks Yuvani to have salad. Pratima says you don’t make it. Suhani says I made it, I m guest of this house, but if relation has love, there is connection. Yuvaan tries taking a dish. Yuvani helps him and calls him short. She asks him about the chain. Menka says Pratima gave it. Yuvani says Dadi said this chain is for siblings, Yuvaan is not my brother. Pratima says Suhani gave you blood, so we got linked to her. Yuvaan applies sanitizer to hands. Pratima says now I understood why he is like this. They all smile. Suhani feeds Yuvaan. Someone comes to meet Soumya. He says sorry to disturb at this time, this document is getting delivered late, this is joint account papers, its on Mrs. Soumya Yuvraaj Birla’s name. Soumya gets tensed. Suhani gets shocked and asks what….. Rags smiles. Suhani looks at Soumya.

Menka calls Suhani a guest. Suhani says this is my house too, I mean my daughter’s house.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I really think that when yuvraj will be back’ dadi will presurized him into taking yuvaan away from Suhani and maybe Suhani will married Sambhav in order to keep yuvaan with her

    1. Ya u r right so suhani .dadi want yuvaa so she will pressure yuvraj take yuvaan from suhani

    2. Yes joy u.right…k tell me one thing ie does somu character justice to.the track…don’t u feel it’s like how ur leaving with ur best frnd husband..whom u know childood…k somu gives lov to yuvani as k..but married to yuvi is injustice..does ever suhani do ie ??no….

      I really not like yuvi with somya…..n if dere were ever lov track strtd between somu n yuvi den it’s like wow freak..playing with relations….

      1. I totally agree with you Ankita, this is disgusting, i would have prefered yuvraj marry with someone else that we dońt know than with Soumya. For me, he did that on order to hurt Suhani, and Soumya, she will accept anyone who got money! When her in laws asked her to go, Why didńt she called suhani? Suhani would have asked her to live with her, Sharad and Bhavna, but no, as there she would not lived a lavish Life and she would have to work! It was more easy to go to birla house married her best friend´s husband and just enjoy her rich life without working

  2. Such a shitty story..make the story writer eat his blo*dy shit

  3. I lost track of the serial plz someone tell me why yuvraj married shoumya.. .

  4. just hope yuvraj doesn’t misunderstand suhani and suhani-yuvraj should be together…….. soumya shouldn’t come between “YuvAni”

    1. It will not hppn Yuvi is hppy with his family….

  5. I hate Dadi. She will never play decent role. She is a big selfish wamp. I hope somu leaves Birla house for suhani. This time somu can’t be selfish. Menka and rags as usual useless good for nothing. They only can be selfish without working. Writers please make a story interesting with yuvraj and suhani together in Birla house.

  6. This is poorly written script..they made suhani bold, brave and independent women earlier and nw when she definitely needs to be strong, they made her weak in front of the lady that ruined her life and family.

  7. The maker of the show make suhani bold brave and independent but that lady make her life hell. She become weak infront of dadi that doesn’t suit on current track

  8. agar soumya yuvraj ko ek hina ho tgo ye suhani vaapas kyu aayo?

  9. Wat d hell goin on…..y no one is blaming n questionin dadi abt her evil deed….y givn her respects n listeinin everythn abt her…Evrytym dadi do giant plan , after exposing her no one say hr anythn….she shud b punishd.Evn tis menka n rag wil ty not change a bit….Oohhhh allah…..tis all character r irritatin to much always behind of evil talks n deed…plz director show some positvity in dadi , menka n rags…

  10. What’s going on in the show, head starts spinning after each epi. .what hv they done with the show? ?literally assassination of characters. Am feeling like watching a 1947 film. …..

    1. Sushma I can’t tolerate somu

  11. Dadi ko koi bhe nahi samaj sakta

  12. whts going on .???? suhani came to birla house fr her daughter was alive.. and to meet her…y she takes her baby and get back to lucknow …alll are reacts luk idiots everyone again foolished suhani…

    y suhani wss changed are too much pf herr character then …y she acts lyk a same everyone care of birla family… nw suhani ill take her girl child get away frm this birla house and… yuvi when come back he insists to search of three of them..

    if it nt happens the story ill really disgusting

  13. I hate every members of bh……..Yuvi n somya sspecially

  14. Come on writers you can do a better job than this ?

  15. Me too can’t tolerate soumya atall. ….

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  17. Writers what are you trying to portray bad and evil wins over good. Beauty is skin deep. Kindly provide better story line for people to remember this for quite some time.

  18. How can Suhani stay in the house of the one who take her child away!!
    She should be angry with everyone as they all trusted dadi and didn ´t even try to find her, they are spoilling the show
    I used to like suhani ´s character but not anymore, after making yuvraj stupid, they are making suhani weak and stupid, completely different of the suhani of the begginning, suhani should has become more and more strong with all what happened to her but no, she is becoming more and more weak,
    We were all wainting for many weeks to see dadi ´s truth out and to see her being punished but they just talk about it and after that they all live their Life as if nothing happened
    I am really disapointed by this show, they are not finding any new story, is still the same, like at the beggining, dadi, rags and menka plotting against suhani, i thought that dadi started to like suhani, but no we are back to the very beggining of the show, and now, like at the beggining Soumya will join hand with dadi, rags and menka

  19. Don’t try somu as bechari

  20. But yuvraj and Soumya not married they just pretending to be married. Will Soumya tell everyone the truth or will she fight her friend. Suhani shouldn’t have to marry anyone to keep her son . yuvraj need to learn the truth what will the writers do? I hope it’s interesting and makes sense



  23. Make suhani a bold woman or make her dadi’s shit rather than making her a helpless woman

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