Suhani Si Ek Ladki 8th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 8th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pratima saying Suhani will come and manage the baby. Rags argues with Shakuntala. Dadi says I m head of family and I will decide, this marriage will happen. She asks Yuvraaj will you marry Barbie. He says never…. And goes angrily. He sits crying in his room and fumes. Dadi comes and asks how can you refuse for marriage. He asks what did you expect, I will accept this nonsense, Suhani’s death is not confirmed. Dadi says Pratima is in shock, I know you are upset and lonely. She says we don’t have time, you have to do this for baby. Saurabh comes and says Dadi is right, that baby is imp. Yuvraaj says you mean I should marry the girl I don’t even know. Saurabh says Barbie did surrogacy. Yuvraaj says sorry, I did mistake.

Saurabh says its your and Suhani’s

baby. Dadi says I know you don’t know Barbie, you felt same with Suhani too, she is not in this world now, baby is still there. Saurabh and Dadi try convincing Yuvraaj. Pratima asks Lata not to lose courage, Suhani is alive, how can you get her obituary published, I did not give birth to Suhani, but she is my daughter, she will come back, I have belief, I m not in any shock. Lata cries. Pankaj says we got Suhani’s clothes in that jungle. Pratima says we did not get Suhani. Lata says we hope you are saying true. Pratima says you told the world that Suhani is no more, I have got alone, my daughter went somewhere. Lata cries and consoles Pratima. Pratima tells about Barbie’s mum not wishing Barbie to give birth to baby. Pankaj asks how is Yuvraaj. Pratima says he is upset, everything will be ruined if Suhani does not come back. Lata says maybe Suhani will never come back. Pratima looks on.

Yuvraaj sees Golu. Sharad says you here. Yuvraaj says sorry I came here. Sharad says its fine, I wanted to talk to you. Yuvraaj says you married Bhavna when you did not know her, you married her to give Golu your name. Sharad says yes, Golu is my son, blood relations are not everything, most imp is upbringing, that’s person’s identity. Pratima did not give me birth, but whatever I m is by her upbringing, if she did not give me good values, I would have not married Bhavna and accepted Golu. Yuvraaj asks what would you do being in my place, its my baby technically, but it was Suhani’s wish. Sharad says its very good deed to give your name to baby and do upbringing. He says Rags did not wish to have baby, its better if she does not become mother, else she will not give the baby her love, I just know that child who does not get parents love… I married Bhavna to take care of Golu, this is my decision, its my thought. You have to take your life’s decision, no one will say whats right and whats wrong.

Rags is angry and says I m sure Barbie has some other connection, how can she come here suddenly. She sees Barbie there behind the trees. Barbie gives money to Shakuntala for her work. Shakuntala says but Yuvraaj refused. Barbie says he will say yes, just fix appointment in hospital. Rags shouts what the hell Barbie. Barbie gets shocked seeing Rags.

Rags tells Dadi that Barbie is cheater, she was talking to her cheater mum, we can’t make her marry Yuvraaj, I did not hear clearly, I was away, she was giving money to that woman and said she will give more money. Dadi asks why will Barbie do this. Barbie comes there. Dadi asks Barbie what were you doing, why were you giving money to your mum. Rags says we can’t trust her, this girl will cheat you. Barbie scolds Rags. Rags asks Barbie to get out of this house. Barbie says I went to send my mum. Dadi asks Barbie to answer.

Barbie says my Dadi is annoyed with me, she broke all relations with me, Maa wants to take me home, but I can’t go home, I was asking about some charges. Dadi asks whats going on in your mind. Barbie says Maa is getting my abortion done today. Dadi asks what. Barbie tells about appointment. Dadi says no, you can’t do this abortion. Saurabh and Bhavna ask why did she decide this. Barbie says I thought of it well, I wanted the baby, why should I risk my future if anyone points on my family.

Yuvraaj imagines Suhani and talks to her. They smile. He says I was missing you, you did not irritate me since many days. He says you will come back by our child, tell me what were you hiding that day. She asks him to check. He asks her when will she change, cupboard is messy. He sees the car miniature model and gets her list of baby toys. She smiles. He says so you were doing all this. She disappears. He gets upset and misses her.

Dadi comes to Yuvraaj and says its very late now. He shows Dadi the things Suhani collected for baby. She says keep it inside, maybe the baby won’t come now. He asks why, what happened. Saurabh says Barbie’s mum is getting her abortion done, do something, last sign of Suhani will go, stop Barbie, Suhani would have done the same. He looks at Suhani’s pic and says Barbie can’t do abortion, where is Barbie. Dadi says city hospital..

Yuvraaj asks Barbie to fulfill Suhani’s last wish. She asks what about me, what will I tell my family. He says I will marry you.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. When is this suhani business about her being dead gonna end she is alive and we want her to come back to her family and get rid of Barbie and dadi they are a evil

  2. I think on engagement day Suhani will come and on marriage. Yuvani’s remarrige will happen

  3. What. Yuvi don’t marry her. Dadi is such a b*t*h, how cab she do this. Suhani come back plzz.


  5. Again old story full of bakwas

  6. Nonsense….worst track of SSEL..

  7. What the hell in this show thanks darector for not wasting my time to watch these nonsense

  8. Oh noooo!!!!!yuvraj please don’t marry that witch

  9. When dadi asked yuvraj to marry barbie what was that lame ans given by him “Mai usse janta nahi hu”……..&suhani’s death is not confirmed. …..I felt like giving him a tight slap.
    Pratima & rags were too good.
    Literally felt like crying after seeing the precap just can’t tolerate yuvraj marrying barbie . Plz plz suhani come back soon.

  10. What the hell why yuvraj so dumb that he can’t do anything on his own i wont watch this serial now never until suhani come back do they take us viewers for granted i mean seriously…

  11. I’m feeling so bad for yuvraj and suhani.pls stop it this nonsense. I can’t tolerate this because I love them too much.this was irritating ya pls stop it.pls bring suhani to yuvraj life.pls bring barbie identity outside.

  12. it is very heard to see yvi like this , we also missing u suhani………………

  13. Please bring suhani back b4 yuvraj n barbies marriage

  14. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Ih dwar! Not becoming like zee serials I hope? Marry die marry someone else cum back revenge n so forth n so forth…getting dumb.Su/Yuv mwahs…daadis are becoming so cruels..Are der no men of the house anymore???????

  15. Plot is going like Kumkumbagya. So funny right

  16. When will Suhani come back? If her family were going to print anything in paper, why didn’t they print Suhani missing and about her stuff being found in jungle. Please bring her back before this marriage preparations start. Too much dragging again and EVIL winning . Only Pratima has faith. Don’t think yuvraj will forgive himself if he marries and then Suhani appears. Don’t let this happen like other serials.

  17. So Predictable yet again — seriously story writers / directors etc
    Does anyone read the scripts beforehand before they are agreed

    Same old shit story but just different characters and different drama name

    You can’t be serious — Barbie to wed Yuvraaj

    You have to listen to your viewers
    Otherwise your ratings will go down ??

  18. What kind of message are you sending…… In India you can get away with MURDER. What nonsense

  19. Lolz..this serial always runs on same story line..dadi trying to seperate yuvani..first soumya behind yuv then rohan behind Suhani n now barbie behind suhani wil be back in birla house with some guy’s help..barbie wil be our of Yuvis life after suhanis re entey n then some other guy behind suhani..lolz..hey can v pls hav rohan or aditya in the show back pls..we r really mssing those handsome get hunks..bored of seeing evil ugly dadi:(

  20. No yuvraj can’t do that its wrong he can’t marry that witch

  21. agar yuvraj suhani ko itna pyar karthe ho tho use patha karna chahiye ki suhani ke saath aakhir hua kya tha.
    yeham koi bhi suhani ke liye kuch bhi nahi karthi.bas dikava kar rehe ho.
    meine socha atleast suhani ke pappa believe nahi karoonga.par wo bhi.
    actually pratima ke alava suhani ko koi chahtha hi nahi.
    jab dadi ne yuvraj ko barbie karne keliye kaha use bus yehi kahna tha ki mein suhani se pyar kartha hoon naki ye bpolne ki suhani ke death confirmnahi. hui aur mein use jaantha nahi.pstha. iska. matlab suhani sach meinmar gayi tho wp shaadi karthe kya wrose serial.i hate all of this serial expect suhani.
    bechari uskeliye ladne ke liye koi bhi nahi.sabko itna pyaar dene ke baad don’t qorry suhani we fans live u alot.

  22. I hope suhani walk in n stop the wedding n let them know wat barbie did

  23. Anyone know how/when Suhani comes back to birla house?

  24. I think suhani will enter the birla house soon and stop that marriage. Yuvi is making a big mistake.

  25. I hate barbie and Dadi. Pls suhani come back. Evil can’t win. And how can yuvraj be so dumb. He should investigate about suhani. We all love yuvraj and suhani perfect couple. Can’t tolerate that barbie. Of this evil continues all will stop watching bakwas barbie and Dadi serial. Suhani come back and yuvraj open your eyes soon

  26. Most Indian soaps start off decent but end up causing peoples’ frustration/annoyance. these show are suppose to be for entertainment and lighthearted enjoyment. When they turn it into such drama with killing/kidnapping/cheating, it becomes dark. I am sure the writers get feedback about viewers’ frustration watching this BS. After a long day when all you want is enjoy some solid family drama. I am not from India but after watching these shows, I wonder if this is how the Indian family live their lives, always plotting against each other…not very cultural picture to paint of this culture….sheesh!!!!

  27. They are killing Yuvi’s character. He did not even try to find out how his wife went missing and landed up in the forest. I wonder why search dogs or snoopy was not used for clues. When they found so many of Suhani’s belongings, they should have atleast guessed she must have been somewhere very close. Nothing of that sort was shown. Instead its the same old dadi witch and her evil partners plotting and ruining lives. It is okay not to like somebody. But to go to this extent to harm someone is ridiculous. She is ruining her favourite pota’s life also. I don’t understand why she should be respected and obeyed. She does not have one good quality. She should be in jail for keeping Gauri in such inhuman conditions and for plotting against Suhani all the time. If Yuvraj’s marriage happens with that other witch Barbie, this show is going to lose majority of the fans. Because the USP of the show is YUVANI.

  28. suhani will comeback in a moder look…. its confirmed….. i have read it in some website…

    and guyz.. its my story… click this link.. and u will like this….

    Gees…… Most husbands who love their wives will go searching until they know they did their best to try and find the love of their life….. this thing is so frustrating…

  30. what the hell guyss ? ap sab log yuvraj ko bbeech me kyu la rahe he yuvraj ye sab isliye kar raha he kyuki ye suhani ki wish thi or isse use khusi milegi ha lekin is ke liye use barbie se sadi karna ki koi jarutrat nahi he yuvraj baby ko akele bhi pal sakta he bt ab wo abotion karwa rahi he and there is no other option thats why he say i will marry you why you all are taking tensuion i also love yuvani and i know suhani will come soon or muje ye bhi pata he ki suhani ye sadi nahi hone denge i know very well so plz dont take tension just see what will happen next

  31. The track is redundant. An unmarried woman can’t be a surrogate as per law.

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