Suhani Si Ek Ladki 8th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 8th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvani and Yuvaan pretending to be doctors and playing. They ask Suhani and Yuvraaj to check whether they can become good doctors. Yuvani applies the cream and says I m doctor now, and should look good. Suhani says applying cream won’t look good. Yuvaan says it would be good if uncle was my dad and mumma was Yuvani’s mum. Yuvraaj tries to say. Yuvani says you can make my Papa yours, but I already have a mumma, I don’t want another mumma. Yuvraaj asks Suhani did she feel hurt by Yuvani’s words, same way I was hurt by Yuvaan’s words. She says the day Yuvaan knows the truth, this pain will get away, he just sees you as his Papa, but what about me, Yuvani will never see me as her mum. She goes. He says why did you leave us if you had much love in heart.


asks Sambhav why don’t you agree if you love Suhani. He says whats the use, she won’t agree, I can’t bear her refusal. She says if she says yes then… He says she won’t say yes. She says Suhani will agree, I want to see Suhani and Yuvaan happy, they can be happy with you, Suhani has to agree, this has everyone’s betterment.

Suhani tells story to Yuvaan and says if a person has true heart, he wins. She asks what happened. He says my heart is very nice, even then I m getting something wrong in heart. She asks what. He says it would be good if Yuvani’s mumma was not there, then you would have become Yuvani’s mumma and Yuvraaj uncle would have become my Papa. She cries. He says you are crying as I said bad thing. She says no, Yuvani is lucky to have such a good mum, I promise I will make you meet your Papa, he will be like you wish. He goes to sleep. She thinks can I become Yuvani’s mumma ever.

Sharad, Yuvraaj and Saurabh jog and come home. Saurabh says Sharad’s son is very cool, I love him. Sharad praises himself. Yuvraaj says Sharad always praises himself, I know Golu is cute, but Yuvaan is more cute. Yuvraaj says I m waiting for Yuvaan to know truth, I m sure he will wish to stay with me then. Saurabh says if Suhani knows this, she will hate you. Yuvraaj smiles and says does she love me now…. Sambhav comes and says Suhani hates very less people. Soumya looks for Rags. Menka says I will play Rags role, and acts like Rags.

Dadi scolds Menka. She likes Soumya’s idea of calling choreographer. Soumya says this is Yuvani’s idea. Yuvani says yes, I want to make Papa and mumma dance on their anniversary. Yuvraaj gets annoyed seeing Sambhav and goes. Sambhav asks whats his problem. Saurabh says its about choice. Sambhav says how can anyone’s choice be so bad. Dadi asks Menka to leave. Menka apologizes. Dadi says you won’t dance in party. Everyone come. Krishna tells Sambhav that Yuvraaj and Soumya will dance in anniversary party. Dadi says Yuvraaj, kids want you both to perform by choreographer’s help.

Yuvraaj refuses. Krishna says this is my gift, did you not like it. Yuvraaj agrees. Krishna thanks him. Sambhav asks Dadi to dance with him. Kids laugh. Dadi goes. Soumya gets Rags’ message. Menka says Rags has gone out, tell me what to do, I will help. Soumya agrees.

Suhani and Yuvraaj argue over the dance form and tries rehearsing. Saware………….plays…………. He teaches her the steps and gets slapped by her hand. He asks her to hold him and not slap him. She says sorry. He teaches her again. She says my hands will break, leave me, I can’t do this dance. He asks her to remove slippers and stand on his feet. She says my weight. He says its no use to complain. She spoils his hair. Yuvraaj’s imagination ends and he stands under shower. He thinks Suhani wants to be with Yuvani, I m celebrating anniversary with Soumya, even when I did not get married to Soumya. He cries and thinks I m doing this because Suhani left.

Bhavna asks Yuvaan to have milk. Golu says give it to me if Yuvaan does not want to drink. Bhavna says shut up, Yuvaan have this. Menka comes and says I will feed Yuvaan, and takes the milk glass. She asks Bhavna not to worry and sends her. She asks Yuvaan to have milk. He refuses. She says I have come to say secret, Yuvani’s parents anniversary is coming. He says I know that, but my mumma never celebrated, as I don’t have a father. She says Krishna and Yuvani made a big dance party, elders will dance, all couples will dance, but Suhani and I can’t dance, Dadi punished me, and your mummy…. Yuvaan says Dadi did not punish mummy. Menka says Suhani has no dance partner. She suggests him to make Suhani dance with Sambhav.

Suhani asks Bhavna why did she leave Yuvaan with Menka. Bhavna says Menka has practice to take care of kids. Yuvaan comes with empty milk glass. Bhavna says good boy, go and play. Yuvaan asks Suhani to dance with Sambhav in Yuvani’s parents anniversary party. Suhani refuses. Yuvaan insists saying Sambhav is my best friend, I will convince Sambhav, you agree. She says I can’t dance with Sambhav, wait. Yuvaan gets annoyed. He leaves. Yuvraaj hears this. Suhani sees Yuvraaj and goes after Yuvaan. Soumya looks on. Suhani asks Yuvaan not to be adamant. Bhavna tells Yuvraaj that Yuvaan thinks his mum is alone. He says does Yuvaan knows it was Suhani’s choice, you are favoring Suhani, tell me will Suhani and Sambhav dance together. Suhani tries to explain Yuvaan. He does not understand. Bhavna asks Yuvraaj why do you want to know. Yuvraaj says I m sure Suhani and Sambhav would have danced together in past six years. Bhavna asks why do you think so. Sambhav comes and asks about Yuvaan. Bhavna says he is with Suhani. Suhani shouts Yuvaan. Yuvraaj hears her and gets shocked.

Yuvraaj tells Soumya that he will tell everything to Suhani, I won’t lie her, I will tell her that we did not get married.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. so cutee na… imagination dancing fr suhani & yuvi…when she slaps yuvi na.. superb 😛
    am really enjoying when they both
    but not happen on the celebration cz suhani was fulfilled her son wish so she defintly dancing with sambhav..

    we watching subhav dance on celebration not yuvani 🙁

  2. Got to see ‘helpless’ version of Yuvraj….feeling bad for yuvANI…….Suhani shouldn’t have left and Yuvi shouldn’t have married Soumya….

    1. S Felt very bad fr them .

  3. This is all your doing Yuvraj Birla, and no one else. Yuvani well never accept Suhani as her mother.
    Plus Suhani should leave and go back to her business. There is no use for her to stay at Birlas.
    I believe the show well do more better if Suhani really marry Sambhav. Or else it would be boring if Suhani and Yuvraj get back together.

    1. Your Right, it would be boring as Saath nibhana saathiya.
      It would be better If Suhani married Sambhav.

    2. Both wrong if she went either side it would be boring this kind of loop trying to find love is the best part cuz two men want her and kids are involve what more can u want I like it

      1. Yes Queen, kids ARE INVOLVED. But do you think that this well be happy ever after. NO! Let me tell you what is going to happen if Suhani and Yuvraj get back together.
        Back to Square ONE again. Yuvraj doesn’t not realised that he have created a ticking time BOMB. Which are Krishna, Soumya and YUVANI.
        1) Yuvani well never accept Suhani as her real mother.
        2) Dadi well poison Yuvani mind against Suhani.
        3) Soumya well poison Yuvani mind against Suhani.
        4) Yuvani well make her brother Yuvaan life like hell.
        5) Soumya well never leave the Birla house.
        6) Soumya well never leave the Birla family, because of Krishna.
        7) Soumya well also poison Krishna mind against Suhani.
        8) Yuvraj well again never support Suhani.
        9) Yuvraj well tell Suhani that she is not doing enough.
        10) Yuvani well hate Suhani and blame her for everything that is going wrong in her life.
        11) Yuvaan won’t be happy, with what well happen to his mother.
        12) Suhani well become weak again. She well be sad and stupid again.
        13) Pratma well tell Suhani everything well be alright, but it won’t.
        14) Rags and menka well make Suhani life miserable again
        15) Dadi well make Suhani miserable again.
        So the only person that would be happy is Yuvraj.

        So it is best for Suhani to move on with her life. At least she well have a life.
        Also her children won’t be scared. There is still time for them to tell kids the truth, but now well definitely scares them.
        If they tell later in life, well be better, because at least they well like each other, with both family moving on. Would be Good for the kids. Yuvraj is not thinking for the kids. Yuvraj is thinking for himself.

    3. Sambav is too good, bt I don’t want Suhani to marry him,,,he will be perfect as her best friend

    4. Z c it’s suhani show n yu!vani….it’s hindi serial…where leads are seperate ..unite… will be [email protected][email protected]@ya….I know if ever!uything is k in the show then serieal end too early….so may somu brainwash yuvani…but it’s….na remember suhani said hamesha jeet sachai ki hoti he…..

      To its take time but yuvani will unite…..

  4. sowmya,dadi and rags deserve a big slap from every famiy member including yuvaan,yuvaani and can she do this to suhani who did so much to her.

  5. sowmya,dadi and rags deserve a big slap from every famiy member including yuvaan,yuvaani and krishna.esp sowmya. how can she do this to suhani who did so much to her.shw always betray suhani.

  6. Guys can any1 temme what happened to anuj?? Did he die

    1. No….Leneesh ‘s(Anuj) new show is coming on starplus,,,He is the lead…so may be he is busy with that,,,,…he is not dead in the show,,,maybe on a bussiness tour

    2. Very Good question no clue I don’t think he die or he probably did

      1. Is that show ishqbaaz???

    3. I don’t know, but he could be replaced by another actor.

  7. Ab aayegaa mazaa? tomorrow come soon please ??

  8. OMG Somya and Yuvraj did not get marry what a relief and to think the b*t*h wanted to break their bonding the low life b*t*h as i said before she should be ashamed of herself eyeing her best friend husband someone should scratch her eyes out as i said before Krishna is only an excuse she badly wants Yuvraj and guys i wont get the time to comment for the next two weeks my exam is on Friday and next Thursday and friday will be very busy but i am sure when i come on back you guys will fill me in take care you guys and bye

    1. cutie pie YUVAN

      Happy exams! 😀

    2. Me too raven.. Good luck on yr exams!

    3. Agree. ….
      All the best fr ur exams. …..

  9. i am damn sure soumya will not let Yuvraj tell her the Yuvraj’ s dialogue was good

  10. again brain washing.Yuvraj i have a question fir him.If suhani left.Angry is ok.But thum uski jagah kisiko dene ke liye thayyar hui.yahi thumhara pyar didn’t even change the never remember suhani.Agar thum suhani ki sacha pyar kiya hotha tho hamesha thumein uski yaad aathi hothi kab bhi thum us kamare mein aathi.par aisa nahi.suhani ko milne thak wo use yaad karnewaali koi scene na tha.He was normal.jab suhani ko pyar karthe waqth kaisa tha waisa tha soumya ke saath.Ye yuv apne alava kisike bare mein sochtha hai kya.writers plz make him a mad lover.
    Aur ek baath yuvraj tho thum akele na rah saktha isliye suhani ke bad ex lover ko wife banaya.aur ab uske baad agala nishaan kaun hai?Agar suhani ke jagah par yuvan ho tho?Tho thum use bhi nafrath karthi.Thumein patha hai ki yuvaan suhani ko pasand karthi hai aur ye bhi patha hai suhani ke bina wo yaham nahi rehenge.Phir itna sid kyu?

  11. frnds dadi soumya ko chodo pehle rags ko milna chahiye sabak.Har serial mein hotha hai villian ke husband ko affair.I wish sairabh should have an will be good.Tjen only she knows whats pain.plz i want to see her cry.want to see beg infront of suhani

  12. Precap is super interesting.yuvraj is not going to reveal the truth tommorow .I am sure that soumya & that stupid raags will play some dirty games . Waiting 4 tommorows episode.Today’s yuvaani part was so good. Loved it…

  13. FINALLY YUVRAAJ IS REALISING HIS MISTAKES A BIT… ITS ALMOST GETTING THERE! Somu that brat. I hate her now.. Hopefully something goes wrong and YuvAni dance together…

  14. In the begining of the show it was shown lyk no one lyks Suhani bcoz of her color and all ,they even showed Sharad taunting Suhani, also Yuvraj too didn’t get his love,,,,once they got married ,all men after Suhani and Yuvraj’s ex after him…………
    well I lyk Sambav bt don’t want Subhav to happen

  15. Wat did yuvaan did n good i hope he tell suhani the truth n soumya go to hell with rags n the old bag

  16. finally yuvraj got some nuts….he should have the courage to tell everything to suhani..definitey 3 mogambos will go to any extent to change yuvi’s mind..if he ever loved suhani then he will tell truth to suhani…if not then let suhani move on her life with whoever she like…

  17. I just want everyone of those 4 witches’ plan back fired in favor of Suhani. That’s always the best part of the show

  18. Soumya and sambjav gud….with Krishna

    Yuvraj+ Suhani +yuvan + yuvaani ???

  19. Ya guys,yuvraj ne soumya se isliye shadi ki kyuki uske widow hone ka jimmedar wo suhani ko manta hai.usi gusse ki wajah se usne suhani ko jane ke liye kaha…….but bahut hua nafrat ..ab sab thik ho jana chahiye….i wish sambhav will help them to unite..

  20. Again why does a grown man be brainwashed..Yuvraj needs to use his own brains…last time Rohan brought him to ground level and now Shambav..why? If he still can’t see that all is his fault..sorry but he does not deserve Suhani..she can do without Birla crap and so called Shamrless friend Soumya..who is now trying to match make Shambav with Suhani…please don’t spoil Sambhav’s thinking..make him a positive friend for Suhani and i think he should watch out for these witches in the Birla family..make him a true friend..Dumraj please wake up.

  21. kal ke epi mein 3 cheese mein ne notice ki.
    1.yuvani ka gussa jab yuvaan bola ki agar suhani yuvani ka mamma bhi hotha.Is se ek baath saaf hai yuvani wil hate suhani if she tell her truth.
    track aise bhi ho sakthi hai somu yuvani ko suhani ki against karega.use kahega suhani. iski mamma pappa ko alag karega.It may be nxt track.

    2.Menka ko bhi bjura laga jab use patha chala suhani itni saal apni aniversery nahi manaya.Kya ap logo ne uski expressipn notice ki.Mein ne ki.I think she is more more better than somu.
    3sambhav bahuth sah rahe ho suhNi ke liye.sab ki insult.yuvi anger mein kuch bhi kahi karo par sab usko sirf dadthe hai.koi uska insult nahi karthi.sab yuv ko hamesha defebd kathe ho.suhani bhi uske gusse maankar shanth hotha hai.par jab bhi sambhav kuch karthe ho sab ke samne nahi phir phi suhani use insult karthe hai.koi nahi uske dard drkhne ki.previous do din ke episode mein mujhe uske liye bhura laga.He is not showing jis pai.But he is more hurt than suhani.

  22. Very bad serial.its was good before not now

  23. Nice episode. ….I liked the way suhani answered yuvraj ( he is still not able to overcome his pain & thus may be acts weird ,after leap it feels as if manhandling is his hobby. ..) yuvan was so adorable, the flash back was sooo cute ,missing suhani’s cute innocent face. I really wish Sambhav to be the best friend of suhani rather than falling fr her, don’t want to see him heart broken. …..

  24. defintly suhani ill dance with sambhav cz she fullfill her son wish na..on that time sowmya ill manipulate the yuvraj then he against with suhani fr more anger ..

  25. y yuvi is thinking of leaving soumya she help him wen he need her bt now wen suhani cum back he want to love her he is so irresponsible.. selfish yuvi..I knw soumya is wrong bt yuvi isuch more selfish then soumya he could HV keep a nanny 4 yuvani..

    1. Then soumya is the biggest fool on earth she is not a small child to listen to what others say doesn’t she know what it means to live with a man without marrying ??? If she had so much of self respect then she should hv taken care of yuvani as an aunt or simply denied yuvraj to pretend as married but no she was selfish she wanted yuvraj to father her child &give her child a lavish life .now she is stooping so low just fr her childs safety she wants Sambhav to get married to suhani …….never seen a cheap character as her.

  26. I think Sambhav is playing along, He’s helping Suhani as he knows she loves Yuvraj and the other 4 witches don’t like her. He’s a very smart guy and knows exactly what he’s doing.

    1. Just hope what u said comes out true. ……

  27. Sambhav suhani best couple and sambhav character don’t make negative

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