Suhani Si Ek Ladki 8th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 8th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Krishna saying how Yuvraaj pushed Radhe off the terrace. Rohan says he does not have to ask anything. Krishna’s lawyer calls Lalita in witness box. Lalita says Yuvraaj has made Rakhi a widow. Rohan says he does not have to ask Lalita. Menka tells Dadi hat her lawyer is an owl, I had bet with Rags, I think I will lose. The case goes on. The lawyer says the case is clear, and Yuvraaj has killed Radhe, I want him to get punished severely. Rohan says objection, why is lawyer Sharma in hurry to end case, does he have any gas or stomach problem. He says he wants to ask his witness and calls Radhe’s wife Rakhi.

He says he regrets that her husband died, I know you are sad. She says yes. He says Chal Jhooti, your face shows you are very happy, see the glow on your face,

I know Birla cream is great, this is secret for your glow, you are staying there and would be using their things too. He starts acting like he fainted and everyone rush to him. Suhani says we will meet in police station Yuvraaj and goes. The court adjourns till tomorrow.

Sharad and Suhani bring Rohan to the car and make him sit in backseat. They worry what to do now. Rohan asks did everyone go and gets up. They get puzzled. Sharad asks is he fine. Rohan says yes, did you wish I really faint, I was acting. Suhani asks is he mad. Rohan says we would have lost case if I did not faint. She says is this the way, its murder case, how can be he irresponsible. Rohan says they don’t have proof, court judge will not give time, and Yuvraaj would be in jail forever, its my acting that we got one day time, I m not so good looking that you guys stare me like this, lets find Radhe and use this time.

Rohan says Radhe should be in our sight. Suhani says I have sent Sharad after Krishna, but Krishna is changing places. Rohan says hide and seek, I will get Radhe. She says its not game, its about anyone’s life. He asks her to enjoy life as game. Menka comes and asks which game without me, and how can Suhani do cheating with me. Rohan calls her a free butterfly and she get glad. Rohan says this is sporting spirit and asks her to tell about Krishna. Rags and Menka say he is very bad man, and gives him many names. Rohan says wow, such lovely names for him. He asks how do they know him. Suhani says he is my friend Soumya’s husband.

He says tell me since beginning. Menka says from where, since they were 5 year old, or when Soumya came here to trap Yuvraaj. He gets stunned. Sharad is following Krishna. Suhani says no use to recall that, actually we gave them job in our company. Rags says no, Suhani gave them job, Soumya married her driver’s son, Suhani helped them and hired him, they did theft at our home and did this to take revenge from Suhani. Suhani thanks her. Rags says I don’t have time for all this.

Menka says Krishna and Soumya were angry as they felt police complaint was done by… Rags stops her and takes her. Rohan says I think Menka knows few things which Rags does not want to come out, she has many colors. Suhani thinks. Krishna sees Sharad following him and understands the plan. Suhani tells how Krishna did theft and shows the video to Rohan. He asks her to see if Krishna is so smart, than why will he wear same clothes to come and do theft, he is not a fool. She asks how did money come there at his house. He says will any thief be mad to hide money at his own home, you look smart, but are not. She asks who did the theft. He says how would I know. She says we have to find the thief.

He says save prince charming first, then we will play police and thief game. She says she will go. He says my genius mind need some rest, you can go. She leaves. Rags complains about Menka to Dadi. Dadi scolds Menka. Soumya says how to find Radhe, they are not taking tiffin for him. Suhani says sorry, I came to know Krishna did not do theft, forgive me, I was not here that time…. Soumya says he is angry for the torture, he is not bad at heart, and hugs Suhani. Suhani says he has sent Yuvraaj in jail on murder blame. Soumya says we will see what to do. Rohan plays with snoopi in the hall.

Suhani asks him to do something, its just some time now. He says you can just talk to your friend, and she argues. Dadi comes and scolds Suhani, asking her to leave the house, if she has problem with Rohan, just Rohan will fight the case. Suhani says I want Rohan to focus on work. Dadi asks Rohan to come and talk in her room. Sharad comes and tells Suhani that Krishna has doubt on him and he disappeared. She says fine, we will get some way, just 24 hours now, how will we save Yuvraaj.

Rakhi beats Radhe being mistaken and Rohan comes to him with Suhani.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Wow I like this funny ? guy and his way of calling other and wow I’m amazed by seeing this precap…. and i think it will be quite interesting ??

  2. Menka is superb as always..

  3. Superb episode…..atlast then serial is gng on a right track…..

  4. They should film them or take out Radhe picture for proof

  5. Change name of serial to “Budhu Si Ek ladki” or “Dayaan Dadi” or “waste of time”

  6. Meneka is the saving grace of the serial. The rest are cartoon characters just passing time

  7. Soumiya plz leave Krishna.
    He not deserves you because he is not a good guy.
    I hate Krishna

  8. Hi Yovraj plz express your love to Suhani.
    We are waiting for your romantic moments.
    So plz did thi fast.

  9. Hi Yovraj plz express your love to Suhani.
    We are waiting for your romantic moments.
    So plz did this fast.

  10. dadi is a bad women….she want only beauty…that’ not right….suhani is good girl…dadi..please you will accept our suhani babhi…

  11. I love suhani si ek ladki bcoz they reopen things or secrets especially bad ones in a perfect way .
    For me this is best& more logical daily soap

  12. I thnk Yuvraaj ill b jealous seeing rohan nd suhani tohether…i think soo…

  13. Hai yuvi and zaya how r u guyz

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