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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 8th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani leaving from Yuvraaj’s house. Yuvraaj calls Ramesh and asks him to clean the room and tells Sharad that he is bearing Suhani just for Soumya’s sake. Soumya’s mum stops her and asks where is she going. Soumya says to meet Suhani. Her mum says I think you should get married now, I will find a good proposal. Soumya says I did not think to marry. She says I m sure you will like the guy I choose for you and leaves. Soumya tries calling Krishna and says fine if you want to ignore me, I will come to you. Suhani calls her and says I m coming to meet you. Soumya says we will meet later. Suhani says fine and says I wanted to share my happiness and pain with you.

She says now I won’t tell you what happened with me yesterday night. Soumya says fine, I m coming.

Suhani smiles. Pratima is smiling thinking about Suhani and Yuvraaj. She says there is something, I know what is Yuvraaj feeling, I have to make him speak out. Soumya comes to meet Suhani and asks what happened. Suhani says nothing, I acted to meet you today. Suhani tells her what happened in Yuvraaj’s room and they argued. She tells everything while Soumya is thinking about Krishna and is tensed. Soumya says lets call Bhavna and ask about her suhaagraat. She asks Suhani to call her and she will be back.

Soumya comes to meet Krishna. They argue. She says her mum wants her to get married. He asks her to go and marry Yuvraaj. She asks why is he hurting her. Soumya says I love only you. She says swear on you.Krishna says if you really love me then marry me, prove me. Soumya is shocked. Suhani looks for Soumya and asks her mum where did Soumya go. Lata says she might be here, see around. Suhani calls Soumya. Soumya says Krishna, what are you saying, Krishna says why, you did not think to marry me, but fool me till you get a right guy. You feel I m a toy, I m asking you to marry you.

Soumya thinks. He says I know you can’t do this. She says I m ready. He is shocked and looks at her. She says I love only you, my life will be only with you, I can prove my love and marry you today, I m ready. She holds his hand and says lets go and marry. He is shocked. Dadiji calls and Pratima talks to her. Rags and Menka get worried and stop Ramesh from telling about the ring. Rags apologizes to Ramesh. She says I will give you Rs 500. Ramesh agrees.

Pratima says I will talk to Yuvraaj. Rags says what did Dadi say about Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj makes Ramesh vaccum clean his bed and room where Suhani stayed and slept. He says I should not get any hair here. Pratima comes and asks whats going on. She says I came to talk to you. She asks Yuvraaj who is the girl he likes. Yuvraaj smiles.

Pratima asks him who is she, as she already knows who is she, as she has seen him at Suhani’s house. She asks him to say about her. Yuvraaj praises Soumya and she thinks he is talking about Suhani. He says I love Soumya. Pratima is lost in thought of Suhani and says I knew this not hearing Soumya’s name. She says I knew this and hugs him. Rags and Menka hear this. Soumya and Krishna come in the temple to marry. Krishna asks Soumya to think again, she has refuse, this is big decision of her life. She says no, I trust my love and you, I will prove that I love you a lot.

They pray closing their eyes. She sit to get married. The pandit starts the mantras. They exchange garlands smiling. They proceed in the rituals and the pandit asks them to take the pheras. Pratima says I can see on your face, I know that girl. Menka says I told you Yuvraaj will marry Soumya. Rags fumes.

Suhani is on the way and comes to the temple. She sees Soumya and Krishna and is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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