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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 8th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani coming to meet lawyer Gupta. She hears his daughter saying she took permission from dad, finding him busy in some case. Suhani greets Gupta and says I came to talk to you about a case. She tells the matter and sees he is not focusing. He says continue, I m listening, everyone thinks your dad did this right? She asks how do you know. He says its big case and everyone know, its open and shut case, Gauri saw his face, so Pankaj won’t be saved, if I take this case, I will lose.

She says my dad is not a culprit, you care for your win. He says ofcourse, I did not lose any case in my career, I don’t want any stain by losing in case, court listens to girls in such case, I don’t know your dad did anything or not. Suhani throws the tea on him angrily. He shouts

what the hell. She goes out and tells his wife and daughter that Gupta tried to misbehave with her. His daughter says shut up, how dare you blame him. Suhani says how can you say, you were not there. His daughter says my dad can’t do anything, I trust him. Suhani says I explained him the same, like my dad is culprit, your dad is culprit too, sorry Gupta ji, I stained on your respect. No need to take my dad’s case, but like your daughter has trust on you, I trust my dad, I will not lose so easily. She cries and leaves.

Krishna is hurt and Soumya comes to him. He hides his wound, she says I was thinking to meet Yuvraaj and Suhani. Radhe hears them and says no need to interfere in their matter. She asks Radhe not to tell in between, she wants to go for Pankaj uncle. She says I was very young, when my dad died, but Pankaj uncle loved me as his third daughter, he is my Papa too, I can guarantee he can’t think doing this. Krishna says I understand but what can we do. She sees the bandage. He says I fell on the road yesterday, so I got ill. She asks him to take care and does the aid. Krishna worries as if hiding something.

Suhani fails to get any lawyer and worries. A beggar asks for money. She gives bananas to the beggar. Bhavna calls Suhani and tells her that she knows a lawyer. She says I will send the number. Dadi hears Bhavna and thinks now Suhani is hiring lawyer to get her dad free. Saurabh asks Gauri to come fast and see. Yuvraaj and Anuj make rotis. Sharad gives the commentary. Yuvraaj and Anuj argue over their rotis. Saurabh brings Gauri there. Yuvraaj saks her to say whose roti is good. She asks what are they doing. Anuj says we are making jam roll for her. Yuvraaj and Anuj argue and they all laugh. They both fight. Gauri smiles. She leaves. Yuvraaj worries. He says mum called, she is fine, she does not know anything, what will she go through knowing all this. Sharad says don’t worry, we all are here.

Suhani comes home and Lata asks did she get any lawyer. Dadi tells Rags and Menka that she will not let Pankaj get free. Bhavna cries and asks Dadi not to say this. Dadi says you can leave this house too. Menka says Suhani will find some way to come back in this house. Suhani gets a call and gives Birla house address. Lata asks is there any hope Suhani. Dadi says we will not leave any hope. Bhavna gets the court notice. Snoopi takes it and gives it to Rags. Rags reads it and gets shocked. Dadi asks whats it. Bhavna says its letter from Sinha associates, Gauri has to come in every hearing, Dadi you can try a lot, but you can’t end our belief.

Suhani hugs Lata and says we got a lawyer, now we will win this case. Aditya says see Dadi, Suhani proved that a woman is biggest enemy of another woman. Yuvraaj asks him to mind his tongue. He tells Dadi that he won’t support anyone till truth comes out, they can also hire a lawyer to bring out truth. Dadi says you are saying right, I have someone who can do this work well.

A female lawyer waits in Birla house. She says sorry, I can’t wait, if person does not value time, then I don’t value them. Dadi stops her. The lady says I hate late comers, you called me at 5pm, you are 10mins late. Dadi says sorry. The lady says you know value of 10mins, any case can change. Aditya asks what will you have Leela ji. Leela says call the victim, I want to talk.

Sinha talks to Pankaj, and Gauri talks to Leela. Gauri says he attacked me and light went. Pankaj says I went to make a call, when I came downstairs, Gauri blamed me. He cries. Dadi asks Leela will we win this case. Aditya says yes, Gauri is woman and she will win. Leela says I don’t fight for women as they are helpless, I fight to show men their real place. I won’t let injustice happen with any woman, and don’t get late next time, else my fees will increase. Yuvraaj looks on.

Sinha asks Pankaj did he see anyone running, just call me if you remember anything related to this case. He leaves. Suhani and Bhavna encourage Pankaj. They hug him.

Suhani asks Pankaj not to worry, they found a lawyer. Leela says I m fighting Gauri’s case, I don’t lose any case, I will get Pankaj punished.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. why doesnt this show end its always suhani and dadi and the two dumbos rags and menka

  2. Krishna and radhe is clurpit I think so and yuvraj don’t be so dumb suhani u should not come back to birla house the whole family should beg infront of suhani and her family

  3. now what will happen | who will come to help suhani and her family?

  4. Oh god plz stop all these creepy things yuck it really suck I just the this serial especially gauri she is such a b*t*h and all his brothers….??

  5. I think Krishna and Radhe were upto smthng ,,they planned smthng against Aadhithya and went to his room,,,may be they might hv seen the real culprit,,may be they knw the truth and dont hv guts to speak out..coz they are afraid that they too wd be blamed & send to jail lyk Pankaj

  6. OMG. that Aditya has turned out to be a sleaze when they truth comes out, these dumb writers better not make Suhani and family forgives him for his cheap act. He has stooped so low that he would blame his uncle who is like a father with such a heinous crime. What if Pankaj was a weak man and commit suicide because of such an accusation, even though he is innocent…guess it would make no difference to those heartless people…Suhani, you need to teach each and everyone of them a lesson to remember.

  7. Omg it krishna because if he is hurt that means the window in gauri room was broken n he get cut

  8. I guess its time to have Rohan back in the show as lawyer…why are they searching for lawyers when they already know Rohan..Its been long.time since we have seen Handsome hunk Rohan..Can we have him back in the show pls

  9. Komal mittal

    Never end this show n i loved the new lawyer

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