Suhani Si Ek Ladki 8th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 8th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvaan asking Baby to promise that she will help him in separating Saiyyam and Krishna. She gets shocked. He says yes, you have to separate them any way, only then you can stay here, else doors are open. She asks what, why shall I do this. He says because I m asking you. She asks have you gone mad, what about me. He says cut the crap, don’t act like a helpless woman, it does not suit you, I know that you don’t love me. She says you are such a spineless man, why do you want to do this. He says don’t even ask, just do as I say. She asks really, did you think what place will I have in this house. He says you don’t have any place even now, you are getting to stay here because of me, if you do anything, I swear I will get you arrested. She asks him to stop threatening.

He says you don’t understand any language, go and find out what Saiyyam feels for Krishna, you know what I can do. He goes.

Dadi asks Baby to get water for her. Baby thinks Dadi will help me, I will get Yuvaan back to me. Krishna comes to talk to Saiyyam. Saiyyam is sleeping. She says he did not answer me, I will talk in morning. She recalls Yuvraaj’s words and thinks if I have to keep relation, I have to try, I can’t lose this way. She goes to sleep.

He wakes up and sees her. He says what’s her problem, she just keeps staring at me. She turns in sleep. He rests her hand inside the blanket. He goes. She wakes up and sees him sleeping. She sees the time. She waits and thinks Saiyyam wakes up at 7.30am. She thinks to talk to him before he goes out. She sits awake all night.

She feels sleepy and pats water on her face. She falls asleep. Its morning. She wakes up at 7.45am. She says Saiyyam has gone…. and gets sad. Suhani sees her marriage pics. Yuvraaj comes from bath and sees her towel on the bed. She asks him to see pics. He argues over the messy room. They go. Baby comes there and takes the album. She goes out. She talks to Saiyyam and reminds what was there between them before. He says there was nothing. She says we were friends. He asks what do you want now. She says nothing. He says you don’t talk or do anything without a motive. She says I m not so selfish, I came here because of you. He says so you got mad in Yuvaan’s love and married him.

She says you are also mad in Krishna’s love, so you don’t talk to me, she has kept you in control. He says shut up, don’t say anything about my wife. He goes. She says my wife…. really Saiyyam…. you are really mad in Krishna’s love, but you don’t realize this, Yuvaan you have no idea, I will get happiness to separate Saiyyam and Krishna, I will put blame on Yuvaan as he asked me to do this, now I have to see Suhani.

Yuvraaj tries to end Suhani’s annoyance. She gets away. He asks her to make breakfast. She asks why, I m so unhygienic, laugh now. She laughs. He smiles. Baby goes to Dadi and says Amma mai is laughing, she never laughs this way with you. Dadi says she stays busy to make me cry. Baby says so sorry, go and sit outside, you are tired. Dadi says no. Baby says I will get breakfast, take plates. Dadi goes. Suhani says I will not do anything here. Suhani and Yuvraaj see their marriage pics on the table.

They see Dadi coming. Yuvraaj runs to stops Dadi by excuse. Suhani hides all the pics. Baby gets angry. Dadi gets a pic and asks what’s this pic. Suhani gets tensed. She says its your and Babu ji’s pic. She gives pic to Suhani. Suhani sees her and Sharad’s pic and gets relieved.

Yuvaan asks Baby what did Saiyyam say. Baby says I did not talk to him, Saiyyam does not deserve love, he just knows hatred. Suhani prays. Yuvraaj puts flowers on her and teases her. She asks what’s this. He says nothing, I m trying to make up to you. She asks this way by spoiling my puja. He says sorry, I came to invite you on valentines date. She says you have no dare to take me on date. He asks are you challenging me. He takes the challenge and asks her to see in evening. She says fine. He goes. She says atleast Yuvraaj and I can spend time. Baby hears this.

Yuvaan and Saiyyam collide. Their files fall. Saiyyam picks all files and goes. Yuvaan says Saiyyam took my card. Krishna asks servant how did water go in sugar box, sugar got spoiled. He says I don’t know. She asks who made breakfast. Baby says I did, if sugar spoiled, its fine, get sugar again. She sends servant to get sugar. She scolds Krishna. Yuvaan comes there and scolds Baby for talking to Krishna badly.

Suhani says I pray that we always stay together. Yuvraaj says don’t worry, we will always be together. He hugs Suhani. Baby makes Dadi see them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. All the kriyyam ff writers please update soon. The cvs wont give us any kriyyam but I seriously hope that you writers wont keep us waiting…
    And one more fact is that i am into the KILL YUVAAN club. Please tell me when are you planning to kill him so that I am able to lend you a helping hand.

  2. Hey aarti this one’s for you…
    Please shate a link of the instagram post you were talking about.
    And I am not able to comment about your os because the comment box seems to have disappeared there. But believe that os was superb. I mean the portrayal of emotions was just so good. I really wished for such a scene in the serial also…
    Pleade write more because you are a great writer.
    Kriyyam rocks

  3. By seeing yuvaan’s antics I really doubt whether he is sambhav’s son or not. Anyways kriyam rocks

  4. Syedul

    Live kriyam they r so cool and awesome . Just great .

  5. satie singh jee

    Yuvan and Baby get this into your silly head KriYam is here to stay no Kriyam no show Who agree with me

  6. Rinsha

    hello everyone… I’m New here I am a big fan of Kriyam

  7. hi ssel fans.happy chocolate day kriyam fans.oh bichari krishna aj bhi bat nehi ho paiya.lagta ha sayyem apna feelings samajh nehi paraha.koi bat nehi dersahi sehi realise hoe jayga.per jada intager nehi ho raha.yuvan ka baccha bich ma kiyu aya.ufff….
    kriyam scenes srif is serial ka trp bara sakta hai..koi samajh a is bat ko to hi kuch hoga.

  8. yes i agree sriya ssel ki trp kriyam hi bara sakte hain Lekin ye baat ssel samje tab n phir ek aur boring track likh dala suhani kidnapped ho gai what the hell disgusting i am very disappointed for ssel

  9. welcome Rinsha

  10. Hello everyone I’m Newhere I am a big fan of Kriyyam

  11. Keya suhani kidnapped hona bali ha……..
    Ha bhagban phir sa bahi ghisipiti kahani…..bechari suhani?? keya karu ma is serial ka .,.jabbhi kuch assa hona jata ha tabbhi bapas no boring track start kar deta hay….is liya hi trp ghat to ha.par kaun samajha is bat KO.
    Welcome rinsha…I am also new.this is my 3d the way kriyam k bajesihi itna new fans eha add horaha ha.

  12. I m frm bangladesh…I luv kriyam…actually I m new to kriyam

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