Suhani Si Ek Ladki 8th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 8th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani scolding Baby for marrying for money. Baby says its thinking, someone works hard and someone does marriage. Suhani says you look this way is easy, but you can’t get anything without hardwork. Baby says I have never lost. Suhani says then work double. Baby asks why are you coming in my way, what is your problem, I thought you will know problems of dusky people. Suhani says person’s heart should be good, then he can do anything, but the one whose heart is black, even Lord can;t help them.

Saiyyam calls the men and make them throw the sofa. Krishna says it was fine, just water fell on it. He says it got stain, I don’t like it. She asks where will I sleep. He says actually, land is big, you can sleep anywhere. He asks her to go and take Krishna’s help.

Sambhav asks his men to keep an eye on Yuvraaj. He turns and sees Suhani. He does not end call to make Yuvraaj hear them. Suhani asks him where were you, you don’t know what Saiyyam did. He says sorry, I went out. She asks his help to manage children, Baby is not good for Yuvaan. He says make her leave from house.

She asks how, Yuvaan loves him, I know you are annoyed that we did not marry. Yuvraaj hears this and gets relieved that Suhani did not marry Sambhav. She says but I was tensed in all the problems. Sambhav says I will tell Dadi to get us married. She says no, I don’t want to marry till we solve children’s problems. Yuvraaj smiles and smiles I know Lord this time Suhani and I will not be separated. Bhavna calls Suhani. She goes.

Suhani talks to Bhavna. Bhavna says this is nice idea. Suhani says I said I will fight for Krishna and teach Saiyyam to respect Krishna. Saiyyam comes and sees new sofa. He asks what are you two doing here, what is this. Bhavna says your wedding gift. Krishna comes and Bhavna shows the gift. Krishna thanks and hugs Bhavna. Suhani and Bhavna go. Saiyyam scolds Krishna for doing this to make him lose. Water falls on his bed. He asks what did you do, where will I sleep. She recalls his words. She asks him to sleep on ground. He says fine, I have no problem, I slept on ground in orphanage, there is no bed for all kids there. He gets sad and goes.

Sambhav sends message. He leaves. Suhani comes to room and thinks where did he go. She sees Yuvraaj and follows him. Krishna recalls Saiyyam’s words and sees him sleeping on the ground. Saiyyam feels cold. She goes and shuts window. She covers him with the blanket. She sees her mangalsutra and recalls their marriage. She goes away and sleeps on sofa. Sambhav talks to his man and asks him not to call him, his plan can fail. He walks on the road. Suhani is after him and calls out Yuvraaj. A truck comes her way and driver feels sleepy while driving. Sambhav turns and sees Suhani, and the truck coming towards her. Sambhav runs to her and saves her. They fall down. He asks can’t you see and walk, why were you following me. She says I came after you as I was worried, what are you doing here. He says maybe I was walking in sleep. She says you never walk in sleep. He says it happened in jail. She says but you were talking on phone. He says maybe, I saw the phone and thought to inform you, come, lets go.

She says you did not ask me if I m hurt. He says I got worried, anyway are you fine. She says yes, I just asked. They leave. Its morning, Bhavna calls Suhani. Baby goes to temple and prays. She sees the flowers and aarti plate. She spoils a plate by adding ghee and black powder in it. She thinks miracle can save Suhani from getting insulted today. Suhani does the aarti. Bhavna and Suhani ask Krishna to do aarti. Yuvraaj tries to struggle and set himself free. He breaks the ropes. The goons come and stop him. Yuvraaj beats them. They get a knife and hit him. Yuvraaj falls down. Yuvaan plays the shank. Yuvraaj gets conscious. He gets up and beats the goons again. He shouts Suhani. Krishna keeps the aarti plate back. Pratima asks Suhani to give prasad to everyone. Baby makes Suhani fall down on the black paste she made. Suhani’s face turns face.

Baby taunts Suhani on the black color. Yuvaan looks on, while Saiyyam scolds Baby for her doings.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. really loved the episode to the core! actually to say, it was a balanced episode. got everythng which i expected, to say, krishna saiyyam scene, baby’s doings n especially my YUVANI scene. so lord is with yuvaraj tis time. how cute he was happy when he heard suhani tat she didnot marry. it was wonderful! n even sambhav cum yuvaraj scene with suhani was nice bcoz waited for tat type of scenes. so overall it was a fabulous epi…

  2. Hyacinthmanickchand

    Why are they not telling the truth to kids they are now adults they need to know

  3. Precap~jus amazng! saiyyam love his mother a lot n there s no doubt. suhani shud undrstand him soon.. This baby is irritating. Yuvaan no words for him. It will be gud to c yuvaraj-suhani-saiyyam scenes. They r amazng, even yuvani along with them. Infact these 4 hav a nice bond bw them even if its hate r love. So if they continue showing episodes like tis it will feel gud…

    1. A.Tejaswi

      I agree abi

  4. This is the difference between Yuvaan and Saiyyam. I really don’t know which what values did suhani bring up Yuvaan. Yuvaan was with suhani since he was born and when his wife is taunting his mother he is just shitting his mouth whereas Saiyyam is scolding baby. Love you Saiyyam.
    Btw it was said after Saiyyam was born, few days when suhani came to take Saiyyam the orphanage lady said that Saiyyam has being Asia pets by someone but here Saiyyam says that he got used to sleep in floor in orphanage?? What’s that? There ain’t any link in it.

  5. Why is she fighting with baby after making baby her daughter in law. She made her son married a girl she just knew for maybe a weak even though he is in love with her she should have checked if she is a proper girl.
    Liked the care of krishna for saiyaam. There is one thing weird when suhani went to orphanage he was already adopted and when he came back he already knew his parents and has a lot of money but today he said he grow up in orphanage and had a difficult life.
    Precap: finally suhani can see who is her real son and who deserve her love and care

    1. Silentreader

      heyyy….u.made a point…that’s true!!!!!

    2. Hey Hanna.
      Just read yesterday comments.
      Cool yeah, cool.
      Still no apologies, but cool. 😉

      You see guys me and Hanna are website a strange.
      Going though a bit of rough patch.
      But we cool.

      1. Ha ha haaaaaaaaa!
        It okay Hanna I understood, about yesterday, there no need to explain.

        Website a strange! What is that.

      2. @Shanti what is good is that we viewers can share our point of view , discuss it, have different opinion , they is no need to apology or fight ? It is just a serial ?
        @Poppy thanks, I really enjoy reading you guys comments .

      3. Sometimes we all need to LOL! 🙂

      4. Silentreader

        hehe Shanthi,,just saw ur reply to me on 7th dec update….u got an attack by that ‘rearrange ‘ cmnt…..u must hv got anthr attack (**happy one**) seeing Krishna caring for Sayyam

      5. Yeah, we good now, a misunderstanding of cause.
        We are just now, website a strange, but we’re cool. LOL

        Hanna sorts of gave an apology. Yeah we’re cool. 🙂 😉 😀
        I suppose you also want to know what I mean by website a strange.
        Well it just mean.
        That me and Hanna can’t decide if we want to be friend yet. That all.
        We are cool, Hanna agree with me.

      6. I Couldn’t agree more

  6. QueenB

    What is Saiyam talking about the orphanage?
    I thought after Suhani left him there someone then adopted him before she went to get him back??

    I am confused now, did he grow up in an orphanage after he was adopted?

  7. That’s Krishna right, that is the way to do it.

    I hope that Krishna love for saiyyam, well come quickly.

    Slowly, I hope saiyyam well love for Krishna comes.
    Oh it was so sweet!
    Loved today episode!

  8. Suhani should start new life with sayyam and Krishna and she can leave her dumb twins… let them to live their own way… !!!

  9. The precap is interesting…saiyyam is gud at heart it’s just that he has so much anger and pain inside him bcoz since childhood he has been living his life all alone without any support… He had nobody to share his pain but this yuvaan is such a dumb… He has nw bcme a total Joru ka ghulam…despite of saiyyam says that he hates Suhani he just can’t C Suhani getting insulted…he is much more better than yuvaan its the cvs who is making saiyyam negative… Suhani is blindfolded in the love of her two twins she just don’t realize that they are really dumb,cheap and selfish

    1. They are called Birla after all.

      1. Lol… yaa u r right…

  10. Silentreader

    yuppp…Sayyam supported Suhani…..I knew it….n ‘r’ ur words came true ….that too so soon….nw I too thnk that he will speak against his maa for her wife in another week as u and ‘mo’ said

    1. That is right!

      Have I put on money on only with my husband, I am still on 1 week. Just for fun.
      My husband said 2 week!

      Fun aside, I just hope suhani and Krishna see, the good in saiyyam.
      My heart went out to him, when he told Krishna. About sleeping on the floor.
      I just hope that saiyyam and Krishna love well grow.
      Also suhani love well grow for her son saiyyam.

      You know, my marriage was arranged.
      Our love came slowly.
      I think true love is made that way.
      But it has to been both way.

      1. Silentreader

        ‘mo’ u r gonna win for sure…….it won’t take more than 1 week for that to happen and yup I too believe that they will fall for each other slowly …bt I want Sayyam to realize that first

      2. Yep, I am in the money.
        I can’t wait for it!

      3. Yes, it would be nice, if saiyyam love come first.

        But I rather have both their love to come together.
        Because Krishna is still have feelings for yuvaan.
        You could be right, if saiyyam love for Krishna comes first.
        He be more nice to her.

      4. Money uhh!
        Well it looks very close to me, yuvaan hasn’t said anything yet.
        Remember mo the bet is on yuvaan! Not Baby.

        I really enjoyed the show today now yesterday.
        I can’t wait what going to happen next.

  11. I also like the precap.Sayyam hate suhani and try to hurt her.But he can’t see she get insulted or hurted by someone other.His anger and pain is justified.
    But yuvaans silence and this cool behavior is too bad.
    I also looking forward to watch Krishna and Sayyam love hate relationship.It take time but definitely they will fall for each other.

  12. Saiyyam is better than yuvaan. How can he watch silently when his mother is getting taunt from his wife. I hate yuvaan.

  13. It shows that sayyam loves her mom so much n that’s a good point?but yuvan and yuvani-.-selfish and self_holic-.-

  14. yuvaan is a mad stupid son. they should stop this serial now. 6months back it was a nice serial buy now its just soo worse.

    1. I know i agree with you

  15. Saiyyam and Krishna will have the best marriage. Serves the idiot Yuvaan right to marry that dimwit. He Dadi, Rags and Yuvani as all dumbos

  16. Nyc episod lovd d kriyam scenes hope they wil unite soon

  17. Aftr a long days,its a nyc epi n lovd d scenes of krishna n saiyyam.. Hope they wil unite soon…asusual lov u’s scenes was really irritating n yuvaan u r an idiot how u allow ur wife to taunt ur mumma disgusting!!! Anyways waitng fr tmrw episod tat how suhani n all react while saiyyam scolds baby fr his mom

  18. krishna ?Sayyam

    Awwww Krishna and Sayyam are so cute together . This was bound to happen . Sayyams a really good person at heart . Unlike yuvaan who doesn’t care about his mom . Even though sayyam acts like he doesn’t like her , he actually loves Suhani. That’s why he can’t stand her being insulted .

    1. Yes I agree with you. It was good to see that love, hate relationship.
      I love the part when Krishna accidentally, poured water on saiyyam bed. Saiyyam asked her where is he going to sleep.
      Krishna got her own back at him and said, there is plenty room on the floor.
      Then Krishna asked herself, why does she feel pity of saiyyam.
      Oh how cutie!

      The thing I think with Yuvaan, he actually has the birla blood.
      Yuvani show that she has the birla blood.

      I believe Yuvaan is cunning, he doesn’t want to show that he is actually a bad guy. To his mother suhani.

      The thing is with mother, like suhani.
      Who believe that this one child is the best from the rest of their children.

      When actually the child that they love the most is bad.

      How can I explain.
      Yuvani got caught drink, right. Yuvani screams and shouts.
      Yuvani tell suhani I well do whatever I want.

      Saiyyam Burt down the business, right. He also screaming and shouting.
      Also tell suhani, you abandoned me.
      I well also do what I want.

      Can you see a pattern here. They are showing their anger to suhani, because they are hurting.
      Yuvani wants suhani to accept who she is.
      Saiyyam wants suhani to love him, and acknowledged that he is also her son.

      With Yuvaan, suhani all his life told him that he is a good boy.

      What yuvaan has learnt that, to hind his badness, he made sure that yuvani got told off. Because yuvani did the most screaming and shouting.
      While he played the good boy.

      Now saiyyam is in the picture, all of the blame is on him.

      Now yuvaan got Baby, his true colour well come out.

      The problem with some mother in law is.
      When their son true colours come out.
      They always blame on their bahu!

      They don’t want to see, it is their son, is on the wrong.

  19. i hate yuvaan that’s why he went sambhav became his dad and hate yuvraaj. yuvaan had blind trust on sambhav. suhani and sambahv got married because of yuvan. yuvraaj went to jai for no reason bcause of yuvaan went sambhav. now yuvan went baby and dont went krishna. yuvan had blind love on baby. yuvan has no brain. saiyyamis very intelligent that is why he always find the truth. who knows where is my mom and family. i hope saiyyam will find the thruth of sambhav alive soon

  20. Thestarkfromhogwarts

    Saiyyam may have been potrayed being evil but guys rememebr
    “Deep down in every evil there is goodness” (in in the wise wordes fromme, lol)
    Saiyyam is hurt, angry and unabe to digest the injustice towards him, so he is right in his POV

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