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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 8th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi asking Yuvraaj to move on and explaining him. Sharad hears them and Pratima comes there. He signs her to hear them. Dadi says she will support Yuvraaj. He asks Pratima to come. She says she has doctor appointment today and asks him will he take her. He agrees and asks her to get ready. Pratima leaves. Dadi says I will also leave. Yuvraaj sits thinking. Bhavna says she can’t eat more. Lata says its healthy kada. Pankaj comes and asks Lata to listen to him, its about Suhani. Lata asks what happened to her.

Pankaj says she is coming back home. Lata and Bhavna are shocked. Pratima tells Anuj that Dadi is doing this, he can’t go against Dadi, she made this doctor excuse to plan surprise for Yuvraaj. Lata says she has bought gifts for Yuvraaj, it will all go

waste now. Pankaj says we have to talk as if we don’t know, Pratima called me and said Suhani and Yuvraaj fought, if we bring them together, they will unite, I have seen change I Yuvraaj. Bhavna says she is with him and asks the plan. Anuj says it means Sharad and I do planning of party here. Sharad asks about Dadi.

Anuj says I will manage Dadi, what about Rags and Menka. Pratima asks him to manage it. Anuj asks are you sure Suhani will come. Pratima says Sanjay can say it. Anuj asks who is Sanjay now. Sharad laughs and says she means Pankaj.

Suhani comes home crying and hugs her dad. She says she has bear a lot, she won’t go back there. He consoles her. Rohan is on the way and talks to Dadi, saying he wants Suhani to be happy. Dadi says Yuvraaj and Suhani were together for one year and still he does not love her. She says situation has changed now. Rohan asks her to say what he should do now. She says she feels he should support Suhani, as it can happen what he wants. He says fine, I will end work and come home, then plan to make Suhani happy.

Suhani cries in her room and sees Mrs. Allahabad crown. She recalls Yuvraaj’s bitter words. Lata comes to her and asks did she not prepare anything for her anniversary. Suhani says I felt there is some preparations, I realized his thinking did not change, I can’t adjust with it, and left hope that he will change, when hope breaks, it hurts a lot, I can’t bear more pain now.

Yuvraaj and Pratima are on the way. Yuvraaj asks why did she not ask him to get Suhani back. She says she can’t do anything if he made her think. He says this time she made her mind, what can I do. She asks do you want to stay with her? Suhani comes to the hall. Bhavna asks her to come. Suhani asks where are they going. Bhavna says they are going in food festival. They make excuses and send her to change her dress, to take her there. They all hold hands as Suhani agrees to come. They all leave in the car.

Pratima acts and calls Sharad, talking to him infront of Yuvraaj, referring Sharad as doctor. Sharad says he has sent everyone to parlor to get ready and wishes Suhani to come. Pratima says we are on the way. Anuj says our work will be done till they all come back home. Rohan comes home and sees the decorations. He asks whats happening. Sharad asks him to see its surprise anniversary party. Rohan says but Suhani has gone. Anuj says she is coming. Rohan says oh, fine carry on.

Sharad says if he tells Suhani then what, leave it, we will continue. Suhani talks to Bhavna. Bhavna says she wants to eat Chinese. She signs Pankaj to tell something and act now. Pankaj starts acting and says whats this Lata, its Suhani’s wedding anniversary today. Suhani says leave it. Pankaj says no, we will get answers from them,Yuvraaj promised me that he will take care of you, I will ask him for my answers right now. Suhani worries.

Pratima asks Yuvraaj to drive fast. He smiles and says I can’t drive more faster, we will reach, relax. Rohan thinks what to do, he has to stop Suhani from coming here. Pankaj says we will go hotel later, and go to Birla house. Sharad calls Suhani and asks her to come home, as she has left and they kicked him out too. She asks what, how can this happen. Rohan gets her number busy and calls Dadi, asking her to come soon. He informs about the party. Anuj hears him. Sharad acts like crying and says Dadi insulted me a lot.

Suhani says I will not arrange something for Sharad, but won’t go there. Sharad says Dadi is taking revenge from me. Suhani says listen.. Sharad sees Dadi and his phone falls. He gets tensed seeing Dadi, Rags and Menka back from the parlor. Dadi asks whats all this happening here. The guests start coming and asks Dadi about sending invite to them, is there anything special. Menka says I told you Suhani will be back again. Anuj says this surprise party is planned for Suhani and Yuvraaj. Dadi asks him where is Yuvraaj. Anuj says Yuvraaj is on the way. She asks about Suhani. Ramesh says they both have come, Yuvraaj came in his car and Suhani in the taxi.

Yuvraaj sees Suhani asking her family not to go inside. Lata says let us decide, how can Yuvraaj send you like this, we will talk to him. Yuvraaj looks on. Pratima greets them. Suhani sees Yuvraaj and turns away. Pankaj says he wants to talk to them. Pratima says come inside, we can sit and talk. Yuvraaj walks inside. Bhavna takes Suhani. Pankaj asks Pratima will it get fine, will they get more angry seeing decorations. She says it will be our responsibility.

Suhani hears Dadi scolding Pankaj. Dadi insults Pankaj saying he has done the deal of business to get Suhani married to Yuvraaj, and Suhani stops Dadi saying its enough. Dadi turns and looks at her angrily.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Seriously how mean is this dadi… I just hate her face n her acting n her nature if thinkin… She is the main villain … blo*dy f dadi

    1. Well said dear

  2. I just want to chop this dadi into pieces

  3. Wow precap is good

  4. Waiting 4 monday’s episode

  5. Ya s wtng for mnday..
    kill the blo*dy devil dadi
    such a irritating character in this soap Opera..
    add new spicy twists
    every day watching dadis face such boring

  6. Precap is good well done suhani
    rise up ur voice against dadi and prove dadis is the villain of ur and yuvrajs life

  7. Nice episode.
    hate dadiiii

  8. Malu u r rt kill the devil dadi
    so disgusting agli face

  9. Is the real face of Rohan rt nw doesnt realise ?
    is he also the villain ?
    why Rohan like married woman he has enough to get girls for marrying.
    yuvraj is once confes u r love to suhani that wont happen but even now he doesnt confess suhani goes yuvraj know the value. Suhani How imprtnt in yuvrajs life.

  10. Suhani well done.

  11. Time has surely come for suhani to take a stand for her & her dad. She’s had enough of this dadi’s nonsense. & yuvraj you plz get a life, I mean how much ego do you have. How can a person be so damn confused about his feelings. Suhani really needs to let yuvraj come after her before she decides to come bsck to him permanently , so that yuvraj gets the lesson of his life that one should stop taking people in their lives for granted before its too late…

  12. Excellent twist becoz of rohan. yuvraj will now understand his feelings.

  13. do hell with everybody …i m not watching this shit anymore…!!

    1. blo*dy b*t*h who told you to watch shut up your mouth

  14. dont worry guys dadi wil get the best villian award in starplus ……thatz the reason the directors are showing her sooo badly…..anyhow yuvraj aur suhani ko ek saath rahaney main bahut muskhil hai,jab tak daadi aur iski chamchi BH mein rahatey hain….

  15. How many time will fights take place in this serial? Tired of seeing this. Bloddy Rohan n dadi!! Let them go to hell

  16. I seriously hate yuvraj’s grandmother,,, she’s very ugly nd irritating,,, poor Suhani plz stand on ur feet nd revenge wat grandma is doin to u

  17. i hate yuvraj than daddi.what’s he think about himself that he is a king.No he’s n’t.i want suhani to break the relation and go back her home and start a fresh.wo ksb thak aise spne aapko insult hote huye dekhengha.i really don’t understand.Is baar suhani ko yuvraj ke peeche jane math dena.use kisi aur kam mein vyasth rakhiye.yuvraj ko suhani ke peeche jana chahiye.yuvraj feelings confess karne ke baad phi nahi.use kuch syada tadpane ke bad

  18. yvrj is so lame with his character,looks and moreover with his personalty and nature.couldnt evn sy i love u suhani till now

  19. what!!!! ohhh dis story z too iritating…. and yuv dont he hav any luv on suhani…???rohan z ryt…he can be a best pair fr suhani he makes her happy always……i lk der jodi awsm…

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