Suhani Si Ek Ladki 8th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 8th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with inspector telling Yuvraaj that Yuvaan did not die by machine, his death happened 24 hours before that, I m trying to find truth, I have sent samples to lab. Yuvraaj gets shocked. He thanks the inspector. Krishna asks Bhavna to see what Suhani is saying. Saiyyam makes Suhani sit and asks did Baby do anything. Suhani says Baby first trapped Yuvaan and Yuvraaj, she tried to kill Dadi, you both go from here. He says nothing will happen to us. Suhani and Bhavna insist. Bhavna says we will manage everything, just go. Suhani asks him to agree for the final time. Saiyyam agrees and asks her to promise, she will take care. Suhani says yes. Saiyyam and Krishna hug Suhani.

Baby plays chess. She says I knew you all won’t leave me so soon, I will not leave Suhani so easily,

just wait and watch. Yuvaan comes to Suhani and asks what happened, are you missing Saiyyam, I felt you love Saiyyam more than me, I realized its nothing like that, I wish I could understand this before. Yuvraaj comes and sees Suhani talking to Yuvaan, sitting alone. Suhani says you come and become my hope when I m sad, so none can take your place. Yuvraaj calls her out. Yuvaan goes.

Suhani asks what happened, did police say something. He says yes, they have sent samples for testing, shall we go out. She says no, Yuvaan comes here. He hugs her. She says don’t worry, we will make Baby out of here. He says I was thinking to go to Baby’s hometown and check her background, so we get some clue, I will say I m going for work, she will not doubt, will you be fine. She says yes, Bhavna is there to take care of me.

Suhani counts clothes and gives to dhobi. Baby comes and signs the man. He asks her not to give this saree, it will lose its color. Suhani goes to check. Yuvraaj says I m going out for imp work, you have to take care of Suhani in my absence. Bhavna asks him not to worry for Suhani. He says I don’t want Baby to see me, so I m going by window, my tension got less after you came. She says I will manage her till you come back. He leaves.

Suhani dips saree in water and checks. Baby smiles and presses button to make the flower pot fall on Suhani. It does not fall. Baby goes to them and sends the dhobi. The flower pot falls on Baby’s head. Suhani gets shocked.

Suhani tells everyone about Baby getting injured by the flower pot. Bhavna says I m sure she did this to harm you. Doctor checks Baby. Bhavna says she wanted to hurt Suhani, but instead she got hurt. Doctor asks them to talk slow, Baby is getting conscious. Baby asks who are you all. They get shocked. Doctor says I was afraid for this, she lost her memory. Baby thinks they always do drama with me, now its my turn to play memory loss game. Pratima asks Suhani how did this happen. Suhani says maybe its an accident.

Baby calls doctor and asks him not to tell anyone, as she has given him much money. She says Suhani you don’t know what I will do with you. Pratima says what will we do now. Suhani says we have to get her memory back. Bhavna asks how. Baby comes and asks who is this Yuvaan, his number is saved in my phone, he is not answering, tell me. Bhavna says he was your husband. Suhani stops Bhavna. Patima asks don’t you remember any other friend. Baby acts dizzy and unwell. She says I will go and rest. Bhavna sends her.

Rags goes to Baby. Baby acts sweet. She thinks if I had to work, would I do this drama. Dadi gives her tab and asks her to know about her and friends. Baby says that’s a very good idea. Baby checks Yuvaan’s profile. Dadi asks what happened. Baby says don’t know, I felt like crying seeing him, who is he. Dadi says he is your friend.

Dadi says Rags, if you said she is Yuvaan’s widow, she would have got a shock. Rags says yes, sorry. She asks Baby to rest now. Suhani comes and says I got some links of your past. She gives her a pic and says you were this before. Baby asks really, I was a model. Rags says I have an idea, we can keep a fashion show and maybe Baby gets her memory. Suhani says nice idea. Dadi asks Baby will you take part. Baby says of course. Rags says perfect, we will prepare for it. They go. Baby says Birla will never forget this fashion show.

Bhavna welcomes Suhani. Suhani comes on stage. Her wardrobe malfunctions. Baby looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Arshi123

    So KriYam is going to be missed somedays.They went out means no KriYam as Karanjotwani & Srishtijain both on leave .Kj was about to be in Goa and Sj in Kerala .
    Still ,let’s see .

    And its really rushing now ,If Krishna really gonna be pregnant then I have no words .rushing rushing rushing …………

    As far Toi spoilers seems to be true ,so Really ??????¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿

    So if kriyam becoming parents ,Main lead Yuvrah-Suhani is getting Grandparents. Maybe first time a main couple as Grandparents. I saw comments and posts on Instagram, YuvAni fans r disappointed. Same we are ,why didn’t they give a proper track on KriYam ???

    So do you all really think SSEL going off air and thats why rushing ?

    No news from karan ,he is very busy maybe nowadays .He is not coming on group chats .Yeah,yesterday he came and gave a pic Nothing else ,no discussion from him :(:(

    1. Aarti32

      I’ll cry yaar..D CVS r so bad

    2. Thank u arshi apu for ur information yesterday. I couldn’t comment these days bcoz of tight scedule. But u r right they are messing everything up. We are hoping 4 a cute confession and what we got… its going to be off air i think so.

      1. Arshi123

        Most welcome and I understand, study pressure ……Do comment when ur free.Take care ??♥♥♥♥

    3. Swetha7

      no i don’t thinks so… baby’s track is not going to end so soon.what do you think Arshi???why are they going to make krishna pregnant all of a sudden.i smell another track is on the way regarding krishna’s baby……i feel that cv’s has a big motive behind this pregnancy.i know kriyam confession is a rushed one but pregnancy?????i feel a new track is on the way with this kriyam baby and devil baby……..

      1. Arshi123

        Well that’s possible, Cvs not gonna show Krishna pregnant without any big twist .Let’s see 🙂

  2. Can u guys tell me when srishti will come back is it on 10 or 11 bcoz it is going to complete a week

    1. Pls someone reply to my comment

    2. Her entry in the ssel episode is expected on 12th april. The day she is deemed to have found out about her pregnancy…

  3. Aarti32

    So indirectly Suhani has sent Kriyyam for a honeymoon..Although not really, but kind of ??

    1. Arshi123

      Yaahhh ?? Well said ???
      Kriyam honeymoon?✌✌✌✌✌

    2. Swetha7

      and what a decent consummation guys.sayyam’s shirt is neatly tucked and krishna’s duppatta is still around her shoulder when the woke up… seems like kriyam didn’t even touch each other.

      1. Swetha7

        *they woke up

      2. Aarti32

        Bcz they’ll nvr show KJo shirtless..They’re so cruel ? ?

      3. Laavanya

        Maybe, after consummation, they dressed each other. I never seen such type of couples. ?

        But, on a serious note, director is so stupid, he can show Krishna wearing a nighty n Saiyyam being shirtless. And, I don’t think KJ might having any problem to show bare chest.

      4. Swetha7

        Yes laavanya…we totally don’t mind sayyam being shirtless????????

  4. No more kriyam

  5. kriyam rocks

    The cv’s COULD show us Kriyam while they are on their “honeymoon” (as stated by @Aarti32)…but we all know they won’t…

    I mean- just imagine ALL the romantic and hotttt moments we could have between them…

    But no. These cv’s are stupid.

    Yuvaan is kinda sweet, can’t believe he had insecurities regarding Sayyam though…Suhani NEVER showed her love for Sayyam when Yuvaan was around…she only defended him ONE time when he left the house, so…I didn’t really get where Yuvaan was coming from.

    Speaking about Yuvaan…the police were able to identify when Yuvaan died and that his death was not caused due to the machine…but they can’t find out that he was stabbed, even though he had frickin’ THREE stab wounds!!! Gee….makes you wonder exactly how advanced our technology is: we can tell WHEN the person died- but we can”t notice three wounds on the body…


  6. kriyam rocks

    Can’t believe that baby was a model. and that she has a hometown…
    I thought she was a orphan???
    Way to go contradicting yourselves cv’s.

    Also, I can’t believe how stupid this family is…oh wait…I can.
    A pot fell on her head. A POT.
    Not a house, not a car, not even one of those rods Yuvraaj gets hit with all the time.

    A POT- and she lost her memory…
    Dumb Birlas- I’m really glad Sayyam and Krishna do not have Birla blood…we can’t risking them being this dumb…

    Keeping my fingers crossed and waiting for something eventful to happen (*sigh)

    Signing off, peace 😉
    -Shreya <3

  7. Laavanya

    Stupid police, they take so much time to acknowledge the time of death of Yuvaan. Secondly, how can a washing machine kill an adult.

  8. Kya chal raha hai serial mai kuch samjh nhi ata baby’s track kab khatm hoga ab news ayi hai ki baby Krishna sayyam life spoil karnewali hai ab kya karegi ye CVS ko hi pata stupid track late hai sambhvs track interesting hota kash alekh sanghal sir vapas aye show mai

    1. Laavanya

      Can u please provide the link?
      I think thats why they are going to show pregnancy drama. Baby will do every efforts to harm the unborn baby.

    2. Swetha7

      i also felt so.why would they bring krishna’s pregnancy too soon……this baby will definitely try to harm krishna and her baby….if anything happens to krishna or his baby sayyam will kill baby on the spot guys.. i am damn sure about it.

  9. Laavanya

    I agree with you Arshi, along with YuvAni fans, we Kriyam fans are also disappointed.
    I don’t think CVs will show any intimate romance between Kriyam. In the confession scene, from the side of Srishti, it was looking artificial. I doubt that Srishti might be look real if any intimate scene happen.

    1. Arshi123

      True that and also KsrShti arguments maybe also a reason … :(:(

      1. Laavanya

        Ya, because of argument, Srishti looks uncomfortable

    2. Swetha7

      Yes it’s true.but as they should not involve their real life issues to reel life life.there are many actors and actresses who hate each other in real life but do their best in their characters.we are kriyam fans.we started love them because of their chatacters.I didn’t even know sristi until I saw her as Krishna…if they bring their real life issues to reel life it is totally unfair.they do injustice to their diehard fans.?????????

  10. Yuvani

    just want this baby’s track to end soon………and yuvan, other than you, very one feels it is just the opposite of what you said, your mom loves you more……… and please, don’t make suhani dump………..i started watching this show because of her, her wisdom and kind heart…..but now………and please don’t make yuvani grandparents…………..its heights……!!!!!!

  11. aftr a long long time got a 5 minutes scene of YuVani. y suhani didnt agree with yuvraj of going outside it wud hav been nice if they had gone out.. bt it seems nw kj, srishti n even sahil is on leave.. y the hell there shud nt be yuvani with suhani to overcome her depression.. i thnk the cvs forgotten tat yuvraj suhani has daughter.. heights of stupidity n irritating a lot.. jus am feeling frustrated and depressed.. n what s the need to rush the story.. frm leap started everythng s being rushed frm children marg, n nw pregnant.. they could hav shown them studyng or somethng else enjoyable bt noo.. no words for tis pathetic writers

  12. somedays miss kriyam lots so sad

  13. This krishna pregnancy track hidden some big twist I think. ..that’s why cvs rushed for kriyam confession and consummation (????)…I’m sure jitne speed se krishna pregnant huyi hai utni yi speed se misscarriage bhi ho jayega ?few days baby tries to harm krishna baby and sayyam tries to save krishna and his baby. ..then after few days finally krishna’s misscarriage. ..

  14. I asked when srishti will come back from her trip not joining on ssel

  15. Why not joining ssel tell me plz

  16. Bcoz i dont know when episode will air in tv
    By the way for how many days is karan going for goa

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