Suhani Si Ek Ladki 8th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 8th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya seeing the dresses and says whats this illiterate thing, to make bahus wear sarees and suits. Rags comes to her and passes taunts to her. Soumya asks her to go and not interfere in her life. Rags says this is my work, to trouble you, be careful, don’t know what you have to bear ahead. She smiles and leaves. Soumya looks at mirror and says relax, I have to go out with Yuvraaj, don’t spoil mood for useless people. Sharad talks to Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj calls Suhani and is stunned seeing its Soumya in salwar suit.

She says you called me Suhani for the second time. He says yes, as you wore clothes like Suhani. She asks why is he not ready. He asks for what. She reminds his promise that he will spend day with her. He says yes and asks why is she wearing such dresses,

he does not like this, he will not go with her. Suhani and Sharad look on. Soumya says I can’t do anything, its Dadi’s order, she stopped me from wearing western. He says you too, I felt you had courage to keep your thinking, will you obey Dadi like Rags and Menka, I know her, even Suhani did not agree always to her, she refused for fairness cream and convinced her for Holi, she used to do what she liked. Soumya says if she can, I can too. She goes to change. Yuvraaj smiles and asks Suhani how does she like his acting, he took her name and fooled Soumya. She says its good.

He says we don’t have much time and asks Sharad to be here, they have to go. He takes Suhani with her. Pratima comes. Sharad says I don’t think Yuvraaj is acting. She says it was all from his heart, manage here, I will go to temple. Yuvraaj and Suhani come in Dadi’s room. She says we will find cheque book. He says we will see bank statement. They argue and say lets see who wins and turn to either sides. Sharad stands outside and says they are taking lots of time. Rags comes and asks about Dadi. He says she went to parlor with Yuvraaj. She says even I had to go, she did not tell me.

She asks why is he upset, is he worried for Suhani, everything is over. She leaves. He says game just started, see what happens next. Suhani and Yuvraaj look for bank docs. Dadi comes and bumps into Sharad. She falls. He says sorry and she scolds him. Suhani and Yuvraaj get the docs and show each other. Suhani doubts on Lalita and says Dadi gave cheque to Krishna’s mum. They get glad that they got the proof. They try to show who did work good and argue.

They hear Sharad taking Dadi’s name loudly and go out to see. They see Dadi coming. Sharad asks Lord to save them this time. Saurabh and Anuj stop Dadi and Sharad joins them. Suhani and Yuvraaj close the door. Dadi asks Sharad to go. Saurabh stops Sharad and says enough of your and Yuvraaj’s acting, I saved you but I want to know. Sharad says I will tell everything, let me go now. Yuvraaj asks Suhani to be here and Sharad tells them that Saurabh and Anuj have saved them, and they got a doubt. Yuvraaj says he will manage and asks Suhano to make the room as before. She says fine, you go.

Saurabh tells Dadi that they want to talk about Menka. Dadi asks Anuj what is it. Anuj complains about Menka. Dadi says she is your wife, you manage. Saurabh says you can’t manage Rags and Menka, how will we manage, Suhani was good but her place is also…. Soumya comes wearing western clothes again. Yuvraaj shows thumbs up to Sharad and they smile. Suhani comes and Sharad says now it will be fun. Dadi asks Soumya why did she wear this. Soumya says Yuvraaj likes me in such clothes, we are going out so I thought… Dadi asks her to do and wear like she said. Soumya says the same. Dadi asks Yuvraaj did she stop her from listening to her.

Rags smiles. Yuvraaj says yes Dadi, she is not comfortable in it, so no use. Dadi asks will she use Yuvraaj to go against her. Soumya says no. Rags asks whats her problem, now she wants to become bahu and have to keep traditions, she came close to Yuvraaj because of them, now don’t make them far from Yuvraaj. Soumya says no, my intention is not such. Yuvraaj asks why is Dadi angry when she made her company model, she has to wear such clothes in shoots, what will happen if she wears such clothes daily. Dadi says now she is becoming Birla bahu and our bahus don’t work. She says Rags used to do modeling and left it after marriage, even Soumya has to leave it.

Soumya says but Dadi… Dadi says enough, go and change, then talk to me. Everyone leave. Pratima sees Suhani upset. Suhani says why should girls not make career or wear their choice of clothes after marriage. Pratima says Dadi is head of house and she makes the rules, she does not take right decision always, use this chance and show Soumya the truth, explain her that this is not her life she wants. She can’t love anyone and marry, then take divorce late, if she is making joke of life, life will make joke of her. She says when Soumya started acting, she used to get angry, now I have pity on her. Dadi likes her beauty and Soumya likes the richness, Dadi will realize his mistake one day, but till then it will be late, it will be better if we make her realize it now.

Rags comes to Soumya and smiles. Soumya asks her to leave. Rags says she came to say, learn that you can’t become Suhani, and I m not Suhani to help you after tolerating this misbehavior. Soumya throws the dress and it falls in Suhani’s feet. Suhani sees her angry.

Soumya says she wants to make a career. Suhani says they have homemaker bahu, you decide you want to follow Dadi’s rules or live life your way.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nyc epi ,finaly dadi n soumya realize each other who they r

  2. Very much fun 2 watch now.

  3. I started liking this show again… Thank god tbings are falling into place….!!!!

  4. Nice and fun episode

  5. i liked one of suhani’s question. y can’t girls work after marriage? y girls hav certain restrictions???

  6. always certain limitations. but anyway, here it is a fun. sure, dadi will not be able 2 tolerate this

  7. y iss serial ka members always says that sowmya is beautiful????.i dont like her.her face is like boys face

    1. even i was thinking the same yaar.she looks short and i dont like her hair style also.even menka is beautiful than soumya.and i like bhavana

      1. me too like bhavana..

  8. i can’t bear saying soumya is beautiful.they shld look before saying.even my pet dog is more beautiful than her

    1. I think they dont know the meaning of suhani k makeup nh krtey

  9. soon dadi will realize that her selection will not match her grandson. she will learn that the grey colour is more qualified

  10. suhani is more beautiful-her eyebrows!!! 🙂 i love it. soumya is beautiful as she use a tin box of makeup!!! 😀

  11. Thats a point achu

    1. hi achu.what is u r real name

  12. Its really fun to watch realizing about sowmya and waiting to watch more romance between yuvraj and suhani

  13. Bavana is too good and like her acting

  14. Track is superb now.. Hope it will get even more better in upcoming days.. Soumya u r gonna screwed

  15. today episode was nice

  16. soumya is always contradicting

    bhavna is the prettiest
    and also menka suhani rags and pratima

    soumya is uglier than dadi

    1. i’m so fit – look at her so fat and so short

    2. to suhani she is like : stop getting invovled in my problems – interferes in others life herself e.g. yuvraj and suhani

  17. mujhe lagta hai ki suhani sab kuch boldaygi soumya ko because woh hamesha bolti hai ki somu meri bestfriend hai toh soumya kuch toh natak karegi aur suhani sab boldagi kyun ki woh tho soumya ko udaas bhi nhi deksakthi even if she’s planning against her suhani sab kuch ruin kardygi tum sab dekhna kitne bewafkoof hai

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