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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 7th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvraaj trying to apply cake to Suhani. Pratima keeps mask in between. Sambhav thinks I have to do something of this old woman. Suhani thanks Pratima. Golu asks what will we eat if cake is wasted. Suhani asks why did Sharad not come, whats his imp work. Bhavna says he had to make presentation. Golu goes to eat cake. Lata asks him not to have it by hand, I will give you later. Sambhav asks Yuvaan to go and apply cake to Suhani. Bhavna asks Suhani to call Sharad and talk. Suhani says you are his wife, you tell him. Yuvaan goes to Suhani. Yuvraaj sees the mask melted and gets shocked. He stops Yuvaan from applying the cake to Suhani.

He says this cake is bad, the cake was on this mask half part and it melted. He shows them the mask. They all get shocked. Bhavna

asks Yuvaan to leave cake. Pankaj asks Sambhav what was in this cake, you got this cake. Sambhav gets tensed.

He calls the bakery and asks what the hell is this, everyone is burning here by the cake, if anything happened to my family then, I will not leave anyone, I m coming there. Lata asks him to forget this, Lord saved us. Sambhav says I will go and see them, and leaves. Pratima asks Yuvraaj to complaint against the cake shop. She says its good we got saved, else it would have been a big incident. Suhani asks how did this happen. Yuvaan says our cleanliness habit saved everyone, if I picked cake by hand then.. Yuvraaj says right, but Suhani won’t understand and will taunt us. Yuvaan laughs. Sambhav sees Suhani smiling.

Soumya gives butterscotch icecream to Krishna. Krishna thanks her. She recalls Dadi’s words and says no, I can’t eat this, if Dadi knows I had icecream, she will hate me. Soumya says no, when Dadi realizes your goodness, she will love you. Krishna is sad that Yuvraaj is not her dad. Sharad comes and cheers her up that he will tell her Yuvraaj’s stories. Soumya thanks him.

Pankaj tells Lata that food is really tasty. Suhani gets Yuvraaj’s message. He asks her to come outside the house. She says I will just come mummy and leaves. Pankaj feeds Yuvani. Sambhav comes. Lata asks him did he find out what was in cake. Yuvraaj gives the gift. Suhani says I can’t take the gift again. He says Sharad felt bad he could not come so he has sent this gift. She asks did you come as his messenger. He says I m Bhavna’s messenger, she has sent me here, have this gift. She asks why shall I agree to you.

Sambhav says that cake was not for us, someone else ordered it, and it came to us by mistake. Pankaj asks who will do such a cheap thing. Pratima says there are many evil doers. Bhavna says we should kill such person. Lata and Pankaj say such people won’t get place even in hell. Sambhav looks on and leaves. Suhani says tell him I won’t take this. Yuvraaj says Sharad is getting independent now, say thanks to him. He says most welcome. Sambhav sees them and thinks Yuvraaj acts as friend and giving gift to my wife behind my back.

Suhani looks for the gift Yuvraaj gave. She looks for it. Sambhav comes there and asks are you finding my gift. She says no, I was finding the box Yuvraaj gave, did you see it. He says no. She sees the gift paper under sofa and tries to move it. She asks Sambhav to help. He moves sofa and she gets the box. She says this got bad. She sees the teddy bear spoiled. Sharad calls her and asks her did she get the gift. She says I got it, its nice, thanks. Sambhav angrily goes. Suhani asks why did you not come, I missed you. Sharad says I was busy, I will come soon and with another gift. She ends call and thinks what will I tell Sharad.

Sharad’s voice message in teddy plays. She laughs and says Sharad will feel bad. Sambhav comes and asks will Yuvraaj feel bad, it happens, I can take this blame on my head. She asks why will Yuvraaj feel bad. He says he gave you this gift. She says Sharad gave this. He says you are lying and keeping good friendship. She says I m not lying, hear Sharad’s recorded voice. He says play it. The recording does not play. She says maybe this spoiled as it got under sofa. She goes. Sambhav gets angry and thinks Suhani did not do right to lie to me, now she has to pay for this tonight.

Rags works on laptop. Menka asks her what are you doing. Rags says finally, I got place for my parlor, I will become this parlor’s supermodel, let me make this very clear Menka, you don’t have to do anything with this. Menka says I m not interested, I know your parlor won’t be made, you don’t have money.

Yuvaan says mumma you got many gifts. She says you are jealous and pulls his cheeks. He says Golu is crying for cake and will ask Sharad to get new cake. She laughs. He asks what did Papa gave you. She says the chain which I have worn today. He says I saw two gifts, he said there is dress in other gift. She says I did not wear it, I will talk to Sambhav. He says he will feel bad, you say we should value gift else its insult of person giving gift, promise me you will wear that dress. She says fine. He leaves. Yuvaan goes to Sambhav. Sambhav thanks and hugs him.

Sambhav holds Suhani’s hand. She asks him to leave her. He says why, I m your husband. She says I don’t love you. He asks her to agree to him once, I promise your face will have a smile in morning.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Horrible precap … please end sambhav track at the earliest …can’t take it anymore

  2. Waste of time!

  3. what the Hell is that sambhav???
    He wants to hurt Suhani… And Pretending to be Good….

  4. Ruksy

    this sambav track is so disgusting end it soon

  5. What are doing these writers.only bakwas……na pahle ki tarah masti hai,na hasi mazak hai na koi story…..pata nahi kya dikhana chahte hai … ke saath baith kar dekhne layak nahi hai ab to…….pls stop this stupid track……

  6. I hate it

  7. These episodes just get worse

  8. I’ll stop 2 watch this stupid serial…. stupid writers r very bad… I just can’t understand y suhani is still unaware of sam… N y she is wearing sam gifted dress…. height of nonsense

  9. Completely nasty epi

  10. Completely nasty episode

  11. Why did You marry kamina Sambhaw to such a good girl Suhani. Since she got married he is after her life doing such wicked things. What lesson are you giving to husbands who are already bad. you have made other actors totally dumb and not ending these horrible scenes. Even spoiling Yuvan. He makes Suhani do what is not right for her. Spoiled by his wicked Papa Sambhaw. The soap is a rubbish scrap.

  12. I think sambhav track is going to be drag for threefour months getting irritation to see that idiot in mean while they make sowmya and yuvraj marriage showing krishna in bechari girl just throw the writter out then only ssel bachega making bore and useless show yuvani ko jaldi unite kardo

  13. Does any one who are reading these comments like Sambhav,i dont he and his cheap tricks i only hope Yuvraj is there to save her from the crutches of THE EVIL SAMBHAV everytime,and how can persons like Rags and Menka sit at home idle all day long doing nothing they are not even cooking food for their husbands my what a life,and can somebody please tell me if those things are actually happening where a daughter in law sits idle whole day in a home doing nothing and why is dadi still treating krishna the same way as before i thought being through so much will change the witch but apparently it did not and no one forced suhani to marry sambhav so let her pay the price for being ignorant and stupid you know the saying marry in haste and repent at leisure she should have walked away but no she wanted to show Yuvraj what she can do and what happens now she has to pay a hefty price for being stupid mind you guys i love suhani

  14. Good i hope they look into who the cake was made for

  15. Wow..hold on guys why hate Sambhav so much?After all he did marry Suhani when Yuvraj was being very arrogant and not willing to listen to Suhani.Infact who bought Sambhav into Birla house…was it not planned by the evil fake Dadi.Real dadi has not repented so should she not be accountable too.Poor Krishna is carrying pain that her mother is too stupid and selfish that cannot see and Yuvraj is seen to take both his children everywhere so why not Krishna..he claims to be her father but leaves her out of everything ..why?Birla’s are selfish…and Soumya wake up and leave and make a life for yourself b4 your dtr is destroyed.All bowing down to Dadi..why???get rid of Rags and menka..useless bahus.Bhavna stop being a slave to them.Pratima please stop pussing footing around Dadi..and become a tigeress

  16. Oh yes suhani birla house mein sambhav ko as a friend layi thi but uska poora fayda real dadi ne uthaya…..suhani ne galat insan ko dost banaya soumya,sambhav dono ne uski zindgi kharab ki……..iski kimat to chukani padegi….writers kuchh soch kar nahi likhte jab suhani ka character starting mein itna strong dikhaya to ab bevkoof kyu dikha rahe hai…..usne abhi bhi sambhav ko nahi pahchana itna kuchh galat ho raha hai ,mobile mein current aya, cake mein acid,koun kar raha hai ye sab kisi ko janne ki jarurat nahi hai???????? Suhani ne apni marzi se sambhav se shadi ki to use pay karna padega …but jab use pata laga ki yuvraj kidnap hua isi wajah se mandap mein nahi pahuch to ab tak sambhav ke sath kyu rah rahi hai????? Uski di hui nightie kyu pahna?????? Yuvan ki har zid kyu manti hai ?????? Wo to bachcha hai,bevkoof ,ziddi and apne parents ka dushman…… serial wrong message de raha hai pls track change karo ya band karo…..

  17. how did suhani married sambhav before divorcing yuvraj???

  18. sawmya bring sambhav, nt dadi. sawmya did main mischief, an sab bhul gaye. ek larki jisne apni dost ko shaadi me usse kidnap karke uski jaga leni chahi, usse pratima aur yuvraj achhi ladki kehte hai. kal pata chala bhi ki usne aur kya kiya, de wil sey dat she is bechari doing fr Krishna. Dhatt, bekar aurat, no charecter. Sambhav to phir bhi kabi pakra jaega, dis b**** hamare gale pari rahegi. Aur alekh achha actor to hai, sambhav jitna bi kamina ho. sawmya actress ko acting nhi aati.

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