Suhani Si Ek Ladki 7th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 7th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani and everyone praying for Yuvraaj’s recovery. O Palan Haare………..plays…….. Rohan thinks he did this as he loves Suhani and could not lose her. Suhani cries and thinks she will go away from Yuvraaj, but Lord has to make Yuvraaj fine. Sharad says Yuvraaj needs group, he needs B negative blood group, don’t know when can they arrange money. Suhani says her blood group is O+. Pankaj says no one here as B- blood group. Suhani worries. Sharad asks Rohan about his blood group.

Rohan says don’t know. They all go from there. Rohan looks on. Pratima and everyone cry seeing Yuvraaj. The nurse says blood bank is arranging blood units, it will take time. The nurse says she has got the blood donor and they will give that unit for Yuvraaj in some time.

The ward boy brings the blood unit. Suhani thanks Lord.

Rohan is the donor. He says I never wished anyone’s bad, don’t know what happened by me. Anuj asks Pratima and Dadi to go home. They refuse to go. The doctor asks them to go, as many people can’t stay here. They all see Yuvraaj and cry. Yuvraaj opens his eyes and sees Suhani. Music plays……………… She says you are fine Yuvraaj. He asks her to forget all that. She says you climbed to break matki, you were unconscious since 5 days, we all were waiting for you to wake up. He sees her mangalsutra and stops her holding her hand.

He asks her about the mangalsutra, did she again….. She says no, I have married Rohan, so I m wearing this mangalsutra, you were going proof against Rohan, but he was right, maybe you lied to me, I have forgiven you, Rohan and I have united forever. He gets shocked. Yuvraaj dreams this and gets unwell. Sharad sees him and calls the doctor. Yuvraaj takes Suhani’s name. Suhani opens her eyes, while sitting at the hospital temple. Anuj comes to her and says Yuvraaj got conscious, I informed Dadi, before she comes, please meet him once. She smiles and thanks Lord. She runs to meet Yuvraaj. She comes to Yuvraaj and smiles. The doctor says he has no internal injuries, you can take him home. She thanks the doctor and hugs Yuvraaj.

Yuvraaj turns his face. She asks him to look at her, why did he do this foolishness. He says for you. She says it means you have sworn not to agree to me. He says yes. She asks him to stop it and cries. She asks if anything happened to him… He says Lord can’t make me away from you, as you will fight with Lord and argue. He jokes and she smiles. She says you are not leaving to taunt in this state too. He says never. She asks did he get well to taunt her. He says yes, and asks was she here all night. She says yes. He makes a bad face. She asks why. He says you came to meet me without brushing and washing face.

She asks what, you feel I will brush and wash face in this situation. He says yes, hygienic people care for such, you need a reason to stay unhygienic. She beats him and says she won’t talk to him. He holds her hand and thanks her for coming to meet her, else he felt he will get up and see her married. She takes her hand off and says Dadi would be coming, I will leave.

He asks will she come to meet him, he will wait. She leaves. Suhani comes home and tells Pankaj that Yuvraaj is fine, she will come and tell everything. Lata stops Suhani and says people are making talk, its your marriage after a day, you have to end ties with Yuvraaj, he is fine now, you don’t need to worry, his family is with him. Rohan says Yuvraaj got fine completely right. Suhani says he has stitched and will need some time. Rohan says why did he climb when I was climbing, and hopes Yuvraaj gets fine. Suhani says he will get fine soon.

Dadi meets Yuvraaj and tells doctor that she wants Yuvraaj to be infront of her eyes, he can send nurse at home. Pratima tells Yuvraaj that he should have not done this. Yuvraaj says that was my last day in that house, I needed proof against Rohan and I lost. She asks will he wish to meet Suhani again. He says I don’t want to make her do anything which she does not want, my 5 days are over. She says but you tried. He says yes, but I failed. He cries.

Soumya tells Rohan that she knows he has made Yuvraaj fall. He says no one will believe you without proof. She says don’t worry, I will get proof. He gets tensed.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thank god it’s a dream I cant even imagine suhani marrying Rohan yuvraj get up soon and make suhani yours otherwise Rohan makes suhani his own….??

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      1. Nice episode and yuvani rokzzz and hai Aparna

  2. Wow wow amazing episode
    filmy style scenes yuvani is best
    soumya did good yar…

  3. Somu rocks now. Yuva and suha should be together. Kick out of rohan .now I like Somu Krishna jodi. That devil dadi ……..

  4. nice episode yuvani u r always superb

  5. plz unite uv and suhani plz plz plz…….don’t make this serial boring also.

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  7. Superb you yuvani.

  8. Nice epi!
    But when they will unite……

  9. New update says that yuvaraj will confess love in a completely filmy way!!!!! Eagerly waiting for that episode!

  10. Not superb. But good episode. Plz unite yuvrani then the serial will become superb.

  11. I am not interested in you shahid

  12. sandra s thannickal

    wow Nic epi.i heard that yuvini will unite in janamastami.i am waiting. pehalae vo devil ko bahar nikalana chahiyae.sourav bhayya aap kaha ho?

  13. nice episode.yuvraj how long u take to confess ur luv to suhani.wake up.rohan u get lost man.yuvani always rockzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  14. Sourav already quit from d show. Anyway waiting for yuvz love confussion. Plz dont much drag

  15. Wow super episode
    soumya rocks

  16. Wow rely superb today wtng for yuvraj confession. Finally yuvani unite happy for hearing the spoiler.

  17. Please I beg for this dragging to end…it is getting very frustrating to watch this series

  18. Read the spoilers guys !! Eagerly awaiting that episode !! (I won’t spoil it in case you don’t enjoy reading spoilers but really, definitely worth reading !!)

  19. Nice but I no yuuvraaj will go back to suhani Fromm the hospital be cause he finally realized he loves her

  20. Wow really superb episode..
    blo*dy dadi anything planned for separating yuvani?
    suhani acting super

  21. Yuvaani r perfect together today’s episode was sooo good
    And hurray!!!! I saw in sbb yuvraaj finally confessed .

  22. Amazing precap.

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