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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 7th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani taunting Saiyyam and leaving. Yuvraaj tells Saiyyam to see his face once and he will know why he does not get anyone’s love, think if he deserves anyone’s love. He sends the kinners. He goes. Saiyyam smiles. Yuvani looks at him.

Suhani thinks to whom did she give birth, Saiyyam has no manners to talk to his mum, he is like his father, a devil, what can she expect from him. She recalls Sambhav’s words and thinks she can never get freedom from Sambhav. Kinners come back and scold Suhani for giving birth to son and not raising him, she has no love for the son. Yuvraaj asks kinners to leave. They taunt Suhani and go. Suhani cries.

Yuvraaj tries to console her. She asks am I bad mum, did I not give good upbringing to my children. He says they

don’t know anything. She says ask Pratima, I went to orphanage and asked for my child, lady said someone else took him, I used to go every year and donate things, praying the child stays happy and becomes a good person, I did not know he will become devil like his father, I m not a bad mother. She cries.

Yuvraaj goes to hold her. Yuvaan comes and shouts Maa. Yuvraaj gets away. Yuvaan holds Suhani and consoles. Yuvraaj smiles seeing them. He tells Pratima that Yuvaan is just like me. She nods. He hugs her and cries.

Bhavna talks to Suhani. Suhani says we should be happy, but don’t know how did this happen. Pratima says this is called life, you have to face this new challenge. Suhani asks how, I recall that night when I see Saiyyam. Bhavna says that incident made you strong, we have to keep courage. Yuvani comes and hugs Suhani.

She asks are you fine. Suhani says you worried for me, I m fine. Yuvani says sorry, I forced Kumar Sir to sing to lighten up everyone’s mood, I must say he is very good in it. Pratima says I was thinking, Suhani go and meet Lata. Yuvani asks Suhani will she go. Suhani says no. Pratima says I will tell Kumar to drop you. Suhani says no need. Bhavna says you can go. Yuvani says what will he do going there. Pratima says he will have parathas made by Lata, he used to go there with Yuvraaj. Bhavna says I will inform Kumar, Lata will be glad meeting him after long time. Yuvani goes and says why can’t mumma go alone, why will she go with Kumar.

Yuvani asks Saiyyam did he pay actors, drama was good. He says you want to become part of other drama. She says I won’t trouble my mumma. He says don’t you want to know about master ji, I hired detective. The detective calls him and says Kumar is not a music teacher. Saiyyam says I knew it, he is lying.

Yuvraaj and Suhani are on the way. He says you need this break. She says I have always held myself infront of my children. He says Yuvaan understands everything, he is a not a kid. Yuvaan plays basketball and recalls childhood in flashes. Krishna comes to him and asks what happened. He says I want to know about Saiyyam, I want some answers. She says Suhani will worry if you ask her. Suhani says don’t know, how Yuvaan is so understanding. Yuvraaj says he is my son, its in his blood. She says he has my habits, and your anger. He says jogging, diet food, he is like me. She says yes, he troubles me. He says he cares for you, he has my genes and loves you the most. They smile.

Yuvaan says I feel I know Kumar Sir. Krishna says maybe he came home when we were young. He throws water on her and she runs. Saiyyam gets detective’s call. Detective says I reached Suhani’s mum’s house. Saiyyam says good, go inside when you get a chance. Lata cries meeting Suhani and Yuvraaj, and says so much happened…… Yuvraaj says yes, I was not there since many years, but this is happening when I returned. Lata says I know, this would be so tough.

She asks Suhani how does she know Saiyyam is not lying. Suhani says you will understand when you see him, he is like his father. Yuvraaj consoles Suhani and signs Lata. Lata says leave it, we will not talk about him. Yuvraaj asks Lata what did she make in food. Lata says I want to make Chana masala, you both go market and get ration. Yuvraaj says lets go, I did not buy any ration since years. Lata wishes Suhani gets peace.

Detective lies that he is from voting department and talks to Lata. He asks her about family members. Lata tells about the family, Pankaj, Suhani and Bhavna. He asks names of daughters and their husbands. Lata tells Bhavna, Sharad, Suhani’s names. He asks her about Suhani’s husband’s name. She says Suhani’s husband is not there with her. He asks for a glass of water. She goes. He checks the drawers and files. He gets Suhani and Yuvraaj’s wedding pic from a book and clicks pic by his phone. He keeps the book back before Lata comes. She gives him water. He says I got what I wanted and leaves.

Yuvraaj and Suhani shop in market. He says I became Coolie for you, does your Bachchan Saab do this. She says he has become Coolie in movie, he got hurt and people prayers for his recovery. He looks at her and clicks pic. She asks are you clicking my pic, I m serious. He says there should be proof that you look stupid when you are serious. She goes to beat him. He collides with detective. His bag falls. Yuvraaj picks the id, clothes and keeps it in bag. Detective says its fine. Yuvraaj and Suhani leave.

Detective checks his bag. He leaves. Suhani and Yuvraaj come home. Lata says I made hot pakodas. Yuvraaj says no, I want to have samosa today. Suhani says don’t overact, everyone knows you hate samosas. Lata tells them that she left cupboard open, a govt officer came to know voting lists. Yuvraaj thinks if he was govt officer, why did he change clothes, oh no, I will just come Suhani.

Saiyyam says I will blacken Suhani’s life. Lata gets a call and cries. She tells Suhani and Yuvraaj that someone kidnapped Yuvani.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. nice epi yey! we got yuvaraj suhani scenes

    1. Amalina

      yes di, u r ryt! finally???

  2. Just dragging…

  3. What is saiyyams plan? Is he trying to reveal yuvraj’s truth to the kids through yuvani?

  4. ??…i am juz watching suhani n yuvraj scenes….they love to test audience patience…juz reveal d truth man….when everyone know of suhani ‘s chupa hua son…whats d big deal in letting everyone know of yuvraj….really no logic..actually yuvraj truth makes everyone happy though he was in jail…atleast hez alive…sayyam grow up man…find ur fathers truth rather than yuvraj truth… they come up with suhani ‘s teesra pati master ji LOL…??..yuvani’s question will b lyk how many affairs do u have???…bas yahi dikha chahte he ye log

  5. Where is dadi n rags…..????

  6. Suhani-Yuvraaj episode after so many days… Sayyam is really cunning.. Wondering doesn’t Yuvani trust her mum.. I was compering Sambhav’s & Sayyam’s pic they somewhat look similar..

  7. Boring! Episode today, I hope saiyyam does get the truth out. I don’t feel anything for suhani any more. Some say saiyyam should control his anger, but how can he. If the woman that give birth to him, treat him like that.
    That yuvraj is putting petrol into the fire.

    I yuvani don’t trust her mother suhani.
    I don’t blame her. If someone keeping on showing that they are wise, it is a but hypocritical, to call your own blood devil.

  8. @bhargavi – I agree, what’s the point in hiding now, it’ll look bad if saiyyam brings out the truth instead. Especially yuvani, she’ll raise questions as she seems to be supporting saiyyam. Is yuvani really kidnapped or is it saiyyams plan to bring out truth?

    1. ☺…yes @ tuffy…they r making d things more complicated…i think both yuvani n sayyam r playing game in order to reveal truth….she isnt kidnapped i guess

  9. Suhani is always caring mother.girls i dont think u should always comment bad about her love to saiyyam.she left saiyyam in orphanage but u also think guys in what situation she was.i just noticed commenting bad on suhani everyday happens in tup.u guys all r teens n dont understand other part of life.u r world starts n ends with love romance n happiness.i agree everyone has right to share their feelings n sorry guys if my words hurt u.i am35n a widow n having 15years son i know how life has up n downs.all i want to say is dont critise leads of ssel everyday i know all u guys love sahil n rajshri.this crap is all bcoz of cvs.once again i am sorry if ur feelings get hurt u guys can reply me u agree with me or angry on my ssel n saraj lots

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