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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 7th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pratima asking Suhani to stay here. Yuvaan asks Suhani to agree, as he called Pratima his Dadi. Pratima says I m your Dadi, as I m Yuvani’s Dadi. He says I love you Dadi and hugs her. Pratima says I got you after long time, I won’t let you go easily, you have to be here. Suhani says we will leave, I can’t trouble anyone. Sharad says there is no problem. Saurabh says yes. Yuvaan says I want to be with Dadi. Yuvani says I want to play with Yuvaan, stay back aunty. Menka and Rags get annoyed as Suhani agrees.

Rags tells Saurabh that Dadi is treating her bad, now Yuvraaj’s son Yuvaan has come, I want a baby, lets get a baby. He says not now, I don’t want any tension now. She says I want to adopt a baby. He asks her to answer family. Menka calls her son useless

and gets angry.

Soumya and Suhani have a talk. Soumya hugs Suhani. Soumya sees Yuvraaj’s pic with Krishna and worries. Soumya’s mangalsutra gets stuck with Suhani’s chain. Suhani sees mangalsutra and sindoor. She asks Soumya about it. She says I wear this pendant by Yuvraaj’s name, I show I forgot past, but I could not. Soumya says I could not forget Krishna. Suhani asks where is Yuvraaj, how is he. Sharad makes Pratima talk to Bhavna and Golu on video chat. Pratima blesses them and says Sharad gave me so much happiness in one moment.

Suhani asks Soumya to understand her being her friend. Soumya asks her to ask anything. Suhani asks how is Yuvraaj, does he love everyone, is he still Sadu. Pratima comes there and asks Suhani to come. Soumya worries and hides Yuvraaj and her pic with Yuvani and Krishna. Pratima asks Suhani to rest. Suhani says I will spend some time with kids. She goes. The kids make the house and talk. Soumya apologizes to Pratima. Pratima says no need to say sorry, I understand. Soumya says Suhani came after long time, I did not know how to tell her. Pratima says no need to tell her that you and Yuvraaj are married. Sharad says yes Soumya, Pratima is right. They get shocked seeing him,

Suhani sees her sindoor box. She takes sindoor in hands and cries. Sharad says I know we have to tell Suhani, but not today, she will get much hurt. Pratima says yes, she will be shocked. Yuvaan asks Suhani to save her from snoopi. She moves and sindoor falls over her face. She gets glad seeing Snoopi. She hugs snoopi and smiles. She talks to snoopi and makes Yuvaan friendly with snoopi. Yuvaan asks Suhani how does she know snoopi’s name, did she meet him before.

Pratima says your mumma was in Allahabad and knows everyone. Suhani says yes. Pratima makes Yuvaan sit and gives him a gold chain and pendant. Yuvaan likes it. Suhani says we can’t take it. Pratima says its between me and Yuvaan. Yuvaan says I can’t wear it. Pratima asks him not to refuse. She asks Suhani to accept it, else she will feel bad. Suhani asks Yuvaan to accept it as shagun. Yuvaan agrees and hugs Pratima. Pratima gives some papers to Suhani and says its shagun, don’t refuse. Menka sees this and gets shocked.

Soumya packs her things. Dadi asks whats all this. Soumya says I will shift to kids’ room till Suhani is here, its matter if few days. Suhani looks for Yuvani. Maid greets Suhani and asks do you want anything. Suhani says I m finding Yuvani. Dadi tells Soumya that you are bending because of Suhani, that girl left all this by her own. Soumya recalls her namesake relation with Yuvraaj. She says its fine, I don’t want anything wrong to happen. Soumya tells Yuvani not to tell Suhani about her real room, this is our small secret. Suhani asks what secret. Dadi goes. Soumya gets worried.

Yuvani says mumma and I have a secret. Suhani looks on. She says fine, don’t say. Yuvani shows some cream. Suhani asks her not to apply. Yuvani says I like applying creams. She goes. Suhani says I know you have taken care of Yuvani. She looks around the room and says it changed so much, I did not seem like I used to stay here. Saurabh comes there and Soumya signs him about the pic.

Suhani asks Soumya about Yuvani. Dadi asks what will you do knowing this and asks her not to make relation with Yuvani.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Urghhh…..this Dadi z never gonna change….”iss ladki”,”us ldki”,,,,disgusting….and who the hell she is to stop Suhani frm making food for her daughter….Suhani,..U did a big mistake by not exposing Dadi’s lies about Barbie…She z the one who brought Barbie and she z the sole reason for all problems…Suhani shud figh for her daughter…and Soumya shud hv thought abt all this before

    1. Really.. Suhani should give dadi a good answer and get her daughter back..

      1. yup yaar…she shud fight

  2. Yuvani lover

    How sry but why she doesn’t tell suhani ie yuvi still lov u we only are not yet married…’s bh scenes are watchable..otherwise I ugh bh

    Whn sindoor is drop over suhani head sign of something or wht

    1. Even the scene when somaya mangalsutea got hooked with suhani chain that yuaraaj gave her shows that suhani is still married to yuaraaj even though somaya is putting all the act.

  3. I knew that this well happen, once suhani goes back with yuvraj. Suhani has become so weak. Why hadn’t she take the hint and go back to her home that she has made for herself. Yuvhani is not going to accept suhani as mother. Why is that all Indian drama make women so weak, when it come to men. Men like yuvraj, women don’t need in life. What about that patma she is so selfie, hasn’t she done enough damage to suhani for that boy of her. She knows what dadi is like and yet she didn’t even try to look for suhani. Please writers make suhani strong. Let her be with someone good, but please don’t let her get back with yuvraj.

    1. I want yuvi has to.suffer a lot……a lot…..a lot….Dadi…she is witch….n somu to selfish…..

  4. What the hell is going on
    Suhani has done the big mistake of her life by not telling Dadi’s truth to everyone
    How can she did mercy on dadi
    She spoils her whole life but suhani is still respecting her
    She is very unique ……..

  5. Pls don’t separate yuvani by marrying suhani to new one. The serial is good when yuvani is together. Their full family should unite. Pls don’t drag toooooo much. Make yuvraj and suhani to meet soon.

  6. I hope destiny suhani ke sath koi aur khel n khele hamesha se suhani hi suffer karti he and plz god suhaniko uski family vapas mil jaye

  7. Sarayu(honey)

    I hatedited this dadi. Idiot, dumb, worst and everything

  8. why would menka call her own son useless?? I feel Rags takes care of him more than his mom!

  9. Dadi z so disgusting,,,,,.waiting for tomorrow’s epi,,,hope Suhani will answer her well.,….n soumya,,,,may be she did this bcoz of her helplessness,,,bt I started hating her more…

    1. But she tells na we r not married….yuvi still lovs u….

  10. The behaviour of birla fmly is disgusting. ….not even a single person questions dadi common pratima who else can know the pain better than you, dadi has repeated it once again with suhani &u all behave like dumb really feel sorry fr suhani she’s in the wrong place with wrong people they don’t deserve her atall. ….

  11. disgusting yarrr…… now came out the truth about yuvi & somu.. then suhani leave with both baby….
    when yuvi came back to birla house he knws suhani ill took her daughter and one more think…yuvaan was his son..

    the track wad still going good… dadi sholud punished by yuvanni.. coz she oly hides her real mother.. yuvaan also hate devil dadi has knws the truth.

  12. I want suhani to marry sambhav asap.. Hate u yuvraj birla.. U don’t deserve a girl like suhani who loves u beyond everything..

  13. It’s incorrect
    Suhani gives gift to yuvani and yuvani asks if there is some cream etc. As dadi used to give her Suhani tells her that creams spoils our skin but she say they are specially for kids
    Yuvani opens the gift and says beautiful! Thank you and goes

  14. Oh No! So nobody questions Dadi over all her lies and deceits! And Suhani…can’t she live her life without the Birla’s? Soumya is not a true friend of Suhani. Prathima is no mother. She watches Dadi destroy her family. Gauri, Barbie, Yuvan/Yuvani…how many more? And Saurabh?

  15. That’s true even i am busy i am watching this as it is my favourite serial… I am thinking of ending Love is painful. I hav already mention it in the last episode.

  16. Phir se Suhani ko weak dikha diya. Ya to writer pagal hai ya phir hum jaise serial dekhne wale. Writers kyun baar baar aisa show krta hai k galat krne wale sar utha kr aur sahi log sar jhuka kr rahte hain. Dadi aur Soumya ko punishment kyun nhi dete. And what about Pratima and Saurabh? Yeh log bhi dadi ke aage itne weak ho gaye k sach ka saath nhi de pa rhe? main ek yehi serial dekhti thi baki sab chhor chuki thi, mgr writer ne iski story bhi spoil kr di. Kya moral dikhana chahte hain writer? Kya buzurgon pr ya apni frnd pr kabhi trust nhi krna chahiye? In jaisr serials dekhkr hi aaj bahut saare ghar toot rhe hain. Meri bhi joint family hai, mgr hamare ghar mein sab ek dusre ki izzat krte hain sprcially buzurgon ki. Just leave these type of serials and dont watch it.

  17. Bakwas dadi stupid somu,pratima now I don’t like your behaviour very selfish pls get Suhani back to the family ? Dadi needs to b out of family interfering she cannot take the decision disgusting dadi no common sense ??

  18. One big crap…Dadi does not regret her actions.Soumya selfish as ever.Pratima is stupid and playjng with suhanis life…she is no mother..where is her feelings towards suhani.Saurabh speak up as an elder brother.Sharad are you stupid or what Why is everyone hiding the truth…deceitful the whole lot of them and why is dadi asking Suhani to stop getting close to children…Suhani i am loosing faith in you..i thought you are strong and will fight your corner but again bowing to Dadi..why? and why has no-one questioned self respect….writers have spoilt it all..typical of a woman shown to be used and abused..change the story line or lose your ratings…Suhani stop being blind like the others…u will loose your fans.

  19. Absolute rubbish.

  20. This serial hasn’t got a good messages. It’s telling that if you are bad, you will be safe and live a lavish life and if you are good, you will struggle and have many problems, in fact if you follow their messages we should all become as bad as dadi, because whatever she will do she will be safe
    I’m sure that even after knowing all this Yuvraj will not be angry against dadi but against Suhani for taking Yuvaan away from him, and i also think that dadi will pressurize yuvraj into taking yuvaan away from Suhani.
    But Suhani had read Saumya’s name on Yuvani’s registration form in the summer camp, so she should know that yuvani is regarding Saumya as her mother. And i think dadi will tell Suhani the truth
    Suhani is so weak, it’s getting on my nerves!
    It’s very disgusting that yuvraj had married Saumya, it’s like if he had married bhavna! Disgusting! how can you married someone that your wife considered as her sister! Eurk

    1. Ur right it’s like he choose somu..。。m.say to suhani sry in last 6.yrs Whatever u done for my family is unforgrtable so I strt liking ur my future lol….

  21. Yes..I know CVS dragg this track very long……I hated somu ….if suhani in place for somu she never comes between dem n never married to yuvi…

    N I know now dey both fight for dere children custody….n

  22. @joy, I agree with you of what you have said. But I don’t want all woman to like dadi. this not the way to go though life, at the end of the day this is stupid writers at are mostly men. Men through out the time since the world began, has abuse woman. I am not saying that all men are bad and all women are good. what I am saying you don’t need a husband or a man to live your life. You can be strong and also be good. What you must not let be is to let people to walk all over you. The stupidest writer want people of this is aimed at women to bow down at men feets. If you don’t do this, your life well be miserable. No it NOT. Why shouldn’t suhani be with someone else? If Yuvraj can and still married to Barbie, and have a fake marriage with soumya. Why can’t suhani? To all the people that want suhani and yuvraj to get back together. You are living in a bubble world, you can’t face reality, sometimes to face the world it is best to see it in our TV screen. At least that way when we are in trouble, we know what to do. If we keep on seeing happy ending. When a like yuvraj come into your life, you won’t know what is best for you.

    1. I agree.. Dats y I don’t want yuvani to unite.. But I want to c yuvi in pain..

      1. Anjaani n ya somraj.too….just want yuvi in pain

    2. Well, i totally agree with you lucy, the writters are stupids, i want Suhani to show that she can live without yuvraj! Because this is what yuvraj is showing.
      And Suhani’s life seems better now than before, at least she didn’t have any problem, no one had tried to kill her, no one had insulted her and she is respected by all her family, when she is living a good life with her son, bhavna and sharad, what the need of someone else?
      If she returns birla house then problems will come again!
      If it was my case i will never return here because they had spoiled her life and they will also spoiled her children’s life, i mean just see Yuvani! It’s good that suhani had take yuvaan away at least he is not spoiled but if she goes back there he will be! Suhani should take her daughter and go, and all the birlas will realized their mistake. They just used Suhani to resolves their problems the only one who considers her like his family member and who always supports her is Sharad but Pratima who is always telling that Suhani is her daughter, she always called Suhani to resolved their problems.
      They were so many interesting things they could have done, but writters are repeting the same stories in a different way, barbie’s track was interesting but after Suhani’s came back the writters had just spoiled everything’ they should have made Suhani lost her memory or something like that’ they should have showed suhani’s full pregnancy as it would be funny,

  23. I do not thi nk that Soumya and Yuvraaj are married.

    It is how Soumya reveals this secret to Suhani

    1. No.she not reveals…

  24. Hi….1).to all first of who like somu.with yuvraaj..
    2)is somu.with yuvi are digestable if in.future us somraj…if its hppn in.strting I.will but big no
    3).all over I want yuvi have to.suffer
    4) it’s upto suhani whom he chooses
    If he chooses Yuvi den he has to fight hard n leave de bh..
    5)n if suhani chooses..stay yuvi alone in pain.n regret
    6)somu big clap
    7) why I m.feeling ie soon we r den I.switched of the tv

  25. Well its up to Suhani to accept Yuvraaj or not, but Yuvraaj need to suffer for what he did. The writer needs to show us that YOU CAN EAT YOUR CAKE AND STILL HAVE IT, things should not n=be in his favor all the time, that’s not how life is.

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