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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 7th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani recalling Yuvraaj’s words. She imagines Yuvraaj with her. Saware………..plays…………..He does first aid. She says I know its my imagination. He asks why do you feel so. She says you would have said anything. He says he will never hurt her, he is always with her. She says yes, be with me always. He disappears. Sharad comes to her and sees her crying. He says Yuvraaj was asking about you. She says they have to be ready for going court tomorrow. He says Yuvraaj gave letter for her, its big day for us tomorrow. She reads the letter. He writes, Suhani its monsoon, you can catch infection, clean home well and take care of yours. She hugs the letter and smiles.

He appears and reads the letter. He says why should we worry if we did not do anything, Krishna

will be scared, I know he has my bungalow, car and formula, what do I have, I have Jhansi Ki rani, what does he has…. I m always with you, as we are friends by heart. Menka gets ready to welcome Rohan. She says where is he and talks to Rags. Suhani and Sharad come to know their lawyer has come. They go out to see him. Dadi says she won’t be able to forgive herself if anything happens to Yuvraaj. Rohan’s entry is shown as he argues with policeman.

Suhani and Sharad find him very clever. They see Rohan’s face. Rohan asks inspector about his prince charming, Yuvraaj birla. Sharad says his clothes… Suhani says we should see him by his talent. She greets him and Sharad introduces themselves. Rohan asks him not to talk in between when two people are talking. She says PA Bhaiya, let it be. Rohan says he is brother of you and Yuvraaj’s too, I will talk to you later.

Rohan Khandelwal introduces himself to Yuvraaj. Sharad says Dadi has sent him, he is her relative. Rohan says he has less chances to win and asks him the case story. The inspector asks him to ask his family, and takes Yuvraaj. Suhani asks don’t you know about the case. Rohan asks do you think I know about the case. She asks him to wait. Sharad says he will tell him. Rohan says he understood you stopped me from hurting Yuvraaj by my words. Suhani talks to Yuvraaj and asks him not to worry. He asks did he read the letter. She says yes. He says I think I have to go to jail to make you listen to me. She says don’t say this again. He says I will see you in court.

Dadi scolds Rakhi that her lawyer will not leave them. Rakhi says even Lord can’t save Yuvraaj, as Krishna has proof against him. Dadi scolds them. She asks Rags to call Rohan. Lalita says they can’t win. Suhani, Sharad and Rohan are the way. She turns seeing Rohan change in backseat and asks him. He says he can’t go to court in tracks. He replies wittily. They discuss the case on the way. They reach the court and she asks Rohan what will they do now. He asks is she judge to give verdict. He says we don’t have proof that Radhe is alive. Sharad shows the certificate of best swimmer, and Rohan says this won’t work, is he educated or does he have fake certificate.

Dadi comes with Rags and Menka. Rohan comes running. Menka says police, save Dadi. He says shout low, else they can arrest you as mad woman. Dadi asks who is he. Rohan says I m Rohan. Dadi says oh sorry, I was seen you young. Rohan says yes, I have grown up, I was coming to meet you, and met Yuvraaj before, I could not talk to him. She asks what will happen now. He says what I say and they see Yuvraaj brought in police jeep. Yuvraaj tells Dadi he is fine. Krishna says he will not leave him. Rohan taunts him and says he will end this movie. Soumya stops Krishna from arguing. Soumya says we should have not started this. Krishna says they started it.

The court case is shown and Krishna blames Yuvraaj. Dadi worries. Rohan says he does not want to ask questions.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice episode and a funny ? character entered into the story……..and it’s rohan

  2. I think draging time is over in SSEL and story is going well. Nice epi

  3. If any murder happens, first police will do postmortem of the person… simple logic… without dead body whats the proof of the incident… So y draging this drama too much…writers think that viewers have no common sense….

  4. It is very strange that that Yuvraj has been charged with the murder but police did not take the dead body in their custody for post mortem to determine the cause of death.What the director and story writer doing.

  5. I still like the story line
    I really hope rohan and suhani get together though. Their chemistry is so good and rohan is ten times better looking than yuvraj
    I just think tha suhani should move on with someone funny and nice

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