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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 7th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Menka and Rags running after to get the ring from Snoopy. Menka says we wanted to trouble Suhani and failes. Snoopy does potty and the ring comes out of his stomach. Menka says who will take it out now. Pratima says I m unwell. Menka says I m also feeling unwell and leaves. Ramesh says I won’t. Rags leaves too getting angry. Krishna is annoyed seeing Yuvraaj’s call on Soumya’s phone. He cuts the call. Yuvraaj says she has cut the call. Sharad says maybe she is busy. Yuvraaj says with Suhani and they laugh. Rags brings a stick to take the ring out of the potty. Suhani and Pratima smile seeing this.

Rags takes the ring to wash. Pratima apologizes to Suhani from Rags and Menka’s side. Suhani says its fine, its not their mistake. Pratima likes her goodness and

blesses her. Krishna asks Soumya why did Yuvraaj call her. She says how will I know. He asks did you not tell him to call you, how did you get his number? He argues with her and doubts on her character. Soumya gets angry on his words. Krishna claps and says I m a fool, who thinks my boss’s daughter loves me, but you are using me for timepass. She says its not like this, you are overreacting. He says you are a cheap girl, I m ashamed, girls from big families love moon, how can you love a stone then. She says try to understand.

Krishna says I always listened what you said, I told you Yuvraaj loves you but no, you say he loves Suhani, I feel you are doing this intentionally to fool me. She says I love you Krishna. He says go from here, your mum wants a rich guy for you, Yuvraaj is rich and you stay happy with him, so go to him, don’t talk to me from today. Soumya says fine, I don’t like to get insulted, I have self respect, if you don’t trust me and my love, then I won’t like to talk to you, just get lost. She cries and leaves.

Suhani says I will go now aunty. Pratima says how will you go on scooty, its night. Suhani says mum will be worried. Pratima says I will talk to her, you stay here tonight.

Lata and Pankaj are worried for Suhani. Pratima calls her and says I want to make Suhani stay here, I will send her in morning. Lata says no Pankaj will come there to take her. Pankaj says the weather is not good, they are like family, let Suhani stay. Lata says fine, but send her soon in morning. Lata gets worried. Pankaj asks her to relax. Pratima tells Suhani that her mum gave permission, so you can sleep in Yuvraaj’s room, as he will be coming in morning, guest room is getting painted. Suhani says no, I will sleep in your room. Pratima asks why, are you afraid. Suhani says no. Pratima says go to Yuvraaj’s room. Menka and Rags hear this and are annoyed. Pratima asks them to give some night dress to Suhani.

Rags brings her fav night gown from Paris and asks Suhani to keep it. Pratima says now everyone take rest, good night. She leaves. Rags smiles. Menka looks at her puzzled. Suhani comes in Yuvraaj’s room and sees his pic. She closes the door and goes to change. She wears the gown and rests to sleep. Yuvraaj comes late at night and rests on the bed beside her. He switches on the tv and its Amitabh’s film Don. Suhani says the lines. Yuvraaj is shocked to see her in his bed.

He says you? She says you? Yuvraaj keeps wiping his eyes to see its really her. She says you should not come in any girl’s room. He says whose room, this is my room and my bed. She realizes. He asks what are you doing here. She says I came to return your bed. She argues and says aunty asked me to stay, as it was raining, now I will leave. He says no, I will wake my mum. She says stop, let me sleep, I will stay in hall. She asks him to sleep on his bed. He stops her and says you sleep here, I will sleep in hall. She says fine. He leaves. She closes the door.

Yuvraaj comes in the hall and says don’t know how mum bears this idiot Suhani, I can’t bear her for a minute. He sleeps. Soumya is upset and calls Krishna. She says please take my call. He does not. She gets Suhani’s call. Suhani tells her that she is in Yuvraaj’s room, I was so embarrassed. She tells her everything. Soumya says we will talk tomorrow. Suhani says so you want to meet me and know everything. Suhani keep talking and Soumya ends the call. Suhani goes to sleep.

Its morning, Yuvraaj holds Suhani’s hand and talks in sleep. Pratima sees them and smiles. Yuvraaj says I won’t let you go. Suhani says I m going, sorry, leave my hand. Pratima comes and takes off his hand and says good morning. He wakes up. She asks when did he come. Suhani says he came at night and ………. Yuvraaj gets annoyed and leaves. Suhani says he was dreaming so held my hand. Pratima says he did not dream like this before, I felt good you came. Suhani says I have to give this gown to Rags. Pratima says they won’t wake up soon. Rags and Menka wake up and come to say bye to Suhani. Pratima takes the gown and asks Ramesh to wash it.

Rags says no need to wash it, as I won’t take it back. She says its new, but I can’t keep it after Suhani wore it, use this for dusting. She looks at Suhani.

Krishna asks Soumya to marry him if she loves only him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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