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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 7th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani packing her bags. Yuvraaj comes and stops her. She says I know you feel my dad is innocent, you want to help him, but you are helpless. He asks why are you leaving. She says I have to help my dad, I can’t do anything staying here, its about my family’s respect, I will come back when I prove my dad innocent, take care of Gauri, she needs you in Pratima’s absence. She leaves.

Its night, Suhani comes to Lata and consoles her. She says don’t worry, we will free Pankaj. Yuvraaj hears some sound and stops. Suhani says we know Pankaj is innocent, we have to find the real culprit. Yuvraaj turns and does not see anyone. He says from where did sound come, did it come from Gauri’s room. A guy covered in a shawl, passes behind him and he does not see him.

He says there is no one here, maybe its my thought. He leaves. The guy runs from window, and gets feet hurt by glass pieces. The blood falls there. Bhavna asks Lata to have food. Lata refuses. Bhavna insists and feeds her.

Suhani goes to police station to meet Pankaj. She makes Pankaj sit and cries seeing him. She keeps the food. Pankaj recalls how he got insulted, and wipes his face. She stops him and they cry. She shows him his face in the steel plate and says there is no stain on your face, see. He says some stains never go off Suhani. She says till I m with you, I will not let any stain come on you. She hugs him and cries. She makes him have food.

Its morning, everyone sit for breakfast. Yuvraaj asks Gauri to come and sit with everyone, it was not her mistake. Menka says I m feeling sad for Gauri, she is eating made by Bhavna, whose dad misbehaved with Gauri. Sharad asks Menka to stop it. Rags asks him not to speak between family matter. Sharad says Menka is saying about my wife. Menka asks Sharad what will you do. Saurabh asks Rags and Menka to stop it. Rags asks why, I m scared, if I was there instead Gauri, since when Pankaj was eyeing us badly… Yuvraaj says enough, stop this nonsense, Gauri is trying to forget this, you are reminding her. Gauri cries. Yuvraaj says its better to have breakfast peacefully, I request.

Suhani calls Gauri and Dadi puts it on speaker. Suhani asks Gauri how is she, its tough for you to recall that incident, I want you to think well. Maybe you are mistaken as room had dim light. Dadi asks Suhani why is she trouble Gauri in this state, does Suhani want to be afraid of Pankaj. Suhani says Dadi, I did not mean it. Dadi scolds her and says you and your dad do not matter to me. Bhavna cries. Dadi ends call.

Aditya calms down Dadi and says anger is not good for your health. He says Suhani should not say this, she is a woman and not trying to understand Gauri, she is worried for her dad. Yuvraaj makes Gauri sit. Aditya asks Gauri not to recall that incident. Dadi says Suhani made Gauri cry. Yuvraaj says enough Dadi, no need to talk about this. Dadi asks are you supporting Suhani and not Gauri, how did you get blind that you can’t see your sister’s pain. Yuvraaj says I will not support anyone till truth comes out, I will punish that guy.

Lata goes out and sees women taunting her. Lata cries and shuts the door. Lata tells Suhani that women are saying wrong about Pankaj. Someone knocks the door. Suhani says don’t worry, I will free Pankaj. She opens the door to scold the ladies and sees Yuvraaj. Lata requests him to free Pankaj. Yuvraaj says don’t worry, don’t fall weak, else who will manage Pankaj, I will go with Suhani. Suhani says no, I will meet Pankaj alone, don’t put yourself in trouble. She asks Lata to take care. She hugs Yuvraaj and cries. She says my Papa taught me all good things, he is my hero, I can’t see him breaking. He consoles her. She says I know its tough for you, its enough you came here. They hug.

Dadi asks snoopi to move. Rags gets a letter and checks. Bhavna tells about the court case, Gauri has come in every hearing.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Stop this track soon…don’t drag it much…will watch the show only after the truth is out..coz wenevr I see DadiRagsMenka gang ka gets on my nerves ..I just wanna see Dadi being slapped..whch will never happen in dis shw…In evry shw evn if there Is a bad track we will continue watching it bcoz we knw that at the end the evil will be severely punished…in case of dadi it dint happen and will never happen…expose the culprit soon

  2. Nice epde

  3. Suhani’s Dad is not culprit
    I think krishna ya radey is the culprit

    1. Maybe adhithiya is culprit

      1. not nice , suhani always cry

  4. Yuvraj Suhani scenes were good,,,bt still a a bad epi as the truth is nt revealed,,,And if they goto court there will be more emotional scenes werw pankaj will get insulted

  5. I think it’s Aditya trying to frame Pankaj so he can stay in Birla house.

    1. I think so dude ?

  6. I think radhe is the culprit

  7. Omg I hate gauri and aditya and when aditya hates gauri cuz she’s ugly he can’t say much cuz he is also the same, ugly and looks like a perv

    1. u r so right aditya devserves a kick right between his legs
      he talks like he was born with knowledge on how to respect women
      stupid idiot

  8. Its so obvs its aditya, disgusting man

  9. Absolutely nonsense drama ,the same suhani’s dad support bilah on time of crisis,when they were about to loose there house ,the same suhani made aditya marry tht pagal stupig gauri ,now dadi still make suhani and her family suffer what is this director ? Icant believe this nonsense teach society anything just full of bulshit

  10. Absolutely redeculas gauri and aditya soooo bad birla family is discusting each and every perosn they all like desi alcohol in foreign bottle the live in 21st century but their mind is still in 18th century

    1. Totally agree with u. But yuvraaj is really modern ?

  11. Just too boring —dragging —-

  12. i think these all are Athythya’s , To stay in Birla family or for getting a new house

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