Suhani Si Ek Ladki 7th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 7th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saurabh trying to get honey from the beehive. Sharad and Ramesh help him. Sharad asks Saurabh to hurry up. Saurabh scolds Ramesh for mentioning about beehive. He prays to Lord for his safety and climbs up the ladder. Dadi goes to extract cowmilk. Rags and Menka does not understand Dadi’s doings. Suhani sees the cow getting angry and moves Dadi before she got hit by the cow. Pratima worries for Dadi.

Dadi thanks Suhani. Yuvraaj eats something and dislikes the taste. He goes to spit. Suhani asks Dadi to extract milk, till Suhani calms the cow. She asks Dadi to be careful and gives her hand to make a pairing. Dadi holds her hand. Suhani feeds the cow and calms her. She asks cow to give some milk to make lassi. Dadi extracts milk.

Rags’ nail breaks and

she calls Menka useless. Menka says that’s your work, you do it. Pratima says people say right, we should never lose hope. Saurabh gets some honey and falls down from the ladder. Sharad and Saurabh scream seeing honeybees. Suhani asks Dadi to clean her face and tells her about making curd in 45mins. Dadi says fine, I will go and freshen up. She goes. Menka says Dadi will win, we will lose, hurry. Rags says shut up, my nails broke by your stupid drink. Yuvraaj asks Suhani is your work over, make tea now. Pratima says yes, atleast I will get tea made by Suhani. Suhani makes the tea and gives to Pratima.

Saurabh comes with bite marks on his face and tells Rags that honeybees have bitten him. Rags worries as he falls down. Everyone gather there and ask Suchitra about this case. Yuvraaj says we will sprinkle water and see. Saurabh wakes up, and Yuvraaj sees that face bite marks. Pratima and Dadi scold him. Saurabh apologizes. Suchitra says now you all have 30mins for this task. The man says this is serious event, not any picnic. Everyone go back to complete the task.

They all come back inside Birla house. Rags is angry as she lost her manicured nails. Menka argues. Suchitra asks everyone how did they like the task. Rags says it was good, I think you should disqualify Dadi and Yuvraaj, they took help from partners. Saurabh says Rags is planning to get them out. Suchitra says Rags is right, but lets find the reason first. She asks Yuvraaj why he took Suhani’s help. Yuvraaj says Pratima likes Suhani’s handmade ginger tea, so I asked Suhani to make it, I don’t think I broke my rule. Suchitra says he is right, and asks Suhani. Menka asks Suhani about helping Dadi. Suhani says Dadi is my partner, and this game is to check right partner, a partnership is made by two partners, and see your glass is half as you did not help Rags. Menka and Rags argue again.

Suchitra asks them not to fight now, and tells about third round, where they have to tell a change they desire in their partner, based on the answers, the pairing will go ahead for next round. She calls a couple first. The lady complains about her husband and what she wants to change in him. Everyone laugh. Suchitra calls Saurabh and Sharad. Saurabh says I want Sharad stops lying. Sharad says what, I never lie, ask everyone. Yuvraaj says you don’t lie. Saurabh says Sharad always lies, he loves his wife Bhavna a lot and denies infront of us, I want Sharad to stop denying his love. they all smile. Sharad gets shy.

Yuvraaj and Pratima go on stage, and Pratima complains about Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj says I know Maa, Suhani made you against me, come, its over now. Suhani smiles. Menka says Dadi will give wrong list to change in Suhani. Anuj asks her to shut up. Menka says everyone knows this. Suchitra says I wanted to ask Suhani, but now I will call Chandrakala. Rags says I can say one point, Dadi is fit and she wants to change Suhani’s plain looks, talking about Suhani is simply waste of time. Saurabh asks Rags to be quiet and not give her opinion. Dadi takes Suhani. Yuvraaj says if they insult Suhani, I don’t know what I will do.

Dadi shows the gulabjal bottle, and says someone told me that washing face by this ends the tiredness, I tried this and its true, Suhani told this good tip to me. Menka can’t believe what Dadi is saying, and gives her makeup kit, saying this will help you in saying bad about Suhani. Yuvraaj asks did anyone ask your advice Menka. Rags says I will change Menka’s mind, she is duffer. Anuj says Menka has no mind to replace. They laugh.

Dadi shows the makeup kit, and says I think makeup increases beauty, Suhani feels nature makes a man, not beauty, I failed infront of her, she changed mentality of half of my family in just one year, if I m asked what to change in Suhani, I would say nothing…. She is perfect in her own way, she proved this. I have to change now. Yuvraaj smiles happily.

Dadi says maybe I will be out of the game now, I don’t care, Suhani is perfect, her thinking, behavior and thoughts are for other’s good, I think there is nothing to change in her, I have to change my perception so that I can see her goodness. Suhani and everyone smile. Anuj records Dadi’s words. Menka asks Rags did any ghost catch Dadi. Rags says ask Dadi. The lady says Chandrakala’s answer was the best, she won’t be out of this game. Everyone clap.

Suchitra says just few jodis will go in next round, it will be very tough. Menka says we are ready. Sharad says why to be ready to lose and laughs. Yuvraaj tells Pratima that we will win. Suhani thanks Dadi for saying this for her. Pratima asks Yuvraaj to let Dadi and Suhani talk. Rags and Menka go to hear. Saurabh and Anuj scare them and laugh.

Suchitra names Rags and Menka, Sharad and Saurabh, Yuvraaj and Pratima, Dadi and Suhani and one more. She says Chandrakala and Suhani are the winners till this round. Dadi acts good to Suhani. Everyone clap. The man says I think Birla family will give donation. Dadi says we always give. Pratima says we will give by double happiness, as we can get our loveliest thing back. Sharad says it seems so, see what happens.

Anuj tells about the next round, its about breaking a pot being blindfolded. Suhani asks Dadi will you do this. Dadi says no, you are good in aiming.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. 2 out of 10.DISGUSTING…

  2. Maybe dadi shes planning something again about suhani

  3. Shraddha Sharma

    Dadi or suhani ki tarif???? Yeh baat to galle se niche hi nhi uttar rehi hai…
    I hope dadi ka change positve ho na ki planned by dadi….

  4. nice episode. i agree with you shraddha.

  5. What is going on here? I think one of dadi s new plan to make suhani out of d house

  6. Why does’nt this dadi change? If atleast not for Suhani why not for her favourite grandson? She’s indeed wierd!

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