Suhani Si Ek Ladki 7th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 7th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani lying to Soumya about her packing. She asks did she have any work. Soumya says no, I was just asking. She says aunty gifted Ramayan to me yesterday, you are lucky, and I m not. Suhani asks her not to be upset, its not late. Soumya says aunty is taking me to meditation centre for heart peace, I wish to run very far with you, where we can sit for long hours and talk, but I know this can’t happen, you are busy in your life, I m alone. I wish I had someone, you have Yuvraaj who always takes you out and supports you. Suhani says yes. Soumya asks is she going somewhere. Suhani recalls Yuvraaj’s words not to tell anyone.

Soumya says shall I come to donate clothes with you. Suhani says no, I m not going to donate clothes, I m going on picnic with Yuvraaj,

I lied as he asked me not to tell anything to anyone. Soumya is shocked and says its fine, who am I to tell you. She leaves doing emotional blackmail. Pratima waits for Soumya and says did she find out about picnic plan. Suhani thinks she told Soumya, If Yuvraaj knows this. Sharad comes and takes her bag. Suhani asks did he know it. Sharad says yes, he is my friend and brother. She says great, not Yuvraaj will not scold me.

Sharad comes to Pratima and she tells him that Soumya went inside home. Saurabh asks Suhani where is she going alone on picnic. Suhani asks how do you know and thinks Rags told him. Menka comes and says we will also come. Rags smiles and taunts her. Saurabh asks everyone to get ready. Suhani gets scared seeing Yuvraaj angry. She says listen to me and he leaves. Pratima says its fine, let them all go, I will take Soumya with me. Yuvraaj scolds Suhani. Soumya is happy that she found about picnic. Pratima comes to her and asks to come. Rags comes and says you can’t take Soumya, as she is coming with us to picnic.

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Suhani says its not big mistake, you also told Sharad, why can’t I tell it to Soumya. Yuvraaj says they are different, Sharad can do anything for me, and Soumya did not give you happiness, she always troubled you, Sharad cares for me, Soumya is selfish. Don’t do mistake to compare them, and listen to me for once. He leaves. Soumya thanks Rags for saving her. Menka says you did great today, you got to know Suhani’s secret picnic and ruined her plan. Soumya says e have to stop Suhani at any cost, as I will go with Yuvraaj. Rags says its good idea.

Suhani comes to Yuvraaj and gets scared seeing his angry face. She says I did not tell intentionally, Soumya came to me and she was upset. He says you have failed in keeping it secret. Pratima comes to them. Rags tells her plan to Menka. Pratima asks Suhani to go, and Yuvraaj and I will meet you later. Suhani leaves. Menka bumps into Suhani and exchanges the phone with no battery phone. Yuvraaj tells Pratima that he asked Soumya to leave and Suhani got her back. She says we have to save Suhani, you go to picnic. Yuvraaj says never, my anger will increase seeing her. Rags pulls the landline phone wire. Saurabh comes there and asks what is she doing. Rags says my ring fell. He says I will find it.

She says no, I will see it, you go to mummy ji, else she will forget to come on picnic. He smiles and leaves. Suhani comes looking for Ramesh. Rags pulls out the wire and says now Soumya should start her game. Ramesh tells Suhani about the food basket. Suhani asks Soumya why did she tell everyone. Soumya scolds Menka for not keeping the food basket. Menka argues. Suhani says don’t fight, I will find the basket, you both go. Soumya says fine, we will wait for you in Yuvraaj’s car. Rags says good job Soumya. Suhani sends Ramesh and says I will come later. She tells Saurabh that she will come soon with Yuvraaj. Sharad takes Yuvraaj. Suhani hears his voice and turns to see.

Pratima and Yuvraaj come to know about Suhani not being with them. A cab driver teases Suhani.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. huhhhh for 2day episode
    bt mndy episode gona b gud where suhani,y.raj gona spend with eachothr

  2. suhani’s idiocy is getting on mah nerves now…!!

  3. last episode suhani lied to her mother in law in cold blood even though she didn’t need to….and today when she has been asked to keep a secret
    she can’t….very nice….now that i think of yuvraj….its better if he leave such a dumbo wife.

  4. Seriously they are portraying suhani so dumb. .

  5. no she isnt dumb just a bit more caring for people who dont care for her

  6. It ‘s suhani’s mistake damn it

  7. Sachme suhani mahaan hai..but woh bechari kare v toh kya kare uski bestfrnd hi uski dushman ban gayi hai…uske chakkar me firse phas gayi..but koi nahi..snoopi use bachha lega..aur fir yuvani ka romantic dance v toh hone wala hai..title song pe… i hope jald hi woh episode aaye…can’t wait… 🙂 🙂
    <3 u yuvani… 🙂 :)y

  8. Shameless soumya

  9. Any way on 1 rsn this stupid ladies plan will help suhani if suhani doesn’t face such pblm while coming alone i’m sure Yuvraj will be very angry with her in picnic trip also……….

  10. Why lead female characters always dumbs?

  11. i cant rate this update.. it opens some new page.. why is that

  12. hi suhani

  13. Sushani,i think is time for u to open ur eyes and see soumya is no more your friend,u told her secret things as a best friend but she exposed it you are to be careful and think about it

  14. I am very upset with Suhani for telling Soumya . It is time Soumya get out of Suhani and Yuvraj life. The writer needs to stop letting Suhani be so naive. Suhani needs to listen to Yuvraj. I hope Yuvraj reach in time to save Suhani. Writer and Director the viewers need to see more romance with SUHANI AND YUVRAJ. Also all FOUR OF THOSE EVIL WITCHES NEEDS TO BACK OFF FROM SUHANI AND YUVRAJ RELATIONSHIP

  15. Stupid suhanni.why z she so dumb

  16. Suhanni deserves long as ur blind people will take ride on one will feel pity on suhanni.she z so dumb.

  17. come on Suhani, you are so much smarter than those dumb witches and the writers are making you out to being the stupid one. Come on stop this crap already. Enough. Its dragged on too long now. Time for a change and kick that dumb b*t*h Soumya out of their lives and teach the two witches at home a good lesson.

  18. Dumb is the right word used here. Suhani is behaving so dumb. She can’t use her brains. Everyone is cheering for her n yudraj to be happy n there she go acting so stupid. Yudraj should just slap her. If she’s so caring abt people then she should go work in a homage center. She has a title as a wife and into a rich home and acting like a servant. Common directors….u r over doing it with characters. Learn to impress not depress us your viewers. Give suhani some justice.

  19. Oh…!! No suhani .. frnd ko sb kch ti nae btana chahiye .. agr wo upset hy to tmhara kya kasoor .. usne khud ki hai apni life brbad .. wesay b soumiya yuvraaj k like nae thi .

  20. Directors,don’t drag the idiocy of suhaani.if u show leading lady as stupid then there is no meaning. Bahuth ho Gaya soumya ka thamasha. U have say bye to that character. Prove suhaani as intelligent.when leading lady dumb hotherho serial atchha nai lagtha

  21. Seriously. Now stop this shit proceed d story man. Hv already started skipping serial but even after a week dey r showing d same. Better show Suhanis smartness at least NOW.

  22. even me..i have not seen this serial on TV from ppast 2 week..its becoming very boring..everytime same old thing.. suhani showed dumb!! suhani lied to her MIL.. im only catching up with written updates

  23. Todays episode plzz… not even updated veera nd ipkknd.. update it fast.. waiting for a long…

  24. It’s not just this serial that annoys me about the leading ladies been so naïve , but almost all the Indian serials. The vamps get way too much of airtime , writer , producers need to come to the party , ……………or else the ratings are going to start dropping rapidly.

  25. where is today update?

  26. upload plz!

  27. updates fast we are waiting

  28. ho plz upload today’s updates

  29. yeah seriously ….please upload it quick…or else m gonna start commenting here only….coz i have a lot to say on todays episode…grrr..

  30. Update plz


  32. wheres the update guys

  33. upload plz

  34. What happens amena,we are waiting for today episode pls

  35. Yuvraj sowmya rags menka starts fr picnic, suhani start alone from home with snoopy, prathima calls yuvraaj to know regarding suhani, but sowmya picks up the call and cuts the call , saying no signal. Taxi driver takes suhani to lonely place and misbehave with suhani. Snoppy saves suhani. Suhani starts crying. while yuvraaj is getting irritated by sowmya company. Prathima calls yuvraaj again. Yuvraaj is shocked to hear that suhani si not with prathima. And start worried about suhani, sowmya does not stop irritating yuvraj by her nonsense. In irritation yuvraaj throws shawl on sowmya, sowmya bends . The shawl falls on a gal. She remove the shawl , its suhani, suhani in fear cries and runs and hugs yuvraaj.

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