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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 7th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sambhav looking for the lens. He removes Yuvraaj’s mask. Suhani comes in the room and calls out Yuvraak. Sambhav gets shocked. She asks what are you finding. He has the mask and wig in hand, and asks her to go. She asks what are you doing behind the sofa. She comes towards him. Baby gets some dirty water and thinks this water will make Krishna’s cooked food stink. Yuvani gets a dress for Krishna as gift.

Krishna says there is nothing special in my life, that you gift me. She does not take it. Yuvani apologizes to her for whatever happened. Krishna says I don’t want to talk and goes. Sambhav wears the mask and wig. Suhani asks what happened to your eye. He says nothing, and leaves. Baby sees Suhani coming and hides the dirty water. She goes to kitchen. Krishna

thinks bad smell is coming from outside. Baby argues with Krishna to divert her. Krishna asks her to make food first and then inform her when she is done. Baby adds the dirty water in the dish. Suhani gets the bad smell and comes to kitchen. She sees Baby. Baby smiles.

Bhavna tells Pratima that she is keeping this Rasoi rasam competition for Krishna’s sake. Sharad jokes and tells Pratima that Bhavna and Suhani are very happy. Bhavna says yes, I have become Saas for first time, I have to see what Baby makes, I know Krishna cooks well. They all smile.

Suhani goes to kitchen and cooks food, asking Baby not to worry, its not part of her competition. Bhavna says don’t know what they are making. Yuvani asks is breakfast ready. Bhavna asks Baby and Krishna to come fast. They count down. Krishna and Baby get the dishes. Yuvani signs Baby. Yuvani says Krishna’s dish is stinking. Pratima says its wrong thing. Suhani says yes, because Krishna got the wrong dish. She gets the dish from Krishna’s side. Sharad asks Baby to serve everyone. Baby serves her dish. Bhavna remarks onion is less and taunts Baby to feel like saas. Sharad tells Krishna to serve her dish. Krishna serves everyone. They all like the khichdi dish. Baby and Yuvani criticize Krishna’s simple khichdi. Yuvaan agrees with Baby.

Suhani says its about thinking and sense here. Krishna says no, Baby is right, she has won, thanks, I will leave. Bhavna stops Krishna and says you are part of this family, my niece, and our bahu, this nek is for you. Baby gets shocked seeing the gold bangles. Bhavna hugs her. Pratima gives nek to Baby. Baby gets glad. Yuvani says but Baby won competition. Baby says yes, I should get bangles too. Bhavna says you got nek, I gave this to Krishna.

The kinners come there and ask for mu dikhai, as two bahus have come. Saiyyam says you will get nek, first dance. They ask for bahus. He says I will get my bride. Suhani tells Baby that you have added dirty water in Krishna’s dish, that’s why I did not wish you marry my son, you outdo others by these badness, you can’t win on your own, Krishna is better than you. Baby says now I m your bahu, things will be easy if you accept this.

Saiyyam gets Krishna and says I told you I will make you dance on my fingers, now I will make you wear the ghungroos and make you dance. Everyone come there. He ties ghungroos to Krishna. Suhani stops him and says I will wear ghungroos, not Krishna, she will not dance, I will dance. He asks what. She says yes, I will dance with kinners and give them shagun. He says no. She asks why, I m happy as my sons got married. She ties ghungroos. Saiyyam stops her. Suhani says I will dance. He says you won’t dance. She asks why. Yuvaan comes. Bhavna asks kinners to get shagun and leave.

Sharad asks Suhani to calm down. Suhani asks how can I calm down, I m happy and I can dance. Sharad says no need to talk to Saiyyam. Suhani says I want to tell everyone, I got Krishna married to Saiyyam, I m the culprit, if anyone thinks my relation changed with Krishna, he is wrong, its same relation, I m still her Kawach, if anyone puts her in problem, he has to go through me, if anyone has dare, stop me. Krishna asks Suhani if she cared for her, why did she let this marriage happen. She goes. Sharad asks Saiyyam not to think Suhani is alone, we all are with her. Saiyyam says challenge accepted, I have fun in fighting. Everyone go. Baby says speech was good, but you do anything, I will win, as I m legal bahu of this house.

Suhani asks Baby did you marry for money. Baby says if we don’t snatch rights, we will lag behind. Suhani taunts her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Suhani needs to calm down!
    Woman if you want peace, you have to be saiyyam mother!

    Suhani has missed a opportunity here. What she should have said
    I AM YOUR MOTHER Saiyyam, and you are my son. Just because you are married, doesn’t mean that have to forget me.
    She should have took ghungroos. Touch his face, smell at him and waked away.
    Then do all this drama! Suhani should have NOT let sharad talk. Then Krishna would have not felt bad!

    1. SilentReader

      welll,,,,,this is soooo true,,,she decided to change Sayyam,,,so she shud start being good to him,,,these small deeds and words does matters

  2. what the hell is tis? when will we get our YUVANI moments. actually i thought of enjoying this track 2 days back by cng how suhani tacklng every evils and finding yuvaraj bt they r jus showng tis baby n krishna drama. good tat they showed saiyam havng some concern towards his mother. btr they can start showing sambhav evilness through Sahil sir. it will be fine frm these stupid stuffs..

    1. Agree….yuvraj as sambhav…it will b nice to watch atleast we can avoid that creepy sambhav…..i want yuvani focussed track with suhani saiyyam bond…..i feel lyk saiyyam loves suhani a lot more than yuvaan…as they wanna drag it they r keeping him negative…but unfortunately we dont get what we like

      1. Love you saiyyam

        Yes saiyyam love suhani a lot
        but suhani doesn’t love him intact she really don’t care about any kids

  3. You and poppy are right!
    I did enjoyed to, suhani does deserve Baby.

    What suhani is going to do ?
    There a big different between Yuvaan and Yuvraj.
    Yuvaan loves Baby!
    Yuvraj don’t love suhani!

    All baby has to do is cry, tell Yuvaan I am trying to a good Bahu, but your mother is being horrible to me.

    At first Yuvaan being a good son, oh my mother, is just trying to make sure that you get everything right.
    Then Yuvaan well something to baby and make her happy.

    I well give 3 weeks, then Yuvaan is going to shout at suhani.
    Telling suhani that she can’t speak to his wife like that!

    Suhani don’t realise that her two evil twins is a birla blood.

    Well actually men that truly love their wife well do that, even if their wife are wrong. Yuvaan loves Baby!

    The men don’t love their wife, weather they are right or wrong. They well never defend them.
    It is going to be funny, I just can’t wait for that to happen to suhani.

    1. Your wrong! It’s 1 week, not 3!

      1. I agree with you silent reader.
        But first @ mo. Ha ha ha!

        I said 3 weeks, because in tv land 1 day, take up to 3 days. 1 day can go up to 20 yrs.

        We just have to wait and see. If suhani goes the boy is married only a week. Then I know that you have won.

        You are right there, that exactly what I am saying.
        Suhani did short out when yuvraj being upset with Dadi.
        This is why I am happy that yuvaan is with baby and not Krishna.

        Suhani has become a true birla.
        She can’t see the good in saiyyam.
        Then why would her children.
        The birla got what they always deserves.

    2. SilentReader

      Yup,,,,thats true,,,,Yuvan will bcom Joru ka gulam (guess the word is right),,,,Yuvraj loves Suhani,,, Yuvraj and Yuvan are almost same lyk,,,,,both are impulse,stupid and smtyms they act lyk they dnt hv teir wives are diff,,,,,Baby knows how to get her husband on her side,,,She’ll act sweet to Yuvan and will show her true colors to others,,,,,,Suhani never complained abt Dadi to Yuvraj,,,lyk all typical mahaan bahu’s she kept Dadi’s wrong doings hidden from Yuvraj and whenever Yuvraj got annoyed wid Dadi she z the one who sorted out their prblms,,,,bt here Baby will make the situation from bad to worse by constantly speaking against Suhani to Yuvan,,,,At first,Yuvan left Krishna for Baby,,nw he will leave Suhani’s side for Baby and there z no doubt in that

  4. It will be better if sayyam realise that it was his father who is evil and not his mother. And kill sambhav and end him once for all.and be a good husband to Krishna. Bcz yuvan’s I’ll fate will start in a while by marrying that idiot baby..and seeing Krishna and sayyam happy will be his punishment. Let him realise the pain..

    1. I agree with you, I also agree with poppy.
      Suhani had a good opportunity today, but, in her stupidity, she blown it.
      Suhani should have NOT let Sharad talk.
      Because he spoken, saiyyam reacted.
      Sharad is after all a birla, he doesn’t care for Krishna and saiyyam.
      Weather suhani well get another opportunity, we don’t know.
      I just feel suhani don’t care for her children.
      That is why she is doing all this drama!

      Suhani having a go at Baby, is laughable!

      Suhani really don’t know her favourite kids. Her twins.
      Does suhani think she can talk to baby like that!
      I well give yuvaan 1 week, if he doesn’t have a go at suhani, then tell me.

    2. SilentReader

      tha’s true,,,,seeing Krishna and Sayyam as a happy couple will be his biggest punishment,,,,bt I don’t want Sayyam to kill anyone,,,,hope Sambav will die on his own

  5. Plz dont show anymore nonsense enough of it already shown.Do show some lovely moments of yuvani and plz put some sense in yuvaan.Suhani you were awesome today.

  6. I still don’t understand why suhani made yuvaan marry baby i mean saiyaam wanted just krishna why did she paired yuvaan baby together knowing what kind if girl she is. The day her true colours will be shown dadi will blame suhani beacuse she is the one who announced their marriage.
    And for yuvaan there is no one except baby, day and night he must think how the impress baby it is not too far the day that he will go against his own mother for baby and when baby criminal activities will be revealed he will run back to his mom and ask her to rearrange his relation with krishna.

      What the matter with YOU!
      Have you lost your mind!
      Oh God, I hope not!
      Suhani must not do that!
      I would love to see, Krishna and Saiyyam love to happen!
      It is only been one day of their marriage, I believe their love well happen.
      Don’t give me a heart attack!
      I know you want suhani and yuvraj back together. Which is fine by me!
      Leave Krishna and Saiyyam well alone!
      You can keep suhani and yuvraj.
      Saiyyam and Krishna, is the reason, that I am still watching this show!
      I believe that you should apologise!
      Only joking, or I am.
      Consider this we are never going to be friend! 😉

      1. Silent reader

        Hehe….she just said that Yuvan will ask for Krishna…..n Krishna should reply lyk ” I won’t leave my hus for anyothers” ✌✌ coz even if Yuvan wishes to get her back I’m sure that she won’t go back….
        N yup…Dadi will blame Suhani…that’s for sure

    2. @ Hanna.
      Because at the end of a day. Yuvaan wanted baby.
      I believe, not sure!
      That deep down, suhani knew this.

      My advice to suhani, is that she can’t do anything about. Yuvaan is in love with baby. Weather suhani like it or not.

      At this moment suhani should think about. Krishna and saiyyam marriage.
      The Birla Family, yes that includes baby.
      They Don’t know, what suhani is up too!
      If suhani is serious, about this.

      Suhani must not loses this big opportunity!
      Minute anyone find out what she doing.
      It well be all over!
      I said yesterday the danger is Krishna!

      1. Yes I agree with Lucy & shanti.
        With Hanna in some point.
        Rearrange, really, NOT!

        Suhani has to be serious now, on what she actually want!
        Does she really want Krishna and saiyyam marriage to work ?
        This is the question only suhani can answer.

        As for Yuvaan, suhani can’t do anything, because Yuvaan married baby, on his own choice.

        Suhani is at a lost cause, with yuvaan. Suhani has to accept Baby is her older & birla bahu!

        I know this, because I have family members that went though this.
        If suhani get involved, yuvaan well hate her for the rest of his life.

        I had a Auntie, that try to convince her son that his wife was bad for him.

        Now my aunt is dead, her son as not forgiven her. He still HATE his own mother today.

        Oh don’t worry my Aunty didn’t deserve to have a bahu like that.
        Suhani in the other hand does deserve Baby.

        Suhani should focus on Krishna and saiyyam.
        Not Yuvaan and Baby.

      2. Oh yes I did understand, on what you were trying to say. About rearrange.

      3. Guys i was just seeing this is what’s gonna happen because yuvaan is a selfish guy but I absolutely do not agree with it marriage is not a joke that whenever they want do it and as soon break it. However i woukd feel some peace if yuvaan pursue krishna and she reject him and he regret all his life . This will be a great revenge from Krishna’s side .
        Yes yuvaan loves baby but they don’t know how she is , where she come from, they just know her for few day and they made their heir marry her…strange. First they could let them know each other . It is like tomorrow if a guy come and say he is a birla company’s fan they will make yuvani marry him

  7. krishna ?Sayyam

    Sayyam actually lives his mom . More than her stupid children’s yuvani and yuvan

    1. I agree with you.
      Saiyyam does love his mother.
      It is a shame that suhani doesn’t see or understand.

      Suhani said yesterday that she wanted saiyyam and Krishna marriage to work.
      I didn’t see any proof of that today.

      I still think in suhani stupid head that she still want Krishna and Yuvaan.

      I just hope that saiyyam and Krishna love story happen quickly.

      I know at this moment, if yuvaan say I love you Krishna, leave saiyyam.
      Krishna well do that.

    2. SilentReader

      Yea,,,,,,Sayyam came to take revenge from Suhani,,,,,bt he z not able to see her getting insulted,even if it’s for a sec,,,,he loves his maa and I was wondering how he z gonna take revenge frm her when he loves her so much

      1. Agree with you!
        With everything that you have said.

      2. Did you see on how Hanna tried to give US a heart attack.
        Seriously, rearrange, so yuvaan can get Krishna back.
        I had to read it twice!
        It like, Whhhhat!

        The last thing I want to have those writers, to have this idea.

        I wouldn’t go back.
        Why should Krishna!
        This is yuvaan lost!
        Anyway it is more likely yuvaan going to take baby.

      3. Shanti this would be awesome lf yuvaan realise his mistake and tries to get back krishna and she refuses him. During the marriage she was crying, begging him fir help , he was ignoring her. This time he will beg and she will reply “sorry i m married, i m not as much selfish and shameless as you that for my own happiness I destroy others life and relations”.
        The rest if his life he will regret his betrayal and every time he will see saiyaam and krishna happy , it will be a reminder of what he lost

  8. Soumya’s maa was alive,,,,bt she was nt there in the mrg,,,,maybe she died… still Krishna’s grandma was very rich and she had only one daughter ‘Soumya’,,,,,so Krishna must be the heir of all her properties,,,,,,
    Is Baby an orphan,,,,,yesterday Bhavna asked her smthng lyk “Thumhaare maa ne thumhe kuch sikhaaya nahi he??”

    1. If soumya is rich, then why didn’t she take her in.

      That’s the one thing we still don’t know about.

      It would have been better for Krishna and soumya to stay with soumya mother.
      Then soumya and Krishna would have not have lost their self respect. By staying at the birla.

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