Suhani Si Ek Ladki 7th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 7th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sambhav getting close to Suhani to kiss her. Yuvraaj gets up to leave. Suhani says enough Sambhav, stop all this and Yuvaan no need to always be adamant. Yuvraaj stops hearing this. Suhani goes with Pratima and Lata. Yuvani tells Yuvaan that his Papa lost. Saurabh gets scared seeing Rags and Menka, with all bandages on their faces and hands. Rags says I m Ragini. Sharad asks Saurabh why is he shouting. Sharad sees the women and runs saying ghosts. Soumya says wait, they ate Rags and Menka. Sharad asks whats this game. Soumya says honey bees attacked on them. Saurabh asks what, but how. Soumya asks Menka to say.

Menka says someone gave supari to honeybees against us. Sharad calls them bitter gourds and jokes. Saurabh and Sharad leave. Soumya smiles and takes a pic

with Rags and Menka. She says I will upload this on internet and keep contest of guess who, what did you think you can scare me by hurting my daughter, how can you hurt a little girl for revenge, Menka has a son, did she not get shame doing this, if you go close to Krishna, I swear I will make your state worse.

Yuvraaj thinks why did Suhani refuse for kiss like this, that’s her wish, I should not think this, she is Sambhav’s wife now and no one can change this now. Suhani is unable to work and Sambhav helps her. He asks why did she act rude with him, is she doing this because of Yuvraaj. Pratima tells Lata that her habit to work daily is gone. Pankaj says I saw old pics and revived memories. He shows Bhavna’s marriage pics. Pratima says yes, I used to get jealous seeing Lata having two daughters.

Yuvraaj thinks to talk to Suhani, but what will he ask, why did she refuse Sambhav for kiss. Suhani says reason is something else, you were going to kiss me infront of everyone, elders and children were there. He says what could I do, it was written in chit, Yuvaan wanted this. She says we have to explain Yuvaan, he is my son. He says he is my son too, I love him. She says you have duty to explain him right and wrong, you know our relation, I did not cheat you, you refuse for such things next time, I will explain Yuvaan. He says fine and goes. Lata says don’t know whats written in Suhani’s fate. Pratima says it does not matter, as we are with her. Sambhav hears them and says I m also with her always, I won’t let anything happen to her. Pratima says this would be good for you, else we will not leave you. Pankaj says yes, we are with her, Sharad and Bhavna are also with us. Lata says yes, we won’t leave you. They all laugh and say you got tensed, we were joking. Sambhav smiles and angrily looks at them.

Menka tells Rags that they will join Soumya’s team. Dadi asks someone about her thing, keep it safe, else everything will get spoiled. Rags twists Menka’s hand. Menka asks what can I do, shall I lose again. Rags says we should make Soumya lose, you wanted to go to storeroom, stop crying now, we have to fight with Soumya, she is alone and we are two, more stronger than her, we have to kick her out.

Bhavna serves food to Krishna and Golu. Krishna asks her why is she sad, I won’t have food. Golu says I will eat double. Krishna asks when will Yuvani come back. Bhavna says soon. Sharad makes Bhavna talk to Suhani online. Bhavna smiles and gets happy. Sharad says Bhavna got happy now. Krishna greets Suhani and asks for Yuvani. Suhani makes the kids talk to Krishna. Sharad asks kids to come after rain stops. Pratima says I m thinking not to come back home. Bhavna says don’t say this. Sharad says you are missing a lot, Rags and Menka got bitten by honey bees, they are roaming with bandages. Suhani says don’t laugh, they maybe in pain. Yuvraaj comes and sits beside Suhani. Sambhav looks on angrily.

Sharad tells Yuvraaj that you would have laughed a lot seeing them. Sharad sees them and clicks their pic, saying you all look good together. Suhani and Yuvraaj see each other. Sharad smiles seeing their pic. Bhavna asks Sharad not to think this, it will be very wrong with Sambhav. Yuvaan asks Suhani to have milk. She says I agree to you always, you know why. He says because you love me. She says I have duty not to spoil you. He asks did I ask anything wrong.

Yuvraaj makes a call and talks about work. Lata asks Yuvani shall I go and give medicine to Suhani. Yuvani says no, sketch is getting bad, sit. Lata asks Yuvraaj to give medicine to Suhani. He agrees and goes. Suhani tells Yuvaan that he asked Sambhav to kiss her, it was wrong thing, all elders were there. He says even Yuvraaj was there. Yuvraaj comes and looks on. Yuvaan says what was wrong, every Papa kisses mumma. She sees Yuvraaj there. Yuvaan asks her to say what was wrong.

Yuvraaj asks shall I answer this, do you and Yuvani have secrets. Yuvaan says no. Yuvraaj says once you grow up, you will have many secrets, like mumma and Papa’s matter is secret. Yuvaan says sorry. Yuvraaj says don’t be sorry, you did not know this, I m sure you won’t forget this. Yuvaan says yes, I will remember and goes. Yuvraaj gives medicines to Suhani. She thanks him.

He says its quite amazing to see how you talk to Yuvaan openly, I wish I could talk to Yuvani. She asks shall I talk to her. He says she is your daughter, you don’t need permission to talk to her. Sambhav comes and says rain stopped, Pratima wants to go home. Yuvraaj leaves. Suhani says you are not present when I need you, you always come late.

Pratima tells Lata that they will come any other way. Sambhav thinks if I can hurt Suhani’s feet, Yuvraaj can’t think to which level I can go. Yuvraaj looks for Suhani and goes out. Suhani comes there. Yuvraaj sees her. Sambhav shuts the door. Pankaj opens the door and tells Yuvraaj to come inside, there is road blockage, I was thinking Yuvraaj can stay here. Sambhav gets angry.

Yuvraaj asks Suhani not to give every minute details to Sambhav. Sambhav pushes Yuvraaj and Suhani. Yuvraaj asks Sambhav is he mad. Yuvaan shouts on Yuvraaj and asks him to get lost, if he can’t talk to his Papa with manners.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I hate yuvan…. Really he was just cute boy… Before knowing his father he wish 2 have him as a father .. now what they want 2 show

  2. I hope suhani and yuvraaj get back together

    1. Ruksy

      i hope so too

  3. Saheli Ghosh

    Today’s episode was very nice I really like it ragini Menka was funny and yuvarj suhani convocation was also quite good but the CVS spoiled by showing the pricap. I think yuvraj should prove that he didn’t left his mother and suhani should scold yuvan a little bit

  4. Today’s episode I like alot.suhani ke attitude se yuvraj ko thodi hope hui hai…..his reaction,was so sweet.. Now i imagine soon all confutions will end……I hope very soon yuvani riunited…..

  5. Can’t they say abt their parents in detail .. if yuvraj not attended to marriage means … she should think abt wats wrong with him…

    Within seconds how can she took decision to marry that idiot…

    We have to teach kids manners… at least tell abt parents… dnt make some other as their parents

  6. Yes ub ,it’s true yuvan has forget every manner.7 year ka bachcha itna bewkoof nahi hota apne father ko jante huye unke sath aisa behave karta hai….very ridiculous I feel very bad ,dekha yaye to yuvani yuvan se better hai .After all thodi tameez to hai…sambhav se shadi hone se yuvan ke biological father to yuvraj hi hai.

  7. I think Suhani should teach yuvaan how to speak with manners and the fact that just because she and sambhav are married, it doesn’t mean that he’s his real dad. The writers are showing yuvaan as a spoilt kid. Teach him between right and wrong Suhani.

  8. Writers are always teaching dirty things to children and elders too. Please stop all such bakwas rubbish things in this show. Agatha Aap kuch Acha decent moral nahi dey saktey bachoun ko aur badoun ko. Toh yeh show bandh kar do. Kick this dirty sambhav out as soon as possible. Suhani ko strict hona chahiye yuvan k saath. Yuvan din ba din batmeez hotey jaa raha Hai. Bachey aisey galat show dekhengey toh galat batein hee sikhengey.writers ko 2,3 baar shaadi majak lagta hai.shadi ek pavitra rishta hai writers ney unka majaak banakey rakha hai. Such shows like yeh hai mohabbatein aur suhani si ek ladki should be banned.Am sorry to comment this writers but if you are reading this comment please my request try to show things which can be good moral for everyone

  9. Ruksy

    the writers are teaching wrong to small children. they are saying if you dont like your father tell ur mum to marry someone else and then get rude to your real father.

  10. its all bcz of suhani.. she spoilef him by fulling his wish.. admit it she saw tat video nd yuvan also b emotional.. but aftr all yuvi was not tooooo late.. she cant wait fr atleast fr one hr… she knw yuvi cant do ths to kids eventhough he said n video not love her nw…bcz of mrg ths will wrong to live wit u.. suhani ki mind me kya chalraha hi.. suhani also say the same na.. only fr kids not love him now.. wats d big deal if yuvi said n ths video… she can fil yuvani wish to have a father, thn she can allow sambv to kiss her and allow him to live with her to husband.. today wat are all happen btwn yuvi and yuvan bcz of suhani decision.. she must paid for ths..nw! yuvan call sambv as fathr bfre mrg na.. wats d necessary to mrg sambv… she cant think abt yuvani… aftr seeing precap i felt somu s beter for! somu harm yuvan its wrong ok.. but she did for her krishna not harm yuvani…!! she wish to yuavni nd krishna to b wit her.. but suhani selfish only care about yuvaan.. aftr knwing she did not think abt yuvani…in mrh tim.. only yuvan having emotional to get father…y not yuvani to have her mom.. its rediculous… cvs ko koi acha story line nahi milga kya to prove suhani and yuvi love each other wats the necessary to include sambv between them?.

  11. children actors PR iss sab behuda harkaton ka kaisa asar hoga? pehle yuvaani ki badtamizi, ab yuvaan ki, much to lekheko ko sochna chahiye. bachon ke upar atyachar, unki kharab tarah se baat karna, saazish pe saazish. muje doubt hai ki jaise Shagun pihu ko bharkaati hai aur somya yuvaani aur Krishna ko, kahin sambhav bhi yuvaan ko bharkata hai kya? Jo bhi ho, bachon pe mansik asar hota hai.

  12. subha, jabse suhani louti hai, yuvraj ne nafrat, gussa aur badnami dikhaye. ek baar bolne SE ki 6 saal ka gussa nikaal raha that usse redeme nai karta. ha, CD ka scene meine dekha nai, par kyu suhani vishwas na kare? Galatians this to sambhav SE turant shadi ki, par pehle bhi to shadi unki hi hone wali this. achanak sambhav ko itna buraa banaya hai, to the log kheechenge, kyu ki inhe negative hi pasand hai.
    mine lagta hai yuvaan ko do chatte marne ke bajai suhani yuvraj ko unke beech dakhal Na dene ko Na kahe. usse pata haii ki sambhav yuvraj SE jalta hai to chahegi yuvraj dur hi rahe.
    somu maharani ka kya kehna. navso chuhe khake haj ko chali.
    itna pakka diya hai sab ki pata nai kaise suljhaenge.

  13. Now Soumya is acting all high and mighty when Rags and Menka played a trick on Krishna. Has she forgotten how she got Yuvaan attacked by Snoopy. All double standards. The show is going to the dogs. So conveniently everyone forgets what has happened in the past. Sabko badam khilao aur dimag thik karni ki davai do!

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