Suhani Si Ek Ladki 7th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 7th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvraaj seeing divorce papers and thinking to clear his confusion with Suhani. Anuj and Sharad come to him. Anuj asks why did he insult Suhani. Sharad says if you felt Suhani did not deserve to participate, why did he ask her. Yuvraaj says don’t say when you don’t know anything. Sharad says but, why did do this. Anuj says he did this publicly. Sharad says you could have spoke to her about the problem.,

Radhe says Rakhi did not win, its very bad competition. Lalita says it was for Birlas, Rakhi did well there. Krishna says Rakhi and Soumya did not win, even when Soumya was better than Suhani. Rakhi and Lalita taunt him for supporting Soumya. Soumya looks on, and tells Krishna that winning and losing does not matter to me, till you are with me, and I could have

not bear what happened with Suhani, if it happened with me. He says its selfish family, Suhani can do anything for them, it’s the limit. Soumya says I did not expect this from Yuvraaj.

Pratima asks Suhani to join them for dinner, she got samosas for her. Suhani says I m tired. Dadi says don’t ask her, she can go, we will start eating food. Suhani joins them. Pratima smiles. Menka says she does not care about taunts. Pratima asks about the contest. Anuj says Soumya, Rags and Suhani had tough competition, and Suhani won. Menka says yes, matter reached face and nature. Rags says Suhani chose nature. Suhani says it does not matter what happened there. Pratima says I know you told good things about person’s nature and impresses everyone. Menka says yes, but Yuvraaj… Yuvraaj, Rags and Dadi stop Menka. Pratima says she came back on good day, its Yuvraaj and Suhani’s wedding anniversary. Yuvraaj says its tomorrow. Dadi says how can he forget such a big day. Pratima says I want to do something special for them, why don’t we keep party for Suhani’s win and the anniversary. Anuj and Sharad like the idea.

Pratima says she thought something special for them, she wants them to spend the day at farmhouse tomorrow. Yuvraaj and Suhani look at each other. Suhani says she will get curd and goes. Pratima asks Anuj and Sharad to help her. Sharad says he will surely help. Rags asks Dadi whats happening. Dadi says I don’t want Pratima to know about their fight, else she will unite them. Rohan thinks why did Yuvraaj not say anything about divorce papers.

Suhani comes to Pratima and Pratima asks what happened between her and Yuvraaj. Suhani says she was waiting for her return, and tomorrow she will be going back to her Maayka forever. Pratima is shocked and asks what is she saying. Suhani says yes, I stayed here as you were not here. Pratima says its your anniversary tomorrow. Suhani says what when there is no relation, its just a date which has hurt everyone. Pratima says I thought Yuvraaj is changing. Suhani says no, time changed, Yuvraaj has same thinking even today, I did not know situation that time, and today I decided after knowing everything.

She asks Pratima not to stop her, this relation is burden for Yuvraaj and now its right to free him. Pratima hugs her and they both cry. Its morning, Sharad stops Yuvraaj. Sharad asks Yuvraaj to talk to Suhani, as its his first anniversary. Yuvraaj says its not his mistake, you know everything since the start. Sharad asks what did Suhani do. They hear Menka and rush to see. Suhani is leaving and says she is going as Pratima has come. Yuvraaj asks was she waiting for Pratima. Sharad says Suhani will not go anywhere. Dadi stops Sharad. Suhani says yes, I promised Pratima, that I will go back when she comes. Pratima says its your wedding anniversary today. Suhani says yes, this lie started on this date and I will end it. Yuvraaj says yes, she is right, she believes if anyone is unhappy in a relation, they should be not binded forcibly. Suhani takes Dadi’s blessings. Menka asks is she really going or will she return after 2 days by some excuse. Anuj shouts on Menka asking her to shut up her nonsense.

Yuvraaj stands annoyed. Suhani takes her bag and leaves. Pratima cries. Dadi, Rags and Menka smile. Yuvraaj goes to his room and gets gift he has kept for Suhani, for their anniversary. He gets sad and sees the divorce papers. He cries and says wow Suhani, you were so eager to run from this relation, but you could not spend a day here. Sharad tells Pratima what Yuvraaj said after the results in competition. Anuj says we have to get Suhani back. Pratima asks what happened now that Suhani left.

Rags says I know why Suhani left, as we always taunted her. Dadi says Rohan has done this, and she chose the song in contest to make Yuvraaj angry. Sharad and Anuj tell everything in few days, that Yuvraaj did a lot for Suhani. Pratima says it means their relation has hope. Dadi says there is no hope and sends Sharad and Anuj outside. She tells Pratima that Yuvraaj does not like Suhani, did anything change in one year. Pratima recalls the person with whom she wanted to talk. She then calls Pankaj….

Dadi asks Yuvraaj to forget about Suhani’s anniversary, she was like burden. Pratima asks Anuj to do all arrangements, and she will take Yuvraaj out by excuse.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Oh plz stop ✋ all this and if suhani wants to move on in her life so what’s wrong ??and yuvraj no girl is perfect for you man just leave her alone and their anniversary go the he’ll with that stupid……???

  2. it is sad to see how in indian television the female leads have no self-respect,…

    after everything that yuvraj said to suhani in public,…she’ll still forgive him one day…agreed… he was under a misconception ,…but that doesn’t excuse him for saying such awful things….and suhani forgiving him would just depict that she has zero self respect…..its sad that such a pity li’l character is playing protagonist .

  3. Hope misundestanding will be cleared soon.

  4. Why rohan is creating misunderstanding between suhani and yuvraaj? Now is he happy.

  5. I think I have said this before but can someone push Dadi over the cliff…what a wicked old lady, still competing with the young women. Otherwise, Please let Yuvraaj come to his senses and see Dadi for her true self. If he forgives her again, he is an idiot.

  6. please don’t drag

  7. Suhani is very honest and caring. She needs someone who take care very well and respect her, but not Yuvaraj.

  8. So yuvraj insults suhani and tells her that she should go but gets all teary and sad that she left while looking at the gift
    How selfish and stupid
    He just expects suhani to keeping taking his insults and rudeness and still be with him

    1. Ya I too agree with u he thinks that all the women are hi what àa s cheppals that if he does not want mean leave them what a blo*dy he’ll u r and suhani u r accepting all this nonsense in r life just move on girl…. And it’s the only first good decision you have taken in ur life and if rohan likes suhani and he value her inner beauty so what’s wrong in uniting each other is anybody agree with me????

      1. I agree

    2. Ya I too agree with u he thinks that all the women are hi what àa s cheppals that if he does not want mean leave them what a blo*dy he’ll u r and suhani u r accepting all this nonsense in r life just move on girl…. And it’s the only first good decision you have taken in ur life and if rohan likes suhani and he value her inner beauty so what’s wrong in uniting each other is anybody agree with me?

  9. This yuvraj is disgusting a*sh*le. stupd.he keeps on insulting suhan and that too in stage.he will get angry unnecessarily (remember Marriage CD watching seq), insult a lot and then act. senseless donkey. he thinks himself beautiful, chee..yucky fellow.sud not touch, sud wash hands..haha will he ever consummate if so hygenic.disgusting blo*dy.

    That dadi..shame on woman and elders. feel like slapping her so tight that she roll 100 times whenever she calls suhani LADKI. shameless old b*t*h

  10. Mera bass chale to eshi chandrakala buddhi aur wyo belbuddhi yuvraaz ko juthe se maro aur un dono ko ghar se nikal du…….AND INDIAN SERIALS SHOW NO RESPECTS TO WOMAN…….BULLSHIT….HATE WATCHING THIS KIND OF SERIAL

  11. but i think that it is not even dadi that is the problem
    it is yuvraj this time because he can’t even express his feelings. Why doesn’t he just ask suhani about the papers instead of insulting her.
    he is the one who told her to leave and then he complains that she left on their anniversary. He is such a jerkkkkkkkkk and the worst part is that suhani will forgive him quickly
    if the writers want to make this good, suhani will not forgive him

  12. Hello what happened for today’s episode as it still yet to upload why it’s taking a long time….

  13. Atlast suhani left birlas home
    its not good for loveless relation
    even yuvraj doesnt confess so no use for suhani live birla house
    hell dadi

  14. Current soap operas this soap Opera has dadi is so irritating
    she was dumb

  15. Dadi devil

  16. Ya s today was no writtern update so saad
    iam a great fan of this soap opera

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