Suhani Si Ek Ladki 7th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 7th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saiyyam saying you said you killed Dadi. He sees the spy cam. She says yes, I killed her by fixing bulbs, she is not alive, she died. He says I don’t know. She sees Dadi and screams. She hugs Saiyyam. Dadi gets the cake for her. Lights flicker. Suhani and Bhavna come. Baby says Dadi was there, she is alive. Suhani says calm down. Bhavna says Dadi is no more. Baby says she came here with cake. Suhani asks what cake. Saiyyam says sorry, your sleep got disturbed because of us. He gives the spy cam and asks them to knock before coming next time. Suhani says you are shameless, I m ashamed to call you my son, its good Krishna got separated from you. They go. Baby says what will we do now Saiyyam. He says nothing will happen.

Suhani says this has proof Dadi. Bhavna

and Suhani check. Bhavna says nothing is seen. Suhani says where will it go, I fixed the camera. Baby looks on and thinks how she damaged the camera, now this has nothing, I knew it, there is nothing like ghost. Suhani says I don’t know how did this happen. Dadi says it means I have to wait more. Suhani says fine. Dadi says I won’t let Baby go till I get proof. Lights go. Suhani says did Saiyyam switch off lights. They hear Baby. Bhavna makes Dadi hide. Baby comes there with a candle. She asks what are you two doing in outhouse at night. Bhavna says I was not feeling good, I m missing Sharad. Baby keeps the candle at the table. She asks them to trust Lord. The hot wax falls on Dadi’s hand. Dadi screams and comes out. Lights come. Baby sees Dadi. She asks Dadi you are alive, then why did they lie to me, that final rites, what did they do that drama.

She says I was so broken, just you were my support, why did you do this. Rags comes and says yes Dadi, why don’t you say truth, I told you Suhani’s mental state is not fine after Yuvaan’s death. She signs to them. She says Suhani wanted Baby to fall in your eyes and convinced you. Dadi says yes, Rags is right, what does Suhani want to prove, that Baby is bad. Rags says now Baby gave divorce to Yuvraaj, why are you after her.

Baby says Suhani made you do all this. Dadi says yes, I got trapped in her words. Baby scolds Suhani. She says enough, I will not stay here now, I m going. Dadi stops Baby and says you won’t go leaving this house, Suhani will go, don’t worry, go and rest. Baby goes. Rags says I had to do this drama, else Baby would have known truth. Baby hears them. She thinks I won’t leave you all.

Saiyyam says I will go out and see what’s happening. Krishna says no, I will go. Baby calls him out. Krishna starts acting and begs to Saiyyam to think again. Saiyyam says you are with me, as Yuvaan is not alive. Baby says exactly, how did you fall in love with him suddenly, why do you come in my way, Saiyyam do one thing, leave this room. Krishna says no. He says you are right, I have no interest to be with her, I m packing my bags. Baby asks him to meet in morning. Baby goes.

Suhani says how did Baby agree. Rags says I said that convincingly. Suhani says but Baby is clever, she believed Dadi soon, we should be more careful now. Bhavna says Suhani is right, Baby is always ahead of us. Suhani says how shall we make Baby lose. Dadi says we have to keep an eye on her, we will see what she does.

Saiyyam comes to Krishna and talks. She asks what next after this drama. He asks her to ask straight. She says you will leave me and avoid me again, this was forced relation for you, you will be happy in your life, stop caring for me. He says fine, this marriage was forced for me, what about you, did you happily marry me. She says no, you forced me. He asks why are you complaining me now. She says you forced me to love you, now when I started loving you, you want to go. He asks what did you say. She says nothing, you go, Baby would be waiting. He asks do you love me, how can you love me Krishna. She asks what do you mean.

He says I m a very bad man, I m selfish. She asks selfish and bad? She says you know what you are doing for this family, I want my son to be like you. He says no Krishna, I will be a bad father, if I have a child, I want you to raise him and give values, he should be like you, I want him to go on his mum, not on his dad. She asks do you know what you are saying. He says yes, I know I forced you to marry me, but I m living in fear every day that you will leave me and go, I love you Krishna, more than anything in this world. She smiles. He kisses her forehead and hugs her. Darmiyaan…..plays……….

He wipes her tears. They hold hands and smile. . Its morning, Krishna wakes up in bed and smiles seeing Saiyyam beside her. He wakes up and holds her. He says I did not get so much happy in my life ever. She says me too. Suhani knocks the door. Saiyyam opens the door and says Maa you, and these tickets…. what happened. Suhani says you both are going out for some days, you have gone through much till now. Krishna says I won’t go leaving you. Saiyyam says even I won’t go.

Inspector tells Yuvraaj that Yuvaan did not die by machine, he died 24 hours before that incident. Yuvraaj gets shocked. Baby says I won’t let Suhani go so easily.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. kriyam rocks

    Nah Bruh…..Nooooooooo!!!
    I can’t believe it….that’s all?
    We waited endlessly…begged the cv’s for Kriyam for months now, dreamt up various scenarios between them both…and this is what we get??

    Now don’t get me wrong, I loved the confession scene 😉 …but again- and I’m gonna be honest- I couldn’t ‘FEEL’ anything from Krishna…It was like Sayyam (Karan) put his heart, mind, and soul into this confession…but I didn’t feel the same intensity from Krishna…

    I expected more fire between them, some ACTUAL romance…not just Sayyam kissing Krishna’s hand and consoling her everyday. What they have been doing for episodes now is SUPPORTING each other…and that’s what friends do…so technically…

    We straight-up skipped from level:friendship” to level:”let’s get into bed and do stuff”

    Sayyam’s speech about their future kids (I blushed so hard) was right on point…I wouldn’t change it for the world…but his confession?


    I totally expected Krishna to blurt out suddenly that she loved Sayyam…but not in a million years did I expect Sayyam to react like that. When he pulled her close, I was like: alright, we’re gonna see some intense stuff…but then he just directly confessed…and that’s just NOT-Sayyam….I honestly don’t know what exactly I had expected…but this, my friends, did not cut it…

    But forget…I’m just gonna blame the cv’s and the script writer (somebody please fire those script-writers!!!) and move on…

    But then get this: they both CONSUMMATED…
    I honestly don’t know what to say…because here’s the thing…Sayyam’s dad forced Suhani- and that’s how Sayyam was concieved…so there should’ve AT LEAST been a scene where Sayyam was uncomfortable because he didn’t want to feel like he was taking advantage of Krishna…and Krishna should have convinced him that’s he’s not like his father and that she loves him…but forget it…I have officially lost hope in these cv’s

    1. kriyam rocks

      Romantic Sayyam was just hottttttt… 😉
      The almost kiss was just shocking…I was so close to hyperventilating…then Suhani had to show up…ahhh…mothers….

  2. Nonetheless, this episode had a heady dose of kriyam which helped people regain their mental balance. The (so-called) consummation and the kiss (which obviously couldn’t happen) filled her hearts with glee and pure joy. The romantic side of sayyam was so so good and cute to watch.
    I was literally blushing when sayyam leaned in towards krishna. Disappointed that suhani has to always come at the wrong moment. Couldn’t she come two minutes later?
    Hoping to see a steady increase in kriyam romantic scenes and a greater portrayal of sayyam’s loving nature….

  3. kriyam rocks

    And here’s my conclusion based on the above observation:

    SSEL is ending soon.
    (Wait…I’ll explain…)

    1. Even though Baby acted in front of Dadi again, Dadi STILL believed Suhani
    2. Rags supported Suhani
    This means that there are NO MORE villians in this story, save for baby.

    Also, the cv’s have tied up loose ends:
    1. Yuvraaj and Suhani are together and happy
    2. Kriyam have confessed and have gotten REALLY comfy with each other
    3. Yuvaan is a ghost, so they can end that track by providing some closure between Suhani and
    4. Sayyam is OFFICIALLY a good guy
    4. Yuvani is no longer a valid part of the show, so they won’t worry about her

    Our worst fears came true, the cv’s gave us a Kriyam confession so early only cause they are preparing to end the show soon…not because we requested it…

  4. Laavanya

    The police discover that Yuvan was already dead a day before he was put in the washing machine. Baby plans to have a flower pot fall on Suhani’s head but hurts herself instead.
    Episode – 971
    05:00 PM – 05:30 PM, 09 Apr Set Alert
    More show timings
    A fashion show is organised in the Birla house to help Baby regain her memory. However, Baby is up to no good and plans a wardrobe malfunction for the others. She sabotages everyone’s outfits.
    Episode – 972
    05:00 PM – 05:30 PM, 10 Apr Set Alert
    More show timings
    Suhani learns that the wardrobe malfunction was Baby’s brain child which means she has not really lost her memory. She prepares raisin cake, which Baby is allergic too, hoping to expose her.
    Episode – 973
    05:00 PM – 05:30 PM, 11 Apr Set Alert
    More show timings
    Suhani and Bhawna organise a karaoke night at the Birla residence with the intention of exposing Baby. Baby sabotages Dadi’s performance and Suhani gets emotional singing to Yuvraaj.
    Episode – 974
    05:00 PM – 05:30 PM, 12 Apr Set Alert
    More show timings
    Dadi warns Suhani not to bother Baby anymore and she realises that Dadi may never believe her. Krishna gets pregnant and a ‘jagrata’ is organised at the Birla residence. Dadi makes it known that the c

  5. kriyam rocks

    Now I’m gonna stop my ranting and say that I’ve recategorized Baby and Sayyam:

    Baby is the BADDEST and most CLEVER villian;

    I never expected that plot twist…Baby found out about EVERYTHING…even how Sayyam cheated her: so like any usual villian- she prioritized saving her own life over her love…which is great, cause I’m really glad Kriyam are forever together…(relationship goals! 😉 )

    We should’ve seen it coming though:
    The camera was Suhani’s idea, not Sayyam’s, so it was bound to fail…hehe

    Sayyam is #flawless

    I still expect to see at least some really fiery scenes between Kriyam even though they have already confessed…wink wink

    Kriyam all the way!!!

    Love ya guys 😉

  6. Absolute truth highlighted by @kriyam_rocks. The cvs are just known to rush up things and do illogical things. How can they make THE KRIYAM consummate so soon and then HAVE KIDS????
    The cvs could have shown some romantic moments between kriyam instead of straightaway making them take their marriage to the next level.
    It would be great to see some physical touches and sparks between them, followed by some romantic chemistry and then some biology….
    But now…
    I have seriously lost all hope in the cvs and do not expect any logical thinking from them right now. Can someone just hit the chief editor on the head and make him come to his senses. The cvs and writers need to seriously work to satisfy the viewers’ KRIYYAMASTIC demands and aspirations….

  7. Hafsaaa

    AHHHH KRIYAM CONFESSION ???????❤️ Too early but Krishna’s gonna get pregnant

  8. bt if she knw abt camera then must b knwing abt sayyam plan cz suhani cnt fix camera without knwin sayyam.n why camera on shirt so baby cn delete it?anyway i wil see without my brain cz so early kriyam confession upset me! thinkin to write ff on kriyam story n bet u it wil b better than cvs.

  9. It is coming to the end for this show. Far to quickly. Indiana drama don’t last for to long.

    It is okay for me, because, suhani has proven that don’t marry a guy like yuvraj. Because this is what well happened to you. Thank You CVS.

    I know what I have to do, when I well be in that situation. It is called leave him, as fast as you can. Stand on your own two feet. Because no body is going to be there for you. No body is going to change your story. Sometimes it is best, to be little bit naughty.
    So thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    The reason that I kept on watching is because of kriyyam. So I am going to enjoy them until the end, and I loved them today.

    1. Yes I agree with you (x) we have to thanks the writers, because they have shown what well happen to you, if you stay, with a man like yuvraj.

      You lose your self respect, your children well get separated from you. Your children well die before you, all because he love someone more than you.
      The show is coming to an end. I say learn from it.
      It is your life, your happiness matter. Don’t let men have a say in your life. Don’t let them rule your life. Be strong, always be strong!

  10. Arshi123

    Happy to get KriYam scenes but wtf the spoilers !! So early Krishna pregnant !!!!

    1. Swetha7

      yes Arshi it was a rushed one.but let’s see the bright side.we will see some love and care for his pregnant wife.

      1. Swetha7

        Arshi some think that SSEL going to ens soon…..can you ask karan about it????actually i don’t want to end this too soon.i want more kriyam far they have unnamed they have confessed and ending the serial soon is not fair.

  11. my god i just still in a confusion that they really confessed their love for each other(i luv kriyam)

  12. Love kriyam today it was the best

  13. the kriyaaaaammm moment was amazing…rushed i agree and i was not even paying much attention to it until i heard Krishna say baby boy, next i was checking her stomach hahahahahah
    but it was the best scene
    and loved it……and i don’t think they took marriage to next level….cuz they were fully clothed…they just slept together…so chill guys….and they r going out so many more romantic scenes coming on d way

  14. Nooooooooooo, I hates today’s episode, why did they confesss??!?!?! Nooooooo, I wanted more romance and like. A whole Ryan track I’m so upset! ??????????????

  15. I’m sorry I meant kriyam, but why what was the hurry should have taken time and let them be FRIENDS first like what…… that means no more kriyam that mean I am never gonna watch the show……… who else agrees this was a terrible idea even though it was cute. But only for today noooooooooooooooooo. THats dumb bro.

  16. This show is so stupid. Is Baby related to the producer or something? Why is this show only centred on her. They have made the entire cast secondary to her. They have made everyone else look so stupid whilst she is the only one who is smarter than them. Just end the show already

  17. Damn man the luv confession scene was shitty n unexpected. Well Shivani I gree wid u bu his name is not Saiyyam Birla. He n Babe r not related in anyways 2 the f**king Birlas that is y they r way manipulative n smarter n overachiever then dem. Damn they r so alike y didn’t the writer keep them a couple n ruin the shithead Birlas together, that would be good show worth watching. I Cant wait 2 c them be destroyed especially Oldhag.

  18. Hey guys, can someone tell me why there will be no kriyam scenes for a while and what’s the trouble between Karan and Shrishti?
    Happy that the CV’s at least gave us something which is worth watching even tho they didn’t come close to our expectations??
    And heard from people ssel is ending, any truth?

    1. *expectations!

  19. hi arshi and aarti i am back

  20. farina hossain

    guys do u really think krishna will be pregnant.I mean it will be sayam and krishna’s plan pretending pregnancy to trap baby. what do u think guys?plz share your opinion

  21. so cute kriyam scene loving i am so happy but i think some days no kriyam scene because srishti holiday so sad i think cvs is so fast get krishna pregnant abhi to love story start hui hain abhi only romance dikhay kriyam ka i hate baby jab saiyyam touch her baby man kar raha tha baby ko ghar se nikal du

  22. is this some kind of shit, r u 4 real they r trying 2 fool Babe, gud luck wid dat. anyways the love confession was so lame, the lamest of all, the guy is so tough like a rock that no tears can make him do, but writers u ruined it 4 us. the birlas r damn as hell because they try 2 trick Babe who is million steps a head of them. n this rags is the most dumest shit ever, why can she not ever use her brain, its there but not working.

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