Suhani Si Ek Ladki 7th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 7th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani seeing her dad’s missed calls and crying. Soumya comes to her and asks what happened, why is she upset. Suhani says no, I m fine, tell me, do you have any work. Soumya says I came to ask why was Yuvraaj talking like this, I did not feel good, I will tell him not to talk like this. Suhani says you mean you will tell your to be husband to talk well with his first wife, as I m your friend. Soumya asks why is she complicating things. Suhani says its already such, you like twisted matters and I like simple things, so you are here till now. Dadi calls her and Soumya goes.

Suhani says what was Soumya before and what did she become now. Dadi shows her shopping done for Soumya. Rags gets annoyed. Soumya likes the Indian dress and asks is this for marriage functions.

Dadi says no, its daily wear, you will wear this now. Rags smiles. Soumya asks whats the problem in my clothes. Dadi says Birla bahu does not wear such clothes. Soumya says my clothes are good. Dadi says don’t argue, wear this now. Soumya says fine. Suhani looks on.

She comes to Pratima. Suhani talks to her about sarees and suits to be worn by married woman, its not written anywhere right. Pratima asks why is she asking this. Soumya scolds Rags and says Dadi loves me, so you are jealous and doing cheap things. Rags says yes, I did this, you can stick to Dadi, but I will rule, you are standing here because of me, so stay in your limit. Soumya calls her Ragini. Menka asks what is she saying. Soumya says I m not Suhani, whom you will scare or fool, your plans won’t work on me. She leaves. Menka says yes, Suhani did not get fooled and you are supporting Soumya. Rags say enough of her drama, now wait and watch. She calls Krishna and smiles. Suhani says if Soumya changes clothes, her heart will not change. Pratima says right, but Dadi does not believe so, now Soumya should know that Dadi is not always right. She gets Pankaj’s call and Pratima asks her to talk. Pankaj asks how is she, is she fine, is she still annoyed and angry on him, but he cares for her a lot. She cries.

She says she does not wish to talk to him and ends call. He says fine, don’t talk but its enough that I heard your voice. She gets Krishna’s message and he asks her to come outside and meet him. He asks how is she after Soumya snatched her husband. She confronts him about taking 10 lakhs from Dadi and selling his marriage. He says what is she saying, he does not know anything. Suhani thinks what is the matter, there is something wrong, and messages Yuvraaj to come and talk to her, its something important.

Yuvraaj is with Saurabh and Anuj and gets Suhani’s message. He replies he is coming and Saurabh sees Soumya chatting too. He asks him to go and chat, why is he sitting here. Yuvraaj says thanks and laves. Saurabh gets angry and says I wish Yuvraaj liked Suhani, not this Soumya. Yuvraaj asks Suhani why did she call him. They talk about friendship and he praises her. She says she met Krishna today. Saurabh and Anuj ask Sharad whats going on, what did Yuvraaj plan, tell us, else we will find. Soumya asks for Yuvraaj and goes to terrace. Sharad worries.

Sharad sees Yuvraaj and Suhani and calls them from downstairs, asking them to go, Soumya is calling. Yuvraaj holds Suhani’s hand and hides with her. He keeps her finger on her lips to stop her from saying anything. They get close. Saware……………plays…………..He holds her hand tight and her bangles break. She gets hurt and he stops Suhani. Soumya calls Yuvraaj. Haan mujhe bhi hogaya…………..plays………. Sharad comes and does not let Soumya see them, saying Dadi is calling her, she is missing you. Soumya says fine, but why did Dadi send you to call me.

He says Menka has gone to Goa and Dadi told this to Rags, then she told me and I told you, simple. Soumya says fine fine. She looks around and goes. Sharad asks Yuvraaj where is he, come out. Yuvraaj leaves Suhani and cups her face. He says thank Lord you saved me. Sharad says Saurabh is trying to know about you. Yuvraaj says leave that, and asks Suhani why did she meet Krishna. Suhani says he came to meet me, and tells everything.

Soumya comes to Dadi and sees her sleeping. She says Sharad has fooled me, idiot. Saurabh sees Sharad coming and hides. He sees Sharad signing Yuvraaj to go and then Yuvraaj goes to room and Suhani comes after him. Suhani also goes and Sharad safely makes them go, without getting them in anyone’s eyes. Saurabh thinks.

Dadi asks Soumya will she use Yuvraaj to go against me, and asks her to go and change, then talk to her. Rags smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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