Suhani Si Ek Ladki 6th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 6th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya walking on the ramp. Everyone clap for her. Rags gets angry. Soumya says I m Rags and Menka’s friend. Krishna comes and hugs Soumya. The ladies call Krishna cute and talk to her. They talk that Rags still looks the same, we have maintained but look aunty, but Soumya looks really good, no one can say she has daughter. Sambhav shows the gift for Suhani. Suhani says I will wear it. Sambhav says I will make you wear it. She says no, mummy will make me wear it. Lata makes her wear the gold chain.

Yuvaan and Yuvani think to tease Suhani, as she can’t hear them. Suhani asks them to talk aloud. Yuvraaj says Suhani looks good when she smiles, earthquake comes. Suhani asks him not to joke on her, else she won’t smile. Sambhav thinks okay my love, you will

not smile from today.

Menka talks to the lady about designing cloths and discounts. Dadi comes there and asks Rags to give salary to all servants. She gives cheque book and goes. Rags tells everyone that she is queen of this house, all works are done on own. Soumya gets juice and says yes, Bhavna do all the work, and Dadi sees finance, Rags don’t have much time than paying bills. The ladies say you are wasting life Rags. Rags says I married a rich guy, whats the need for me to work. She sees Krishna coming.

Everyone show Suhani the AV and she gets emotional. Yuvraaj and children make her smile. Rags asks Krishna to serve the snacks and insults her as servant. Menka says she is Soumya’s daughter, our servant and makes Krishna slip. The juice falls on the lady’s dress, and she scolds Krishna. Sharad comes and scold them, saying its wrong to make kids work, Krishna is not a servant, she is Yuvraaj’s daughter, I will tell everything to Yuvraaj and it will be problem for you. Krishna cries. Sharad takes her. Soumya thanks Sharad.

Sambhav says when Suhani’s face gets spoiled, how will she smile. He adds some medicine in the cake and says now your game is over, I did mistake, I should have killed him when I kidnapped him before marriage, he would have not seen you shamelessly. He throws the bottle and lights candle on the cake. He says you are just mine Suhani, you did not understand this.

The ladies say I think the party is over, we should leave now. Menka says no, party did not get over. The lady says I can’t get insulted by Rags, Rags did not change till now and is taking revenge form Soumya. Rags scolds her friend. The lady asks her to go out of house and see how world runs. Rags says shut up, I will open a parlor and run it well, just wait and watch. The ladies leave.

Everyone take pics with Suhani. Sambhav gets the cake. Sambhav says wow, family pic, I will take it. Sambhav says its fine. Yuvraaj says come, we will take a selfie. Sambhav says come, we will cut the cake. The kids get glad. Suhani cuts the cake and everyone clap. Sambhav asks Yuvraaj to make Suhani eat the cake. Yuvaan says no, we will first apply cake on mumma’s face. Sambhav says yes, else this birthday will not get completed. Yuvani asks Yuvraaj to apply cake on Suhani’s face. Pankaj says I will apply face. Yuvraaj stops him and says use spoon, your hands will get bad.

Pankaj asks Yuvraaj to apply the cake. Yuvani says yes hurry up. Yuvraaj gets a spoon and takes cake piece. Suhani stops Yuvraaj and asks why are you applying cake on face. Bhavna says so what, you also trouble me, you have to apply this. Everyone ask Yuvraaj to apply the cake. Suhani asks Yuvraaj how can he do this, when he asks to maintain cleanliness. Yuvraaj says I have to do as they all are saying. Sambhav thinks I also want Yuvraaj to apply cake to you.

Yuvraaj says this mask melted by the cake. Pankaj asks Sambhav what was in this cake, you got it.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Kisi ko kaise marna hai koi aap se seekhe…..good for nothing….really u ppl have no brains….i understand ki aap ko show nahi chalaana hai…..keeping going with ur daragmen…sombhav….main characters..oops..side characters yuvani ko dikhana mat….change the title to “soumya si ek snaky”

  2. Costdbms

    Fedup of shameless sambav and stupid soumya nautanki

  3. whre s d shw running 2 a wrong rt its so boor i hate ds nw

  4. I think rajshri and sahil ko ye show chod kar kisi naye show mein lead pair karna chaiye now ssel has become worst and timewaste show please change the writer and current track unite yuvani asap

  5. whats that Suhani not able to hear… and her acting.. Yuraj become very fat these days… 2 dadis… Rags & menka foolishness.. better remove sambhav frm Serial and give a loop of years and start with 3 kids grown up stories… that might be bit cool.. instead of understandable Kid Krishna now turning against Yuvani… And Etc.,,,,,,,,,,,, r the creative heads are not getting any confusion by the story..?~

  6. Seriously I hate this show and writers why are they giving such dangerous ideas to the public. Why can’t they show something good in this serial. Cvs are u mad

  7. bl***y psyco sambhav… how dare to u spoil our suhani face…. ….
    yuvi ur rocking yar….

  8. I hope he don’t rub the cake on suhani n she refuse to let him do it n let them rub it on the bastard face sambhav

  9. Dear writers, I am from Europe. I understood that one of THE writers is THE husband of Suhani in real life…..after watching this very bad and dramatic episode, i really am wondering if you all have mental problems…..this show is full of abuse, crap and is evil….THE leading persons have now been seperated for so many years becauseeee of evil persons among them, why you dont show that God, our believe will comcurre every evil??? Your show has less vieuwers that is becauseeee THE watchers believe in good not in evil. You are a disgrase to our dharm, for letting evil win almost whole THE time. You could have had THE best show but you are ruining iT constantly by letting evil win and not get punished ….. IT is very sad….i advise you to contact a mental doctor becauseeee your ideas for this show is baard on evil only and not on love…. Dear watchers let these writers never win a price, they dont deserve iT….in no way

  10. y u all take so mch stress. Cvs thori n aapki sunenge. I watch 1 time n den read Wu fr sum dys. nothing gud 2 c, den y waste time. Aaplok worst hi expect karo in ghatiya logon se, ya hamesha tnsion aur disappoint honge. Chheee, par ke bi ganda lagta hai.

  11. Hallo guyz
    Tired of watching ds. Nonsens
    Fr Holland

  12. pls make it more interesting plssssss…, its boring…

  13. its boring yaar

  14. Not only is it boring…it’s pathetic and story makes no sense! Sambhav was with Suhani last 6 yrs and was fine! He cud of tried to marry her then…but all of a sudden he becomes evil! Wow

  15. too much! Sambhav loves Suhani, but is only harming her!
    And how does he get all these medicines? And why are the writers giving these HORRIBLE ideas to the common man who watching the show?

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