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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 6th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi saying Yuvraaj did such a big sacrifice for us, for our family business. She says Pankaj’s truth is out, I will not leave him, he has threatened my Yuvraaj to marry Suhani, it means he threatened the entire Birla family. She gets angry. Suhani is about to knock the door and Yuvraaj stops her. She says she wanted to exchange the phone with Rags. Yuvraaj sends her saying he will take his phone. Dadi says give the phone back to Yuvraaj, I will teach a lesson to Suhani, as she has schemed this with her dad to become our bahu. Yuvraaj comes in and Dadi feels proud of him. He asks Rags to give her phone. She makes it fall and says sorry. Menka says his phone also break. Rags says sorry, you keep my phone. Yuvraaj says no, I will take something else.


says I want this phone to transfer data. Dadi says I don’t want to compromise for anything, you will get what you deserve, I will get it. Yuvraaj thanks her and says I will wait for it. He leaves. Dadi asks for Suhani as she has to kick her out now. Krishna comes to Soumya’s café and sees her. She gets Suhani’s call and can’t take it.

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Krishna scolds Soumya for being in the café to attract the customers. The manager scolds Krishna and asks Soumya who is this goon. Krishna says I m her husband, we are good family people. The manager says I can see it, you are making your wife work. Krishna gets angry and Soumya stops him. She gets Suhani’s call again and it gets received. Suhani hears Soumya and Krishna fighting. Soumya says she is earning and want to run their house, if he stops her, and misbehaves, then its bad. Krishna throws the chair. Soumya says stop it. The manager asks Soumya not to come from tomorrow and fires her. She cries. Suhani gets restless and thinks to go and see what Krishna did. Krishna drags Soumya from the café. Suhani runs out.

Rags and Menka ask Dadi not to spare Suhani today as she has cheated us. Dadi asks Pratima where is Suhani. Dadi says call her, find her. Rags and Menka smile. Dadi comes to Suhani’s room and does not find her. Menka sees Suhani leaving and says Dadi is calling you, wait. Suhani says she is getting late and leaves. Dadi sees her and says where did she go. Soumya tells Krishna’s mum that she lost the job because of Krishna. She scolds Krishna. Krishna says she does not like her work. Soumya asks whats wrong in this.

Rakhi says don’t talk to him like this. Soumya says you did not say this when I gifted you. Krishna taunts her and Soumya says she is trying to grow her useless husband and family. Krishna says leave the job, we always managed even when you were not here. Soumya cries and asks will you talk like this to your wife. He says then stop doing this. She says just shut up Krishna. Krishna’s mum scolds Soumya as she has lost the job. Soumya says you did not see manners when you got AC and TV. She says I regarded you daughter. Soumya says don’t lie, you regard me bank to get money.

Krishna asks her to talk well with his mum, I was better a bachelor than marrying you. She says I left my home and parents for you, and even my friend Suhani, and you are saying this, it would have been good if I agreed to my mum to marry in good house where I did not need to earn. He asks is she regretting. She says she is feeling bad, as he does not respect her. She says Yuvraaj is better, he hates Suhani and now after marriage, he is treating her like princess. Soumya calls Krishna useless. Krishna raises his hand on Soumya and Suhani holds his hand. He says leave my hand, she is my wife. Suhani says yes, she is your wife, not a doormat to use and throw anytime.

Krishna says who are you to stop me. Suhani says she is my friend. Suhani says she will call police if he hurts Soumya. Dadi tells Menka let Suhani come, I will not leave her, and the way Suhani and Prankaj cheated Yuvraaj, no one should know this. Menka asks why. Dadi says do what I m saying. Pratima asks what did Suahni do now. Dadi asks her to go and not show her face. Pratima leaves. Rags says she has a thought, Soumya run away and married Krishna, is Suhani behind this, did she make Soumya run so that she becomes the bahu. Dadi says yes, this is possible.

Soumya asks how is she here. Suhani says its good I came here and she did not like Krishna ever, he did not deserve Soumya, even then she chose her, as she felt love can change you, you can get angry but you love her and she can spend her life with your love, what did you give her, a bad life. Krishna says you don’t talk in our matter. Suhani says why not, she is my friend and sister, how dare you insult Soumya in café and raising hand on her now. Suhani says I called Soumya and it connected and she heard their fight. Suhani scolds Krishna’s mum to think about having a daughter, if this happens with Rakhi, will she be quiet. She says no, Rakhi is not like Soumya, she is very good.

She says Soumya does not have values, we will beat her to make her right. Suhani says touch her and show. Krishna’s mum says am I mad to do it infront of you, you will be here to protect her, you go and then I will show Soumya. Suhani says if you do this mistake, I will send you to jail for domestic violence. Pratima asks Ramesh did Yuvraaj come back. He says no, what happened. Pratima is tensed. The door bell rings. Dadi opens the door and sees Suhani with tears in her eyes.

Suhani tells Yuvraaj that Krishna does not love her and even raised hand on her. He gets angry and says what did she think Krishna will love her…..

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