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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 6th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani apologizing to Yuvraaj. He says you are punishing me. She asks why will I. Soumya tells Sambhav that Dadi wanted a beautiful bride for Yuvraaj, she hates Suhani, you know it in two days, I m feeling bad for Suhani, so I wanted her to leave, but I can’t tell her. He asks why, you are childhood friend.

She says now our relation got complicated, I want Suhani to leave by her wish, till she is here, she needs someone. He says I m here, I will not go leaving Suhani and Yuvaan, even if Yuvraaj does not like it, Yuvaan will be close to me. She says Dadi can’t see Yuvraaj worried, he is her fav grandson, today Yuvraaj got hurt, Dadi will take revenge, she can go to any extent.

Dadi calls someone. Rags smiles. Dadi says I did what you said, now be careful,

plan should not fail. Rags says I hope so, we have no option than to try, we have to try to kick out Suhani, else it will be wrong with Soumya, Yuvraaj was more happier before Suhani came back. Dadi agrees and says we will not let the plan flop.

Yuvraaj congratulates Suhani for succeeding, I was very hurt, now I won’t be quiet. She says I did not say Yuvaan to call Sambhav his dad, when I asked him why he said that, he said he feels bad when anyone asks him about his dad, he can’t answer anyone, he wanted a cool Papa, he likes you a lot, he knows he can’t make you Papa, so he called Sambhav as his Papa.

He says I m his dad. She says I could not tell him, even you did not tell Yuvani, we both have our own reasons, I don’t like to play this bad game, if you can’t understand this, then its good Yuvaan does not know you are his dad. He says I knew it, I will tell Yuvaan now. She says we both want to tell our children, but not by disturbing their sleep now. He says you don’t know how much it hurts when your child calls someone else his father. She says I know it well, it hurts, we will tell truth to children tomorrow. He goes.

Its morning, Yuvraaj tells Soumya that they have to cancel that order, Suhani told me everything, I don’t have to confuse Yuvaan. She says fine, as you wish. He goes. Rags stops Soumya and asks her not to spoil the plan. Yuvaan tells Suhani that I don’t want to go there, that I don’t know who is my Papa. She says no, family does not laugh. He says uncle will feel I m big loser. She says no, uncle told he does not feel so. He asks really. She says yes. He asks her to make him ready soon, then I will go to meet uncle. Krishna and Yuvani come and tease Yuvaan seeing him changing clothes. He runs. Sambhav takes their pics. He says I m clicking pic of this fun. Yuvani says its because of us, else there would be no fun. He says if I show such pics with double fun, then. She says this can’t happen. He says making impossible possible is my work. She bets and asks him to get icecream for her. He says done.

A man comes from Birla company and greets Dadi. He gives her the creams and fairness products. Soumya asks Suhani to come. Suhani refuses and says I m fine here. Soumya says come with me, we will spend time with kids, if you say truth to Yuvani, she may not need me. Suhani says you will have right on Yuvani more than me. Soumya hugs Suhani and thinks Krishna has more right on this house than Yuvaan. Sambhav clicks pics of Dadi and shows the pics. Yuvani says you are good photographer. He says thanks, I m born with this talent. Dadi asks everyone to go. Sambhav says go to Dadi, I will show pics later. Dadi tells Pratima that I have to gift everyone. Menka says its good you are giving us makeup products. Suhani says Yuvani is young, she should not use the creams, it has chemicals, Soumya why do you allow Yuvani to use this. Dadi says I wish you used the creams, Yuvani would not need this then, Yuvani is my granddaughter, you can’t interfere. Sambhav says how can you say this, Yuvani is a kid. Dadi says this is my personal matter, I can’t bear anyone’s interference. Sambhav says then we don’t need to hear you, come Suhani. Rags says now Sambhav is convinced that Suhani should not stay here.

Sambhav and Suhani leave. A man comes to give delivery for Yuvraaj. Suhani signs and takes it. She says Soumya, maybe Yuvraaj ordered this bed. Soumya says yes, he ordered customized bed to surprise Yuvaan. Suhani asks why. Dadi asks why is she surprised. Maid says Yuvaan and Golu went out with Yuvraaj. Suhani says tell Yuvraaj this is not needed. Soumya says how can I tell him. Dadi says its needed, Yuvaan will stay here. Pratima says we will talk later. Suhani and Sambhav leave.

Yuvraaj says Soumya I told you to cancel the order. She says I cancelled, don’t know how it came. Yuvraaj asks Dadi not to say anything, Suhani wanted to tell Yuvaan, so I took Yuvaan out, you spoiled everything Dadi, this is all because of you, you did this 6 years ago, now I will handle everything, you don’t know if children know from somewhere else, how would they feel. Pratima says I understand, go and talk to Suhani, then we will think what to do. Yuvraaj says yes, I have to clarify. Krishna says I m not getting Yuvani. They all worry.

Yuvaan goes to Suhani and says Yuvraaj bought a bed for me, can we take this to Lucknow. She hugs him. Everyone look for Yuvani. She says Suhani may have taken Yuvani with her. Rags says if Dadi did not take Yuvani, Suhani would have taken her too. Yuvraaj comes to them and asks Suhani about Yuvani. She asks what are you saying, where is she. He says I don’t know where is Yuvani. Yuvaan says I was with uncle, I don’t know. Everyone come there. Dadi says check here, Yuvani can’t go anywhere. Suhani asks what do you want to say. Sambhav asks what happened, and shows Yuvani. Yuvraaj worries and asks where were you Yuvani. Yuvani says I went to have icecream with uncle. Yuvraaj asks Saurabh to take kids. Saurabh takes kids and leaves.

Yuvraaj asks whom did you ask to take Yuvani out. Sambhav says you did not ask Suhani before making bed for Yuvaan. Yuvraaj says I m his dad. Sambhav says Suhani is Yuvani’s mum. Yuvraaj says you are not Suhani. Sambhav says Yuvani went by her wish, whats the problem when she is back, they can’t be away from Yuvani for 2 hours and want to make Yuvaan away from Suhani, I wanted to prove this point. Yuvraaj angrily pushes Sambhav down. They all get shocked.

Yuvraaj scolds Sambhav. Suhani asks Yuvraaj to be in his limits, no need to get afraid of Sambhav.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Awsm precap…waiting for tom epi

  2. shame on ur part yuvraaj….suhani sambhav luv u bt

  3. Sambhav u are the best in SSEL.

  4. wow!!!!! suhani rockzzz in precap… waiting for next epiiiii

  5. I hate the part where soumya thinks while hugging suhani that Krishna has more rights in the home than yuvan like please Krishna isn’t even the real granddaughter of birla house. So technically Krishna is an outsider and u aren’t even married to yuvraj legally!!!!

    1. yes u r right sana….. soumya and krishna doesn’t have any right as krishna is not their grand daughter and soumya is not their daughter in law

  6. I want SuBhav to get married!!!

  7. Sambav is grt.He really cares 4 suhani.

    1. I don’t know why everyone in SSEL hates the hero and behind the villian. It’s true that sambhav loves suhani, but it can’t be justified. The good part was that sambhav’s presence will make yuvi realise his love 4 suhani

      1. Njan yuvrajinu against alla.yuvraj aanu SSEL nte hero.athukondu enthalayum yuvaani reunion undakkum.yuvraj short tempered aanu.kandille innu enganaya behave cheythennu.Yuvraj soumyayum dadiyeyum blindly vishwasikkunnu, suhani parayunnath onnum kelkatum illa.yuvraajinu suhaniye ishtamaanu pakshe yuvi orikkalum avale support cheyarilla.even BH aarum support cheyunilla.ippum at least sambav engilum suhaniye support cheyunnudalo.that’s why I like him more than yuvraj.sambav Ella problems um confusionsum theerkum ennanu enikku thonnunath. Chilappum avan thanne aayirikkum yuvani reunion karanam aavuka..

  8. blo*dy BIRLA greedy selfish creature Yuvraj.. He can forgive his Dadi for hiding Gauri n declaring her dead. But he develops Hatred towards Suhani for unknowingly hiring Sajan.

    Rascal Yuvraj he has his family with him ..krishna n yuvani as children and soumya as wife and still wants Yuvvan

    Moron how does he expect Suhani to who now does not have a family , her father is not willing to speak to her and now he expects her lo leave Yuvan. Idiot of first Order.

    Atleast have some respect towards Suhani as a woman..if not as his wife.

    Its better Suhani marries Samvhav rather than losing her selfrespect everyday in Birla house.

    Atleast when she is out that hell Birla she could etablish her own business and could stand on her feet.

    Else in BIRLA house her work was just to cook n do all house work and bear all the blo*dy birlas insult.

  9. boring epi…….

  10. Why is Suhani apologizing to Yuvraj for. Why is Suhani is so weak. The writers is making Suhani weak everyday since she back at the Birlas house.
    Suhani should just walk out with her son. This is disgusting!
    Suhani and sambhav should get married.

  11. Sambav plz take suhani from this hell!!
    arrogant cheap old dadi, jealous rags and menka, insensitive father package, the so called best friend and dumb husband….that’s what she got here…. suhani always deserved better than yuvraj -_-

    1. Lol I meant pankaj

  12. yuvraj u not a single sense to think about suhani’s side .. he is tooo selfish …. i think sambhav was much much better than yuvi… cz he supports her lot… and luvs her lot…

    and yuvaan wants a good father lyk sambhav not yuvi.. cz he is soo arrogent and selfish too..

    sambhav give it good lesson the bleedy birla family as sowmya toooo.

    all pupils are suffering oly suhani frm the begining..

    i dnt knw yuvani are reuinting r not
    but yuvi realise suhani was not in him life and still he suffer him luv was missing

    1. I totally agree with u ash.sambav has got a much better character than yuvraj..he really cares for yuvaan & suhani.hope he will solve all the problems & confusions…

      1. yes rose.. even am thinking the same but.. yuvi realise about suhani was missing..

  13. As always you guys are blaming Yuvraj…. I think the writer has well describe Yuvraj as one rich guy is in real life.. That’s the problem with the rich people..They love something but they will never say..Infact they will show that they don’t care and hate it.. I understand it..Even the rich people know that they are like this but for some are very difficult to change and show their love towards something… Guys showing nafrat towards something is much more easy than showing love towards the same thing…. So guys stop blaming Yuvraj

    1. Why are Rich? O:-)

    2. I feel the same way!It’s not technically his fault! It’s his ego… He is inlove with suhani, but can’t control his anger! its very unfortunate becos I LOVE YUVANI! and now all the fans are turning agaisnt it bcos of this so called ego and anger problems of Yuv…. Yuvraaj is also scared in telling Suhani he lloves her bcos he isnt only doing for yuvaan but his love of his life- suhani

    3. Well said ruby! I totally agree with you there!

    4. lol, its not about being rich or poor, its about a person’s character/personality cos im pretty sure some not to rich people might be having the same character flaws

    5. yes ruby I agree with u, we shouldn’t blame yuvi as he doesn’t know how to express his feelings before suhani

    6. we all knw that he loves Suhani… the prblm is that he never accepts his mistake…he never regretted for marrying Soumya and making her Yuvani’s mum,he never regretted for not searching Suhani after she left the house…..evn nw,wen yuvan called sambav as his papa,yuvraj didn’t think of suhani’s pain…nt even for a sec…he want evryone to dance according to him….,………

    7. He lied to yuvani and made sounya her mum….this act can never be justified.,..he should hv waited for suhani

    8. ruby I agree with u yuvraj luvs suhani but cannot express his feelings he always depends on someone else’s advice or he expects suhani to take the initiatives but that’s his nature his character it has nothing to do with being rich . Do we hv to expect him doing wrong things just bcoz he is rich & take the liberty to insult the poor? Ha richness say ahankar ho sakta hai. ..If u justify yuvrajs richness fr his doings then none of us should blame dadi, rags, Soumya, menka they will all be in the same category. …which means suhani is bound to be insulted, thrown out of the house fr being frm a poor fmly.

      1. you are very correct sushma, why accept bad behaviour just because thats how the person is so others should overlook and just take the person as he is. wrong is wrong theres no justification for it and there shouldn’t be. stop making excuses for ill mannered people. Some people find it difficult to express their emotions but they arent mean about it either.

  14. I think suhani should tell yuvaan the truth n then leave with sambhav n her son n get out of the birla house for good

  15. Guys send email to starplus and tell them to show some promos of Ssel here is the email ID [email protected]
    Go for it and show them our fan power

  16. suhani was happy for six years without the birlas she is not dependant on them for anything she is an independant individual she needs to move on yuvraj is already remarried and she needs to get away from him as fast as she can if he wants to keep yuvani no problem she has her son and she must take her son back with her there are rules when people are divorce they both will have visitation rights of the children dont stay somewhere where she is not loved from the inception no one loved her there let yuvan know that yuvraj is his dad dont hide it from him so when he leaves he will know yuvraj is his dad and i am sure he will want to stay with his mom cause thats the only parent he ever knows will broach on this subject later i have to go study now

    1. But technically Yuv hasn’t remarried he has always hesitated to put that sindoor on Somu’s forehead. Like I said it’s his ego…. He is madly in love with Suhani, like i remember Pramita saying that he was depressed when suhani left and was helpless, he never associated wit the family since… And it isnt a legal marriage… So it’s kind of hard to say who is the outsider… Somu and Krishna or Suhani and Yvaan…

  17. Wow.. never associated with the why did he not go find Suhani..he must know how his dadi has treated Suhani and also hid his why did he easily believe his dadi??He also told Pankaj half truth.Sorry but dumraj has not right to scold Suhani…dummy thinking about his feelings but what about Suhani’s feeling when her dtr call soumya mum…Come yuvraj really taking the piss..always about yourself..bringing in Suhani’sbest friend into his bedroom atleast Suhani hasn’t towed down to his level…So many people in birla house who could have looked after Yuvani..why was soumya needed??I failed to see any logic and yes the writers are degrading yuvraj and making Suhani weak…WHY???? A woman has self respect and so Suhani should walk away from this insulting birlas .

  18. Actualy… Yuvraj is Mentaly Torchrng suhani… Y can’t he undrstnd suhaniz pain? Yuvraj felt d same feelng which suhani is feelng when yuvani calng sowmya her mother… So can’t he evn thnk ths smal thng? Instead he s blamng suhani for al dhz… How dare he… I love Sambhav… And i want yuvraj to kw d pain suhani gng through… He doesnt care for suhani… Bt sambhav… He s realy osm… He care for suhani, he lov suhani… Evn if suhani sambhav marriage hapnz in SSEL i’l b happy. I hate u Yuvraj… Precap was osm… Waitng for tomrwz episode

  19. Suhani’s character is potrayed as an idiotic imbecile woman. No matter how much you love your ex but you should not degrade yourself. Why would Suhani apologize for the same thing that was done to her. She was supposed to say to Yuvraj ‘ I am glad we are in the same boat, the way you are feeling about Yuvaan calling Sambhav his dad is the same way I feel when my daughter calls Soumya mum. So now we understand each other’s feelings because they are the same ‘ She must also tell him good luck dealing with how you feel as I am way ahead of you in dealing with that pain. A woman who can start a company and run it is being treated like gabbage and tolerating it. They are portraying Suhani’s character as a woman with no self respect. Yuvraj now knows he has a son she must leave and let him make an initiative if he wants a relationship with Yuvaan.

    1. Exactly

  20. suhani ko dafaa ho jaane ko yuvraj ne kaha. apni pregnant biwi ko gusse mein dhutkara, chalo, par delivery ka sun ke uske paas nahi jaa sakta tha? agar suhani bachi ko chhor ke gayi bhi hoti, to the jaante ki usse bacche kitne pyaare the, woh bas gussa ho gaya? postpartum depression mein aurtein kya kya karti hai. ek baar usne suhani ko dhunda? bas, bahana Mila, soumya me saath SHANTI SE rehne ka. kitni baar uski dadi NE kaand kiye, unpe kyu nahi barasta hai? sach yeh hai ki yuvraj suhani ko apne barabar samajhta hi nahi. bully hai, bas uspe dum dikhata rahta hai.
    suhani ko chale jaana chahiye. chhoro bekaar behen, Jo yuvraj ka paksh leti hai. birla house as ke sharad aur bhavna chehon jaise jee huzoori karte hain. sambhav ke saath ya akele, suhani ko yuvaan ko le ke jaana chahiye aur in logon ko aisa sabak sikhae ki phir se yuvaan ko chheen lene ka soche bhi nahi.

  21. Guys Yuvraj has lost his sister..Ofcourse he would be in a shock and angry..Every brother loves their sis a lot and sometimes more than their wife

    1. S ruby yuvraj had lost his sister & his reaction was not wrong but it’s equally true that he cannot control his anger he crosses all the limits without even realising the opposite persons feelings. …that was not the 1st time he reacted like that suhani has faced his anger several times but this time even she felt guilty &very well knew she can’t convince him fr his loss. Even after the delivery if she had returned back home he would hv thrown her out fr sure. Suhani didn’t do anything intentionally . Suhani believed saajan without knowing his bad intentions, but soumya knew about her husbands illegal work it was he who brought the bomb though unintentionally &all the mishap happened then how will u justify yuvraj where on 1 hand he punished suhani &on the other married the culprits wife .

  22. Today’s epi I felt yuvrajs panicking was right. Every parent will be restless if their child goes missing whether it’s fr mins or hrs or days Sambhavs intentions were not bad but he took a wrong move.
    When Dadi &rags were saying suhani is responsible for taking away yuvani with her fr a moment I thought yuvraj was convinced by them &doubted suhani &immediately ran to her it’s always pratima &sharadh who hv trusted suhani.

  23. Ruby, tell me, who again introduced Gauri in bh. Everyone knew that Gauri is no more.If suhani doesn’t bring her….then …?? Yuvraj dadi ko kaise iske liye maaf kar sakta ki janbujh kar kiya gaya tha….i hope yuvraj ko apna anger control karke sochana chahiye…..pleazzzzz……writer achha likye.track par vapas aao….

  24. I think y yuvraj marry Somya because he think cause of suhani her husband dead and he needing someone to look after yuvani and rags and Menka wouldn’t have and dadi and pratima is old and now that she is back he’s angry because he can’t tell yuvaan that he’s his father and suhani can’t tell yuvani that she her mom cause u can’t just tell a kid the woman she know as her mom is not and he still blame her for gauri and leaves get yuvani cause that’s what dadi told him and Somya is just selfish

  25. #UniteYuvani is now #UniteSubhav

    After looking at the current track i strongly feel that Suhani should just leave the Birla house with Yuvan and Sambhav.

    The most valuable thing in a relation is trust and respect and then comes love. Yuvraj never trusted or respected Suhani. So there never was any love! So i think it is better to part ways because even after all this they unite will Suhani be trusted and respected by Yuvraj and his family – NO. Then there is no point continuing this relation – Yuvraj and Suhani should seperate. I know it is not good for the kids. But Yuvani already has a step mother and father. Yuvan has Suhani and she is enough for him. Suhani can chose to remain single or get married to Sambhav (who respects her a lot).

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