Suhani Si Ek Ladki 6th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 6th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani playing the audio file by Dada ji. Dadi stops them and says she does not wish any outsider to hear this. Soumya leaves with Krishna. Dada ji says if they found this tape, it means the person who got this deserves to be his heir. He tells about his inspiration, by Dadi and the first gift given to her. Dadi leaves. Yuvraaj says we should find her, and Suhani says no, this can hurt her, we will think on our own. Suhani and everyone sit thinking, and asks what did Dadi used to make that smelled good. Pratima says its kheer Dada ji used to like it a lot and Dadi used to make special one, adding something in it. Suhani asks her to recall was it. Pratima says Jasmine essence.

Yuvraaj says what would Dada ji give Dadi as the gift. Saurabh says I used to have allergy

with rose, which Dada ji used to gift Dadi daily. Pratima says I don’t remember. Yuvraaj says we will try, else I will talk to Dadi. Suhani makes the cream and adds the formula items. She says its smelling good. She applies it on her hand and says some irritation is less, what can be the other thing. She asks Ramesh to add milk in it. Yuvraaj says this is the last ingredient.

Yuvraaj applies the cream to her hand. She says there is no medicine better than love, there is no friendship pure than loyalty. She cries and says Pratima that cream is made, they succeeded, they got Dada ji’s formula. They all hug. Dadi and Rags look on. Menka hugs Suhani and calls her a genius. Dadi says she will ruin her and gets angry on Suhani. Soumya says congrats and talks to Yuvraaj. Dadi goes to Krishna an fills his ears against them, saying they still have something between them. Krishna says now I should leave, you all enjoy, I m getting call from home.

He tells Suhani to give raw material list, he will get items tomorrow. Suhani says its in office. Krishna says I will get it. Krishna and Soumya come home. He asks where did the money go from the wallet. She says don’t worry, it will be at home. Radhe has that money and plays with his friends. Krishna asks whats happening. Radhe says he has stolen money from his purse in morning and doubled it now. Krishna gets angry and asks Lalita why don’t Radhe and Rakhi go, will he stay here always. Soumya says we have to send them back.

Suhani gets Yuvraaj’s message and looks around to see him, as he writes the message asking her what is she thinking sitting alone. He replies that when she shares her thoughts, everyone thinks she is giving lecture. He writes you are right, when the business issues solve, then he will get lecturer job for her. She smiles. They chat and she turns and cries. In faanslon ka…………… plays……………. They look at each other.

Its morning, Yuvraaj gets angry as Sharad did not tell him that he has earned 1 lakh by writing jokes and he has told Suhani. They argue. Saurabh looks for money and asks where did it go, I have keep it here in drawer. Suhani says no one came to office since we got the formula. Rags says Krishna has come here. Suhani says he came to take list. Rags says he is the thief. Krishna comes with Soumya and asks what are they saying.

He says he did not do any theft, I work here and I will never do such cheap thing. Suhani asks Rags not to blame anyone. Rags says he has come here. Krishna says I came to take my purse. Suhani says don’t explain anything, I believe you. Dadi says even formula can be stolen. Suhani says she has the formula. Dadi says I will keep it, its my husband’s hardwork. Suhani says I was managing finance, so it was my responsibility, I should give formula back to you.

Dadi and Menka smile. Rags sees them and thinks is this their plan. Suhani says we will find the money together. Soumya tells Suhani that Krishna can’t do this, trust me. Suhani says I know, and asks her to go home with him. They leave. Everyone discuss where did the money go. Suhani says don’t worry, we will find it. She worries.

Suhani says everything will be lost if they don’t get money. Yuvraaj says they can turn this into a victory and shows her the CCTV.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. so bore

    1. Hai suchi apdi irrukinga nalla irukingala vacations Allan enjoy panningala okay ? bye ? suchi and marakkaama reply pannunga

      1. sry aparna
        ‘A’ va miss pannitan
        antha cmnt la

  2. Really it’s become verry borrring

  3. Only bullshit!! Stop this nonsense serial. This show must go off air. Hate this bullshit what they are showing. Ugly dadi and ragini.

  4. bs kro ab business ka mamla it is becoming bore…..

  5. Let this serial go off air soon!!!

  6. very booooooring

  7. nice epi. i hope ki dadi ne suhani ki talent samajthi hai aur yeh story ko jalthi se katham karoongi… we want yuvaani scenes…. pls………….

  8. We want YuvAni scene only. YuvAni look HOT together. Its time for some romance. Yuvraj should realize his feelings and Dadi should die 😀

  9. Stupid stuffs

  10. Oh god what a boring episode very very boring over dragging the serial and what nonsense we all know that dadi steel the ?. So why all this drama r u thinking ? that viewers r fool no we didn’t what a blo*dy serial……..????

  11. sry nega ninaikura suchi na ila .i am suchitra @ aprna

    1. Its ok parava illai ninga Tiruppur thaana suchitra

    2. Naan nenaithan neenga andha suchi eenu I’m really sorry for that mistake ok ??

  12. Boring

  13. Boring serial.very bad.when they will remove this serial.

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