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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 6th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvani and Krishna asking Suhani for help. Suhani asks why. Yuvani says we are asking you because you made the lanterns well last time. Suhani agrees. Menka tells Rakhi that she had many savings and wanted to spend. Rakhi asks Menka about her delivery, in which hospital was her son born. Menka asks why shall I tell you. Rags comes and scolds Menka. She says I came following you, you should have given your son to me, I would have managed him. Menka says Rakhi and Radhe need money, so I left him here. Rags says give them money and come. Menka gives money and leaves with Rags. Rags asks Menka about Rakhi losing her baby.

Radhe gets some call and asks what, do you really know about our lost child. Rakhi smiles. Suhani makes the Chinese lanterns and asks Yuvani to always

keep this in her remembrance. Yuvani asks why, you will be here too, you have to marry Papa. Krishna says yes, you both should be together. Suhani says no, I can’t marry Yuvraaj. The girls run away. Yuvraaj comes and says I will explain Yuvani, you tell Yuvaan that we are not marryi9ng. Suhani leaves.

Bhavna asks Dadi will this happen what we are thinking. Dadi says this marriage is imp for this family’s good. Bhavna says you always disliked Suhani. Dadi says I have to bend for my grandchildren. Dadi talks to the kids. She tells them to win this round. Yuvani says I never lose and will win this round. Krishna says last time when we made that lamp, Suhani made that well, I think she does not like Yuvraaj. Dadi says you all are losers, if you want to win, I have an idea.

Soumya talks to Yuvraaj and says I did not believe you, that Suhani’s coming back is bad, we were happy before, our house had peace, everything got ruined since Suhani came. He asks did you understand my anger now. She says yes, I think Suhani wants everything back which she left. Yuvaan comes there.

Krishna asks Suhani are you finding your fav star, I really like you, so I got surprise for you. Yuvani asks shall we fly this lantern together. Suhani recalls Yuvraaj and agrees. She flies the lantern and asks who wrote mumma. Yuvani says I wrote this, as you are my mumma. Suhani hugs her and cries. Yuvani says you are my real mumma, so you should marry my real Papa. Yuvaan asks Yuvraaj can how I keep your basketball Papa. Yuvraaj gets touched hearing Papa from Yuvaan. Yuvaan says I will miss you Papa, but Yuvani will remind you of me, whenever you miss me, kiss this ball. Yuvraaj hugs him and smiles.

Suhani goes to Dadi. She says I m ready for marriage, Yuvani called me for the first time. Dadi says I know, our lives changed in 6 years, I m glad that you took this decision for your children’s happiness. Yuvraaj comes and tells Dadi that he is ready to marry Suhani just for Yuvaan, he called me dad. Suhani says Yuvani called me mumma. Yuvraaj says I need to talk to you Suhani, come. They leave. Dadi smiles.

Sharad and Bhavna take care of Dadi. They say kids agreed. Dadi says I also worked hard. Sharad says kids have to understand whats good for us. Bhavna says I m worried for Soumya. Dadi says go and call her, I will manage. Yuvraaj tells Suhani that I can’t bear you, I know you have interest in Sambhav. She says I m not your servant, talk with manners, or don’t talk. He says I m marrying for kids. She says I don’t know why I married you. Dadi tells Soumya not to worry for Krishna. Soumya thanks her. Bhavna tells Soumya that Suhani and I will support you. Soumya says thanks, I felt Yuhani does not need me. Dadi goes to rest.

Yuvraaj says yes, I feel the same, you came in my life forcibly, even today its happening same. Suhani argues. Dadi smiles seeing them arguing and says its happening as I thought. Yuvaan asks Sambhav not to go. Sambhav says I have to go. Yuvaan asks Suhani to stop Sambhav. She sends Yuvaan. Sambhav says I won’t listen. She says I came to say sorry. Yuvraaj says sorry Soumya, I can do anything for Yuvaan. Soumya asks him shall I go then. He says no. she asks by what right shall I stop. Yuvaan comes and asks Yuvraaj to stop Sambhav. Dadi, Sharad and Bhavna stop Sambhav. Everyone come. Soumya says Krishna and I should also leave. Daid says I m eldest and I will decide, Krishna is my granddaughter, Soumya won’t go, and even Sambhav won’t go. Sambhav asks by what right shall I stay. Yuvaan asks Sambhav will he become his Papa. Sambhav says no, Yuvraaj is your Papa and Suhani is marrying him, so I can just be your friend. Suhani asks Yuvaan to let Sambhav leave. Yuvraaj asks Sambhav to stay, Yuvaan will feel good. Dadi says we will do kangan rasam tomorrow, I got special bangles for Suhani, its worth 5 lakhs. She asks Yuvraaj to keep bangles safe, this rasam will be done tomorrow.

Dadi gives gifts to all the kids and says you all won the second round. Yuvani says if Papa marries Suhani, my mumma will not be my mumma. Yuvaan says I want to make Sambhav my dad and does not want to play this game. Dadi says fine, and tales back all gifts. She says you guys lost this game. Bhavna comes. Dadi tells Bhavna what kids are saying. Yuvani says we won a round, why can’t we keep this. Dadi says its linked gift. Bhavna explains the kids that Dadi gave you three sets to play together and make a house. The kids say we don’t want to get separated. Bhavna says let Yuvraaj and Suhani marry. The kids agree. Bhavna thanks Dadi. Dadi says I took this decision for this house’s good.

Yuvraaj opens the door and Suhani falls over him. They argue. She says I won’t do this rasam. He says fine, go and tell this to Dadi, she is ill already. Bhavna says leave it Suhani, its just a bangle rasam.

Yuvraaj asks Suhani what did she do. Suhani asks what. He tells Dadi that Suhani has stolen that bangle.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. thooran muttunnee..ayyooo

    1. HA HA ha ha!!!

  2. kis tarah ka aadmi hei yuvraj suhani ke bhurai kar rahi hei wo bhi us chudal ke sath milkar.Is he have anu shame?Now am sure yuvraj didnt love suhani ever.Thankfully ek baath samaj mein aa chuki mujhe that dadi is trying to seperate them by brinhing them closer.Thats good idea.I am feeling sab kar kar dadi suhani ki madad kar rehi hei yuvi ko bhoolne mein.Aur misunderstanding paida karo unke beech thabhi suhani samjega yuvraj was not a good choice for her.

  3. I actually can’t believer they are writing a script like this for Yuvraaj. It makes him look so bad. From knowing Suhani before, how can he think so low of her. It would make any woman feel disgust. I don’t understand how they keep blaming Suhani for the explosion. Krishna was doing illegal activity that is why a bomb was in the house, Dadi hired Barbie that is why she was in the house, hence the reason for her brother to come get revenge after she got locked up. The writers’ logic need some working on. I know it doesn’t matter what I say but I needed to say it!!!

  4. Kaise pathi hai yuvraj us chudal soumya ke saath milkar meri suhanu ka bhurai kar reha hai.Hate him more.koi pathi yyvi jise na hona chahiye.
    i think new dadi trying to seperate yuvani aftr bringing them closer.Then only they will feel pain.Actualky i want this.Then only suhani feel ki yuvraj was most wrost choice in her life.plz suhani understand he is not uit for pyar na hai yaar.

  5. ^^ Sharmi I totally agree with you!! Glad u actually said all of that because it’s so true!

  6. I agree with sharmi .yuraj’s character become worst.He know suhani better then anyone.before loving eachother they were good friend.but today i felt very bad that yuvraj suhani ke bare mein soumya seye sab discuss kar raha hai….stupid……bakwas… ab kuchh dekhne ke liye nahi bacha…….

  7. I think dadi will help yuvraj n suhani come back together n also think menka son is rakhi son

  8. Ya..De track is going on worse..dadi is not trying to unite yuvraj n suhani..Instead she is trying to separate dem forever dat too by using De kids..dadi wants to separate yuvan from suhani n make him live in Birla house. Yuvrajs character has become disgusting..daDi had created situations dat both yuvraj n suhani doesn’t want to get married…writer’s please windup dis stupid track n please show sum thing Wich vil make viewers happy

  9. So harsh to suhani

  10. Please and please can somebody tell me what’s happening with this serial too much dragging

  11. Everyone has becomes such dummies in this serial…what crap they are now writting.Dumraj always ready to fight..doesn’t hear the full story and continuse to blame suhani…and why is suhani still there to be insulted …have some self respect and go with your son…its become a circus…plz stop it ..enough is enough…grow up the lot of you!!

  12. Sahil Mehta is shit

  13. Sahil poi paniyeduthu jeevikkada..

    1. Shilpa-Saraj

      Sreee.. Sahiline veruthe kuttam parayathe… Wat can he do.. He is jast acting according to the script…. Pakshe itgellam kandittu enikku yuvrajine kollan Ulla deshyam undu

      1. TV’kkakathu Kayari kollu..

  14. dadi will make yuvi realize his love for suhani..
    bt i don’t want dat
    yuv is a dumb??

  15. Yuvraj is such a jerk. ….He has completely lost it. .talking about suhani to soumya &agreeing to whatever shit soumya is saying, he is just stooping to a very cheap character . Suhani has stood behind soumya in all the crucial times inspite of realising that, Soumya talking bad about suhani is disgusting. Dadi’s motives r really very suspicious she can either unite them or separate them for ever. ….The only positivity is that dadi is taking help from sharadh &bhavana not from rags &menka.

    1. Yea Sushma,,,U r rite,,,,

  16. yes he is dumraj oly….. aftr knowning the truth abt goons he behaving lyk the same way to suhani…
    … yuvi u r totally disgusting always.. and
    suhani !u have self respect means u go with u son.. cz u r bestie was main culprit to spilt ur husband…

  17. It’s absolutely a photocopy of yhm

  18. Hi everyone I saw this serial after a long time I hope this script writer lost his mind if they want serial to run they can drag but need to maintain ethics. I saw precap that yuvraj blames Suhani for stealing bangles this is really ridiculous. I think we need to stop seeing such serials if they can’t plot good in it. Suhani been such a nice person how can yuvraj blame her I can’t believe this. Once this serial used to be my favourite but now I decided to stop watching this.

  19. Sambhav should patch up with soumya..sambhav is a nice guy . Yuvraaj is so annnoying..dadi did good today…averege episode

  20. WTF is happening here!!!!

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