Suhani Si Ek Ladki 6th July 2015 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 6th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rakhi giving food to Radhe. He gets happy seeing the parathas festival ad. He reads he will get free stay in five star hotel. Rakhi asks him not to go, else he will be seen. Suhani tells Yuvraaj that Radhe will come there for sure. Sharad says we should leave now. Yuvraaj says her smile got less, so he has passed his smile to him. She says he looks good with Sadu face and he smiles. He wishes her best of luck. She leaves. Lalita looks for the necklace. Menka asks what is she finding. Lalita says nothing. Menka says don’t lie. Lalita says she lost her locket. Menka asks which one, I have just seen this chain in your neck. Lalita says I will find it and asks her to go.

Dadi calls Rohan and asks him when will he come, its court hearing tomorrow. He says I will come,

don’t worry, nothing will happen to Yuvraaj. He says fine. Soumya asks Lalita what is she finding. Lalita says she will find it. Rakhi comes back and goes to Krishna. Soumya thinks to inform Suhani. Rakhi says she is going to make parathas for Radhe and asks him to manage, else Radhe will go in paratha competition. Krishna says I have to talk to Radhe. Suhani and Sharad wait for Radhe. He asks does she think Radhe will come. He says he will come, we will take his pic. He says yes, don’t worry.

Yuvraaj hopes Radhe comes to participate in competition. Krishna calls Radhe and says why is he not taking my call, did he go in competition, I will ask Rakhi where is he happening. The competition event starts. Radhe comes in disguise and bumps into Suhani. Suhani says sorry and does not see him. Krishna asks Rakhi about competition. She says its today only and says the place. Krishna says it means it would have been started. Sharad says Radhe did not come till now. She says we will see in list.

Krishna sees Anuj and his friends outside from the window. Suhani says Radhe’s name is not here. He says Chulbul Pandey name and shows her. Suhani says it means this filmi name is Radhe, and he would come here in filmi dress. Radhe starts eating in the competition. Suhani and Sharad try to find him. She sees Radhe and shows Sharad. Radhe’s moustache and beard is getting removed by his fast eating. Radhe is announced the winner. His phone falls.

Sharad and Suhani see him and take his pics and video. Sharad says why don’t we drag him. She says we can lose him, he can run, if Krishna knows we know he is alive, he will do something. Krishna calls Radhe and asks him to return. Radhe leaves from there and Suhani does not take pics on time. Suhani and Sharad run to find him. She falls and Sharad goes back to her. She sees her hand hurt and she cries as they could not get right proof.

Krishna beats Radhe and scolds him. Radhe says no one has seen me. Krishna says you don’t know Suhani, if she saw you, you can go to jail. Suhani checks the pics she took and says Radhe’s face is not clear in this. She zooms and checks. Sharad says leave it, we could not get good pic. Dadi says Rohan will save Yuvraaj, he is coming tomorrow and knows lawyer well. Rags says he does not know about the case. Dadi says he would have known it already, welcome him well tomorrow. Suhani comes home sad.

Suhani tells Soumya that she could not catch Radhe and any proof. Krishna calls Soumya and says they will meet directly in court tomorrow and ends call. Suhani cries and goes to her room. Sharad tells everything to Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj says its not Suhani’s mistake, tell her not to feel bad. He gets sad thinking.

Rohan’s entry is shown. He talks to police and says he is responsible Indian citizen and talks to inspector questioning him the legal way. Suhani and Sharad look on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I hope they will not drag Radhe’s drama and if they will again bad comments and TRPs down.I just don’t know why everytime ehen they have a good story they drag it.:@

  2. I hope they will not drag Radhe’s drama and if they will again bad comments and TRPs down.I just don’t know why everytime when they have a good story they drag it.

    1. you are a mad fellow dont know the meaning of drama blo*dy rascal

      1. rumasia those are for you

    2. hi will u marry me?????

      1. me and marrying you

  3. Ohh a new characters entry that’s quite interesting…….

  4. hi!……rumaisa. you seem nice to me and u shut up vidya b*t*h. rumaisa will you marry me????

    1. blo*dy fool

  5. What is this this is not a matrimonial site yaar stop this nonsense here

    1. tujhy bohat masla hai?

  6. i thought Krishna just wanted to teach Dadi a lesson and helped Suhani/Yuvraaj. I didn’t realize he has tuned in a complete villian

    1. why are u guys so obssesed with this drama?????

  7. Krishna n Radhe is about to get caught villains don’t hide for long

  8. Need more improvement

  9. The track must change soon….with suhani nd yuvraj moments…

  10. So stupid story.. without postmortem how can police file case?
    Police didnt take the body and arrested yuvraaj?
    so dumb story..
    and every1 r watching it..
    stupid fellows..
    i really want to slap the writer.. must have a little bit of basic knowledge

    1. dont say that they knew what they are doing

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