Suhani Si Ek Ladki 6th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 6th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani telling Dadi about the mirror. She says we have to check all mirrors of this house, we know Yuvraaj is close to us. Dadi agrees. Suhani says we have to do this work by not getting in Sambhav’s sight. Sambhav orders his goon to move something. Saiyyam comes and gives him medicines. Sambhav thanks him. Saiyyam says I saw some kinners at the main gate, they said someone called them here, who called them. Sambhav says Suhani called them.

Dadi and Suhani check all mirrors. Sambhav says Suhani called them here to insult me, the kinners asked money from me, Suhani burnt her bridal dress to show me down. Saiyyam stares at him and leaves. He sees Dadi and Suhani talking. They see Saiyyam. Dadi asks what are you doing here. Saiyyam says I have no interest to hear

you talk, I heard about kinners and burnt bridal dress. Suhani says leave it, you won’t believe me. He goes. Suhani goes to get Dadi’s medicines. Dadi says what can be the clue about mirror, if Sambhav told Suhani about mirror and Yuvraaj then…

Suhani sees the mirror in Dadi’s room and says how could i forget checking my room’s mirror. Dadi checks the mirror by keeping finger at it, and says there is distance between my finger and its reflection, it means its not real, someone can see from the other side. She checks for some passgae key. She sees a button at the side and presses it. The mirror moves. Dadi gets shocked seeing Yuvraaj inside. She shouts Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj sees Dadi and smiles. Suhani is on the way to her room. Dadi goes to Yuvraaj. He says afterall you have found me. Dadi says yes, I found you. She hugs Yuvraaj. The mirror wall closes. Dadi says you were in Suhani’s room since many days and we could not find you. He says yes, how did you know.

She says Suhani recalled Sambhav’s words and had a doubt about mirror, I hope she will get the clue I left for her, when I came inside, I left my necklace near the mirror wall, I hope Suhani gets the necklace and she will find way to this passage. He says I hope so. She says don’t worry, she is Suhani, she is not weak, she will not lose soon. He smiles. She says don’t laugh, I will call Suhani. She turns and sees the mirror back. Suhani checks mirror and says its normal mirror. Dadi shouts to Suhani. Suhani goes. Dadi says Yuvraaj, it got locked. Yuvraaj says this door just opens from the room’s interior side. Suhani looks for Dadi. She comes back near mirror. Dadi calls her out. Dadi and Yuvraaj start coughing. Dadi goes to free Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj and Dadi faint. Suhani says Yuvraaj, I thought I will find you, but I could not, I lost again. Sambhav comes to Dadi and Yuvraaj, covering his nose. He sees them unconscious. Suhani looks for Dadi again.

Sambhav gives house papers to Saiyyam and says its your house, its not big, I bought this by my savings, I had to go to registrar office for registry, but I can’t go as my hand is burnt, I told them you will come, will you go. Saiyyam says yes. Sambhav says do this work, then we both will go and see that house. Saiyyam gets a doubt and goes. Sambhav smiles. Saiyyam checks papers. Krishna collides with him and papers fall. Saiyyam stares at her. She says sorry, and picks papers. She says its new house papers on your name. Saiyyam says yes, you crushed my happiness with feet, like Suhani does. She says even you taunt without saying sorry, like your dad. She goes.

Dadi gets conscious and finds herself tied to the chair. She calls out Yuvraaj. He also gets conscious and coughs. He says maybe it was the gas Sambhav used to make us faint, it means Sambhav knows you are here. Suhani comes to room and thinks where could Dadi go. Dadi sees Suhani and asks her to think where she can go. Suhani sees Dadi’s necklace near the mirror. She says it means Dadi came here…..She picks necklace. Sambhav comes there and says you did not fall so low that you need to be on ground. She taunts him and says I was checking my wound. He asks her to show. She says get away, I don’t need your help.

She hides the necklace. Sambhav asks what is she hiding from him. Dadi and Yuvraaj see and hear them. Suhani keeps necklace in cupboard and argues. He holds her hand and asks what shall I do that your anger and hatred get low. She says nothing, the cheap thing you did with me, this anger will not get low for 7 births, I will be just of my Yuvraaj, I will do anything to find him. He says you have cross my dead body to get Yuvraaj. She says I will kill you again and not leave any hope of survival for you. He says fine and drags her. He says I will kill myself and make your work easier, but forget about Yuvraaj and Dadi. She asks what, Dadi? He slits his wrist. She takes knife from his hand and asks what did you do, are you mad. He says you wanted to kill me, let me die, if anything happens to me, my people will not leave you. Everyone come and get shocked seeing Sambhav’s bleeding, and knife in Suhani’s hand. Baby asks Suhani do you want to kill Sambhav. Yuvaan asks her to shut up. Sambhav says no, I m killing myself. Sharad says then die. Suhani says no, he can’t die. Sambhav says let me die, Yuvraaj and Dadi’s secret will not be out. Suhani says we will not know of them. Sambhav asks what will Saiyyam do knowing I gave my life for your happiness. He falls down. Suhani asks Sharad to call doctor and get aid. Suhani holds Sambhav. Sambhav says Suhani you will always lose to me.

Suhani sings pal bhar thehr jao….. and cries. Sambhav dines and smiles. Suhani goes to the mirror and holds it.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. so boring sambhav ki turture to sehn hi nahi hoti o my god kitna pagal hain apne hand ki nas hi katli suhani ko pareshan karne ke liye please stoped this track

  2. hey friends maine kahata na sahil mehta not quit serial

  3. please story change karo i miss kriyam

  4. Nice episode interesting.

  5. Love you suhani

  6. kya aaj yuvraaj ko dikhaya maine w update m read kiya hatsoff suhani ki sambhav ke jaal m puri tareeke se fasi h fir v use warning dene se peeche nhi hatati suhani ka bs chale to sambhav ke 4 piece karke rakh de after 6 & 20 years leap suhani bhut gussa karne lagi h pahle suhani kabhi gussa nahi karti thi but I like her anger

  7. yeyyy… yuvaraj is back! very very happy… sambhav shud have died today. am glad tat sayyam doubts sambhav.. pl cvs, close tis sambhav chapter..

  8. very happy toi spoilers say tat sambhav is going to get arrested.. s finish his chap n show some developments bw suhani n saiyyam.. its much needed now..

  9. sarita sharma

    krishna saiyam ki jodi devar bhabhi ke jaisi lagti h saiyam bacche jaisa lagta h or krishna bhut badi lagti h krishna ka face or voice acchi h krishna yuvaan se v badi lagti wo yuvraaj ke saath acchi lagegi but unka relation alag h saiyam yuvaani bro sis h nahi to dono ki jodi hoti to bhut acchi hoti baise dono bro sis ki jodi m v acche lagte ab krishna saiyam ki marriage ho gai h to dheere dheere jodi ban hi jayegi sorry kriyam fans lekin m ye bhut dino se kahna chahati thi avi saving nhi ki h nhi to starting m to krishna bhut badi lagti thi

    1. Mystery

      But in real life Krishna is 19 yes old n saiyyam aka karan is 25

  10. I’m fed up with with this shambhav’s drama plz end and show kriyam’s part

  11. Krishna s much elder to Saiyyam ryt….??? she,Yuvan nd Yuvani are of same age bt Saiyyam s very much younger to them…..

  12. Simply dragging without any development in d storyline..frankly speaking alekh is a gr8 actor i can say…i dont like sambhav character but alekh acting is fabulous…as @somi said d other day…suhani should lose her weight..give her nice clothes and makeup cvs..anyways the story is not abt soorat and seerat anymore.. y to show her like this…instead of dragging use d other characters and make some sense..we had enough of sambhav…want YUVANI and SAISU scenes

    1. Ya, alekh acha actor hai. Aajkal dekha nhi, pr saw leap se pehle. I tink he return only cos Sahil took long leave. Rajshri luk so nice in offscreen insta photos, but even before dey make her luk less nice onscreen, y?

    2. I know @bhargavi… But when I said this, some1 was saying we should not speak about the person is fat…. N all… But the fact is she was so thin in the starting of ssel… She became too fat now….even krishna is also fatty…. I like yuvani, poulomi, divjot, menka… They r maintaining their body structure… But today yuvraj is back… Hope, they will show some positive

      1. Agree with u both…just to make her look like a mother they r asking her to become fat i guess….krishna is equivalent to suhani….even im happy that yuvraj is back

  13. Neethu

    I thought atleast today suhani would find out about Yuvraj. But this Sambhav knows how to tackle every situation. Can anybody even outsmart this guy.. In further episodes sambhav may even read others mind and get to know about their plans.. hadd hoti hai yaar. Suhani ko aur kitne torture karega ye? agar ye jail bhi jaata hai to kya patha ki vo kal vaapas aaye? Pls don’t drag it and worsen the track further.. We’re totally fed up now..

    1. Yaar, samjha karo aap. It will drag until Sahil return properly. How dey can find Yuvraj wen Sahil is shooting sumwer else? Aur cvs to hai hi akal ke kum. Basr baar same nonsense.

  14. I do’nt agree you Sarita sharma you are wrong kriyam is best jodi

    1. I agree with you! Kriyam is best and the right Jodi.

      Krishna needs to appreciate saiyyam worth. If Krishna was with yuvaan, it would have been the same old things as suhani and yuvraj.
      Yuvaan wanted Baby, he wouldn’t have care if his sister, boro Dadi, and Rag. Did all the plotting, against Krishna. Oh don’t worry it is going to start all over again with suhani.
      Knowing suhani she would have told Krishna to bare it, because suhani had to.
      If Krishna married yuvaan, it would be yes yuvaan, ok yuvaan, and as you wish yuvaan. Just like suhani is with yuvraj. People saying things like why is suhani is cry, where is the strong suhani. The problem with suhani is yuvraj, always was and always well be. But I have giving up on suhani. She has become a lost cause.

      At least with Krishna, there is hope, the way Krishna can stand up to saiyyam, and also Krishna can speak to saiyyam.
      Krishna would not have the guts to stand and speak to yuvaan. Because of Dadi, yuvani, Rag , and suhani. Yes suhani, for suhani, yuvaan is her favourite child. At the end of the day suhani is a mother in law.
      You might say what about saiyyam. Well it easy, saiyyam is the boy, that suhani abandoned. Suhani no feeling for saiyyam. That is why she is on Krishna side. But if Krishna married yuvaan. Suhani would have be on yuvaan side.

  15. I agree with you neha

  16. sarita sharma

    I knew it that u don’t agree bcs u r kriyam fans but fact is that kriyam ki jodi devar bhabhi ki jodi h krishna sirf yuvraaj ke saath theek lagegi barna saiyam yuvaan dono ke saath badi lagti h saiyam baccha lagta h uske saamne saiyam ke liye to koi cute si girl lani chahiye thi cvs ko

    1. @ sarita.
      There is love in saiyyam eyes for Krishna. The problem is Krishna still has feelings for Yuvaan.
      That well love for yuvaan well die soon.
      I don’t know when.

      Saiyyam is better than yuvaan. Saiyyam show that he is bad, but he has a good heart. You well watch, when he saves Dadi and yuvraj.

      Yuvaan, show that he is good, but there is darkness in yuvaan heart.
      Knowing suhani, she well blame baby, for this. But actually yuvaan is bad!

      Age doesn’t matter In marriage, because I am 8yrs older than my husband. We are very happy

      1. Is nt necessary ki aap ka har experience kisi aur me reflect ho. U hv ur view, others hv dere view.

    2. Mystery

      I think Krishna is very very beautiful….no one can take shristi’s aka krishna’s place

      1. She didn’t say that Krishna is not beautiful

    3. Rockstr sorry to u r a little rude..da girl playing krishna is abt 20 years old..nd she doesnt luk old according to me…yuvraj cud be in his late 20s or probably early 30s..nd saying dat she luks gud with him is pretty offending,sayyams too thin,nd dt makes him luk quite young..nt younger dan krishna though…nd she luks younger dan yuvan fr obvious reasons…i knw its ur personal opinion…bt b4 commenting,u ought to think abt it twice…to c if u r offending sum1..

      1. Sahil Mehta is 28 only,,,there is nthng offending in that…Sahil is good looking too

    4. I agree wid u. I nver found Krishna match for Saiyyam. Age chodo, personality nhi hai. Aur ye sochen ki agar Suhani ki original personality ka itna kabara banaya to cvs kriyam ka kya karenge. I find kriyam artificial romance. Saiyyam ko koi takkar ki ladki chahiye. No offense to krishna actor, uska fault nhi hai, cvs ne character ko hi dheela banaya hai. Dheela matlab weak not bad.

  17. mo aap itne hyper kyu ho jaate ho yaar aap cheeje pahle se hi asume kar lete ho let c what happens oné more thing ssel makers apna show run kar rahe h y don’t we fight

  18. sarita sharma

    I also agree age doesn’t matter aapne kaha yuvaan ke liye krishna ka pyar end ho jayega nhi writer kar denge bcs kriyam happens if kriyaan happens ti yuvaan ko v krishna se pyar ho jata like yuvraaj ko suhani se ho gaya aapki suhani yuvraaj se koi personally ranjish h kya jo aap apne har comment mě unke baare m galat kahne se peeche nhi hatati yaar serial h itna stress mat lo end m sab sortout ho jayega so lets enjoy ssel oné more thing i said kriyam is not husband wife they r like devar bhabhi or maine ye healthwise kaha tha u misunderstood mě

  19. sarita sharma

    yaar bura lagne waali koi baat nhi h krishna healthwise yuvaan saiyam dono se badi lagti h or yuvraaj ki health acchi h isliye m baar baar yuvraaj ka name mention kar rhi hu i know real m shrasti karan se sáhli se young h

  20. Syedul

    Krishna and Sayyam look mad good

  21. Why krishna is angry with suhani

  22. vanshi krishna suhani se isliye naraj hain kyoki usne saiyyam ke sath uski shadi fiks kar di thi krishna yuvaan se shadi karna chati thi kyoki wo yuvaan se pyar karti thi aur yuvaan aur krishna ki shadi ho bhi rahi thi lekin saiyyam ne yuvraj ki damki dekar suhani se kaha main krishna se shadi karna chata ho na chakar bhi suhani ko krishna saiyyam ki shadi ke liye manna pada shadi ke doran suhani krishna saiyyam ki shadi rokne bhi gai par jab tak unki shadi ho chuki thi isliye

  23. i agree to mo mystery rockstr and syedul krishna is very beautidul than baby she is perfect of saiyyam

    1. No need to compare Baby and Krishna both are beautiful in their own ways,,,and the person above didn’t mean that Krishna is not beautiful

  24. vanshi par krishna ko yeh malum nahi tha ki yuvan usse pyar nahi karta hain wo baby se pyar karta hain aur yuvan yeh shadi only apni maa ke maare kar raha tha kyoki yuvan apni maa ko sabse jyada chata hain he is lovely son of her mother

  25. Krishna was so big when Suhani came to live with Yuvaan in Birla house.. then how come the writers have got Saiyyam married to Krishna…

    1. No one is asking the writers… why did saiyyam n krishna marry when saiyyam is supposed to be much younger to krishna…..

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