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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 6th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pankaj being taken away by police. He cries and his family tries to stop police. They see come crowd blocking the way. The people ask whats happening, is this any dowry case. Rags and Menka come to see drama. Rags tells them that she is ashamed to think. She asks Menka to tell it. Menka tells the ladies that uncle has misbehaved with Gauri. The man says she is like kid. The lady calls Pankaj a devil. The crowd get angry and beat Pankaj.

Krishna and Radhe try to stop them. The people throw stones on them. Police tries to calm the crowd. Rags and Menka smile. Pankaj gets hit and his head bleeds. Krishna and Pankaj’s family gets shocked. Bhavna hugs Lata and cries. The lady says we should throw some soil on them. The people throw black color on Pankaj, and Suhani

comes in between. Suhani says my dad did not do anything, its just a misunderstanding. Dadi comes and says its not any misunderstanding. Yuvraaj asks Aditya to take Gauri to room. Aditya takes her.

Tough time for Suhani in SSEL

Dadi says Suhani is lying, her dad did all this. She scolds Suhani, this black color should be on your family, you all are same. She asks inspector to take Pankaj. Suhani, Soumya and Bhavna cry.

Bhavna asks Lata to have water, and hugs her. Sharad says I m sure uncle can’t do this, why is Gauri saying this. Suhani comes and they get shocked seeing her face blackened. Bhavna asks how did this happen and hugs her. Soumya says this happened wrong with uncle, Gauri would not be lying, who did this with her. Suhani says I will bring that culprit out. Krishna tells something to Radhe. He says Soumya, we should leave now. Soumya asks can’t we stay for some time. Suhani says no Soumya, you go home. Krishna, Soumya and Radhe leave. Sharad and Bhavna take Lata to drop her home. Suhani cries.

Suhani cleans her face and goes to see Gauri. She cries. Yuvraaj sees Suhani and comes to her. She hugs him. She asks why is this happening. He says everything will be fine. She says I will go police station. He says I will come with you, Dadi is here with Gauri. She says you be here with Gauri.

Pankaj removes his rings. Inspector sends him in lockup. Suhani stops him and says inspector, I want to talk to my dad for 2 mins. He allows her. Suhani cries and says I understand what you are going through now. I know you can’t do anything wrong with anyone. She says I promise I will bring the culprit out. She leaves.

Dadi comes and asks Aditya about Gauri. He says Gauri is better, she is sleeping. She says I will not leave that man who did wrong with her. He says sorry, as my family did this. She says its not your mistake. He says I can’t take Gauri home, if Gauri and I stay here for few days then.. Dadi says yes, I won’t let you both go.

Suhani tells Bhavna that she went to meet Pankaj, he is fine. Bhavna cries. Suhani asks her not to worry. Dadi argues with Suhani and says Pankaj’s crime will be proved in court. Aditya says I will support truth. Menka tells Rags that big drama will happen now. Rags says its good and entertaining. Aditya says Gauri and I will stay in this house till court decision is taken. Yuvraaj asks Dadi to listen, he knows wrong happened with Gauri, we can’t do this with Pankaj ji. Its big crime to punish innocent man, don’t file case, once we find culprit, we will punish him.

Dadi says we will surely file the case, I will not leave Pankaj. Aditya says yes, he is my Mausa ji, but he did a cheap thing. Suhani says fine Dadi, my decision is I will leave this house, I promise till I prove my dad innocent, I will not come back. Yuvraaj gets shocked.

Yuvraaj hears some sound and goes to check. A lady runs in burqa.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Good Suhani. Don’t ever come back to birla house. Let yuvraj, gauri, dadi, rags and menka fall in well and die. But don’t go back to their house. They would suffer. And let aditya b in birla house. They all will die fighting for the stupid property. Just leave them.

  2. Suhani love u , I agree with u rekha she should never come back to birla house and sharad and bhavna should join suhani and that stupid yuvarj should cry because of loosing suhani and she should say that she is not suhani yuvraj birla she is suhani pankaj shivasthav the whole family should beg to suhani and her family . they whole family should try to make suhani and yuvraj together

    1. u r correct

  3. Good decision suhani

  4. very good decision

  5. Wow Suhani what a great move. …..Luv u lots. …
    Felt like slapping Dadi for her comments ,&shame on Aditya, rags &menka they r disgusting.
    Really appreciate krishna &family inspite of so much humiliation they stood by suhani. .I wish Rohan comes for their rescue.

    1. There is something hidden between krishna and radhey….i can feel it…

  6. good decision suhani

  7. Yeaa..thats it ..its all Adhi’s plan,,,Suhani made a good decision,,

  8. Idk why indian drama think they could just use other religion’s cultural clothing for evil or sly deeds

  9. I also wish rohan come back.and then it will be big beat for yuvi

  10. I like how Dadi is ready to punish someone for a crime not proven yet. Whereas her herself should be jailed for kidnapping and holding Gauri captive for 15 or more years of her life…jeezzzwhezzz…directors get a brain…

  11. Very good suhani leave n don’t ever go back there u been insulted enough

  12. That is so true Dadi doesn’t get punished at all I seriously think the director need to review after he has don’t the shooting but then again this is afterall indian serial say no more .

  13. S that stupid dadi, rags and menka won’t be punished ever. wt is this director doing. gd step suhani. don’t ever come back.

  14. Gud decision suhani..

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