Suhani Si Ek Ladki 6th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 6th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Baby colliding with Suhani. Her packet falls. She picks her stuff and goes. Suhani picks something. Baby comes to room and thinks thank God Suhani did not see anything. She asks Yuvaan to get up and do something of her mother, as he is troubled with her. Baby gets a knife and thinks Suhani always come in my way. Someone is seen sleeping. Baby enters Suhani’s room. Suhani switches on the lights and sees Baby with the knife in hand. Suhani asks what were you doing, you came to kill me.

Yuvaan comes and says yes, she came to kill you, I told her to do this. Suhani and Baby get shocked. Yuvaan says I have to kill you now Maa, as you know the truth now. He gets a knife. He stabs Suhani. Baby gets shocked.

Suhani sees she is fine. Yuvaan laughs showing the

fake knife. He says its a toy, even this one which Baby has. Suhani asks what’s all this. Yuvaan says I thought to make you laugh by this prank, I told this will not work, but Baby said it will work, it will be fun. He asks Baby to come. Suhani says wait, what’s this tiger nail doing with you. Yuvaan says I thought to scare you as tiger, its costume nail, sleep now, good night. They leave.

Yuvaan and Baby come to their room. He shuts the door. She asks him to listen. He slaps her hard. She falls on the bed. She asks how dare you. He asks how dare you think to kill my mum. She says what shall I do, no one respects you in this house, just Dadi used to support you, everyone thinks of Saiyyam. He asks did you do this for me. She cries and says yes. He asks what good did you do by giving me these medicines every day, tell me.

He recalls Baby giving him medicines. He hides the medicines under the bed. He says I understood the medicines are responsible, but you were trying to make me do murder by giving me medicines. She says yes, none would tell you anything, if I did this, they would have regarded me wrong.

He says no, you are much fallen, you did not think before taking anyone’s life. She says I love you, I can’t see anyone insulting you, so I did all this. He says you gave me medicines and made me do wrong work. She says you are ill, its imp to give these medicines as your stomach has drugs, what will you do if Suhani knows, what can I do if you are getting hallucinations by these medicines, I did everything for you. He says you will be leaving from here tomorrow morning. Suhani comes and asks why. Baby wipes her tears.

Yuvaan says Baby wants to go home, she does not have ticket charges and does not want to go away, I booked her ticket, she should go. Suhani says yes, Baby its your phone, have this, you forgot in your room. She goes. Yuvaan asks Baby to shut up. He shuts the door. He says I m going to sleep, and switches off lights.

Suhani worries. Yuvraaj sees her sitting alone. She says many things changed and we could not do anything. He asks what happened, I know its not about Dadi. She says I think Yuvaan and Baby have some problem, they were fighting and changed words seeing me, we should talk to them. He says no, its their live and marriage, we should not interfere, maybe they don’t want to share anything with us. She says Yuvaan married Baby by his wish. He says yes, he will feel guilty knowing you know about their fight. Krishna comes. Suhani asks did you not sleep. Krishna says I m going to keep glass in kitchen, I made haldi milk for Saiyyam. Yuvraaj says this situation is also because of us, you talk to Yuvaan in morning, I will talk to Krishna.

Its morning, Baby pack her bags and thinks why is spineless Yuvaan trying to be good now. She asks him not to make her leave. He asks her to leave, I can’t tell this to Suhani to create more problems, go now. She says Saiyyam was better than you. Suhani comes there. She asks Yuvaan why are you not going to drop Baby. He says I m not fine, driver will drop her. Baby goes.

Suhani asks shall I call doctor. He says no, I will get fine by rest. She says when Yuvraaj and I fought, we used to fight a lot as we were very different, we had courage to make wrong as right, we all fight, but we can solve it, if we run away, misunderstandings will increase.

Krishna sees Saiyyam’s shirt. Yuvraaj comes and asks what happened. She says nothing, I was folding clothes. He asks how. She asks why did you get this saree. He says Dadi asked for her saree, I have never folded clothes. Krishna helps him. He says I know your marriage did not happen by your wish, Saiyyam is a difficult man, I think few things settled now, what do you want to do. She asks what do you mean. He says if you are happy with him, you can stay, else…. She says no, I m fine. He asks sure. She says yes, he is not a bad man. He says but he is not a good man either. He explains her and shares his experience with her to help her out. He cares for Krishna and thinks what will be her decision.

Krishna says I like you Saiyyam. Yuvaan hears this and gives a last chance to Baby, asking her to come back. Suhani asks Baby to think well if she is serious about the relation.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. A.Tejaswi

    Wow.Thanks for the fast update Amena.Today’s episode was awesome.I appreciate yuvaan a lot for realising the evilness of baby at least now.Loved YUVANI describing their love…..It was a blockbuster.But foolish yuvani calls that cunning baby back.They have a plan to separate kriyyam. Let’s see what’s gonna happen.

  2. Arshi123

    I haven’t watched the episode, what does the precap mean???
    Yuvaan gets to know that Krishna likes Sayyam ??? Then I’m suppeeeerrrrr happppy ??
    So, what about the spoilers. I’m not understanding what’s gonna happen…..

    Hello Kriyyamites & YuvAnians …..

    1. Laavanya

      In precap, Krishna was standing opp side of Yuvaan, she said Saiyyam I Love U, later on Yuvaan call Baby n said u hv to do something for me.
      And for spoilers, maybe Yuvaan prepares card in which he may write how much Krishna still loves Yuvaan, n that card will purposely reach to Saiyyam hand.

      1. Laavanya

        Sorry, she said Saiyyam I Like u.

  3. Arey yaar,….no kriyam scene???

    1. Thestarkfromhogwarts

      But at least we’ve got Baby out of the picture

    2. but there was an indirect kriyam scene…we’ll probably get kriyam tomorrow

  4. In the spoilers it said Krishna says I love you to yuvaan thinking it’s saiyaam. The precap says yuvaan knows she loves saiyaam. I’m confused what really happens.

    1. kriyam rocks

      Krishna says “I have feeling for you, Sayyam” and Yuvaan hears this…but she does say Sayyam’s name

      1. kriyam rocks


      2. Yes Krishna said I am starting to have feelings for you SAIYYAM!

        Not I love you saiyyam. But love is there for Krishna, for saiyyam.

        The sad things is yuvaan know this, that Krishna is in love with saiyyam.

        Now yuvaan is jealous! I said once and agreed with someone, couple days ago.
        Yuvaan is a Birla, so it doesn’t surprise me at all, what he going to do next.
        Yuvaan wants his little step brother wife. Yuvaan is getting baby back, because he wants baby to help him to, break kriyamite up!

        Some people hate to hear this, but it is suhani fault!
        If suhani didn’t abandon saiyyam, brought him home. Told yuvaan and yuvani, this is your little Brother!
        Then there would have been love between the two brother’s.

        Now they are adults, there is not going to be love between them.

        See how life would have made a different, by one simple act.
        But I well still be watching, I hope Krishna realises what yuvaan is doing, and tell yuvaan to get lost. This is going to be interesting!

      3. I am glad suhani abandon saiyyam, then we well never had kriyamite!

        I still yuvaan is confused, this boy doesn’t know what love really is.
        But he is going the wrong way about it.
        I don’t think yuvaan love Krishna, he just feel that no one, well ever love him.
        Which is not true, there is always someone.
        If anyone that can stop yuvaan breaking kriyamite up.
        That is Krishna!

        Saiyyam is going to feel, well actually already feel. It is his fault. Saiyyam well let Krishna GO. To keep his mothe, sister and brother happy.

        It is Krishna has to be the one, who get to decide. Like x said, if Krishna say l am not letting go of saiyyam. Saiyyam doesn’t get to decide!

        It is up to suhani to calm down yuvaan, and make him understand.

      4. kiryam forever!

        I agree with all, but x is right, there is no brotherly love, or ever well be.

        I can understand what people like Lovely are saying. But yuvaan always had a darkness to him.
        That darkness is because he is a birla.

        I do agree with lovely, yuvaan doesn’t know what love is.

        But where is that self control. We all have someone wish we can do bad thing’s to them. But we don’t do it, because of we have self control.

        Remember, yuvaan try to kill saiyyam in the beginning.
        Saiyyam wanted to hurt suhani and yuvraj, because he thought that they kill his father.

        X was right to say this is suhani fault!

        I agree with lovely, suhani abandon saiyyam, was a good thing. One is because of kriyamite. Two someone gave saiyyam a good up bringing.

        Where did suhani went wrong with yuvaan. I can understand yuvani, but yuvaan. suhani raised him since baby.

  5. Shaani

    There was no kriyam scenes yaar…??

  6. Spoilers me tho kuch likhatha aur yaha par kuch aur ho raha hai?!…Finally that idot yuvaan understood that baby was bad….I wish saiyyam knew that krishna liked him… waiting for the next epi…

  7. Arshi123

    Whom did Krishna say ” I like u Sayyam ”
    Was this the confession about which the spoilers indicated ? Or that one is yet to come ???
    Guys, I hv a keen doubt, if Yuvan really sends the card, Sayyam may think of sacrificing Krishna, did u noticed that Sayyam was saying “no one can be happy with Baby” and also taking Yuvans side after hearing his mental condition from doctor.So, he may think of sacrificing.
    He also feels guilty for misbehaving with Krishna, so for both Krishna and Yuvan its possible by Sayyam.

    So, writers plz NOooooo, Don’t do anything like this.
    Better, show another things not this triangle

    1. Yeah that’s what I’m think too. No matter how mean and rude saiyyam can get BUT deep down in his heart he has feelings for Krishna and he can do anything to keep krishna happy. He knew before they married that krishna liked yuvaan and he forcefully marries her. Maybe when saiyyam gets the note he will think krishna still likes yuvaan and he saw how baby cannot keep anyone happy and he wouldn’t want krishna to be lonely and he would think that all their lives krishna will like only yuvaan SO saiyyam might sacrifice and let krishna be free and let her go to yuvaan thinking she still likes him. I have a high high feeling he will let krishna be free and let her go to yuvaan but we may get a scene where saiyyam says to krishna “I am sorry for all that I did to you and so I have decided something” and at this point both kriyyam like each other but have a misunderstanding. Krishna will stand confused and saiyyam will say “I am sorry krishna for everything and I know you never liked me and you probably won’t and I know you like yuvaan SO krishna you are free to leave. I am sorry krishna” and saiyyam will turn around and start crying but krishna bear would be like “saiyyam how can you think of deciding things for us huh? Did you ever ask what I want? Who I want to be with? And then boom we may get a kriyyam confession and an cute hug??then kriyyam moments start. If this happens I’m gonna be so happy!!!!

      1. Mystery

        Wow. Kaash aisa hi jo

      2. that should be fanfic…awesome idea..

  8. Yaar ab yuvaan Humare kriyam k bich pe misunderstandings create karega .. Hope saiyyam KO jaldi krishna k feelings ka pata lag Jaye aur ushe realise ho ki woh v Krishna se pyaar karta hai …. Figure crossed

  9. Laavanya

    Hi Arshi, Aarti and all SSEL fans, it is a request from u all guys , those u hv fan account on insta n twitter pls use the hashtag #SSELiveAt5. Secondly, Karan mentioned trp 0.8 on his insta Id that means extra 0.2 trp is of hotstar, maybe.

    Coming to the episode, when Yuvraaj said if Saiyyam is not bad then he is not good also, WTH, but I like Krishna bear reply that Saiyyam loves her (when we want to hear something badly, we mistakenly speak or confess to another person) 😉 . For precap, I m happy when Krishna mentioned Saiyyam name, atleast there will be no confusion, but this Yuvaan will create mu b/w Saiyyam n Krishna.

    1. Arshi123

      Yup…dear I have started using the hashtag on IG & tnx for replying me.
      Use #kriyamite also plz, its getting much appreciation on IG.

      1. Laavanya

        Ur welcome 🙂

    2. Zai

      Hi… wanna ask if hotstar really counts?? Because my trp doesn’t count as i am not from india and i watched some episode on hotstar, so if it really counts i will continue to watch on hotstar

      1. Laavanya

        Someone in India forum under JNDSD posted the STAR PLUS trp ratings 2-3 months ago. And also, if u know, there was a show called ‘badtameez dil’ which was shifted to hotstar bcoz of viewership.
        Secondly, u r not from India, so watching on tv will not gain any barc trp, so better continue it on hotstar .

      2. Zai

        Thanks Laavanya for clarifying it as i was very confused. Now would definitely watch it on hotstar

    3. Aarti32

      Hi dear..N I’m crazy for your DPs..Such clear, smart n most importantly clean shaven pic??

      1. Laavanya

        Thanx, but I’ll give credit to Karan, he is so handsome. <3 But it's not clean shaven pic, he has a little beard.

      2. Laavanya

        *his clean shaven pic

  10. Aarti32

    Hello Kriyyamites n YuvAnians..If Yuvaan knows dat Krishna likes Saiyyam, then I’m vry vry vryyyyyyyy happy..So dat no one can misunderstand dat Krishna still luvs Yuvaan..But if Yuvaan still tries to separate them, then I’ll hate him like anything..
    I missed d ever so satisfying ??jhaapad yaar!! Y me??

    1. Arshi123

      Same here. And, so it means now Yuvaan will try to separate Kriyam for ego, he hasn’t got feeling for Krishna ?? That will be good at least !

  11. Yes yuvaan knows dat krishna likes saiyam..nd also he has decided to give a last chance to baby..then why will he try to gain attraction of krishna???? Nd guys there is a world of difference between like nd love…

    1. Mystery

      He is not giving second chance…he say PR tumhe ek ma’am karna hogya….I think they will try to separate KRIYYAM

    2. Maybe last chance to baby means to separate kriyam so that she will have an affair with saiyyam and yuvaan with krishna and vice verse..blah blah… bt i wish kriyam come to knw abt this and they both togethr overcome this yuvaby named obstacle. I hope YuvAni also helps kriyam.

      1. Swetha7 just needs money.for that she needs to stay at brila’s with yuvaan or sayyam or whoever doesn’t matter to her.she will definitely help yuvaan to separate kishna and sayyam.for her,the most important thing is staying at brila Hrn said she will pretend to have an love affair with sayyam.

    3. Arshi123

      CVS only makes things complicated, they don’t understand the difference. But, good that Krishna realized.
      I think they’ll spoil Yuvaan’s character now.Its unnecessary.

  12. kriyam rocks

    I read the update beofre watching the episode online…so I started laughing so hard when Yuvaan was about to “stab” Suhani…gosh..that was hilarious…cause I knew it was fake…

    Finally Baby was Slapped…Yuvaan wasn’t so bad in today’s episode…

    Krishna was soo confused when Yuvraaj was talking to her…cause leaving/divorcing Sayyam was never an option for her and will not be an option now either as she has started having feelings for him…it was irritating to hear Yuvraaj say “par woh ek acha insaan bhi nahi hai” about Sayyam…Krishna defending Sayyam and his actions though made up for it…I was about to explode when Krishna said “nahi, woh mujhse pyaar karta hai” about Sayyam…gosh…she was implying that wants this relationship and that she feels comfortable with Sayyam…but Yuvraj obvio won’t understand…

    THE PRECAP…it can have sooo many outcomes…Krishna unknowingly told Yuvaan that she has feelings for sayyam…so now she will be confused when Sayyam still acts the same way with her even though she thinks he heard her confession…and Yuvaan…in jealousy might twist the story and tell Sayyam that Krishna still loves him…and force Sayyam to leave Krishna out of guilt…

    maybe Yuvaan was in Krishna’s room because he wanted to tell her he liked her back like how she did before her marraige with Sayyam….but when Baby told Yuvaan that “Sayyam was better than him”, it really must have hurt his baby prefers Sayyam…and Krishna is with Sayyam…LOL

    1. kriyam rocks

      sorry if the comment was really long…

    2. Arshi123

      I agree, Krishna will wait for reaction of Sayyam but ??

      And, I think Yuvrajs conversation will be fruitful for Kriyam.It helped Krishna to realize .
      Suhani should discuss it with Sayyam, then he’ll realize how much he needs Krishna ✳✳ in fact, we Kriyamites want to see his realization ?

  13. Ys laavanya i agree wid u….yuvaan will try to create misunderstanding b/w kriyam…

  14. YUVANI’s love was,is and will always be the best… their scene was superb as always. i luved yuvaan 2day a lot. little bit shocked when he stabbed suhani bt thank god it was a prank… nw am liking even yuvaan baby pair… i wish they celebrate Valentine’s day and hope they show some romance bw all the pairs…

    1. Laavanya

      I don’t think so, there will be any romantic scene b/w Yuvaby untill unless Kriyam unites.

  15. sarita sharma

    today yuvaan is 2gud.asusual yuvaani discussion was nice.sahil is natural actor.that way yuvraaj explain to krishna his and suhani relationship.its amazing.and share his experience.and wats precap.cvs pz don’t spoil yuvaan image for unite kriyam.

  16. dhamakedar yuvaan 2gud.what slap baby fell on běd.asusual yuvaani scéně nice.well done yuvraaj .krishna yuvraaj scéně was nice.yuvraaj share his experience with krishna.i m disappointed with cvs.y they spoil yuvaan image for unite kriyam.kriyam ko pair karne ke liye cvs ek baar pahle v suhani or yuvaan ki image ko spoil kar chuke h.lets c what goona happens.

  17. Swetha7

    i am little upset as no kriyam scene were shown.but precap hints that we will see kriyam moments tomorrow.krishna clearly mention sayyam i like it is impossible that yuvaan mistakenly takes the confession is for him……i think yuvaan call baby back to get the her help to separate krishna from sayyam because he knows that baby needs just money nothing else.if sayyam keeps showing attitude to krishna yuvaa’s job will be easier because krishna is still confused about sayyam….but guys still we haven’t got wow type kriyam romance.if cvs show that that we don’t have to worry about TRP.

  18. today ep was good but baby is coming back again . yuvaan will seperate kriyam

  19. Esther

    Yuvan is not that bad like his dadi……I dnt want that stupid love triangle,,,,,,so really hope that Yuvan is planning something with Baby to unite Kriyyam,,,,,

    1. Laavanya

      But the ques is y with Baby only. He will take a help fr the woman who tried to kill his mother.

  20. Exactly!! Swetha?

  21. Nnnya

    Why was yuvraaj saying saiyyam isnt good…. anyone can see that he’s actually a HUGE softie and after finding out everything he felt terrible and hello… tried to leave the house because he thought he was bad for the birlas….. god didnt expect this from him… and krishna… awww she realized her feelings…. i think some of you maybe right about yuvaan i think he just wants to have krishna because he feels he cant be loved by anyone else… and yes i too feel like saiyyam will let krishna go because he’ll feel she’s better off with yuvaan… but krishu wont give up so easily i dont think so… she’ll fight for her love……

  22. Mystery

    Totally agree with X…

  23. Todays episode was very good.yuvaan slapped baby and he do not wish to listen to her cooked up it shows how good yuvaan thinks for the he would not do anything which brings trouble to his family.coming to krishna’s confession for sayyam,may be he feels responsible for krishna and her he might want to help krishna and sayyam get together.may be he also wanted to give another chance to his relationship with baby by giving her a chance to unite sayyam and krishna.yuvaans character so far is very mature.breaking his brothers relation would be insensitive and a immature that should not happen.

  24. Zai

    I also think that Saiyam would let Krishna go and after seeing his care and concern for Yuvaan yesterday, he would do it if he knows that Yuvaan wants Krishna…. but i hope Krishna would fight for her love…

    It’s good that Krishna said she like Saiyam so no misunderstanding that she loves whom….

    Yuvaan was also good today, with what he did with baby, but he is going to mess things between Kriyam.

  25. Nice episodes after a long time… no plotting and things became more clear!

    Good that Yuvan realized what baby was doing to him and his family and that he made her go away! Got to see some cute Yuvani and Kriyam moments yesterday! SSEL is back to its rocking self!!!! Yippppeeeee!!! So much being said about Kriyam….but somewhere still long for Yuvani….eveytime they come together they set the scene on fire!!!! Kriyam has a long way to go to become like them!!! But they will get there eventually!!!

  26. I hope baby don’t come back n good she deserves it n Krishna start feeling for saiyyam wow

  27. Syedul

    No kriyam?????

  28. boring episode good yuvaan janta hain krishna saiyyam ko pasand karti hain spoiler ne to dara diya tha

  29. i agree Arshi

  30. i think yuvaan baby ko isliye bapas bula raha hain shayad yuvaan baby ke saath milkar misunferstanding create karega kriyam ke beech i think mera thought rong ho i hope so aisa n ho

  31. i agree with you Aarti

  32. i am still awaiting kriyam scene

  33. Nice episode.
    Krishna’s confession was good. But guys lets look at the bright side. Yuvaan may write in the card that – Krishna I know you like sayyam but you dont love him. So its better you leave him and come back to someone who loves you because sayyam doesnt.
    And when sayyam will read this he may get frustrated and confess his feelings for krishna. And then we can see more of kriyyam coz kriyyam rocks.

  34. Hey kriyam and yuvani fans who are you to threaten me.I also comment in jndsd comment section.But I hate vitharvians very much.I only love Ravidha fans there.They support me in everything .So don’t tell me about jndsd comment section.I have created a terror there. I stole my one of my classmates I’d,she was die hard fan of vitharv and started abusing vitharv fans. Later they knew all the truth but iam still commenting with another I’d.
    Iam a tamilian but we are in Kerala now.
    So in malayalam krimi means anus worm????.So by yours name kriyam I think of that.

    There is no other good pair than ravidha.
    So you better stop your foolishness.

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