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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 6th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya telling ashram aunty that she would have not come here if they would call Suhani. The lady asks why did you not tell us before. Soumya says I felt you all will understand and accept me. The lady says you and Suhani are same for us, we worry that you both can change. Soumya says Suhani has changed a lot after marriage. The other lady says you changed, you are irresponsible, I will call your mum and tell her. Soumya waits for Suhani and hopes Yuvraaj comes with her. Suhani comes alone and asks aunty not to call Madhuri as she will take Soumya with her and inform Madhuri.

Soumya asks Suhani why did she come, she can’t stay at her house. The lady says she told me to call Suhani here. Soumya says Yuvraaj does not like me staying there. Suhani recalls his

words and says he is moody, he does not care if you stay there, if it was so, he would have not sent me here to get you. Soumya gets happy and smiles. Suhani says he is my husband, I know him very well. Take your bags and come.

Pratima waits at home and asks Ramesh about Suhani. Ramesh says I don’t know, I did not see her in market. Suhani brings Soumya back. Pratima asks Suhani where was she, she was finding her. Sharad and Yuvraaj come and see Soumya. Suhani says I went to ashram, and Soumya went there in morning. She says Soumya was donating old clothes, so she took her bag. Pratima says fine, go to your room, and Soumya tell us before going anywhere. Suhani asks Soumya to come. Soumya sees Yuvraaj and smiles.

Menka tells Rags that Pratima became strict after Dadi left. Rags says yes, her colors are changing. Menka says I will complain about her. Soumya comes to Yuvraaj. He asks where did you go, why did you not tell Suhani. She asks why, were you worried for me? He says Suhani is mistaken, you are not her friend, but big enemy. She says I don’t care about anyone till I m important for you. He reminds her that he wants her to go. She says then you called me back. He says you can fool Suhani, not me, you went to old age home as you knew Suhani will find you there. She says fine, I will go again. He leaves. She smiles shamelessly.

He bumps into Pratima. Pratima asks why is he angry and sees Soumya leaving. He says everything is tangled, I don’t know whats happening. She says everything will be fine, come with me, I have to tell something. She asks Sharad to tell him. Sharad says come, sit, I will show you. He shows some pics of good destinations asking him to go with Suhani. Yuvraaj asks whats this. Pratima says you are going with Suhani. Sharad says he booked the farmhouse for him.

Pratima says if you stay away from home, many things will get fine. Yuvraaj leaves. Suhani comes to Yuvraaj and sees his playing games. She brings food for him and smiles. She says when I get angry, you get samosas for me, so I got these fruits for you, have it. He says why should I listen to you, do you listen to me, I told you not to get Soumya back, but still you got her, I won’t talk now. Pratima gives Ramayana to Soumya. She says its in hindi, read it, it gives peace, its truth over evil, it says when Ravan came between husband and wife, he got ruined.

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Suhani says husband and wife’s fights has love, will you be angry like this. He says he will be angry till she starts listening to him. She says fine, I will listen to her and promises him. He says fine, tomorrow we both will go out alone. She asks really and stands up. He signs low your tone. She says sorry. He says hear me first, so much excitement, tomorrow we will go for picnic, you won’t say this to anyone. She says fine, and smiles.

Pratima asks Soumya to move ahead in life and she can help her, by taking her to meditation centre. She says you can come with me, you will feel good. Soumya smiles and agrees. Pratima tells Sharad that Soumya agreed, she will be far tomorrow when Yuvraaj and Suhani will be going for picnic. Sharad gets glad. Its morning, Pratima comes to Soumya and tries to wake her up. Soumya wakes up. Pratima asks her to get ready else she will be late. Soumya says I will just come. Suhani asks Ramesh to keep snacks, sweets and water, fresh juice for Yuvraaj.

Ramesh gives her samosas and she gets happy seeing it. She says she promised someone she won’t eat samosas and asks him to have it. Sharad asks Suhani what is she doing. Suhani does not tell him. Sharad asks for water and sends her. Pratima asks Soumya to come. Suhani hives water to Sharad. He sees Soumya has gone out. Soumya sees Ramesh keeping items in Yuvraaj’s car and says I forgot my purse, I will just come. Pratima says no need, I have money, come. Yuvraaj comes home and Ramesh says he kept all items in car. Soumya thinks where is Yuvraaj going, and tells Pratima that she is going washroom.

Soumya sees Suhani packing and thinks whats going on. She asks Ramesh about it, who is going where. Ramesh says I don’t know anything, Suhani did not tell me. She says fine, and goes to ask Suhani. Suhani recalls Yuvraaj’s words and does not tell Soumya.

Saurabh asks Suhani where is she going. Menka says we all will come on picnic. Rags taunts her for going alone. Yuvraaj looks at Suhani angrily.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Prathima ji u compared that devil Soumya with Ravan bt i think its wrong because thogh he is bad with Ram & Sita in Ramayan bt as a human being he is very good by heart
    And 1 thing this Soumya character is nt deserve to compare any 1 of living being in the world………..

  2. Oh god i cant wait for yuvani romance wen vl it come anyone know it thn pls say to me it vl come on satrday or monday pls frnds:-|

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  10. Yuvraaj has finally seen the light but suhani will take longer when it comes to soumya

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