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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 6th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saiyyam coming to his room and seeing Krishna. She arranges the room. He goes to washroom and fills water. She sees Soumya’s pic and cries. Saiyyam gets the water bucket and throws water on her head. He scolds her and tells her that nothing belongs to her, she has to sleep on ground, else she can do jagran all night. She cries. He goes and sleeps on the bed. She sits at a corner and cries. He clicks her pic and smiles.

Its morning, Saiyyam comes from jogging and sees Krishna’s pics. Sambhav meets him. Saiyyam sees Yuvraaj and asks what are you seeing, did you come to threaten me. Sambhav says I don’t like to threaten, but I had to say something, don’t break relations to get anything, no use to be villain. Saiyyam says thanks, I know I m doing right. He

sends Krishna’s pic to Suhani. Suhani sees pic and gets angry. Sambhav says Suhani, your son is like you, adamant, he does not listen to anyone except you, I wish I could tell my truth and help him in this game.

Suhani goes to Krishna and asks her why are you sleeping here, no need to bear all this. Krishna gets angry and asks her not to do this acting now, why don’t you tell me that you did not care for me and wanted to sacrifice me, I have loved you more than my mum, but you have shown me the truth, I will never forgive you for this, never. She cries. Suhani gets sad and leaves.

Bhavna asks Suhani shall I tell Yuvraaj that you did not listen to him, what do you want now. Suhani says your help, its enough now, I can’t walk on wrong path, I can’t keep crying, Pratima made me marry Yuvraaj, but I proved her decision right, I have to prove this decision right for Krishna, Saiyyam has to change and know Krishna’s worth, she is angry and her anger is justified. Bhavna says yes, you made her marry Saiyyam. Suhani says I can’t change it, I can assure Krishna does not get hurt, she does not like to see my face, you have to talk to Krishna.

Bhavna goes to Baby and Krishna and tells the rituals to make food, we will judge the dishes you both make, and the one who wins will get nek. Baby says wow, nek, money or jewelry. Bhavna says you have to impress us. Baby goes. Bhavna says I knew you will say this. She recalls Suhani telling Bhavna what to tell Krishna.

Bhavna asks Krishna not to do anything as she does not believe in this marriage. FB shows Suhani telling Bhavna that we have to make Krishna’s mind divert, else she can never see the good things of marriage, tell her to do this rasam to get busy. FB ends. Bhavna asks Krishna to do this ritual for herself, sometimes getting ready in upset mood makes you happy, go. Krishna agrees and goes. Suhani thanks Bhavna.

Baby looks easy recipes on internet. Yuvaan comes to help her. She says your mom wants me to make food, I agreed to take care of everyone’s happiness, but I want a return gift instead this. He says ofcourse. She says I want to go abroad for honeymoon. He says done and hugs her.

Sambhav gets ready as Yuvraaj and applies lenses to his blue color eye. Pratima comes and does tilak to him. She asks him to dry the hair. He says I will dry it. She makes him sit and dries her hair. He gets worried, as the wig can get off. She tells about the childhood memories. He says I don’t remember. His eye lens falls. He gets worried. Pratima asks what happened, look here. Bhavna calls Pratima. She asks him to dry hair and goes. He thinks it will be big problem if anyone sees him.

Yuvani asks you and Krishna are competing in cooking. Baby says yes, why is Krishna perfect. Yuvani says she was always with mumma, she knows everything, how do I know. Baby asks her to help. Yuvani agrees and says I have a condition, you have to give half nek to me. Baby agrees.

Krishna gets ready and sees sindoor. Saiyyam comes and asks shall I help you in wearing mangalsutra. She wears it herself. He stops her from leaving. She does not want to talk to him. He says I will make you dance on my fingers, I promise. He goes. Baby comes to cook. Suhani asks how will you cook wearing so much jewelry. Baby says I will manage, afterall this is new jewelry and have to take care of it. Suhani wishes her all the best and goes.

Baby argues with Krishna and taunts her. Krishna helps Baby. Yuvani asks Krishna to come and talk to her. Krishna goes. Yuvani signs Baby and goes. Baby sees a glass and smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Suhani now wants Krishna & saiyyam to I think she does r8 .she helps managing 2 keep marriage rathar breaking it. & bhavna helps her?but I feel sorry 4 Krishna. Saiyyam behaves rude 2 her.I hope late he wiil be nice 2 her

    1. Saiyyam, wants to hurt suhani.
      Yes it was rude.
      Doesn’t he remind you of someone, Arnav, from iss pyaar ko kya naam doon.
      Arnav was very rude to Khushi, even forced married her.
      Different story, yes. But in the end all is well.
      This is what Krishna, has to do. At the moment, she is heartbroken.
      Krishna needs to get over yuvaan first!
      Once Krishna does, she be able to get her own back, like Khushi did at Arnav.
      Because Arnav and Khushi started from hate, but love came slowly for them.
      This well happen to saiyyam and Krishna. They hate come first, love well come later.
      This is what we call the Love and War!

      1. I have a news! Krishna join with saiyyam against Suhani!

        I don’t know if it true, because the website that I saw, are not that reliable. Sometimes, they get right, other time wrong.

        If it true, I felt Krishna love for Yuvaan, is an obsession!

        Weather you agree or not.
        This is suhani fault!

        If I am right, weather Krishna marry yuvaan or not.
        It what I call is:
        Damn if do, Damn if you don’t!
        if Krishna marry yuvaan or not, it well always end badly!

        You guys well say bad writers, what the hell are they doing!

        But you see, this is life!
        The choices that you make well affect your life, and on one else!

        I have read (r) comments yesterday, but I didn’t comment.

        (R) like Krishna got their heartbroken!

        You could say Krishna has no family, and (r) does.

        Families or no family, it doesn’t matter.

        What matter is up bringing!
        On how you bring your children up matters a lot.
        You can’t teach, if you are good, you well get rewarded.
        Life does not work like that!
        Just because you are good, it doesn’t mean you get what you wanted in life.

        I did say that suhani is going the wrong way about it. Especially saiyyam.
        I did say giving false hope to Krishna, saying things like yuvaan love you. When actually yuvaan don’t love Krishna.

        So what should suhani do NOW ?

        This is what I call:
        So I made a big mistake!

        Suhani has to win Krishna back, and become a mother to saiyyam.

        I normally won’t advise people to do this!

        Because it is a tv show, it doesn’t matter!

        Suhani has to multitask, she has put both her fishing rods at the same time.
        Soumya would have been more handy.
        But she is dead! So no use.
        Suhani is doing right by getting her sister to deal with Krishna.

        Suhani has work on her son saiyyam. She must not let anyone know what she is doing!

        The birla family, are not reliable. Also they don’t care for her and Krishna and saiyyam.

        It is time for suhani to win saiyyam heart, it is a must for her!

  2. There is limit of dumbness yesterday she was arguing with baby for nek and today she easily helps baby , yuvaan and yuvani have no brain like their dad. On the other side saiyaam and sambhav are villains but at least they are smart.
    It was so funny to watch baby wearing heavy jewellery while cooking , like she never saw any in her entire life , i think she will even sleep and take a shower with it

  3. suhani is a strong lady eventhough she does mistake or gets hurt by others. nothng is in tis epi. sahil acting in negative role is jus so good. saiyyam is too bad, he s nt like yuvaraj who was in beginning of show. he doesnt do like these kind of things to suhani.

    1. Bcz yuvraj has the entire family and support
      whereas sayyam has nobody no one teached him what is good and what is bad
      his mother left him in an orphanage bcz of that pain he is not able to do good things
      im sure one day he will regret for all his wrong doings to krishna and i strongly believe he will even save suhani from sambav once he get to know the entire truth

    2. @abi,
      How could you just say good!
      It is brilliant!
      To show that he can actually act, is a good thing.

      I am now enjoying the show, love between Krishna and saiyyam well come slowly.

  4. Amalina

    greedy baby! poor Krishna! sambhav if u want to get revenge on suhani then do it, but plz not through krishna…………

  5. Wow!
    I have to say this, because sambhav is there, yes he is evil, but he doesn’t know this, but that he is doing good by suhani and saiyyam.
    If this was yuvraj, he would have poured petrol into the fire.
    Like Krishna said, your own child is your own.

    1. You are right mo.
      If this was yuvraj he would have definitely poured petrol into the fire.

      I think sambhav should stay a little longer.
      You are right sambhav doesn’t know that he is helping.
      Look at it now, suhani is trying to help and change saiyyam. Her sister is helping her to.
      If yuvraj was there then this, would never have happened.

  6. Wat all this nonsense goin on.At least show something positive.One thing is really good this yuvaan and yuvani deserves baby only.When she will show her true colours then only these both dumbos will realize importance of krishna .Writers make saiyyam positive and bring truth of yuvraay aka sambhav.And dont drag this shit now.feeling sorry for krishna

  7. Poor krishna her heart is broken , her life turn into a platform of revenge, she has no parents to give her a shelter. She can’t bear but at the same time no even run away. such ill fated girl

  8. when saiyyam was birth all three kids are around seven years and now saiyyam has seen was same age of three children’s.saiyyam was younger to Krishna something 8 year and they will get married. wow what story or drama I think u shut off this serial

  9. Writers didn’t any sense in this serial. How can they do marriage of Krishna who is 6years or 7years younger when they are going to school he was didn’t born. Writers are weak for this serial please end the serial soon. We cannot see that there is no logical and boring serial. Once up on a time this serial was very nice now it is too bad

  10. saiyyam is a great actor and goodlooking as well…saiyyam?krishna ….

  11. Sailen manna

    Krishna is a great lady.after all things which saiyaam did to her in past she agrees to continue the is good gesture .and I want a wife like krishna.

  12. BAKWAS SERIAL. ITS HIGH TIME PLEASE PLEASE fend this serials on with Suhani Yuvraj uniting and Dadi a BLACK FACE. It’s high time kids support right over evil and wrong doings. The height of stupidity people sitting on watching. Good Let it go off air soon.

  13. Oops End this serial..

  14. I am really suprized how Yuvan changed cz Yuvan had gud qualitiles but even he didn bother about Krishna. Please dont twist the stories like this. Protect the quality od the drama as this was a very nice drama some time back

  15. This serial have become very boring.sambhav already died n yuvraaj was in jail for so many years now sambhav back. Krishna was 7 yrs old n then Shani got pregnant how come saiyyam married Krishna .if don’t no How To finished this serial don’t make it boring

    1. This serial have become very boring.sambhav already died infront of yuvraaj and Shani and yuvraaj was in jail for so many years now sambhav back. Krishna was 7 yrs old n then Suhani
      got pregnant how come saiyyam married Krishna . And they have the same age.if don’t no How To finished this serial don’t make it boring

      1. My advice to you,
        DON’T WATCH!

  16. I want kriyaam together.They will look good together. Agree????

    1. I agree with you Samira.
      They do look good together.
      To all those, who want the show to end!
      My advice to you all.
      DON’T WATCH!
      I can Guarantee, that you well stop complaining!
      We are still watching this show, if you don’t like it. Then don’t watch!
      It is as simple as that!
      I am up and down with this show. I am enjoying the show now, because of saiyyam and Krishna love story.
      We have got over, this STUPID leaps.
      So move on!

      1. I completely agree….I’m super excited to watch saiyam and krishna’s lovestory….

  17. Is Saiyyam 15-18 years old? Whatever, now i just hope that krishna be strong and not soft-hearted to Yuvaan as he deserves avaricious baby.

  18. I agree with shanti and samira.please start krishna and saiyyam love story…

  19. Iman faltu serial nohoi…..writer gitak jiyai jiyai jolai dbo laage…enei enei time eta khai ase….kio matha khaise jaanu…hekh kori nepelai kio serial khn….iman kamur maane….ru actor keita aru faltu maane…mur sur gorom kori dse maane ?????

  20. Pls don’t prolong. Expose saiyyam, bring Yuvaraj back.
    Yuvan n yuvani are really dumb like radz. She shd show her true colors then only they will be know the value of Krishna and her goodness. Baby shd expose. dadi is soo cheap she cannot accept Krishna but she likes baby. She doesn’t like orphan kids how come all of a sudden she started liking baby. Dadi, Radz,Yuvani,Baby are soo cheap.
    Yuvan was good in child. Now he also join in the club of dumbness.
    Suhani stop drama and find out the evil shambav if not again yu will marry him and sits crying and complaining.
    Infact the whole house itself dumb people
    Maa jii, bavana and her husband
    When saiyyam is dragging Krishna they shd give a tight slap to him. Rather than silently watching the tamasha.
    Yu people are waste

    1. You are forgetting, that Yuvaan and Yuvani are Birla blood. Yes Dadi Birla blood. Which MEANS (YUVRAJ BIRLA) What make anyone think that they would be good Blood.

      You have to get over it, Dadi won. Who made Dadi win ? Well Yuvraj of cause!

      Of cause I knew this would happen.
      So I got over it along time ago.

      I think that you should too.
      One thing that everyone should understand, that the birla don’t like or care for other people kids!
      Look at it, because Sambhav is there, Suhani and Bavana, are trying to help Krishna and saiyyam marriage to work.
      At the same time suhani wants her son saiyyam to change.
      Now suhani decided to become saiyyam mother.

      Why is that ? Because yuvraj is not there!
      So if Sambhav is Evil!
      What is Yuvraj Birla make then ?
      It make Yuvraj Birla the Devil!

      Evil do things by actions!
      The Devil like to whispers!

      So I am enjoying the show NOW!
      You know why, and I hope that the writers do a good job.
      I don’t care about suhani and yuvraj. If they do or don’t get together.
      For you, I hope that they do.
      But for me I want NOW to see Krishna and Saiyyam romantic scenes.

  21. Bakwas serial.

  22. krishna ? Sayyam

    I agree with Kushi , Shanti and Samira . This show is so exciting now because of the Krishna and Sayyam love story. I can’t wait to watch what happens next .

  23. I hope Krishna turn on his ass n sambhav get caught by yuvraj if he escape

  24. neha choudhary

    please starplus par repeat aaye mai nahi dekh pati 1month se zyaada ho gya please suhani so ladki repeat aaye. please mere ko ye bahot bahot pasand hai please le aao I request you please

  25. surbhi jyoti

    please starplus par repeat aaye mai nahi dekh pati 1month se zyaada ho gya please suhani so ladki repeat aaye. please mere ko ye bahot bahot pasand hai please le aao I request you please

  26. neha choudhary

    please starplus par repeat aaye mai nahi dekh pati 1month se zyaada ho gya please suhani so ladki repeat aaye. please mere ko ye bahot bahot pasand hai please le aao I request you please

  27. priya kapoor

    please suhanisi ladki repeat lao please I requested you please le aao

  28. priya kapoor

    so kitna acha episode mai etne din se tellyupdate par rahi hu dekh nahi pati pehlee repeat aata that an nahi aata why…??? please WAPS le aao please suhanisi ladki repeat lao please I requested you please le aao

  29. SilentReader

    Now I have a feeling that the show will be back in track soon,,,,,I knw there are many illogical things lyk Sayyam’s age ,Samba’s return e.t.c e.t.c,,,,,,bt as per current track,things I’ve found good is

    *Suhani wants Sayyam to change,even if it’s for Krishna she will try to change Sayyam

    *Sayyam-Krishna pairing is good coz-Sayyam will change bcoz of Krishna as Suhani wants to change him for her AND Krishna will have to face so much troubles in the future frm Baby/Sayyam and she will be able to handle it all herself as she is no more Suhani’s shadow,which will make her strng

    1. I See your point, but it is not back tracking.
      This show, has problem, with writing, from the beginning!
      Yes I have said this enough time. Suhani and Yuvraj!

      I am not going to explain again.

      Now, what the writers are doing is, trying to show where they went wrong, by using Krishna and yuvaan!

      What Krishna is going though, is what suhani went though.

      Obsession love, yes the birla did mental abuse suhani and still doing it.

      Obsession love, is not real, or pure love.

      Krishna wants yuvaan at any costs, just like suhani with yuvraj.

      There is a danger here, that danger is Krishna!
      I wanted to be wrong this time round, hopefully the writers can find away, also at the same time keeping it real.

      What Krishna needs now, is HELP!
      By a psychological doctor.
      This is suhani fault! She did this to Krishna.
      Giving false hope, is wrong!

      Krishna needs to accept and learn, that you can’t force someone to love you.

      How well Krishna open her eyes. It depending on how Suhani deals with this situation.

      You could say some people, get heartbroken, and come out from the other side, like (r) did.
      Yes you would be right, it all to do with on how your mental strong you are.

      This is what I am hoping that the writers well go by with Krishna.
      Make her strong a woman. Also say to herself, it is yuvaan lost.
      Make her love grows for saiyyam.
      This is why I said suhani needs to be a mother to saiyyam NOW!
      He is important! Suhani can’t listen to the birla now.
      Suhani has to let go that he is sambhav son.
      Saiyyam is also suhani son.
      So you are right there suhani would want to change saiyyam for Krishna.
      You are also right to say.
      This is a big opportunity for suhani, the birla has looked away.
      This is why suhani can’t tell yuvraj. It is not because he is sambhav. It is because yuvraj is a birla.

      1. SilentReader

        Yup,,,,Giving false hope is veryy wrong,,,,esply here Krishna is soo sensitive and she might hv dreamed a lot abt a married lyf wid Yuvan,,,she z really broken as everything got over in a sec and she is totally alone nw,,,she got cheated,,,,,,bt hope cvs won’t make her negative,,,Hope Sambav won’t do anything to make situation worse,,,,,I want her to be strong and face it,,,…..Yes I agree wid ur point that Suhani is able to do this coz Yuvi z nt wid her,,,,,Atlast she was able to make a decision on her own abt her son,,,,,reaally hope that she win him back wid her love which he didn’t get all these yrs

  30. SilentReader

    Even though Baby is negative,,,expecting more funny scenes from her…..N Sambav shud take a break ,as Suhani has lots of other things to do and no tym to solve whatever mess he creates,,,,
    Why Yuvani hates Krishna so much !!! She was so close to Krishna when they were kids and nw she z totally against krishna,,,,,,N good to see Suhani as a saas,,,,

  31. SilentReader

    I think Sayyam will get to knw every truth frm Sambav himself,,,,,coz even if Suhani reveals all to him,he won’t trust her,,,,nw writers brought Sambav back so that Sayyam will get to knw the truth

    1. Yes that is what I a hoping for!

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