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The Episode starts with Dadi scolding Gauri. Suhani asks Ramesh to go and get money back from laundry man. Yuvraaj says Gauri did not do this intentionally. Dadi says I m explaining her on her mistake. Gauri says sorry and goes. Aditya comes and greets them. Yuvraaj asks Suhani to talk to him, he will talk to Gauri. Aditya gives Gauri’s earrings, and asks what happened. He goes to meet Golu. Suhani makes juice. Yuvraaj tells Suhani that Gauri is feeling she is useless and not able to do any work well. Suhani says yes, she has to learn things.

Aditya sees Gauri crying. She asks what does he want. He says he has given her earrings to Suhani. She says fine. He becomes laundry man and asks why did she give so much money to him. She says I don’t know all that. He asks her to then learn

and explains her in simple way. He says you should give money to people as per their work. Gauri understands. Suhani says I think we should take Gauri to some counselor, we should do something soon. She says she is taking juice for Gauri. Aditya asks Gauri to smile, else whatever she learns will go away with tears. She says I understand. He asks her to say how many smiles are here, and says he is also smiling. Yuvraaj and Suhani come there and see them.

Suhani asks Aditya did he not go till now. Aditya says I came here to teach her something and make her smile. Suhani gives juice to Gauri and asks what did he teach you. Gauri says he taught that I m thin so I eat less and Suhani is fat so she eats more. Suhani beats him. Yuvraaj says whats there to teach, everyone knows this. Gauri says what Aditya taught about paying people. Aditya says I can teach Gauri. Suhani says no thanks. Yuvraaj says we will keep tutor. Dadi asks why, if Aditya can teach Gauri, why to hire some new tutor.

Yuvraaj says Dadi, we don’t know Aditya. Dadi says he is Suhani’s brother, why don’t you trust him. He says Gauri is my sister and she is not normal. Aditya says I will teach her in open. Bhavna asks is he any psychiatrist, how can he teach. He says I taught her today and she smiled. Bhavna says Suhani has worked on Gauri a lot, then she did not bring any change, as she is not professional. Aditya asks for any logical reason to refuse, else he will tell yes to Dadi. Suhani says Gauri is sole daughter, whom everyone believed dead, she has come back after 15 years, she is not normal. She was locked in one room and is like kid, I don’t want anything wrong to happen with her, I don’t want you to teach her. Dadi says Aditya made Gauri smile, I think he will change Gauri, even Aditya is feeling nice with her. Yuvraaj recalls the incident and says I can’t agree. He leaves.

Aditya says I will be careful, I know this. Suhani says Aditya is our brother and we can tell him. He asks what. Suhani says I know your habit in girls matter, so I don’t want you to teach Gauri. Aditya says I won’t flirt with her, she is not normal girl, she is your sister in law, nothing will happen. Bhavna says we won’t agree and will say no to Dadi. Gauri comes and gives smileys drawing to Aditya for making her smile. Aditya says great friend, you learn soon. Dadi comes and asks Aditya to teach Gauri from tomorrow. He says fine, I will come tomorrow.

The lady scolds Rakhi for cutting her half eyebrow and asks for her beautician course certificate. Rakhi argues. The lady asks girls not to come here and shows her eyebrows. Everyone leave. Soumya asks Rakhi does she know anything or not. Rakhi says I don’t know everything. Soumya worries and says we have to hire any professional. Lalita asks are you mad, how can you make expenses list. Soumya says its necessary, if anyone does fraud case on us, we have to spend much more.

Suhani tells Yuvraaj to share things with her, they are friends. He says I don’t find this right that Aditya teaches Gauri, I m not saying he is bad guy, I know you will find my words bad, but I m saying what my heart is saying. She says even I don’t find this right. He asks her not to call Dadi. She asks what happened, if we don’t anything, we should not do it. He says Dadi feels we should allow Aditya to teach Gauri. She says I know Aditya is my brother, but I know Gauri is not normal. He says we will give one chance to Aditya, if it goes well, then good, else we will refuse him. She says fine, but promise me you will tell me everything. He holds her hands and says sure.

Krishna says he has many interviews today. Lalita gives him tiffin. He asks Rakhi not to do any mistake, Soumya told him everything. Soumya says don’t worry, Rita will manage everything from today. Lalita asks why, Rakhi is here. She asks Krishna to explain Soumya we don’t need anyone else. Krishna says Rita will work with us, Rakhi learn work first. He leaves. Rita says I have 5 year experience and know everything.

Dadi tells Aditya that Gauri wants to become like everyone. She asks Suhani to help Aditya, as she knows everything about Gauri. Aditya asks from where to start. Dadi says teach her to answer. He says fine, see she will answer everyone confidently. Gauri comes. Dadi asks her to learn well and goes. Rags and Menka talk about Suhani getting her family in this house. They are angry. Aditya explains Gauri how to answer people with confidence. He asks her to say her name. She says I m Gauri Birla. He says great, I will say how to answer people. Suhani looks on.

Dadi talks to Yuvraaj about office. He says its all fine, I m coming home, I have to go Delhi for meeting. She says fine, when are you coming. He says in 15mins, I was going to tell Suhani to pack my clothes. Dadi says fine, I will tell her. She smiles.

Dadi scolds Aditya and he argues. Yuvraaj comes there and gets angry seeing this.

Update Credit to: Amena

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