Suhani Si Ek Ladki 6th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 6th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi and everyone getting shocked seeing the bulbs. Baby says Saiyyam, we won’t leave anyone. Saiyyam says I will call pandit, I want to marry you by all rituals, I want everything to be perfect. Baby says Aw, you go and come. He goes. She thinks Dadi’s life will go. Dadi says no, Baby can’t do this, Suhani did this, she is jealous of Baby. Pratima asks why would Suhani save you then. Dadi says don’t know, maybe she wants money or want to impress Yuvraaj. He says this house is like politics for her, she did not care for her place, politics is not her work. Pratima says she still holds importance in Yuvraaj’s life. Bhavna says why will Suhani do this. Yuvraaj says she would have not waited if she wanted money, who will explain you. Dadi says Yuvraaj… He says

these reasons are valid for Baby, not Suhani, she thought she will get everything by seeing that will.

Dadi asks what will. He shows her the papers and says Baby got happy seeing this. Dadi checks and says what, I did not make any such will, what is this nonsense, Baby’s baby, just Yuvraaj’s name is there. Suhani says yes, Baby knew this, so she married Yuvraaj. He says we made this to trap her, Baby got trapped and she has given me divorce. Dadi asks what. He shows her divorce agreement. Dadi gets shocked.

He says she left you to die here and is marrying Saiyyam in temple. Pandit chants mantras. Baby says I can’t say how much happy I m, thank god you came back, now I don’t have to act to have marriage with doubled aged man, I m marrying my bext friend, we both will rule on Birlas. Saiyyam says I know. She says Krishna did not had anything, she did not deserve you, she had no class, beauty and sense, I deserve you. He says so I m marrying you, you are the one. She asks him never to leave her hand. He gets a call and leaves her hand.

He gets a call. Suhani asks him not to react, Dadi is fine, you will tell Baby that Dadi is not in the world, you have to come home and react such way. Saiyyam says what, Dadi died, I m coming. He asks Baby to come home. She says no, we will marry first. He says we can marry later, someone died in our house, will marriage look good. Pandit says what, marriage can’t happen. Baby says I will give you double dakshina. Pandit says I can’t take it. He signs Saiyyam. Saiyyam recalls telling pandit that he is already marriage, stop marriage when I sign you. Pandit says you can call me anytime and goes. Baby says we will marry no. Saiyyam says I m yours, but we have to go home and do some drama, else they will doubt on us. She says yes, I did not think of it, we will wait, we will marry after they die. She hugs him and says you are so good, and care for me. They go home and see everyone in white clothes. Baby stares at the funeral.

Yuvraaj talks to inspector and says we got her body after post mortem now, you investigate tomorrow. Baby looks on. Baby sees Dadi’s face and acts. Suhani signs Dadi. Bhavna and Saiyyam say Baby acts so much. Dadi gets uncomfortable. Everyone worry. Suhani signs Saiyyam. He says Baby its okay, calm down. Suhani hugs Baby and consoles her.Dadi sneezes. Baby turns to see. Suhani sneezes to fool her. Yuvraaj says its late, now we should take Dadi for her final rites. They all take Dadi. Dadi lies on the woods.

They all see Baby. Baby acts to cry and thinks thanks, you made my life after your death. Dadi sees Yuvraaj. He signs her. Dadi gets tensed seeing the fire torch. Saiyyam gives some bhabhuti to Yuvraaj. They see Baby behind. They create smoke. Pratima hugs Baby and cries. Yuvraaj removes the woods and takes Dadi out. He lights the woods. Baby turns and sees the fire. Dadi hides. Baby thinks I got free of this old woman. Pratima and everyone look at her. Saiyyam says Baby got trapped in our trap. They all take Baby. Dadi tells Suhani that she is fine, what to do next.

Baby lights candle on cake. She says Yuvraaj and Suhani could not do anything to me. She hears sound and asks who is it, none can do anything to me. The lights go. She goes to see and gets shocked seeing Dadi. Dadi says you took my life. Baby says no and falls back. Dadi says like you killed me, I will kill you. Baby says no, Suhani did everything. Dadi says don’t lie, you fixed bulbs to kill me and spoil my face, I will not leave you. Baby runs to her room and shuts door. Suhani comes to Dadi. Baby sits worried. Saiyyam comes to Baby. She screams. He says I have seen Dadi, she is here. She says no, she is not here. He says no, she is here, so I jumped from window and came here. She says they did her final rites. He says I swear she is here. She thinks it means Dadi is really here and worries.

Baby keeps a candle. It falls on Dadi’s hand. Dadi gets hurt and comes out. Baby sees her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. so funny episode. like the way sayyam had acted in front of baby. i think baby will be trapped now.

  2. oohoo… baby deserves it.. i think its going to be funny.. luvd the epi.. bt seriously missing yuvaan n yuvani

  3. Khushi1707

    Yesterday when Baby gave water to Sayyam, I was like”O great, you are better as a water girl Baby”

    1. kriyam rocks

      ??”Baby the water girl”
      That’s awesome…
      Also Khushi di, I just wanted to let you know that I love your ff’s…and I find it truly amazing how you manage to handle so many at the same time?
      You’re an amazing writer?

  4. Aarti32

    I find it so funny..Dis shaitano ki shaitan Baby is so dumb!! Two two men tricked her into not marrying n just acting as married..N she’s flying on d name of d marriage which nvr happened!! Both Yuvraj n Saiyyam r fooling Baby..N she’s getting fooled..

  5. kriyam rocks

    Sayyam was just amaaaaazin’ today…loved him 😉

    Also, Baby’s happiness to be with Sayyam is clear as day. Baby believes that Sayyam loves her, and that’s sad and funny at the same time. Baby could’ve earned everyone’s love, even Sayyam’s, by just being a nice person…but she ruined it all for herself. Now, when Sayyam is giving her the love she always wanted, it all turns out to be fake…that makes me pity her.

    She trusts Sayyam, and that’s so obvious. When he wanted to speak to the pandit, she could’ve followed him just to hear, but she didn’t. More importantly, when Sayyam promised her that they would get married later, she BELIEVED him. If there had been anyone else in Sayyam’s place, she would have gotten married to them no matter what, even if she had to kill the pandit.

    During the ‘marriage’ she was so happy to marry her best friend. Honestly she has always actually loved him, but what’s diverted her attention from him is the belief that money could buy her everything, including happiness. She’s never been thought that happiness is not a tangible object. In fact: Baby is Sayyam’s childhood friend, it should be painfully clear that he’s acting, but she’s so blinded by her love for him, that she’s overlooking that.

    Also, everytime Sayyam touches Baby to comfort her or to just let her believe he loves her, there is this chemistry that is not between Karshti…I love Kriyam like anything, but it’s true…everytime Sayyam touches Krishna’s hands or something, our hearts fill with delight :D…but there has never been those sparks.

    I’m just just talking about tiny touches though…

    When Sayyam had pulled Krishna to him that night and whispered to her…there had DEFINITELY been sparks…I’m just saying that Karshti has to work a bit harder to achieve the same level of chemistry Karan and Poloumi have when they’re just holding hands…

    1. Khushi1707

      So u have returned..I missed ur comments

  6. What a silly serial is this? They all know baby is dangerous and what kind of game they are playing. A 5 year old child have better problem solving skill than these idiots! Can’t watch this stupid show anymore.

  7. Aarti32

    N dis Dadi will spoil d entire masterplan yaar!!

    1. kriyam rocks

      I totally agree…not even one day since the plan began and she’s gonna mess up….

  8. Dadi is ridiculous. She is so dumb and I wouldn’t trust her because of her stupidity they could mess up their plans. Hopefully, this plan doesn’t fail.

  9. I meant, because of Dadi’s stupidity, she could mess up their plans.

  10. kriyam rocks

    Talking about Kriyam, I was kinda disappointed Srishti wasn’t there today…I guess she’s on leave for now…but I was hella’ satisfied watching Sayyam today.

    When Suhani pulled Baby away from Sayyam to hug her, my eyes were still fixed on Karan, and I burst out laughing when I saw how he folded his hands to “pay his respects” to Dadi…

    Also, I’m gonna point out something illogical, so just bear with me,,,
    Suhani shouldn’t have hugged Baby…she could’ve just made Sayyam turn around (Wait, wait…let me explain)
    Because, normally, when I sneeze, my whole Body kinda moves (and I’m pretty sure that happens to everyone…so if Suhani was holding Baby when she “sneezed” then Baby should’ve FELT Suhani sneeze…and obviously that didn’t happen…

    ALSO, if they already have enough proof to show Dadi that baby is the culprit, why can’t they just take that info straight to the police? I mean…a murder ATTEMPT is still a punishable offence soo…

    but still…please feel free to throw stuff at me for trying to make sense of an illogical serial with cv’s who obviously need mental help, cause they refuse to make an effort to raise the trp of their show…

    Just a fun fact..hehe…I watched the episode online, so I ACTUALLY PAUSED the video to see what was written on the divorce papers…and it turns out (Wait fot it…)

    that someone named Ms. Neeta Mehta will be divorcing Baby and Yuvraaj (gosh…hehe…what a name)

    On a more serious note though, Sayyam’s expressions were just totally awesome today…especially towards the end…I take back what I said a couple weeks ago…Baby isn’t the best villan SSEL has…Sayyam is…

    He never leaves a single flaw in his planning, his actions are so deliberate…I could barely find a single loophole in his plan…which is pretty amazing…
    Also, Sayyam has done bad stuff in the past, but the Birla family does not have a single piece of evidence against him, which is pretty impressive…

    Moral of SSEL: Be like Sayyam- badass and smart at the same time 😉

    Until later, love ya guys, <3

    1. Laavanya

      Saiyyam was the best villan in SSEL, no one can beat him.
      Ms Neeta Mehta ???

  11. haahha i was laughing out to see dadi..she acted so funny and tomorrow may b she will spoil the plans

  12. Swetha7

    guys according to karan, kriyam confession will be tomorrow.but i don’t know guys i feel something weird here.actually i am so exciting for this moments as we all have being longing for this moment.but it is going to happen all of a sudden and what makes sayyam to confess her is still a mystery.there is no spoiler about this confession.(only karan said so.)so guys i decided to not to have high hopes on that until i watch it.guys don’t blame me for not trusting karan.i didn’t mean that.the confession will be there but it can be a part of a drama or a dream sequence.

  13. Khushi1707

    I wish we could have a grp feature on TU so we can discuss our views yaar..

  14. Laavanya

    If Yuvraj’s dad n dadaji would be alive, Baby might marry them also. ?

    1. Laavanya

      Imagine Baby as Dadi sautan and everyone calling Baby ‘Bari Dadi’.

  15. Khushi1707

    Guys trp is 0.6..

    1. Khushi1707

      Its the lowest in Star Plus shows

    2. Swetha7

      i think it will be increased next week.the current track is somewhat interesting and we get more sayyam and krishna scenes.if there is kriyam confession TRP will mountain up

  16. How much more evidence does Dadi need to throw Baby out and will she confess to Yuvvan’s murder. How can someone like baby run rings around the entire Birla household!! This soap is beyond stupid!!
    There’s hardly any characters left now in the show!! Take it they can’t afford to pay the cast anymore. With the TRP been so low. Maybe the directors / writers are aiming for 0!!

  17. This is boring as f**k. Y the hell is the oldhag is alive poor babe u shouldnt have share ur plans of killing olhshit wit Saiyam cause he is betraying u. N u Saiyam y on earth would u wanna safe oldhag i mean y on earth would anyone want 2 safe oldshit, the people who r saving her r the one she treated like shit except her f**ked up grandson yv. Oh come one, 2 be honest oldshithag is the main antagonist, the should focus on getting rid of her instead of hottie aka baby.

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