Suhani Si Ek Ladki 6th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 6th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone praying to Devi Maa. Yuvraaj wishes Suhani gets some sense and eats healthy food. Suhani jokes that she will leave food in such case. They all say no. Gauri wishes no one separates her from the family. Sajan thinks its their last day, they will be dying. Yuvraaj asks Suhani to come. Suhani says we have to go for checkup. Dadi says its big puja at home, will you come back on time. Yuvraaj says yes, we will come on time. Sajan gives medicines and juice to Suhani. Bhavna asks Suhani not to worry.

Suhani tells Rags that she is going to doctor, you help Bhavna in puja arrangements. Gauri says I will help Bhavna. Suhani says no, you have come after many days, you be with Pratima. Dadi says Suhani is right, Rags will help Bhavna. Dadi sends Rags. Suhani thinks

I can’t leave Rags alone, if you are with Bhavna, Bhavna will be seeing you. Yuvraaj asks Suhani to come. They go out. Yuvraaj says Rags is annoyed since you got pregnant, you fight with her or Dadi takes her class. Saurabh jokes on Rags. Sajan says I got the new cylinder. Rags argues. Sajan smiles.

The doctor says both babies are fine. Yuvraaj says Suhani is eating lots of ghee. Doctor asks her to eat ghee, but workout too. Yuvraaj says she does not work. Suhani says I work a lot, when Yuvraaj is not at home. Doctor says I heard Yuvraaj wants to be in labor pain, did you read other’s experiences. He says yes. Doctor says husbands come to support wife, and then we have to support them before patient. He says some people are weak and get scared. Doctor asks him to see the video and not show Suhani. He moves Suhani away and sees the delivery video. He gets scared and shuts his ears hearing the woman’s scream.

Gauri likes the halwa. Ramesh jokes that he made halwa and Rags has just stirred it. Pratima asks Ramesh what would have happened if he gave credit to Rags. Sajan goes and removes gas cover. Suhani asks Yuvraaj what happened, why did he faint. Doctor says he is fine. Yuvraaj gets up and asks doctor what was all this. Doctor says its videos of ladies who got one baby, your wife will have two babies, think. Suhani compares him with Big b. He asks how can you compare, I promised and I will come. Suhani smiles. Bhavna asks Ramesh for ghee. Rags stops Ramesh and says I will get it. Rags asks Sajan what is he doing with gas pipe. She asks him to check the stove and tries to light it. Sajan worries. Ramesh comes there and asks what happened. He says I will see the stove and sends Rags.

He says Rags does not know to start gas, and works as if she knows everything. Sajan says Rags knows to do something. Everyone sit for the puja. Yuvraaj makes Suhani sit. Yuvraaj asks Suhani to cover up if she is irritated by smoke. Suhani asks for Sajan, as he is also family member and should be in puja. Rags argues. Yuvraaj asks them not to fight now. They all pray. Sajan look on and leaks the gas. He covers himself. Everyone gets troubled by the smoke. Sajan goes out. He thinks Birla family story ends here. Sharad thinks why are doors shut. Krishna and Soumya come there and open the door. Soumya talks to Suhani and asks how is she. Suhani says I will go and get water. Yuvraaj takes her to kitchen. He asks why are all doors and windows shut. Everyone get trouble by smoke and cough. Suhani says its gas smell, gas is leaking. She opens the windows. She asks Yuvraaj to come fast, window is not opening. He tries and breaks the glass window. She says havan kund will catch fire. He asks her to tell everyone. He says I will handle this, please go. She tells everyone to open doors, gas is leaking. They all get shocked.

They find all doors locked and try to open. They open the windows. Yuvraaj thinks how to stop gas leakage, even water is not coming. Pratima asks for Yuvraaj. Suhani says he is inside kitchen. Yuvraaj gets water and puts on havan kund. He asks who did this with cylinder. Pratima says its fine, don’t worry. Ramesh says I checked, all pipes were fine. Rags says no, I remember Sajan said there was problem in pipe. Ramesh says no, Sajan did not know. Rags says he is lying, I will call him. Saurabh says don’t take this personally Rags. Krishna says its havan, how was windows and doors locked, how, think about it. Yuvraaj says right, who locked the house. Sajan comes and says I did. They all look on. Rags says Sajan’s acting is enough, kick him out of here. Dadi says Rags is right, such people cheat. Suhani asks why, because his face is not good, can’t we trust him, whats his mistake. Rags says we are tolerating him because of you, I doubt Sajan did this. Suhani says we should know the reason first, don’t insult him. She asks Sajan why did you shut doors and windows. Sajan tells them that he heard some wild animals are roaming around and killing people, so I did this, I was in room, my mother is ill and asked for money, I will send money. He goes and his slippers had mud on it, while he lied he was in room. Yuvraaj observes this.

Yuvraaj scolds Sajan and asks him to get out. Suhani says let him be here. Yuvraaj says fine, if he does any mistake, you will be responsible.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I read in spoiler that gauri will die and the show will take 6 year leap iam sure that after gauri’s death the whole family will hate Suhani

  2. Nyc episode and I have a question does this mean dat yuvraj will blame suhani wen gauri dies?

  3. Looking at today’s precap something is going to happen to suhani’s babies and like yuvraj said if anything goes wrong then you will be responsible in today’s precap I feel like they will lose their babies because of suhani’s over trust on sajan and she herself will be responsible for it!!!

  4. Why does no one doubt on sajan. I have learn something on these serial when suhani trust someone he changes into cheater. Todays episode was ok precap also

  5. Nice episode. … Yuvraj’s reactions were bang onn. ……’s high time suhani also should learn to listen to others. At times she is so stubborn .
    Precap shows there will be painful days ahead. .

  6. May be suhani will be blamed fr Guari’s death or else she herself will feel guilty for believing sajan so blindly. ..
    One thing it hurts more is why do they make always evil to succeed. Why is dadi not exposed the main reason fr all this trauma in Birla fmly is dadi she was the one who got barbie. …….

  7. Why is this suhani being so stupid ? All the clues are pointing towards that Saajan. Its getting stupid

  8. The Yuvraj part was Humorous

  9. I just hate Suhaani dumb and irritating.,,,
    Always takes class of others Surat and seerat OMG very irritating.she feels like dharamraj and thinks to be perfect every second.
    Hello madam Suhaani first comb ur hair and apply atleast powder yaar difficult to see ur face
    Why dnt starplus stop this serial??

  10. Suhani is so stubborn and stupid. Bad things happen to her yet she doesnt learn from anything. She acts to be nicer than everyone and very unobjective too. Its becoming boring with everything around Suhani!

  11. I use to wait for the episode update because I don’t have star plus. .I hope yeh show Yhm ko copy na Kare aur six years leap na le

  12. Y does sajan want to kill suhani

  13. If 6 year leap occurs!! I think that my fav ssel will turn lyk sns…

    1. Yuvani Lover

      Ssel is my fav too, bt i hv a feeling dat it wl bcum more intrstng aftr d leap coz suhani’s mindset wl also b changing.. N i jus hate sns, the ultimate nonsense..

  14. Suhani is so idiot and stupid . she easily trust anyone and put her and her families life in risk always…hopeless serial i thought finally it will going to end , but now they are again going to drag it by taking unnecessary leap…i don’t know till when we have to get tolerate this hopeless, meaningless drama …i m eagerly waiting for the day when it will going to end finally …i think even actors wants to quit this sereal ..getting headache!

    1. U r absolutely rite prachi . Felt like slapping her when she argued with yuvraj, at the end its her life which is in danger, she and her stupidity

  15. Yuvani Lover

    I think either suhani wl feel guilty n leave or birlas wl blame her.. Bt d babies wl b safe, and grown up aftr d leap..

  16. Evn i hate sns to the heights!! Bt luv ssel

  17. Sooperb suhani..u always invite trouble..First u allowed barbie and made ur life hell and now sajan…Idiot, if u wanna be mahan or do social activity do it in some ngo ,why do u invite trouble to u and ur family.Bcoz of barbie pratima was about to die, now sajan..I wont blame yuvraj if u r thrown out..

    He doent believe u and u will not hear him..Nice couple.
    Stupid girl,Stop mahaan acting and have some sense, always seerat, soorat…Just like rags,i too felt uff pls stop this seerat,soorat drama suhani.

  18. SSEL has lost its value by including Sajan. All negative actions of Sajan is making SSEL unbearable to watch! Can the writer /director insert more humour and entertainment. We are tired of hatred , cheating and villainous actions. After work, we want to watch episodes which give us fun , laughter and relaxation. Including people like Barbie and Sajan affect our mood and make us more miserable! It’s time that Star plus reflects on all its serials and include entertainment of goodness, love and affections. Including negative actions, backbiting , revenge and hurting others should be minimised!

    1. U r absolutely right —- hope the writers read ur comments !!!!

  19. Suhani is annoying me, that’s why she always gets into trouble!! she always trusts the wrong people….

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