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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 5th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani and Bhavna cooking. Rags and Menka argue and taunt Suhani. Sharad plays with Anant and introduces Snoopi. Menka comes and Sharad introduces her to Anant. She says someone is calling you. Sharad makes Anant rest and goes. Menka takes Golu and talks to him. She says you are really cute, but I have to make you cry. Rags asks Bhavna about her first night in Birla house, did Anant trouble her. Suhani says it was fine. Rags asks why does she not let Bhavna talk. Suhani says even you don’t let Menka talk. Rags asks you mean Bhavna is like Menka.

Bhavna says I will make parathas and asks Suhani to see Golu. Suhani says Sharad is taking care of him. Bhavna insists. Suhani goes. Menka asks Golu to cry and moves him. She scares him. Suhani sees Sharad outside. Sharad

asks Ramesh who came at the door. Ramesh says don’t know. Suhani says Sharad is here, it means Golu is alone. Rags asks Bhavna for whom is she making Mooli parathas. Bhavna says Suhani said Dadi likes it. Rags says no, Dadi does not like it. Menka hears someone coming and keeps Golu on the bed. Suhani takes Golu and Sharad comes. She asks where did he go, Golu was at bed’s end. He says I know you are not happy with this relation. They hear Bhavna screaming and rush to see. Rags apologizes to Bhavna. Bhavna’s hand burns and Suhani worries. Bhavna says it was my mistake. Suhani goes to get cream. She says Rags and Menka did this. Yuvraaj says it happens while working in kitchen. He says he does not know about cream.

She goes to get cream. Dadi tells Rags and Menka not to let sisters together. Rags says don’t worry. Dadi says lets have breakfast, then we will do next planning. Yuvraaj asks Sharad about Bhavna and gives the cream to him, asking him to apply on Bhavna’s hand. Sharad asks Pratima to apply cream. Yuvraaj signs no to Pratima. Pratima asks Sharad to apply cream and sends him. Suhani comes there. Yuvraaj lifts her to stop her and takes her to room. He says he has to romance with her, Pratima will apply cream to Bhavna’s hand. She asks why is he becoming SRK today. He says I can’t become Big B always. She says good, I like both, just keep loving me.

He says what can I do. She asks shall I tell you this. He says movie…. We will go for matinee show. She asks whats romantic in movie, you don’t know loving. He says think, empty theatre, matinee show, what else you want. They smile.

The family sits to have food. Menka misses Anuj. Suhani asks Rags to sit, she will serve food. Bhavna says let her go. Suhani says we both will do. Saurabh says we loved the food made by Suhani when she came here. Suhani says this food will be better, as I learnt cooking from Bhavna. Saurabh says great, we got two chefs. Pratima says I m glad seeing Bhavna, and asks about her hand. Suhani says you have applied cream, so she will be fine. Pratima asks I? Yuvraaj says its fine Suhani. Rags says its my mistake and apologizes to Bhavna.

Dadi asks Bhavna about Mooli parathas and changes plate. Bhavna asks what happened. Rags says I told you Bhavna, Dadi does not like Mooli parathas. Suhani asks Dadi about her Mooli parathas. Dadi says you forgot my choice, I like Methi parathas. Suhani says sorry Bhavna, but I made Mooli parathas for Dadi. Yuvraaj asks them about anything else. Dadi says Suhani manages everything and knows everyone’s choice, she may have forgot. Bhavna says Suhani does not forget thing, maybe this happened first time. Suhani brings fruit chat. Saurabh asks Bhavna to make lunch, she will cook much better food. Bhavna says sure. Menka says it will be tough competition. Suhani says I won’t have competition with Bhavna, she is my sister and will cook well.

Yuvraaj gets ready. Suhani compliments him and they have a nok jhok. She asks him to leave and shows the door. He shuts the door and gets closer to her. He asks what happened, did she lost words. He says you will lose. He kisses on her cheek and says your face is showing, who lost. He leaves. She smiles. Music plays……………..

Bhavna takes care of golu. Sharad asks Bhavna about Golu’s needs, he will buy the necessary things, she can tell him. She says diaper finished. He says I will get it and leaves. Menka and Rags make Bhavna hear about Suhani dominating Bhavna, as Suhani is Bhavna’s younger sister, but her Jethani.

Suhani hears Rags and Menka planning about Bhavna. Suhani wonders what are they gifting Bhavna, what are they hiding.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. wow yuvani’s scenes r very nice.i hate Rags she is a devil.

  3. Very very nice ? episode I love ❤ it and wow what a romance between yuvani I just love ❤ u guys…………

  4. sandra s thannickal

    PLZ CHANGE THE WALLPAPER…And this epi was so nice…

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  6. yuvi lve u ……’s epi was somwat interesting becoz of yuvi

  7. i would kil that dadi if she would be in front of me. Yuvani epi awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I have a complain from writers you write that there is nok jhok of yuvani bt you cant write what yuvraj say to suhani and what suhani say to yuvraj its my request that plz writ full nok jhok

  9. Nice episode.suhani smile was super………her smile was her beauty.i like you suhani

  10. I think bhavana will go aganist suhani and join hand with dadi

  11. I wish ke accident Amit ka nahi Rags, menaka and dadi ke sath hona tha. Serial aur accha hotha. Today’s Yuvraj and suhani scene rocks.

  12. I think rags n Menka planning to make bhavna leave the birla house n dadi will stop them

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