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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 5th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvaan and Yuvani asking Yuvraaj how does he know Saiyyam’s father. Yuvraaj says actually, Sharad, Saiyyam’s dad and I were together in college. Sharad says yes, so when Bhavna wanted to learn music, I called him. Yuvraaj says yes. Saiyyam looks at him. Yuvraaj says she told me such things that….. Saiyyam says that was a lie, my dad was a liar right, its old dialogue, try something new, why shall I believe a stranger. Bhavna says then don’t believe, we will not care of it, we are saying truth to our children.

Sharad asks Yuvaan and Yuvani to decide, whom to believe, Saiyyam or family. Yuvaan says he trusts Suhani. Suhani asks him to come with her. Yuvraaj tells Pratima that Suhani reacted in anger and it was not right. Pratima says I m thinking to

tell truth to kids. Yuvraaj says no, I m thinking to leave from here. Bhavna asks why, Suhani needs all of us, complications is not by you, but by Sambhav’s son. Pratima says yes, she got shaken up seeing Saiyyam. Sharad says something wrong is going to happen. Yuvraaj says yes, we have to be with Suhani and this problem can solve.

Suhani asks Yuvaan is anything happened to him in fight then. He says it would be fine, I can’t control anger, he is blaming bad thing on you, he is saying he is your son. Saiyyam tells Sambhav’s pic that music teacher called you bad man, Suhani did not say anything, I feel bad seeing her doings, she does not care for my existence, she will have to pay a big price for her behavior.

Krishna pacifies Yuvaan. She sends Suhani. Yuvaan says why did you send her, I had to talk about Saiyyam. She says this is tough time for her. He asks why, you think Saiyyam is her son. She asks him to give time to Suhani, she will tell everything on her own. He says I don’t understand. She says she needs you, you should support her. He says if this happened with your mum….

She gets sad. He says sorry, I did not wish to hurt you. She says I can’t get my mum back even if I do anything, please don’t make mum away, no use to think of past, think of future, respect that Suhani loves and worries for you, she came to save you, not Saiyyam. Yuvani comes and tells Yuvaan that there is something going on between mumma and music teacher. He says they are just friends. Yuvani says not just friends, its something else. Krishna asks how can she say this for Suhani. Yuvani says its our personal matter, you leave from here. Krishna goes. Yuvaan asks Yuvani how can she talk to Krishna like this.

Saiyyam hurts his wound to remember how he got hurt. Krishna comes and worries seeing the bleeding. She does the aid. He injures her and says I asked you to be away whoever stays with me just gets pain. She cries and leaves.

Yuvani asks Yuvaan to recall, how mumma got glad seeing music teacher, she got angry when I was rude to her, I m sure mumma is hiding something. Yuvaan says enough, you feel so as you have habit to hide things. She says shut up. He asks to relax and stop thinking this nonsense, we should support mum.

Its night, Bhavna sees Suhani sitting in darkness and switches on lights. She asks her not to keep darkness in heart and house on Diwali. Krishna shows matchsticks and says someone has put matchsticks in water. Bhavna and Suhani guess Saiyyam did this. Saiyyam looks on. Suhani says its fine, we will keep lights instead diyas, keep smiling, I get courage.

Yuvani comes. Bhavna asks her to help them. Yuvani says I m going to get crackers to celebrate Diwali. Sharad says yes, we will just come. Krishna goes to get lights. Saiyyam sees them. They all decorate the place. A spark in switch box makes the lights go. It gets dark. Suhani asks what happened to lights suddenly.

Saiyyam comes holding phone torch and says I made darkness in house as in your life, no one will celebrate Diwali and happiness here. He goes. Yuvraaj comes and lights diya by hitting stones. He lights more diyas by one diya. Suhani and everyone smile. Suhani thanks Yuvraaj. He asks why thanks to me, thank history book. Bhavna says you are really smart Yuv…… and stops. She says Kumar ji, I m sure Sharad also slept in class always. Suhani says yes, just my Yuvraaj was studious. Yuvraaj says yes, we all were cheaters and your Yuvraaj was intelligent. She says yes. Pratima says I will make something for you all.

Saiyyam looks on and thinks. He calls someone and says everyone get together to make me lose, come here, I hate them, I can’t do this alone. Krishna collides with him.

Everyone light Diwali crackers and is happy. Saiyyam sees Suhani with Yuvraaj. He ignites fire between both of them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nithu

    Krishna shd not turn into villan…please…of she turns into sure ki trp of ssel will fall tooo low that starplus will offair my ssel…n i cant see thiz…if it happns i ll cry like anything….

    1. Aqsxxh

      Krishna was such a beautiful well natured character! She can’t become bad! nononononononononono I will not accept!

    2. Cvs can show anything coz if she knows her mom died coz of saving suhani… she might turn into villan…. soumya too was good in beginning but later cvs showed her colour… N yuvani is sharp…. she can understand something is fishy

    3. I hope Krishna does turn bad, not evil, someone have to teach that birla family a lesson.
      I hope Krishna and saiyyam get together.

  2. Where was yesterday’s precap? Who does saiyyam call? Who is helping him? When the kids going to know the truth?

  3. Amalina

    Sayyam I can understand u, but how can someone grow so much love ❤️ for someone he never met?? If my mom was Suhani I would’ve misunderstood her becoz she killed my dad and threw me in orphanage. And if I was suhani I would have left the child in orphanage becoz I’m sure my “birla family” wouldn’t have accepted him. And I would have also thought that my dad loves❤️️(I’m now thinking from sayyam’s pov) me becoz my mom threw me and killed my dad. So… there are a lot of different views and perspectives to sayyam-suhani relation. What do u guys think??????

    1. I agree with you sweet heart, you don’t want a mother like suhani. The problem with suhani she dieing for only for yuvraj love. Look how Yuvraj is acting, I really hate him.

      I feel sorry for Krishna and saiyyam.
      Because of the birla family they lost parent that would have love them.

      Suhani is stupid and weak. She always was. Sambhav might have rape her, but yuvraj mental abuse her.
      Suhani stupid love for Yuvraj, has damaged her kids.

      I asked myself why suhani gave birth to saiyyam. I realised now, I think she was going to keep him. It must have been the birla family doing. I have friends that were raped. I asked them why did you keep your baby. Some has said that they hate the father, the baby is innocent. Some has said, when the baby moved inside them, the motherly love for their baby kicked in.

      Look at Yuvraj instead of calming suhani, telling her that the boy is hurt, she have to win his heart. Also tell suhani to Help saiyyam, after all he is her son.
      Yuvraj is putting petrol into the fire.

      When it comes to his Dadi, it everyone else fault. Yuvraj love for suhani is not pure love.
      Yuvraj pure love is Dadi! Yuvraj only went to jail because he knew that he was the one that cause All the problems for suhani and soumay.

      Know why he did this, because he wanted to save Dadi. So suhani won’t have to spend time in jail, to think what has really happened to her. Also when she come out she won’t able to stand up to Dadi.
      This is not real love, yuvraj is doing this to stupid suhani all over again.
      Some people don’t know what Pure LOVE is.
      Also you shouldn’t beg for love, if you do that. It you become the losers, not them.
      I hope saiyyam leave suhani, and make something of his life. Saiyyam is good hearted. If suhani can’t see that, then it is her lost. Not saiyyam.

  4. Who in the World forgets the face of their father’s? The kids where not babies to forget Yuvraj, if Saroo Brierley could recognize his Mom’s face after 25years of going missing at the age of 5, then how in the bleeping world can these two forget Yuvraj’s Face. The writers are inexperienced, Amatures in Writing specs, they don’t know nothing about writing that’s why they end up writing lame lines.

    1. Aqsxxh

      But being told their father was dead? that is a different story- obviously, you would believe your mother at a young gullible age.

  5. History repeats in ssel….lol????….yuvraj the AADIMAANAV?…its so silly…and yuvaan yuvani convo…doubting their mother..bass yahi sunna baaki master aur suhani ke beech kuch chalraha hai…seriously…i ws laughing lyk hell…sambhav ki aatma chalrahihai?…instead of celebrating dussehra n diwali…first of all confess truth man..nahi tho kaal koi dance teacher aayega…??.kya pata kuch bhi ho sakta hai..

    1. Aqsxxh

      Yes- its like a huge loop lol- maybe they regret soe things they did and are trying to amend it with the children? GOD KNOWS! these writers are just a bit crazy XD

    2. Really funny…. but at least 2morrow I think the truth will come out in that situation… definitely she burst out yuvraj name….

  6. Aqsxxh

    In some cases this show is illogical- but in some cases, it isn’t.
    Everyone is saying “how can the kids forget their father?”
    Ok, maybe you haven’t been in the scenario, but imagine being molested, and you end up fighting back by murdering the person who done it to you- you are obviously going to be scared from the torture!
    So from Suhani’s perspective, she thought she was at fault for the murder and Yuv going jail. yuvaan and Yuvani being young would obviously question where their father has gone and in school as well so for a cover up story they got told Yuvraaj was dead and to stop bringing back memories of him- she didn’t put pictures of him- so obviously with time the children would forget how they father looks like!
    Especially in Yuvaan’s case because he only found out he had a father when he was 7!
    I don’t remember my friends from Primary schools’ faces and I had been with them for 5/6 years!
    Suhani also dumping Sayyam in the orphanage- and not giving him motherly love- that is one of the mental scars that has been left by the molestation! You can’t blame her for not giving motherly love!
    Yes, a child is a child- but a child from rape that is a different story.
    Yes, she could’ve got an abortion- but imagine the metal and emotion stress and changes you under-goo through pregnancy! you would obviously feel sympathy towards the child that you are carrying! Then when she gave birth to the child why did she want to give it away?
    He obviously brought back memories- but, in the end, she did go back to the orphanages, the “never wanting to see his face” bit was in the spur of the moment!
    Before she could get him- he was gone! Who took him? God knows- but it must’ve been someone who knew the Birlas and wanted revenge.
    Then yesterday’s episode when she called him a devil of a sort. It was because she saw Sambhav’s actions through him- the burning of the shack- the poisoning, the spire trying to burn Yuvaan!
    Sambhav’s used all the ways to torture Suhani- and the burning for me probably reminded her of what she did to him!

    Stop complaining and think around the story- the show won’t give every single detail- then where would the thinking come in, where would all this questioning? It would be straight forward and be boring!

    Oh, but about dragging and not telling the truth- that is stupid I agree with that! I understood when the children were younger- but now?
    The children would be able to understand about molestation, the children would understand her reasoning- I don’t understand why they are dragging unnecessary scenes and ideas that they have already done!

    But seriously- stop complaining and try to understand at the point of view the show is coming from- maybe they are trying to teach by making us question and think- even though they left many concepts unfinished. The molestation one may be able to show that it is hard to get rid of the emotional and psychological scars left by abuse- just try to take this show from a different perspective.


    I LOVE LOVE LOVE SAYYAM! his character is soo mysterious- and he is good looking as well 😉 🙂 XD

    1. Aqsxxh

      scarred not scared

    2. You’re right …. Wish they just show Sayyam as a teen…

      1. Aqsxxh

        Thank you for agreeing with me! x

    3. I disagree with you in some point. People has the right to question the story line.
      What they are asking why! Why suhani gave birth to a baby that she hate.
      Instead of complaining about the people that are questioning. Complain to cvs. For not doing enough research on rape victims.
      Victims like suhani that actual hate the baby that was inside her. They normally scream get that thing out of me. They do not go though with the pregnancy!
      So please don’t go around attacking people that are questioning.
      I work in organization that help women.
      This is not USA that trying is to ban abortion. This is india, abrotion is still illegal.

      1. Aqsxxh

        That is what i am saying- they are questioning- but only picking out faults- sometimes and I don’t live in India so I wasn’t sure about abortion- but I saw people saying why she didn’t get an abortion- I am saying let people question, but they also must think- thank you for pointing out where i didn’t make sense

      2. Aqsxxh

        I was actually picking out the right things I wasn’t exactly complaining- if you read properly I was reasoning the reasons why I think this show is good- it ALLOWS people to question. But I was not exactly attacking people- I was trying to answer and If I have- I am absolutely sorry if I have offended you or anyone else.
        I was trying to answer people’s questions from my perspective.
        So I am absolutely Sorry from the deepest pit of my heart

      3. I agree with you, Lucy, this is questions, I am asking. WHY!
        It does not make any sense, if you hated the baby that you are carrying, then why give birth.
        No one forced suhani or cared.

        I really feel sorry for saiyyam character, or people that are like saiyyam, they didn’t asked to be born.

        Having someone like Yuvraj doesn’t help. It is shameful that he can’t do anything to his beloved Dadi. Yuvraj is bully he only pick on people that are weaker them. What yuvraj just said saying saiyyam is evil. Well yuvraj is the devil.
        If he wanted to he could have calmed suhani, but he didn’t.
        Now because of yuvraj, suhani hate saiyyam, even more.
        I am feeling saiyyam is going to be end up killed! It either Dadi, yuvraj, yuvaan, yuvani or his so called mother suhani.

        Is it sad the only person that would have loved Saiyyam is his father Sambhav.

        Saiyyam and Krishna are in the same boat. So they do match.
        Both of them are getting push around by that family.
        It doesn’t matter if suhani looked after her. Suhani is useless.

      4. I agree with you poppy & Lucy.

        You are right poppy it is sad that the only person in the world that would have loved saiyyam is his rapist father sambhav.
        It is so ironic, for a woman like suhani to become so heartless, to her blood child.
        A child that needed her the most, she abandoned him. The poor boy don’t have the sympathy from her family.
        I used to be on suhani side, but not any more. I can’t support suhani. I think in the future, our kids well say yuvraj and suhani are the most hated tv show couple.
        To those who are complaining about that they don’t want Krishna and saiyyam together. Well yes saiyyam should have been a teen, but cvs made him into an adult.
        It’s only tv show no one is going to jail for child abuse.
        Saiyyam and Krishna well make a perfect couple. They have lost parent that would have loved them. They well understand each other. If Krishna end up with yuvaan, all hell well break loss. Soumay made Krishna weak, but suhani made her weakest. It be more boring. It go back to dadi, new evil yuvani, and rags. Causing problems and trying to get their own back at her. Suhani being useless as ever.
        If saiyyam and Krishna end up being a couple, it would be more interesting. We well have a new chapter to the show. Think about at least this way they won’t kill saiyyam off.

    4. Nithu

      I totally agree with u…sayyam can rem his father… and kept his photo with him actually he dint evn see him…then cms hw our dumb birla kids cud not rem their fathers…

    5. Mmmm you’ve got many good points,,,,,bt Suhani could’ve aborted the baby,,,bt we knw abortion is equal to murder,,,maybe she got guilty and thought not to do another sin by aborting this baby

  7. One shouldn’t ruin someone’s diwali … Well ,can’t understand y everyone is so rude 2 him … Y can’t they show Sayyam as a teen & afterwards show had spoiled his teen mind …. & even if they show Sayyam is in love with Krishna , she shouldn’t fall 4 him in return…. Just bring a girl from the orphanage he grew up in , would be better than Sayyam Krishna …. What do you guys think?

    1. I agree… bring some1 for saiyaam from orphan??

    2. Aqsxxh

      Yes a girl from an orphanage is good or maybe even a dark skin girl to bring back the old vibe of SSEL!
      and I like this Sayyam- at least there is one good-looking character- many teens now look older than they are- some people thought I was going to uni so 20 butI am actually a teen(15)

      1. Lol… I’m a teen too… N thx, gud 2 know someone thinks like I do..

    3. I disagree age shouldn’t matter. Both of them deserves to be with each other.
      She only 7 years older, if men can marry girl that are 7 years younger. Why can’t Krishna.
      Both of them are getting push around by the birla family. It make sense that saiyyam well be a better match for Krishna.
      I hope that cvs put those two together.
      I they say good bye to the stupid birla family, and move on.

      1. I don’t mind a boy who marry a girl who is 7 yrs older , forget 7 I wouldn’t have cared even if it was of 11 yrs difference , only if Sayyam was an adult… Adult-Adult matches but teen-adult doesn’t even if the girl is younger…

      2. But as of now Saiyyam is a teenager most prolly 15 and Krishna is 22. If they are in a relationship it’s called child abuse. Saiyyam need someone better than Krishna. She is like a coward. So it’s better off with Krishna and Yuvaan. But my question is when yuvaan told that krishna is his sister now how can he have feelings for her?

      3. Aqsxxh

        Mo, how long was Yuvraaj in Jail for? I am really confused…

      4. Don’t know, I think that you should asked cvs.

  8. love u sayyam

    1. Satie singh jee

      me too

  9. According 2 me, saiyaam is good…. he was orphan but if he know his mother hates him…. he must try 2 know…why she is hating instead doing the dirty thing like burning shack, giving poison, doing brake fail, n know burning…. I’m supporting suhani….. but really as suhani admitted saiyaam is the seed of sambhav…. he is devil…. saiyaam act r proving he is non other the sambhav son…..
    Yuvan too tried too killed but he his mature whenever someone talks he understands the situation…..
    Showing saiyaam n Krishna as a pair…. I hate this idea….. worst idea
    N those who r saying krishna n yuvan as a sibbling.. it is not like that in childhood krishna always yuvan’s best friend n she tied rakhi in golu wrist…. it was yuvan n yuvani tired too escape from bh in childhood…….
    Lastly before the both leap…. preagnant function…. suhani n soumya had a conversation about if suhani had a boy n soumya had a girl…. the can marry both their children

    1. Aqsxxh

      Exactly Somi- Sayyam; AS MUCH AS I LOVE HIM, he must understand the problems of his actions- they are illogical and would end up making his mother hate him more…
      And yes- the Son-daughter thing with Somu and Suhani- I think the writers would end up doing that- because Suhani is forever in debt to Somu, so she would do the best to raise her and fulfill her wishes

      1. I can totally see Yuvaan loves Krishna from heart ….

      2. Ya I know…
        But after the leap many r bashing suhani n some r even bashing yuvraj…… n they r supporting saiyyam…. I know he is innocent….. but situation made him black cat….. suhani is mentally shocked by the sambhav n his son too following father foot step….

      3. I agree… CVs must show some things good…. Till they showed all nonsense…. Which lead to leap after leap….. Instead of taking leap they would offair

    2. Yea,,,,,I too remember that epi where Suhani and Somu talked abt getting their kids married

      1. Thanks atleast u agree… But many r just bashing….. Krishna in her childhood always consider yuvan as her bf…. N she was calling bhaiya to golu…….

  10. bullshit story line and serial. people have stopped watching it with this nonsence story line

  11. if a girl is molested ,she can kill that molester.accrding to indian law there will be no case on her.then why did yuraj went to jail on behalf of suhani.

    1. I can’t understand the same thing …. It happens in every show…

    2. Aqsxxh

      Really, then that is silly! Why did Yuvraaj have to go jail?

  12. Siniha

    In a recent interview Karan told thst he will be hated by people bcoz his character is portrayed with negative shades. But the situation aftr watching the serial changed. All love and support Saiyyam character. I think karan is lucky to have this much response for his role..
    I feel Saiyyam as main lead of the serial. The role Saiyyam is beautifully carried out.
    Lots of applause to Karan Jotwani.
    ❌ Saiyyam is like brother to Krishna. What happend to the makers?? Please make the logical wrongs in the serial. Please writters grow a liitle for heaven sake.❌

    1. Aqsxxh

      Exactly- new entries need to come for the younger generation’s love story! I absolutely Karan and his character it is sophisticated and it is different. He his actually a really kind and warm-hearted individual he is just lost because he never had parental love. I have literally fallen in love with his character!

      1. Nithu

        Yes dear…he is desperatly waoting for his mothers love

    2. Suhani should think like Pratima that “he’s just a child”…. Just like Dadi swore to not even try to understand her , she also seems to swore to not understand Sayyam…

    3. Yea,,,I never saw him as the villain of the show,,,,alll support and love him

  13. Satie singh jee

    Saiyyam rocks; love his character he needs love and affection from his mother that’s all that matters to him now, and as for Krishna I think she is somya and yuvraj daughter “not sure”
    didn’t watch for along time only when the children becomes adult so I miss out a lot and therefore Krishna, Yuvan and Yunvani r brother and sisters and Saiyyam and Krishna r not blood brother and sister and could fall in love. MY VIEWS

    1. I also agree will you.

  14. I too agree with all ppl who are saying that they are dragging the track by taking too much tym to reveal the truth to the kids,,,,,actly,,,they are not kids anymore to hide all these from them,,,,,,they will definitely understand the situation if Pratima or any other elders explain it to them,,,,,,

  15. I really felt bad for Sayyam,,,,,it was not his fault,,,Bhavana’s dialogue”don’t believe, we will not care of it, we are saying truth to our children.”….that really hurts,,,,,,,,No one is trying to understand him

    1. That’s partiality… He is Suhani’s son..

  16. actly they shud reveal everything to Yuvani,Yuvan,Krishna and Sayyam,,,,dnt knw whether Sayyam will believe his mom or not,bt it’s their responsibility to reveal evrythng,,,,
    else that Soundarya/whoever behind Sayyam will get a chance to mislead Yuvan,Yuvani or Krishna and any of them will turn to negative

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