Suhani Si Ek Ladki 5th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 5th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sambhav says there are many problems in this house. Soumya says that’s why I called you. He asks how did you know about me. Rags says Yuvaan told us, he missed Sambhav a lot, he told Yuvani and Krishna that you are his fav uncle. He says yes, I m lovable. Soumya says I called you, as Suhani is alone here, she needs help, Bhavna and I are here, but we can’t say anything to Dadi, this family accepted my daughter, I can’t go against Dadi, just you can help Suhani, you are her friend. He says ofcourse, I will help Suhani, if the old lady wants war, its fine, thanks for calling me here. He goes.

Soumya asks Rags why did you tell Sambhav that Yuvaan told us about him, Bhavna told us. Rags says don’t worry, it will be fun, I spoke to Yuvani and Krishna, they will

give a good surprise to everyone, so wait and watch. Saurabh and everyone come for dinner. Leela says good food is prepared after long time, I mean Soumya also cooks well. Soumya asks Bhavna not to worry, I will get food made. Bhavna says you take rest, I will manage. Soumya says everyone’s taste changed in six years. Saurabh says we can have anything made by Bhavna. Yuvraaj, Suhani, Sambhav and Yuvaan come for dinner. Yuvaan is tensed and eats food hurriedly. Yuvraaj asks the reason.

Sambhav says Yuvaan is nervous. Suhani says Yuvaan eats in hurry when he is nervous. Sambhav says I told you. Menka says no one called me for dinner. Dadi asks her to come. Sharad gives his seat to Menka. Sambhav asks Yuvaan about Menka. Yuvraaj asks Yuvaan to come. Yuvaan says no, I have to sit here. Rags asks Yuvani and Krishna to say why is Yuvaan nervous. They say we can’t say, its secret. Yuvraaj asks what secret……

Yuvraaj asks Yuvaan to stop eating this way. Suhani asks whats the matter, did you kids have any fight, tell me. Golu says we are annoyed with Suhani, how can she hide this secret, mumma did you know that Sambhav uncle is Yuvaan’s Papa. They all get shocked. Rags smiles. Suhani asks Golu what are you saying. Bhavna says its not like that, who told you. The kids say its true, Yuvaan told us. Suhani asks Yuvaan….. Dadi asks whats happening. Yuvraaj asks Sambhav what are you teaching a kid. Sambhav says I did not do anything, what can I do if he feels so. Suhani asks Sambhav to be quiet. Yuvraaj angrily goes. Pratima calls Yuvaan. Yuvaan runs. Suhani goes after him. Dadi scolds Sambhav.

Saurabh says I don’t think Sambhav did this, we will ask Yuvaan with love, Krishna and Yuvani come with me, we will have food in room. Rags asks Sambhav what happened. Sambhav says Yuvaan and Yuvraaj did this, Yuvaan is kid, but Yuvraaj….. Bhavna asks him to be quiet. She says we did not say anything to Yuvaan, don’t know who said this to him, trust me. Soumya says but maybe Yuvaan likes Sambhav, and he wants his Papa to be like Sambhav.

Menka says its more twist here, Yuvani changed her mum, and now Yuvaan will changed his father. Dadi says Yuvraaj is Yuvaan’s father, Yuvaan does not need any other father. Suhani asks Yuvaan to talk to her, why did he say Sambhav is his father, did I told this to you. Yuvraaj says Sharad you want me to give second chance to Suhani, you said she loves me, is this her love, Sambhav is her husband, maybe that’s why Yuvaan believes Sambhav is his father. Sharad says its not like that. Yuvraaj says maybe Suhani wants to marry Sambhav and is convincing Yuvaan. Sharad says no… Yuvraaj gets angry and says this is because of Suhani, I was in peace since 6 years and now its confusion, my son does not know I m his father, he thinks some stranger is his father. Suhani asks Yuvaan why did you lie.

Yuvaan says Yuvani and Krishna were telling about their dad, I can’t make Yuvraaj my dad, so I made Sambhav uncle my dad, why don’t I have a dad. She says you also have a dad, I promise I will make you meet him. He gets glad.

Sharad says don’t blame Suhani, Sambhav is just her good friend, they did not marry, else I would have told you, Suhani did not remarry like you did, you wanted a wife, Suhani did not need a partner, we have no other relation with Sambhav. Yuvraaj says he maybe your friend, but for me, he is the man who snatched my son. Saurabh asks Yuvani and Krishna to apologize to Yuvaan, as they revealed his secret. They ask why did he lie. He says maybe because he does not have any father. They say we will pray that Yuvaan gets a father better than our father, Sambhav is very nice, we wish Sambhav was Yuvaan’s Papa, Yuvaan should get world’s best Papa. Yuvraaj hears them and turns. Soumya looks at him.

Bhavna tells Suhani that Yuvraaj is very upset, think of him, I m worried for him. Suhani says I spoke to Yuvaan, not Yuvraaj. Bhavna says they both left from the table. Suhani says they both are same. Bhavna says I understand why Yuvaan did this, but Yuvraaj, how would a father feel when his son calls someone else as his father, talk to him and explain him why Yuvaan did this. Soumya asks Yuvraaj to have some food. He refuses. She asks him not to lose this way. He asks what to do, shall I fight with my son, how do you deal with this situation. She says both the girls know I m their mum, Yuvaan does not know you are his father. He says I will tell him. She says not now, else things will get more complicated. He asks what shall I do. She says Yuvaan loves you a lot, we have to tell this to Sambhav. He shows something on laptop and says I think this message is right to tell everyone who has right on Yuvaan. Rags goes to Dadi. She says if you want we can show place to Suhani, Sambhav will feel bad and take away Suhani.

Suhani is sad and says don’t know Yuvraaj will come here or not. She thinks he did not reply my message till now. Yuvraaj comes to her.

Suhani tells Yuvraaj that she did not tell Yuvaan that Sambhav is his dad. He says you did not tell Yuvaan about me, I will tell the truth to Yuvaan today.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. tnax amena for fast update

  2. can any1 say me how suhani and yuvi got separated and y is soumya staying there??

    1. Suhani leave yuvi bcz she consider herself as the reason for gauri’s & krishna’s death. Soumya was staying in birla mansion as yuvraj’s wife actually their marriage was fake

    2. after the blast incident Gauri died and Yuvraj blamed Suhani for whatever happened,,,,,Suhani got emotional and decided to leave the house wid her baby- after delivery-Dadi bribed the nurse and lied to Suhani that her other child died,so Suhani left wid Yuvan-Dadi took Yuvani to home and said there z only one child and Suhani left-Yuvraj married Soumya for the little girl and then 8 yrs leap

  3. why the hell everyone is after Suhani,,, one is thinking frm her side.,…Yuvani is calling her aunt and Soumya ‘mumma’..that isn’ta prblm and Yuvraj is justified for whatever he did …Suhani is meant to bear all these pain huh …..and now Yuvraj got to face the same situation…still he didn’t realize his mistk and as usual all blame goes to Suhani,,,
    and What made this stupid Rags and Dadi think that Suhani will leave his son fearing their taunts……..Suhani is nt a coward lyk u ppl

    1. Totally agree…yuvraj always blames suhani for no reason..feeling bad for her…

      1. Yea Rose….Suhaniyode dheshyappedaan enth arhatha und Yuvrajine….

    2. hi roz, u r right dadi,rags,soumya and all are trying to create gap between yuvi & suhani and the new prblm created by them make yuviraj think frm suhani’s side

      1. *yuvraj

      2. yea Linsa ,,,,bt he z nt thinking frm her side….don’t knw when will he get some bhodham

    3. Roj …I.think…if he reliase his mistakes soon then how we njoy the serial……actually….this track of yuvan calling father…reliase yuvi how she feels …when yuvani called somu as mother….
      N plans backfire on somu

      1. Yea,,,,it’s good to see Yuvi’s jealousy,,,bt he said that he will say to Yuvan abt his father….If so,Yuvani also hv the right to knw abt her mother…..and me too hope Soumya’s plan backfires

    4. Hai Roz your comments are awesome
      Yesterday comments are super
      Yes yuvraj is not thinking how much she hurt when yuvani calls soumya as mumma
      Yuvraj is jealous of sambav.he is more worried about suhani and sambav
      This devil’s Soumya dadi rags.can’t see these people in serial anymore

      1. Thank uuu Ramchin 😀 …U r rite…I thought he will regret for making Yuvani away frm Suhani by faking Soumya as her maa,,,,bt no,,,,he z still blaming Suhani,,,we knw that he still loves her but his behaviour just irritates me and yes can’t tolerate this evil trio…

    5. good mrng roz have a great day hope u have a sound sleep tonight

      1. yp Linsa ……Good morning 😀

  4. Is everyone here are stupid, or what yuvraj made soumya, yuvani mother. So why is Bhavna telling Suhani that to understand his feelings. When he didn’t.

    1. Exactly…She z asking Suhani to thnk abt Yuvraj….maybe she forgot that the same thng happened wid Suhani

  5. Yeah kya ho raha hai yaar. …..
    Oye writers khabardar agar aapane Sambhav ka character kharab kiya toh, aap jo bhi bakwas karna chahate hai woh sirf soumya, dadi, rags aur menka Inn pagal logo ke sath ki simith rakhana. ………
    Wah bhai yuvraj agar tum kuch bhi karo toh sab sahi aur baaki log bakwas yeh kaha ka rule hai bhai. Tumhe toh sirf aur sirf tumharahi dard dikhai deta hai kabhi suhani ke bare may socha hai ? Beaakal aabhi bhi soumya ki bath suntha hai. .duffer. …….. kab sudharega? ??? Tumhara gussa hi bata raha hai ki tum suhani se kitna pyaar karte ho yuvan toh ek bahana hai. ..Plz accept karo uss pagal soumya ki salah math lo ……….

    1. Yea Sushma,,,,,,I just love Sambav’s character and it shud remain the same,,,,,,I too hope that these writers won’t make any stupid twist that Sambav turns negative…….already there are 3 witches in the house…….and yuvraj is soo selfish that he don’t regret marrying Soumya,instead he is justifying himself lyk I married Soumya for Yuvani’s sake bla bla…….and for him it’s all Suhani’s fault

      1. So true. …….. Sambhav brings in so much of positivity suhani too was like him before smart, bubbly, eversmiling girl. …..
        Yuvraj is getting more & more possessive .the problem is instead of realising his mistakes he tries to justify it .today I really got angry when he said he lived peacefully fr six years & all the problems araised when suhani came back if he sooo pleased to hv soumya in his life why the hell he is frustrated now? Not even fr a second he thought of suhanis situation how tough it would hv been fr herwhen her daughter calls her aunty &the women yuvani calls mom is her best friend, even after this nonsense suhani never raised a Q instead she decided to part ways sacrificing yuvani. ..still she is the 1 to be blamed.

      2. Exactly,,,,this is the main point “Instead of realizing his mistakes he is trying to justify it” that’s why I hate his behaviour….Y can’t he think frm her side,,,,


  7. Ye kya ho raha hai bechari suhani ke saath.
    Yuvraj this is not at all done.
    Somya,rags,& dadi are very bad.

  8. How could everyone think for the happiness of yuvraj ,he feels bad to hear yuvaan telling sambhav as his father but what about suhani,won’t she feel sad on hearing yuvani mentioning her aunty .ridiculous serial

    1. Exactly. This serial is all about male chauvinism

  9. Ye kya ho raha hai bechari suhani ke saath.
    Yuvraj this is not done at all.
    Rags, somya,& dadi are very bad.

  10. Evil soumya…..

    1. hi rose good to meet u again

      1. Same here…..

      2. TU il ingane mallusine kanumbol enthenillatha oru santhosham thonnunu alle.

      3. OMG!!! A mallu finally tracked ?shariya, svantham nattukare turn I’ll kanumbo oru special excitement.
        So hai u mallus

      4. good mrng to all and a special good mrng to my frnds roz ,rose and leanna, hi leanna are you frm kerala

    2. Sooooo many mallussss I think we should make a mallu family for all of them

      1. Gud mg all mallu frnds linsa , roz, leanna,devi.

      2. ha….. Linsa….TU il oru malayalam Fanfiction vare und abt Arnav and Khushi,,innu start cheythollu,,,

      3. njan angane oru ff ethu varai kandilla nee anno ath ezhuthunath anyway enik ff ezhuthunath ishtamalla enik comment adikan annu ishtam anyway we support that ff but I don’t find it

      4. I wish a happy and healthy mrng to all SSEL fans and Mallu frnds have a great day guyssss………

      5. Eyy njn alla….Fanfiction pagil ind,,,Arshi as malayalees enna name…njn innu kandollu..2nd /3rd pg
        Have a nyc day all…..

      1. njan vaichu commentum ittitund its quiet good.Nee padikuvano atho job cheyuvano

      2. aah 😀 njn padikkuvaane….

  11. Yuvraaj hv to know about dadi’s real face nd hv to tk some stand for suhani

    1. The sad things is that Yuvraj knows Dadi real face. He just wouldn’t do anything about it. Yuvraj is not a man, I can’t call him a human being.
      Yuvraj find it more easier to blame Suhani for everything. Because she doesn’t defend herself from him. When you look at it Yuvraj LOVES Dadi more then anyone else. Think about it, Yuvraj thought that his sister was dead, but when he found out that Dadi hide her all these years. Also she was mentally abuse by Dadi. Yuvraj did nothing. Now his own son and daughter, what is he doing? Blaming Suhani of cause.

  12. plz unite yuvraaj and suhani and get that sowmya out of the house.

  13. Omg !!!!!

  14. Hey guys why do you all Always blame Yuvraj???? Atleast it is not his fault..It is a serial he is just doing what he has been told.. And guys.. It can be seen clearly in Yuvraj’s eyes that he love Suhani.. Just he can’t tell her..

    1. No here is blaming the actor’s, it is the writers. But I have to disagree with you, I believe that Yuvraj loves dadi more.
      Suhani is someone that he can abuse then anything else. This is again is the writers. They want to make it okay for women facing abuse. That the sick world that they come from.

  15. Vanshika crazy for skr

    Yaar yuvraj is gettin trapped in ll plans,, watts it… He asked blamed innocent ? cute suhani.. Hope it gets cleared soon,.somya has turned into a witch

  16. Suhani should slap soumya

  17. I hate yuvraj.. For him, his ego is above all!!
    By the way, did anybody find out how will the story proceed? I searched but didn’t get…

    1. What do you mean how the story would proceed?

  18. Mai ne upcoming twist deka agar apko dekna hai just type in google suhabi si ek ladki and see the first video in videos section

  19. Indian serials is about intelligent women in negative role. All men are stupid and lady lead is the only for gaining sympathy of watchers. They can easily make Yuvraj a strong character who takes strong decision like a king. He should after leap have mature character. Stupid writers and stupid us who watch.

  20. Suhani’s sister is an idiot! She is in the best position to defend her sister and tell Yuvraj the bitter truth! What does she have to loose? She should be a protective tigeress cos she knows her sister better than anyone and lived with her through her pain and loneliness. She should ask Yuvraj what eight he has to accuse Suhani of giving his position to sambhav when he has done far worse by giving not only her place to Soumya but also her daughter. Rather she’s behaving like a fool. These sisters are so stupid! It’s time for them to give the evil women in that house as good as they get. Besides how can Suhani and bhavna forget about Soumya’s earlier attempt to come between Suhani and Yuvraj? And how can bhavna think that suddenly rags intention are for anyone’s good but for her own selfish reason. That family gives only pain to Suhani and Yuvraj enables them by his self absorbed attitude and stupidity. I expect that true to form, the writers will make sambhav a negative character who will be used by dadi and Soumya. They never bring in anyone that fights for Suhani and her position as a Bahu in that house! Anyone that comes in adds to her pain.

  21. I agree we are stupid watching such brainless family.Bhavna what is your problem..why is it ok to make Suhani suffer but not dumraj who is again blaming Suhani..firstly find out who called Shambav and secondly you expect Suhani to understand yuvani calling shameless Soumya mum but can’t take it when Yuvaan calls someone else father???WHAT DOUBLE STANDARDS YUVRAJ..SELFISH DUM…REALISE YOUR MISTAKE AND BLAME AND QUESTION DADI???? If you are a man..stand up and fight the useless Birla family…but again you are weak…Writers stop the nonsense.

  22. You r right may be.saumya and dadi are making new drama tostay away suhani from birla house….but why yuvraj always fight with suhani …..saumya ko wo kabhi na datta hai,na kabhi ladta hai ..uski stupid advice leta hai….so bad…twist mein maza nahi aaya .ab to yuvraj ko apne pyar ko confess karna chahiye…

  23. Yuvraj is very selfish what about Yuvani who’s calling Somya mum did he even think about Suhani’s feelings. He only thinks about himself.

  24. Yuvraj is being too selfish stubborn and dumb. How can be ignore the fact that even suhani had been kept away from her daughter and also yuvani calls her aunt instead of mom. He is confused between the love he has for suhani and the love for his new found son.

  25. stupid show, dont know why i bother

  26. Try to be fair writers. Yuvraj has rights but not Suhani? And Soumya is a snake and an insecure b*t*h..why do you constantly portray women as weak and cunning? I’ll never understand this culture.

  27. I just hate character of yuvraj, all he cares about is his own feelings and pain, not about suhanis. Suhani has a right on her kids first, he doesn’t even acknowledge suhanis pain of all years not knowing of having a daughter. Sambhav is perfect for suhani, seriously yuvraj shouldn’t even be talking and makin judgements on sambhav when he lives with saumya himself, like practice what you preach man.

  28. soumya also broughtup by her mother without help of father thn y she need a father fr her daughter?. suhani she needs her family support frm childhood but nw she s single mother. wat a courage she had.. yuvraj s blindfold n dadis words. he knw dadi does not lik suhani thn y he trust dadi saying suhani runs away frm hosp leaving child?? is tat love fr suhani. who loves nd want child bfre hw she left…? yuvraj must try to find suhani but he did not but sacrifice love fr suhani fr yuvani. he did nt evn think hw s suhanis stage aftr delivry.. i dont knw wats happeng n dis pagal parivar? alredy enough pagals were thr… rags dadi menka soumya nw its completed yuvraj also joins.

  29. OMG is all I can say…it’s a merry go round

  30. Good morning guys. Ramjanul mubarak! How many pepole are muslim.

  31. I just don’t understand why soumya got married (though fake) to yuvi…it’s becoz of her daughter’s future…. right….but soumya also belonged to a rich family n her mother is there…

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