Suhani Si Ek Ladki 5th July 2016 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 5th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Menka dropping her son to Rakhi’s crèche. Radhe calls Menka a fool. Menka says I will take son and leave. Radhe apologizes. Menka says this should not happen again and leaves. The villager lady comes there and comes to know that Rakhi lost her child, so she opened this crèche to spend time with children. Rags pays money to Leela. Pratima asks the reason. Rags makes some excuse. Some widows come there and start insulting Soumya.

The lady breaks Soumya’s mangalsutra and scolds her for insulting sindoor and mangalsutra, we widows should have some shame and live life in good way, you are misusing your freedom and staying with a stranger in same room. Suhani comes and asks what fight are you doing, what freedom, why don’t you question the men, you go and ask Yuvraaj

why did he lie for many years and hidden truth, enough of your truth, leave from here. Pratima asks them to get lost. Suhani takes Soumya’s mangalsutra back and sends them. Yuvraaj looks on. Soumya cries and hugs Suhani. Soumya thanks her. Yuvraaj says no one asked me, nothing happened between us, Soumya knows this. Rags says we will tell this to everyone personally. He says I said no for marriage, but now I m saying yes. They all get shocked. He asks Soumya are you ready for this marriage. Soumya says yes. Rags smiles. Dadi looks on.

Rags asks Menka where did she go with her son. Menka says I went to park. Soumya thanks Rags for doing this, Yuvraaj agreed to marry me. Menka gets glad and says Yuvraaj said yes, but we have to be careful, poor Sambhav has no one. Sambhav hears this and gets sad. Dadi says I want to go out, I got bored. Pratima says its raining outside. Dadi asks Menka to make tea for her. Suhani says I will make. Dadi says no, I told Menka, can’t she make tea. She sends Menka.

Suhani asks Soumya about Yuvraaj, I have to talk about children. Rags asks what do you mean. Suhani says I don’t need to say anything to you. Yuvraaj comes and hears them. A man comes and gives cards to Yuvraaj. Dadi says I ordered the cards. Yuvraaj checks the card and gets shocked. Dadi asks him to read it. Yuvraaj reads about his marriage with Suhani, and asks Dadi did you do this intentionally. Dadi asks Pratima do you think this is wrong. Pratima says no, they should get married. Suhani and Yuvraaj refuse to get married. He says she ruined my life, I won’t marry her.

Everyone discuss about this. Yuvraaj says I had reason for doing all that. Dadi says even I m helpless and have same reason. Suhanai asks what. Dadi asks Sharad to get all the three kids. Rags says don’t know whats happening. Soumya worries for Krishna. The children come there. Dadi asks Yuvaan will he accept Sambhav as his Papa or does he want to accept Yuvraaj. Yuvaan says I want my real Papa. Yuvani says I want Suhani mumma. Dadi asks Sambhav not to talk in between. Yuvani says we want to stay together always. Yuvraaj asks Krishna to say does she want to be with him, tell me, I will do what you say. Krishna says Suhani aunty. Soumya gets shocked. Dadi says this will happen if kids want this. Sharad takes the kids.

Dadi asks did everyone got the answer. Suhani says I will not marry Yuvraaj, I will explain kids. Yuvraaj says no, I will explain kids, this marriage won’t happen. They all go. Pratima says I m worried for Soumya. Bhavna says I wish everyone stays with peace, but I don’t see any way. Dadi says this is the only way.

Suhani tears the wedding card. Sambhav asks why are you angry, you did not wish to marry me. She says I don’t want to marry Yuvraaj, I was staying here for my children. She throws the card and goes. Yuvraaj picks the card and leaves angrily.

Krishna asks Soumya not to get sad. Soumya says they will make us leave this house. Krishna says no, this won’t happen. Dadi comes there to talk to Krishna. Soumya goes. Krishna says I did as you said, now you love me right. Dadi says yes and gifts Krishna some storybooks. She gives sports car to Yuvaan and dress for Yuvani. She says you did this on my saying, you will win this game. She asks them to do something special for Yuvraaj and Suhani. She asks Leela to do as she says and gifts her. Leela gets glad to get money for everything. Dadi tells her plan.

Yuvraaj asks Yuvaan to play. Sambhav asks Yuvaan to come and play English movie. Yuvraaj asks him to go. Golu says no, we have to win. Yuvraaj asks what. Yuvaan says basketball game. Sambhav goes. Yuvaan jumps happily. Yuvraaj says my dad gave me this ball, you take this and this will remind you of me. Yuvaan says I will stay here, you will marry Suhani. Yuvraaj refuses. Yuvaan tries to convince him.

Suhani argues with Yuvraaj. Dadi looks on and is glad. She says its happening as I thought.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I am confused wats going on

  2. what’s happening ?? I am confused . she wants to unite or not??

  3. Hello frnds i am new from dadi trying to reunite yuvani.or trying to separate them totally confused

    1. u don’t have any other work other than watching this bullshit and worrying

    2. Nte ponnu molu…njn pazhe aala…nnit polm nik karyagal pidi kittunnillla……birla familyil nthanavo nadakkunnath.. only God knows…..

      1. god??? director knows..dumbo

      2. Hi molu njanum kerathinna. Njan kurach divasayittu ith kanunillayirunnu,athukondu innu updates vayichapozhum onnum manasilayilla…

    3. also malayalee..actualy she is not dadi..her twin sister who kidnapped dadi n took her place…but i wonder why dis writers add dis type un blvble twist in story..dadi has a twin sister n her daughter in law dont know it…n al dis mess r making me away from show..only reading updates

    4. Shilpa-Saraj

      Hi molu.. Njanum malyalianu.. Ente manasu parayunnu e twin dadi yuv and suhani onnakum.. Yyvrajinte ego kalayan avarke pattolu.. Enikku suhaniyude karyam orkumbol anu vishamam

      1. Vattupidikum ithu kanumbol malayalam serials polle twists adichu viewers vattakkum

    5. Njanum malayaliyanu molu..Ithu dadiyude twin sis aanu enna thonunathu… Anyways Kerlathil evideya?

      1. Chennai

    6. Heloo njNum malayaliaa
      It’s better u to watch any other serial
      E kadayilai repetition orikalum kayiyilla

      1. this serial smells like theettam

  4. Whats happening? Does dadi want them to b united or separated?? She has something very big in hr mind!

  5. Plz Make YuaNi Together. …
    I Like Their Nok Jhok

  6. maimuna yaseen

    this is not the real dadi…..infact she is a twin sister of original dadi

  7. I think Dadi wants to unite Yuvani but in a way that they willingly accept each other rather then by force
    And if we see back Yuvraj and Suhani always had this nok jhok, fighting-fighting, ruthna-mannana relationship and that brought them close to each other
    Maybe Dadi wants to remind them of their old self

    1. Shilpa-Saraj

      Dude r u der on india forum ?

  8. Is t dadi or her twin sis….??what she wants??she came to reunite YUVANI or nt??nw i wish to Sambav marry Suhani.. bcz damn Yuvaraj does nt deserve her…he wants to walk miles to undrstand her value and goodness.. he only deserves that evil minded b*t*h Soumya… Sambav will nt make Suhani cry nd Yuvan too…….

    1. I agree with you, Sambhav is far better than Yuvraj! And Suhani is sometimes so rude with Sambhav, dońt know why. He is so Nice!

  9. i really fedup wit yuvi words wen he ask krishna wat she want… he does not care abt yuvan… only krishna needs a father?? yuvan also wants his father.

  10. Eid Mubarak applying mehndi on my hands…

    1. That’s nyc …..

  11. Nithu

    Today actually krishna…nailed the show..worthwatching sowmya face whn she said suhani aunty

  12. Where is anuj…he is seen in ishqbaaz…but …atleast give any small information abt him is fun to see the way he jokes on menka..and making plans to reunite yuvani…

  13. I agree with piku..
    YuvAani should accept each other wilingly , thats why twin dadi is doing this…

  14. Eeh Kaamini Dadhi Sasuri kabhi nahi sudhregi ;-)))

  15. Hero Yuvraj is become zero now; no reasoning, sharp temper, no value for the lady whom he kept for years in his room. He didn’t even think of Soumy’s respect or feelings. Yuvraj should not go for a role of a negative hero. He should marry Soumya; handsome Sambav and Suhani should go together. Really wish the director give value for viewers suggestion. Otherwise this serial is a moral less story; no value for our tradition.

  16. Neethu i belongs to malappuram district and u neethu

    1. I’m from Calicut but I live in Coimbatore

  17. So dadi twin came to get themb back together or she is up to something

  18. Hi guys really what a confuse story handsome lovely caring yuvraj nowadays become a arrogant ,egoist, bad big zero and soumya selfish shameless women .One thing I ireally don’t understand she wants only house for daughter no need husband. For this she is betraying friendship of suhani and always saying good friend of suhani. such a joke. Really writers , director knows the reason of behind this confusion track. why because ssel viewers doesn’t get their point

  19. I’m pretty sure this dadi is trying to unite suhani and yuvraj, she’s causing them to fight so that they clear their misunderstandings, plus dadi is trying to break down yuvrajs ego, once everything gets sorted between them they can truly and whole heartedly accept each other.

  20. JJ lets just wait and watch cause if dadi is trying to unite the two of them nothing can be more joyous than that

  21. Firstly I found sambhav as a very nice man but now he irritates me I think he only do show off of his goodness but he is not that good Yuvani needs to get united only they are made for each other I know yuvraj is an angry young man but the fact is that he loves Suhani

  22. No Yuvraj should get marry suhani

    1. Shilpa-Saraj

      Me too feel the same… .. Yuvraj and suhani are made for each other.. No matter watever difference r tgere btween them.. They luk gud together even while fighting

      1. thoorunno??..Karachu theettam edumkatte

  23. Anandi

    I think it is the same Dadi and she wants t separate Yuvani forever…She wants to kill the love that is remaining in the hearts of Yuvraj and Suhani by making the argue…I really think this is the same evil Dadi…I don’t know why the Dadi in this serial is portrayed forever evil….will she ever change….?

  24. How dadi is influencing children and spooling their mind now even writers should think about the society ours is the only country in the world is maintains martial relations perfectly
    Our life’s are depending upon attachments
    Please not to spoil the system by way of writing such type of episodes
    The serial was good upto the separation of Yuvaraj and suhani after that why so many turns evil ideas spooling the minds of children
    What children know about who should be the father
    Please change the script for the good of our socity

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