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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 5th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Krishna talking to Soumya. He says when Radhe fell in pool…. Lalita stops him from saying and takes him. Suhani cries seeing Yuvraaj’s pic and says sorry, I m unable to do anything. Soumya comes to her. Soumya cries and hugs her. She apologizes to Suhani and says all this is happening because of her. Suhani says its fine, you told the truth to me by the phone call. Soumya says I did not know Krishna will play such bad game, how did you know I called you. Suhani says I wanted to talk to you, and knew you saw the certificate, and like you spoke to me changing voice in childhood, who will know this drama more well than me, I did not believe you are supporting Krishna, you got my message right.

Soumya says yes, then I arranged that black color, I m really sorry.

Suhani says I feel they shifted Radhe and we got his specs. Soumya says maybe Krishna got doubt. Sharad comes to them and asks Soumya did she talk to Krishna, he would trust you after the fight. Soumya says he was about to tell me, and Lalita called him, Suhani says there is a way, we can reach Radhe when they go to give him food. Sharad says we have to wait for them to go out with food.

Lalita tells Krishna that her heart is saying Soumya will change knowing the truth. Soumya comes to Krishna. He says he is going for some imp work. Lalita says she has an idea to know did anyone see Radhe or not. Soumya tells Sharad and Suhani that they are taking food for Radhe. Suhani says she will go and call them. Soumya says I will come along. Sharad and Suhani see Lalita going. Soumya and Suhani follow Lalita. Soumya says Lalita is going somewhere and gets down the auto. She says she is going to give food to some beggar. She leaves. Soumya goes to the beggar and removes his blanket. She sees an old man and gets shocked. She informs Sharad and Suhani and says this is not Radhe. Suhani says Krishna is having food with his friends here, I feel this is their plan to fool us. Suhani says we have one way to catch Radhe, we have to do something to attract Radhe by his fav things.

Suhani and Sharad meet Yuvraaj in police station and tell him about Krishna’s plan. He says I can’t believe this. She says Soumya has some humanity. Sharad says we have to find Radhe, but how. Yuvraaj says we have to find his weakness, and they say food. Suhani says Radhe gets homemade food daily, we have to stop Lalita and Krishna from taking food. Yuvraaj says there is a way, when Lalita makes food, you and Dadi argue and make sure Lalita hears. Suhani says Dadi will not agree. He says convince her saying my name. Dadi tells Suhani that she will not do this drama. Suhani says we have to do this to free Yuvraaj.

Suhani and Dadi start arguing and make Lalita hear them. Dadi says the diamond necklace was worth 15 lakhs. Lalita says I have to be at home to welcome money and send Krishna to take food. Sharad says its tough to stop Krishna. Yuvraaj stays we need Soumya’s help, does Suhani trust her. Suhani asks Soumya not to make any mistake. Soumya says trust me, I will manage. Suhani asks her to do something that Rakhi goes to Radhe, not Krishna. Yuvraaj says pray that Soumya does the work well.

Its morning, Suhani worries and Sharad asks will everything be as per plan this time. Suhani says I don’t know, I m sure the food will reach Radhe and he will do what we thought. Soumya changes the food. Lalita says its good Krishna is taking tiffin, I can find the necklace. Lalita comes to Soumya and says she came to have water. Krishna comes and asks for food. Soumya asks what. He says my friend is unwell, so food for him. Lalita sends the bag with Krishna. Suhani asks where is Soumya. Soumya stops Krishna. He says let me go. She hugs him and says she won’t lert him go.

She opens door and shows Anuj and his body builder friends. She says they are here to beat him. He says I m not afraid of them. Soumya asks will he fight alone with them, she can’t lose him. She says Lalita are I are alone at home, I m afraid, don’t go, they can do anything to save Yuvraaj. He says fine, I will stay. Suhani smiles and shakes hand with Sharad.

Radhe changes his look and comes in paratha eating competition. Suhani bumps into him and says sorry. She bends to pick her phone and he leaves before she sees him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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