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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 5th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani coming to Yuvraaj’s home to return his clothes. She meets Pratima and gives her the clothes. Snoopy comes and barks on her. Ramesh talks to Suhani friendly and Rags scolds her for talking to Suhani. Pratima says Suhani came here for work, shall we have dinner together. She asks Suhani what will she have. Suhani says pakodas. Pratima says me too and looks at Rags. Rags says we don’t make heavy oil. Suhani says then make it in olive oil. Menka says Ramesh is not doing our work, everyone is making fun of Rags as her wig flew. Rags says this is the chance to teach Suhani a lesson. Soumya and Krishna are together and enjoy the rains.

Soumya says I like as its romantic and we get corn to eat. Krishna says lets go out on bike. It will be fun. She says if anyone

see us then. He says let them see. She calms him. He says we meet like thieves. I m irritated, it looks we did not love but stole something, to hide our faces, I can’t bear this. Rags sees Suhani through a ring. Menka asks what will she do with this ring. Rags says just see. Rags and Menka come to Suhani and asks is she afraid of Snoopy. Suhani says no. Rags make her ring fall and Suhani picks it and gives it to her. Suhani says its very beautiful.

Rags says this ring to go to the one who is her fav one. Suhani smiles. Rags keeps the ring on the table and says we will go and see the pakodas are made or not. Soumya tells Krishna that she has to hide this. Krishna says why, you and Yuvraaj roam together and have a laugh, I think you have problem with me. She says please, you said we will tell everyone when you get a job. She gets angry and asks whats the affair with Yuvraaj, are you ashamed to be with me, you feel insulting right. Soumya gets angry.

Pratima eats some pakodas with Suhani while Rags is away. Rags and Menka come and ask Suhani to do friendship with Snoopy by serving him food. Menka signs Rags to take the ring and put it in her bag. Suhani’s phone rings and Rags stops seeing her come. The ring falls and Menka picks it. The ring falls in Snoopy’s bowl. Krishna tells Soumya that if she gets a good proposal, she will leave him and marry someone else. Soumya says enough, I love you, I m not doing timepass, how can you think so, why do you bring Yuvraaj. Krishna says he comes around you all the time, if you feel I m bad, don’t meet me again.

Soumya says I m sorry, I can’t live without you, I really love you. Krishna smiles. He hugs her. Snoopy eats the ring and gets unwell. Rags says wait, he will be fine, first give me the ring, its expensive. Suhani says its not with me, you kept it on table. Rags says fine, I will see. She says oh its not here. Menka acts and says where did it go, it was beautiful and anyone could steal it. Rags asks Ramesh…. He says I did not steal it and leaves. Suhani says he was in kitchen when you kept the ring. Rags says Menka and mum won’t take it, so you are left now. She asks Suhani to give the ring and calls her a thief.

Krishna and Soumya hold hands and get closer, They have an eyelock and he kisses on her forehead. She closes her eyes and he kisses on her cheeks. Rags insults Suhani and asks her to give the gift. Menka too joins Rags. Pratima defends Suhani and asks why will she do this. Menka says she can do it. Suhani says I did not steal it. Rags asks her to prove it and show her purse. Pratima says no, she is a young girl, she can’t do this. Suhani says fine, you can check my purse. Rags checks her purse and is shocked as she does not get the ring. Rags says don’t know where the ring went. Suhani says find it, you will get it.

Suhani sees the red ring thread in snoopy’s food bowl and says snoopy was playing here, it means snoopy has eaten it. Everyone is shocked. Menka says how can he eat it. Rags gets worried. Sharad and Yuvraa are enjoying the rains and are on the way. Sharad asks him to call Soumya and talk. Krishna and Soumya get closer and are about to kiss, just then she gets Yuvraaj’s call. Krishna gets angry and says I told you he is after you. Suhani says make him eat well, he will vomit and we will get the ring. Rags and Menka run after snoopy. Snoopy runs far. Pratima laughs. Suhani smiles.

Suhani sees Yuvraaj at home and says you. They are shocked seeing each other.

Update Credit to: Amena

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