Suhani Si Ek Ladki 5th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 5th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani asking Saiyyam, what he is doing? How dare he to raise hand on Krishna and behaving as illiterate. Saiyyam asks her not to teach him about husband and wife’s relations, says atleast I haven’t burnt my wife alive. It is our personal matter. He asks Krishna to leave Suhani till door. Krishna asks Suhani to go, and says he is right. Suhani says but. Krishna says you had pushed me in this hell, go and do other work. Suhani goes. Saiyyam takes out mask from the drawer and asks Krishna to get her stuff now, but remember not to argue with him again. He pulls her cheeks and goes. Krishna looks on.

Saiyyam comes to Sambhav. Sambhav says I got the wounds and will take time to heal. Saiyyam says you said right. Sambhav asks what you are doing? Saiyyam says for

the right time. Sambhav says I will make everything fine and gives him homeopathy doctor card, and asks him to get his tablets, says it is far. Saiyyam agrees and goes. Sambhav looks on and thinks once his son goes from here, then he will show his power to Suhani.

Suhani says I can’t believe that Yuvraaj is not here, and hopes he is fine. Bhavna and Sharad assure her that everything will be fine soon. They see smoke coming out from room and go to check. They see Sambhav burning Yuvraaj’s clothes. Suhani shouts Sambhav…what you are doing? Have you gone mad? Sharad gets angry. Sambhav reminds him that Yuvraaj is in his custody till now. He burns Suhani and Yuvraaj’s pics. Suhani is shocked and tries to stop him from burning her bridal wear.

Sambhav says this dress is inauspicious, and I shall burn it first. Whenever you have worn this dress, you couldn’t be with him. Our marriage lasted longer than your marriage with Yuvraaj, else people will say that you have kept your old lover’s memories. Suhani says no, and asks him not to burn the memories. Sambhav says I have a condition and asks Suhani to dance. Suhani is shocked. He says there is no music naa, and whistles. Everyone is shocked. Eunuchs come there with dances.

Sambhav plays dhol. Everyone looks on shockingly as Sambhav dances with eunuchs happily. He pulls Suhani’s hand and takes her to dance with eunuchs. Suhani brushes off his hand. Sambhav signs the eunuchs to stop. Dadi asks Sambhav what he is going to do now to scare them, and asks him not to do anything to their Yuvraaj. Sambhav asks her to shut up and shows the video. Everyone sees Yuvraaj tied up and unconscious and a thorny ball hanging to the ceiling just above him. Sambhav tells that this thorn can touch Yuvraaj’s neck or body, and then what will happen….He signs that Yuvraaj will die, he is drunk and can’t be able to save himself even if he wants to. Suhani says you have crossed all limits of humanity today. Sambhav asks her to cross all limits and prove that she is not less than a devi. He asks her to dance. Everyone is shocked and feel helpless. Sambhav asks her to dance, and says Yuvraaj will be alive till you continue dancing and if you stops then this thorny ball will fall on Yuvraaj and he will die.

Suhani cries and dances. Sambhav holds her hand and tries to dance. Sharad and Yuvaan push him away. Yuvaan comforts his mum with a hug. Sambhav commands Sharad to dance as well. All the family members start dancing with Suhani. Dadi looks on helplessly. Sharad asks Krishna to dance also, and says Rags dances so well. Suhani is about to fall. Yuvaan holds her. Sambhav gets up and signs that he will make the ball fall. Suhani pleads asking him not to do anything to Yuvraaj. Dadi falls on his feet and pleads him not to harm Yuvraaj. Sambhav asks Dadi to tell Suhani to do as he said. He brings Suhani’s bridal dress and asks her to burn it, else begin making arrangements for Yuvraaj’s last rites.

Suhani asks why you are doing this? Sambhav says because I enjoy when you cry. He starts the countdown. Suhani says no and pours kerosene oil on the bridal saree. Sambhav says my wife’s like wife…wow, that’s why I love you so much. Your stubbornness wins me everytime. Suhani with a heavy heart burns her bridal dress. Dadi is shocked and keeps hand on her mouth. Sambhav smirks. Suhani cries and reminisces all the good memories with Yuvraaj. She tells herself that she can’t let Sambhav win although she is agreeing to his demands. She thinks she can’t let Sambhav make her realize her weakness. Sambhav asks the eunuchs to go and thanks them. Suhani cries. Sambhav says congrats Suhani…your stubbornness have saved Yuvraaj today. He goes. Suhani lifts a piece of her bridal dress and cries hugging it. Everyone looks on sad and emotional.

Later Suhani is still hugging the cloth and apologizes to Yuvraaj to agreeing to Sambhav’s demands. She recalls all the past happenings, Rags asking her about the lights and someone saying that he can’t risk her life. She gets an idea and says mirror.

Dadi checks the mirror and thinks there is a difference between her finger and its reflective image. This means this mirror is fake. She sees mirror opening.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Mystery

    I love when saiyyam pull Krishna’s cheeks…

  2. Saiyamm will be the one to kill Smbhav is time. I am sure of that

  3. krishna ? Sayyam

    Yeah sayyam and Krishna so cute . And sayyam is smart . He is good st heart . Unlike yuvan

  4. krishna ? Sayyam

    And I really wish that something really really romantic happens between Krishna and sayyam. Like I wish they would get intimate .

  5. I don’t know about killing sambhav, but saiyyam is going to save yuvraj, and Dadi.
    Dadi is going to be kidnapped!

    The one thing that I know, saiyyam is not going to be thanked by mother, or the rest of the birla’s. Saiyyam is not going to ask for it either.

    As for suhani, it going back to, it is all suhani fault again, also that devil son saiyyam. Suhani won’t mind, as long it is the birla’s that are abusing her she is fine.
    As for saiyyam, she doesn’t care.

    I am happy that saiyyam going to save dumbraj. Why should saiyyam be the bad guy. Let yuvaan do the mistreating, his parents, and the rest of the birla family. Let yuvaan tell Krishna that he didn’t want her.

    I agree with someone said that saiyyam should leave the birla house, make his money. Let Baby and yuvaan lose the birla money. That is what I want to see next.

    I know suhani is never going to love saiyyam, or be his mother. Let suhani see how well she raised yuvaan and yuvani.

    I know saiyyam has feelings for Krishna, but I want Krishna to realise her husband worth.

  6. Oh please stop this nonsense. This drama is all about hurting people there is no happiness where as other drama has both happiness and sad. Also writers are always favor sambav please change this. We are really fed up.

  7. today episode boring kriyam scene ko chodkar i love kriyam scene

  8. i agree mo

  9. i agree with you krishna sayyam

  10. Please stop nonsense sambhav track and start the kriyam and yuvani track

  11. Where are you kushi you are not comment

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