Suhani Si Ek Ladki 5th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 5th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani and Yuvraaj talk on videochat. She asks him to end all this soon, and make things fine. He ends call. Dadi throws the necklace in anger. Yuvraaj comes and picks it. He asks why are you angry. She asks him to ask Suhani and her neighbors, they will tell you same thing, I gifted saree to Suhani and she said I wasted money, Pankaj asked me to earn money, so I sold gajras, they did not get happy. He asks why did you sell gajras. She says I wanted money, as Suhani did not wish to go against her dad, I was helpless.

Yuvraaj says you don’t have to get Suhani back, but respect her too, you give her respect and she will come back. She asks what else to do to give her respect, I did so much and Suhani is right for you. He says Pankaj and I want you to respect

Suhani, I m away from Suhani because of you, I can’t bear this, you have 24 hours, get back Suhani, or I will stay in her house, I get love and respect there. She says no one dared to talk like this. He says true people don’t need courage, you always insulted Suhani, this is its result. She shouts Yuvraaj. Everyone come there and look on.

Suhani talks to Bhavna, and Pankaj comes there to say why he did this with Dadi, she should learn to respect you both, else she will lose you. Suhani says you mean she respects us falsely, she can hate us by heart and be sweet tongued, you mean this right. Yuvraaj says Suhani always wished good for this house, you had no right to kick her out. Dadi asks are you going against me for that girl, did you forget when Suhani called Gauri mad in court and we lost our name. Yuvraaj asks Dadi to call her Suhani, calling by name is way to give respect, you have one day, get Suhani back here, else I will leave this house. Everyone get shocked.

Pratima gets food for Dadi. She says Ramesh said you did not had food. Dadi says you don’t care, you don’t do this acting and leave. Pratima asks shall I help you. Dadi says no need, leave. Pratima says I can help you in getting Suhani back. Dadi says you did big favor by getting Suhani here, now I don’t want any favor. Dadi talks to her friend. The lady asks did you not take class of your bahu and grandson, its important to show who is head, we kept charity event at Rama’s house. Dadi asks why not at my house. The lady says you will face insult, manage home. Dadi asks Suchitra to keep event at her home.

Its morning, Dadi asks Ramesh to keep event board well and do all arrangements. She asks Anuj to help. Anuj says I m busy. Saurabh shows the files to Anuj. Dadi says fine Anuj, cover up your meeting, Saurabh will do this work. Anuj leaves. Dadi asks Saurabh to manage this event. She asks Rags and Menka to do arrangements. Yuvraaj thinks Dadi will never agree. Dadi hopes her plan works. Pratima asks Dadi about charity event.

Soumya asks Riya to keep parlor items safe. Soumya sees Rakhi there, and asks what is she doing. Rakhi says I m taking some money. Soumya says we should have accounts known, how much money are you taking. Rekhi says 500rs. She gets angry on Soumya and thinks to do something.

Yuvraaj meets Suhani outside in market and tells about Dadi organizing charity event. She says this won’t help, if we get angry on Papa and Dadi, she will be angry and Papa will be annoyed. She buys vegs and bargains. The man says vegs got costly. She argues with him, and gives him 75rs instead 100rs. Yuvraaj asks Suhani why did she not agree to the man. Suhani says he was wrong, this was necessary to teach him lesson. He looks at her. She says I know you are right, is there no other way. He says I will come to stay at your place tomorrow.

Pratima calls Suhani and asks her to come home, I got unwell, and have no one with me. Suhani says I m coming. Suhani and Yuvraaj come home and ask Saurabh about Pratima. Saurabh says she is in room. Dadi attends guests at event. Suhani tells Dadi that I have come to see Pratima. She rushes to Pratima. Pratima says I m fine, I got big dizzy. Yuvraaj asks did you not take medicines. Pratima says I did, but I feel weak. Suhani asks Yuvraaj to call doctor. Dadi says no need, Pratima is sad as she is missing Gauri. Pratima says I can’t talk to Gauri for few days. Dadi asks Pratima to come out, she will feel better. Suhani asks Pratima to have juice.

Suchitra welcomes them, and says we give charity funds to poor people, Chandrakala Birla will give donation. Everyone clap. Suchitra says we will play the game having pairing, pairing can be anyone, apart from couples, it will be test of knowing each other. Rags and Menka make a pairing. Yuvraaj says I m not interested. Pratima says I will play with Yuvraaj. Saurabh and Sharad make a team. A lady asks Suhani to join her. Suhani says no, I have to go home. Dadi says I will become your partner. Pratima and Yuvraaj ask Suhani to try. Dadi asks Suhani does she have any problem. Rags and Menka think what will Suhani do. Suhani says no, Dadi, I m ready. Menka says there will be some big drama here.

Suchitra asks everyone to say partner’s favorite cream. Dadi thinks how to know Suhani’s likes.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Huhu,,Dadi paired with Suhani :p ..Dadi won’t accept Suhani within 24 hrs,,,if so what’s the need of this track,,..bcoz even if Dadi plays any trick and Suhani comes back ,same old torturings will repeat…anyways aftr each and evry prblm Yuvani bonding is becoming super strong ..

  2. suhani u lookes so good in today”s dress

  3. Dadi and suhani will play together ? Dadi will not accept suhani. Please stop this track.

  4. I m so happy that yuvraaj raised his voice towards Devil dadi.

    This serial is going to be boring.Same story will be repeat.No new drama.

  5. I don’t think she Will ever accept suhani n good for yuvraj to let his dadi know if suhani dont come back h will leave

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